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I can explain. 

My intention was to simply turn this into a line-esque image. I’d actually finished the edit but felt there was something missing, though I couldn't figure out what. I decided to mess around on my phone and test one of those selfie app thingies, and what you see here is the result of combining the two…

Random yes, but they look kinda cute ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Click for original image (nothing special so you won’t miss anything if you don’t!) 

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fan-child  asked:

What's your favorite fic written by someone else?

Deffos Kurai Koibito by @dumbass-stilinski I fucking love Void! @smutandahalf ’s Can You Teach Me is bomb too! @completedylantrash ’s Why do you always call me when you’re high is legendary. @stilinski-jpeg ’s Assassin series too! @mystic-biscuit ’s Saudade series as well! @writing-obrien has Coming home and I cry every time. @we-are-like-a-timebomb There’s a fine line fic!


Edit: I FUCKED UP. I fixed it though! 

anonymous asked:

my personal faves are when you post landscape that is still colorful but not too overly edited - i know those give some awesome colors though but I love the look of a more seemingly "real" picture

I’m a sucker for vibrant nature photos too,I try my best to find ones that don’t seem too fake or that are edited really nicely! I’m glad you enjoy the pop of color as much as I do :)


Andrew Minyard didn’t look like much in person, blonde and five feet even, but Neil knew better. Andrew was the Foxes’ freshman goalkeeper and their deadliest investment.