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Tell your father that auntie Nat has your back - I'll totally teach you how to fight in heels, love.

I know. I never doubted you!

(You did yell that heels aren’t a hindrance they’re an added weapon in your arsenal yesterday at the TV when we watched that horror movie, remember? It was that moment when everyone around you mysteriously backed off and out of reach)

Bruised Hearts and Bloody Knuckles

Collab with the incredibly awesome @texting-bangtanbts

Y/N Pov

Sweat dripped off your face, occasionally mingling with a tear as the two droplets mixed together and left tracks on your face. The gym was essentially empty, especially considering it was almost midnight, aside from the employees and the one middle aged man on the opposite side of the room. You were lucky that this particular gym stayed open until midnight on the weekends. Lena cast a concerned glance your way every ten minutes or so, or rather whenever she looked up from her paperwork at the front desk. You had been there for several hours, stopping only when you absolutely needed water or a rest, and the young woman was beginning to worry for you. The music was turned down low, a soft hum, overpowered by the satisfying thud of your gloves against the leather bag hanging in front of you. Jab, cross, uppercut, hook, hook, uppercut. You chanted in your head repeatedly, your body following through the motions as you repeatedly punched the bag in front of you. The massive black bag swung slightly from the power with which you hit it, and you became so focused on beating the shit out of it that you stopped paying attention to anyone and anything around you. 

How could you be so stupid? Jab, cross, uppercut, hook, hook, uppercut. How could he be so stupid? Jab, cross, uppercut, hook, hook, uppercut. The events from earlier that day flashed and swirled behind your eyes, reminding you of the text messages that started it all. The way that he had completely disregarded how you would feel. Gritting your teeth, you swung at the bag harder, panting with effort. With a jolt, the bag swung backwards from the force of your hit, and you reached forward to grab it, resting your sweaty forehead against the leather and closing your eyes to take a breath. You took several shallow breaths, swallowing thickly to take in more air. There was absolutely no point in being angry. Even after years of being friends, Taehyung still couldn’t figure out that you liked him. You thought that by this point it would be obvious, considering every time he went on a date or talked about another girl you got a bit jealous. It was childish yes, but you couldn’t believe he still hadn’t figured it out.

A fresh wave of anger rolled over you as you remembered what he had said this time. “Princess syndrome” he had called it. Ignoring the protests from your legs and arms, you let go of the bag and sank back into your stance, rolling your neck and shoulders as you got ready to start your next round of punches. You took a deep breath before resuming your assault of the leather bag in front of you, brows furrowing in concentration, knuckles rubbing against the insides of the gloves despite wearing wraps.

“I didn’t know you boxed.” A deep voice spoke, startling you slightly as you went to deliver a cross. You chuckled dryly at his comment.

“I guess there’s a lot you don’t know about me Taehyung.” You replied, a hint of bitterness lacing your words. If he noticed it, he didn’t say anything. Out of the corner of your eye you could see him standing there, arms crossed as he watched you. Damn him. Why the hell did he always have to look so fucking attractive? You were supposed to be mad at him and then he shows up looking like a damn model. Shaking your head at your own thoughts, you delivered a particularly strong hook to the punching bag in front of you, the sound music to your ears. “How’d you find me anyway? I doubt you did it by yourself.”

Taehyung clenched his jaw ignoring the obvious jab at him, gritting his teeth before answering.

“Jimin.” Was all the boy said, his eyes locked on your figure as you landed blow after blow on the bag in front of you. You looked tired, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. He could see it by the way your shoulders seemed to sag more and more after each punch.

“Bastard.” You muttered, cursing your other best friend under your breath between pants.

“Why did he know and not me?” Taehyung asked, failing to hide the slight edge in his voice. As if he realized how his question sounded he added quickly, “Or the rest of the boys for that matter.” You grinned to yourself, recalling how Jimin had discovered that you were a boxer. Grabbing the swinging leather bag, you smirked at the boy beside you.

“Who else do you think taught him?” You quirked your eyebrow teasingly, momentarily forgetting you were mad at the boy next to you. Taehyung’s eyebrows raised in surprise, recalling how Jimin had decided to try boxing before their Danger MV. Something about a more accurate portrayal. Even after the video was done, he had kept up with it. The others had always assumed it was simply because he liked it, but now Taehyung realized that it was because of you. It was simply a bonding activity with one of your best friends.

Staring at the boy in front of you, you finally took a moment to really take in his appearance. He was wearing a beanie, something that you felt should be illegal, and was dressed in his usual model-esque fashion. Clenching your jaw, you stopped yourself. You were mad at him, you reminded yourself. Eyes hardening, you angled your body back toward the bag and were readying yourself to punch again when a large hand grabbed your wrist stopping the motion of your arm. Your eyes trailed from the soft hand that had your wrist firmly in its grip, up to the brown eyes you had come to care for so much. Your lips parted slightly in shock at the situation you had found yourself in.

