I desperately need more happy young Ford in my life, so I edited me some 

 just imagine, though… dipper accidentally bouncing back in time and running into “the author of the journals” while he was still in the prime of his researching years…

these nerds would be unstoppable

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@acstlu - Well, I had the idea a couple of days ago, since I like this one person’s work.

A friend asked me if I could draw a cute wolf, and it took me a bit, but I did it.
And here he is.

It looks weird on how I draw him though…

Edit: I also forgot to add another picture I had made, Damn I’m distracted. |D

Also, sorry for the inactivity guys! I’ve been sketching things on the meantime, I’ll send stuff pretty soon. (as I make it.)


2017.07.01. | Happy birthday, child!


Another Hype Edit!

I wanna iterate though, sometimes we see what we want to see. If this video series winds up having nothing to do the main egos, I don’t want people to get disappointed. It’s amazing regardless.

It’s a cool theory, but its just that, a theory!

hey guys, so it’s taken me a while to come to this point, but i’m making this post because i really need help. i’m barely scraping by to make ends meet right now and my bank account has been overdrawn for like 2 months. i’ve also missed several months rent payments due to lack of job/funds and while i’m on the right track now, i still really need help or i may not be able to stay in my apartment/buy food/etc. 

if you guys can help at ALL, i added a donate button to my blog or you could donate straight to my paypal which is 019hrs@gmail.com. you can also donate to my venmo which is kidcore! if you donate, please lemme know so i can personally thank you. i also do writing/edits/themes though theyre not formally commissions or anything.

if you can’t donate, please boost this because it’d mean the world to me!

Tutorial: How to mass edit screenshots with a PS Action

I got an ask recently asking how I edit my screenshots, and though sadly the action I use is no longer available to download, I thought I could still show you guys an easy way to edit large amounts of screenshots using a Photoshop Action.

Firstly make sure all the screenshots you want to edit are in a separate folder. I recommend doing a batch of about 20-30 at a time, otherwise Photoshop tends to lag out and crash.

Open Photoshop and go into File:Automate:Batch

Select the action you want to use and the folder containing the photos you wish to edit

Make sure the two boxes shown are ticked and then just select ‘Ok’.

Photoshop should then begin cycling through the photos and applying the action you’ve selected. Since the action I use is no longer available for download I can’t link you to it, but here are some actions that I recommend.

Of course it’s all up to personal preference with how you like your screenshots to look, these are just some of my faves to use.