I wanted to introduce my Spanish guardian sometime soon since she’s quickly becoming a favorite OC of mine. >w<

Her name is Cytera! She’s a selkie in the Obsidian guard and fights with a sword. She’s also a seer (a clairvoyant specifically) and can see present events through reflective surfaces (like mirrors or water).

She doesn’t gain her seer powers or her sealskin until much later after being in Eldarya. This is due to the effect of the maana in the world and her meeting with the Oracle which started to “activate” her clairvoyance. Her sealskin also doesn’t start developing until after the mermaid incident. But she is still a fast and powerful swimmer.

Her skin is supposed to have a speckle pattern (like a seal) but I’m too lazy to edit it right now lol. I’ll definitely update it soon though.


“should i caption it ghostagram?”

“erin, please.”