“Can we talk?” He asked you sincerely, his eyes searching yours for answers. You bit the inside of your cheek before you pulled your wrist from his hold, him easily letting you go.

“What’s there to talk about Tae?” You asked him, not meeting his eyes as you undid removed your hand from his grip, pulling your arms into your chest.

“Y/N, come on. We need to talk about what happened in the Group Chat today.” Taehyung said, making no move to stop you again as you returned to your punching combination.

“There’s nothing to talk about.” You replied shrugging at his words as you delivered a solid right hook to the bag.

“You blowing up at me is nothing to you?” Taehyung scoffed in disbelief. You tensed and shot him a glare.

“That’s not what I said.” You grit out, eyes blazing as fresh waves of anger and jealousy rolled over you. Taehyung scoffed again, crossing his arms and raising an eyebrow at you.

“Oh really? Because that’s what it sounds like you said.” His words snapped something inside of you. With a frustrated and guttural groan, you slammed your fist into the bag in front of you. Taehyung stiffened in surprise at your actions, you had never seemed this angry, or violent for that matter, before.

“That’s just it! You never fucking hear what I say!” You glared at the boy in front of you, your E/C eyes meeting his warm brown ones, the fire slowly freezing over and turning your glare cold. Not waiting for a reply you spun on your heel and stalked over to the bench where your bag sat, unstrapping the leather boxing gloves and throwing them on the ground.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Taehyung threw his hands in the air exasperated, following you over to the bench, an irritated expression gracing his usually jubilant features. You rolled your eyes at his ignorance.

“Oh! And let’s not forget what you said to me. ‘Princess syndrome’ I believe is what you called it, oh and petty and stupid too.” You sneered, reaching down to grab your previously discarded gloves and throw them inside your gym bag.

“Hey! You blew up at me for no reason first. Remember?” Taehyung retorted, his deep voice not holding any of its usual warmth. You froze at his words. Did he really have no idea why you reacted the way that you did?

“You really don’t get it… do you.” You mumbled, the break in your voice barely audible as you gingerly ran your fingers over your raw and reddened knuckles, turning to face him. Despite being wrapped, your several hour-long stint with the punching bag had left the tops of your knuckles red and raw, and a few of them were bleeding slightly. In hind sight, you probably shouldn’t have spent the first half an hour with the bag sans gloves, but you were in such an emotional rage that you didn’t care at the time.

“Damn it Y/N!” Taehyung slapped his hand against the wall next to him, causing you to jump slightly. He looked down at you, his height advantage, although small, making him even more intimidating. His eyes were blazing in anger and annoyance, but upon seeing you flinch they immediately softened. Dropping his hand, he followed your eyes to your knuckles, swearing under his breath. He reached for your hand slowly, but you drew your hands back into your chest.

“Don’t.” You told him softly, still not meeting his eyes as you slowly began to unwrap your fists. The anger he had felt previously now mingled with the feeling of hurt that had blossomed inside of him. First you hadn’t told him about what was obviously a large part of your life, and now you wouldn’t even let him help you.

“Why? What the hell did I do? Huh Y/N? What did I do?” Taehyung fired off his questions at you, his voice rising with each statement. You glared at him eyes blazing.

“You really don’t know?” You asked him, your voice barely a whisper. Although if you listened closely, you would be able to hear the note of sorrow that was buried beneath your words. Taehyung looked at you bewildered.

“If I knew, we wouldn’t be having this conversation!” He exclaimed, running his hand through his light brown hair in frustration. You looked at the boy in front of you. Even when he was angry he was undeniably beautiful. From his hair to his boxy smile that you adored so much. To the times that the two of you sat on the couch for hours binge-watching Anime. To the times that he had come to tell you all about a date that he went on. He was clueless about how much you cared about him. He had no idea how much it hurt when he ranted and raved about a date, how whenever he talked about how hot a girl was you would look her up on social media and compare yourself. How it felt like a knife in your chest whenever he came home from a date with a huge smile on his face.

“Why did I have to fall in love with an idiot?” You mumbled to yourself, not noticing the way that Taehyung’s shoulders tensed at your words. As soon as you realized that you had said your thoughts out loud your fingers stopped idly unwrapping your wrists and your eyes snapped up to meet his. The two of you stood wide-eyed and frozen for a moment before anyone spoke.

“What did you say?” Tae stuttered, his husky voice wavering in shock. You shook your head rapidly.

