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hey guys, so it’s taken me a while to come to this point, but i’m making this post because i really need help. i’m barely scraping by to make ends meet right now and my bank account has been overdrawn for like 2 months. i’ve also missed several months rent payments due to lack of job/funds and while i’m on the right track now, i still really need help or i may not be able to stay in my apartment/buy food/etc. 

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Tutorial: How to mass edit screenshots with a PS Action

I got an ask recently asking how I edit my screenshots, and though sadly the action I use is no longer available to download, I thought I could still show you guys an easy way to edit large amounts of screenshots using a Photoshop Action.

Firstly make sure all the screenshots you want to edit are in a separate folder. I recommend doing a batch of about 20-30 at a time, otherwise Photoshop tends to lag out and crash.

Open Photoshop and go into File:Automate:Batch

Select the action you want to use and the folder containing the photos you wish to edit

Make sure the two boxes shown are ticked and then just select ‘Ok’.

Photoshop should then begin cycling through the photos and applying the action you’ve selected. Since the action I use is no longer available for download I can’t link you to it, but here are some actions that I recommend.

Of course it’s all up to personal preference with how you like your screenshots to look, these are just some of my faves to use.

lynns-art-blog  asked:

I stand with ya, Kia. It annoys me greatly when people attack others for that ship. Especially since Frisk's age is never given in canon, and thus is whatever anyone wants it to be. So people gettin up in arms over it are really just gettin up in arms over their headcanon version of the character. Even still, it's just a freakin character in a game. Some peeps need to take a step back, and take a hard look in the mirror. o3o

@starlumen @revivescere-flore

Some people just took Frisk as a smol kid, but us Frans shippers don’t give Frisk an age, and most of us age them up as adults.

aha utter bullshit

I ain’t talking about this anymore. I’m sorry about that. But us, being pedophiles? What the actual fuck. Hell no. Go the fuck out, I’ll never treat them as a friend.

edit: I appreciate the hugs though *hugs back*


This outfit is something Jennie has on at the end of the Boombayah video and I wanted it in Sims(I may get rid of that extra sleeve fold though lol) so I tried making it. It has some issues so don’t expect it this week. Hopefully I can get it out next week!

Okay so my future plans of CC are below

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X - Part Four

A/N: I’m sorry I took forever. I don’t really have a good excuse for making you all wait, so I don’t want to lie. This part was a bit hard for me to write and it came about after lots of pondering, rewriting, and various forms of editing. I like it though!

Also, I mention Baekhyun and Taeyeon’s relationship in this. Of course, I have no actual insight on this relationship and know no more than anyone else would. Just because this story includes one perception of the couple, does not mean it is my own personal theories or opinions. It’s part of my fictional story just like anything else. This goes for all future mentions of the couple. 

Thank you. Love you. Very much.

Part One Part Two Part Three 


“Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably true.”

Those were the first words Chanyeol spoke to me once we got in the car. I didn’t even get a chance to give him the directions to my home before he started explaining the situation I had gotten myself into.

“When they started dating in 2014, Baekhyun kept it a secret from everyone, and I mean everyone. The bastard didn’t even tell me. I had to hear it from SM’s announcement. Can you imagine that? Whatever, I don’t care.”

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And the last dragon tail to upload today! It’s made primarily of blackened stainless steel. This one was a short one, only 24 inches long (though coming in at 3 lbs 2 oz, because steel is heavier than aluminum).

I think I need to edit the tip, though. The commissioner’s character had a specific pattern of blue on the tip. I didn’t want to use anodized aluminum there because it tends to get scratched by the steel. Also the commissioner wanted a light blue/teal, where the normal anodized aluminum blue is a deeper royal blue. So I suggested anodized titanium, which I had just enough of left over from a previous project. But the titanium turned out to have rather less contrast with the steel than I’d expected.

I had an idea for how to pad between the steel and the aluminum, so I think I’m going to build an alternate tip, see how it looks, check with the commissioner, and maybe swap it out.

On the upside, this may have been my fasted tail constructed ever. I started it after an early dinner yesterday, and I’d gotten it finished by about 1AM. The short size helped, of course, but man. This was the 5th tail I’d made in a month. I wonder if my speed has improved since the last time I carefully timed myself.