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Aubrey (aubernutter) uses steriods. I'm just tired of her telling people she's all natural.

I doubt that buuuut if she did, you still have to work our ass off when you use steriods, lmfao. So it’s not like she’s chilling on her couch all day like, “Yeah I eat cake all day and still look good, this is my secret”

I think you guys severely underestimate how much I don’t care about people using steriods.

this may sound super silly but when I started this blog almost 2 years ago (!!!) one of my major goals was the get into Queen’s university. after about 6 months I took it off my blog because I didn’t feel confident I could achieve it and I didn’t want to fail publicly

buuuut I actually got accepted a month ago and I’m so proud of myself and I just wanted to share that no goal you ever make is stupid or unattainable. you have to believe in yourself and know that if you truly want it and work hard you can achieve anything you set yourself up for!!


I am so sorry that I have been pretty dead lately but Pokemon X has taken over my life again and that’s pretty much all I have been doing.

Speaking of which, I got 3 legendary Pokemon through Wonder Trade (sorry to whoever probably accidentally sent me them but they is mines now)

However, I shall be more active starting tomorrow and I shall upload a gif tomorrow as well for you all. But for now,

Good Night!

Nia’s Ice Nation is the reason Pike and his followers despise Grounders so much. Nia is dead and Roan is now king, which he owes entirely to Lexa. (So he’ll probably behave.) Lexa made Skaikru the 13th clan and Clarke is the ambassador. Pike rejected the brand and is now going to massacre a bunch of Trikru sent to protect them. Pike if you would have just waited for news from Polis to reach you, you dumb shit. I know you are full of self-righteous hatred and xenophobia but I doubt you would have had the following you did if everyone was aware of what had just happened. Someone just float this asshole already and let Octavia kick Bellamy’s ass and let’s get on with our post-apocalyptic lives. Also let Clexa get married and let Raven Reyes be happy. Thanks!

No waaaaaaay, I just had a silly thought when I remembered there was a gravestone with Killian’s whole name on it in that promo video (back in december).

What if Emma found him under the sleeping curse or sth like that keeping him sleeping (lol) and then she kisses him and he wakes up and be like: “You found me”, paralleling with Snowing’s scene in Pilot.

Of course I *would* draw the bitter rivals being all cuddly on a couch… Y'know, I am literally only the second person I’ve ever seen draw this ship. I have a headcanon that they were a couple way (millions of years) back when and a bunch of reasons why I think so even though they ended up being rivals at the end. (I really wanted to have SKoT be naked too, but everything I post is SFW…)

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I don't know if you know anything about this, but what do you think about this The Fine Bros situation and the react copyright?

I think YouTube is a circus that just gets more and more out of control the longer it goes on.

Also creators have so little recourse it sucks to see people abuse what few means we have to protect our content. You can’t own an entire type of video, even if you made it first (which I’m doubtful they did). Everything is derivative you gotta embrace that. 

100 days. One Hundred Days. Oh. My. Jesus.

This week it has just hit me like a ton of bricks. The race is paid for, the IronHouse is rented for the three IronAthletes and our IronCrew. The bike has been made lighter. The swim skin is purchased. My sister and her boyfriend have purchased tickets and arranged hotel accommodations I have $300 saved for Ironman stuff.

I asked,“did you ever have doubts on your first?”

“Only a gazillion times”

Last year I was full of fear. This year I have moments of doubt. I think if I had to do
It tomorrow- I would go for it. I’m mentally ready for it.

Today, I rode an hour on my trainer. Did weighted squats and core work. Swam 2200 yards in 47 minutes. Random- I know. I got a headache and decided to be done. I’m happy with 2200.

On Thursdays, snorkel hipster man shows up while I’m swimming. He leaves, I’m still swimming. I’m normally waiting for him to get out so I can take over the entire pool because I have a system. It’s a 4 lane pool. I swim a lap on the line, then one in the middle, then I move to the next line etc. until I get all the way across the pool for 400 yards and then I go back. Today, he watched me take over it. And I just kept swimming.

It’s gonna be a double bike weekend both rides are on the road. We are getting ready to find out how effective the spin sessions have been.

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(Cerberus @ Monica): "I see you possess a Houndoomite as well. They aren't a common thing to find, so how did you come across yours? I doubt you found it lying on the ground, but then again, I've heard of stranger things."

My mother used to have a trainer, I guess. But her abilities weren’t to his liking, so he made the decision to release her … she took the mega stone with her out of spite, though.

As for the boring part, the way I got it is simply by getting it from her. Nothing special about it, really.

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No surprise you have so few followers, you are really bad at typing characters.

I don’t think you know how many followers I have and I actually have quite a lot. Like in the thousands…However, I don’t do it for approval. I do it cause it is fun for me. Thanks for your input. Hope you aren’t this big of a dick to anyone else throughout your life. But you did this anonymously so I doubt you have the courage to talk like this to anyone’s face. Which is good for the rest of the world.

I think you were trying to ruin my day, but you failed.

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No I don't have to message you, if you don't know how to source that's your problem. I don't think you have the right to post that, did you get the authors permission-I highly doubt it. This is what I can't stand about people they think they can do whatever they want. Besides its boyxboy trash who reads that filth.

I’ve been civil with you, please don’t attack me like this.  I tried to reach out to you in a nice way, but after this I’m turning anonymous off.  If you want to talk further please come off anonymous or message me.

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If the Vale had had a true king instead of a boy at the time of Aegon's Conquest do you think they could've kept themselves out of the seven kingdoms like Dorne did?

It’s possible, but unlikely. The terrain of the Vale lends itself well to guerrilla warfare in the Dornish vein. However, the Vale had to deal with mountain clans that occupy those areas of hiding, and that could complicate matters. Also, the Vale is closer than Dorne, which makes it easier for Aegon to gather and launch attacks. Whether the people would accept such a style of warfare is tough too, these are the ‘honorable’ knights of the Vale who love setpiece battles.

You’ll need a guerilla campaign outside of the Vale too, attacking White Harbor and Maidenpool the same way the Dornish did. You’ve got to spill some serious blood until you can drop a dragonrider. Dorne did and I doubt the Vale’s price to stay out would be any cheaper.

The Westerlands, the Vale, and Dorne are the three best suited, terrain-wise, to resist Aegon. The North is big but open, and vulnerable to Aegon burning their winter towns before winter and making them starve to death. Figure those four kingdoms have a shot at resisting Aegon…unless one of them hits the lottery and kills a dragon.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

Good Enough

I was thinking I was good enough.

Truth was you wanted me to be less like me.

Wanting me more like the person you pictured me to be.

It’s a funny thing how we love someone else’s flaws,

Until the flaws start showing.


We all crave someones attention.

Every time someone doesn’t notice you,

You start questioning yourself.

Like I did.


Then lying in bed wondering why they’re so important.

I myself found a million reasons why she was important.

But I couldn’t come up with one solid good reason.

R. Moe