“I’m sorry. I just can’t get hurt anymore. I fucking can’t Tae.” You responded, tears pricking at the corners of your eyes. He knew. He fucking knew. Your friendship was over. The two of you stood staring at each other for a moment in silence before Taehyung turned around and walked away. Your eyes glazed over in tears and you sank down to the floor, forgetting about the rawness of your knuckles and your half-undone wraps, drawing your knees to your chest and wrapping your arms around them. You took shaky breaths as you sat on the gym floor. Your skin was salty with dried sweat and your face was now streaked with tears as your shoulders shook, heaving with each sob.

Without warning, someone gently took your half-unwrapped fist in their hand and continued to unwrap it. At first you assumed it was Lena, but the hands were too large, and far too warm to belong to your friend. Your spine stiffened and you slowly removed your head from its place nestled between your knees. Taehyung was crouched in front of you, gingerly unwrapping your fist, his gaze trained intently on your raw knuckles. As the wrap dropped to the floor, you watched mesmerized as the boy in front of you reached beside him to grab the wet towel he had brought over and sat on the bench, using it to dab softly at the raw skin.

The two of you sat in silence as he cleaned and wrapped your knuckles with a roll of gauze he must have gotten from the front desk. After securing the wrapping on your right fist he brought your hand up to his lips and pressed a gentle kiss to the top of your hand. You stared at Taehyung, your mouth dropping open slightly. He smiled his boxy smile, the one that you loved so much, at your expression.

“Why did I have to fall in love with an idiot?” He asked you softly glancing down at your now bandaged fists pointedly. You opened and closed your mouth at his words, as Taehyung’s eyes were trained on you.

“I…” You trailed off, “I thought you left.” You admitted pulling your hand up to wipe the streaks of tears from your cheek. Taehyung softly grabbed your hand, moving it to the side before he used his large hand to cup the side of your face, thumb wiping away a stray tear.

“I’m sorry for what I said.” He muttered softly to you as you unconsciously leaned into his palm. You gave him a half smile.

“I’m sorry I blew up at you…” Your voice trailed off as you bit your lip trying to regain control of your emotions. Taking a shaky breath, you looked over Taehyung’s shoulder, focusing your gaze on the one of the punching bags suspended over the gym floor. “Every time you talk about a date, or a girl, it felt like someone was punching me in the chest. I would compare myself every chance I got, trying to understand what was so great about them.” You chucked dryly, shaking your head at yourself, “I know its petty and stupid.”

“Y/N, I’m so sorry that I didn’t say anything to you earlier. Fuck, I’m sorry that I didn’t notice how upset you got whenever I talked about a date.” The deep voice of the boy in front of you drew your eyes back to him. He glanced down at your hands shaking his head in disappointment and disgust. “And now you’re hurt because I was a dick and you decided to take out all of your emotions on a punching bag.” You quirked the corner of your lips at his words.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you that I box.” You said sheepishly. Tae looked at you in disbelief, your eyes widening as he threw back his head and laughed.

“How about we make it up to each other.” He suggested, a soft smile overtaking his features, watching you intently as he spoke, “Over dinner? Tonight?” You bit your lip as you stared at the boy you loved, his smile growing at your answer.

           “It’s a date.”

So this is the first imagine that I’ve ever written and posted somewhere so I hope you all enjoy it. And a huge huge thank you to the talented @texting-bangtanbts for making the awesome texts!

Ex-Friends [Part 2]

Pairing: Peter X Reader
Warnings: Language
A/N: Thank you guys for over 100 notes on Part One! I’m glad you seemed to enjoy it, hope you like this part just as much :D

Part One


It went on for a few days. You would sit at lunch and feel eyes on the back of your head, and when you turn around Peter would be staring, a slightly hurt expression on his face before he quickly looked away.

How dare he make it seem like you were the one that hurt him?

“Have you talked to him?” Your friend asked as you turned back for probably the tenth time that week after catching Peter staring. “Why is he acting so weird?”

“I have no idea,” you snapped, “He tried talking to me the first time you saw him looking, but I blew him off.”

“Smart,” she replied, pointing her fork at you, “You did the right thing. He was an ass for what he did to you, and doesn’t deserve the chance to explain.”

You nodded, though it still made you uneasy. Maybe you should have let him explain. But you knew you were only thinking that because of all the looks he was giving you. So you decided to put an end to it.

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Title:Lie to me

Pairing: Dean/Jensen x Reader x Sam

Warnings: None

Imagine: Imagine Dean and Sam getting transported to the French Mistake universe. Only for Dean to realize he is married to you, his best friend, love of his life and… Sam’s girlfriend.

“Alright, so we know that getting outta here is not going to be that easy. Or as easy as the first time.” Dean grumbled as he shut the car’s door close.

“So it seems- uh thank you Clint!” Sam gave the driver a smile but he only frowned at him.

“Uh Clif? You know what guys? Just stay off drinking for a little while yeah? And Jensen, why don’t you tell your wife to make you like a warm tea or something? Your voice is starting to turn into Dean’s and it’s kinda creepy.” Clif gave Dean a tight smile.

Dean frowned, feeling a little offended for a moment but just as he was about to speak Sam did for him “Uh yeah sure thing, thanks for the drive Clif.” he gave him a tight smile and the man nodded his head.

“Of course. Goodnight guys.” he waved at them and Sam waved back.

“What the hell’s wrong with my voice?” Dean exclaimed, his voice raising an octave and Sam only rolled his eyes “My voice is absolutely fine! It’s that freaking Jensen’s voice that must be weird! Just like his name.” he scoffed, making a face and rolling his eyes.

“Yeah right, sure. Let’s go inside now before it starts raining on us.” Sam huffed a laugh, stuffing his hands in his jacket.

“Yeah right, well smart call to come here Padaleski.” Dean said with a smirk and Sam frowned.

“Uh Lecki. I’m pretty sure it’s Lecki.”

“Yeah whatever Polish boy. As long as I won’t have to watch you and fake-Ruby stuff faces.” Dean made a disgusted face and Sam huffed, giving him a bitch-face.

“I mean hey Sammy, what do ya think (Y/n/n) would think about it?” Dean gave him a side look and Sam rolled his eyes.

“Nothing because she knows very well how I feel about her. I love her and only her. Besides, this place, those guys it’s not us ok? So no there shouldn’t even be a need to worry.”

“Sure.” Dean nodded his head, fetching the keys he had stolen earlier from Jensen’s trailer but still avoided eye contact with his brother “Just save me the cheesy details man, I liked my burger a couple hours ago.” he laughed him off but Sam just sighed.

“Yeah well, it is not going to be my favorite thing to see you stuff your face with whoever your wife is.” Sam said in a teasing tone and Dean chuckled, a triumphant grin on his face when he managed to find the right key.

“You think she’s gonna be hot?” he asked Sam with a smirk and the younger Winchester shrugged.

“Well, if this Jensen guy is anything like you then- I guess.” he shrugged and Dean scoffed.

“I doubt it. Did you see that dude’s car? I mean come on now!” he exclaimed a little too loudly, his voice echoing inside the house.

“Hm well, you’ve got a pretty nice house that is for sure. Looks really home-y.” Sam commented as they both took a look around.

“Yeah, it’s nice.” Dean almost whispered and Sam merely nodded his head as he took in the sight.

“It’s ike-” he breathed out a laugh “It’s like they let (Y/n) decorate it or something. She’s told me so many times about how she’s imagined her house and it’s- pretty much like this.” Sam motioned around him.

“Of course she would.” Dean breathed out a chuckle, a fond smile on his face. One that as soon as he noticed matched that of his brother’s he wiped off.

“Alright-” he cleared his throat, trying not to get too carried away “-let’ not get carried away. We first need to-”

“Honey?” a voice cut him off, though, before he could say more and both brothers stiffened “Is that you?” it was heard again, this time coming closer and Dean shared a look with Sam.

“Time to find out I guess.” he said with a small nervous smile before steadying himself.

“Uh yeah it’s me. Jensen. Not- not somebody else, like Dean or- yeah, nope.” he tried but failed to give a nice response and Sam rolled his eyes.

“Real smooth Jensen.” Sam smirked at him and Dean merely glared at the taller man.

“Baby?” the voice was heard again, closer this time and for the first time did Sam and Dean frown at how… familiar it sounded.

“Oh there you are.” a wide grin broke on your lips as you came into view but Sam’s small smile completely vanished. Especially as you walked towards his brother and grabbed him by his jacket and… pressed your lips to his. At that moment Sam felt his heart ache more than ever before inside his chest and… as wrong as that was Dean felt his own heart swell inside his own chest.

“How was work? Hope you two didn’t have all the fun on set without me huh?” you gave him a grin, giggling as he gaped at you like a fish out of water.

“Hey Jared, how are you? How’s Gen? I didn’t have time to see her this week. In between the new album, the shooting and everything else I hadn’t had time to talk with her.” you said with all too familiar warm smile that this time didn’t make Sam smile, because your arms wrapped around Dean’s shoulders felt almost like a stab to the heart.

“Uh she’s- she’s fine.” he choked out, giving you a weak smile.

“I’m glad.” you nodded your head and in a second your eyes were back on Dean’s face who had suddenly forgotten how to breathe.

“Hey you-” you said in a lower voice, leaning in closer to him to the point he thought you’d be able to feel how his heart was going crazy inside his chest “-your mother came to take Justice, she was really happy that she’ll spend the weekend with her grandparents. You know what that means though, right?” you smirked at him, and Dean gave you a weak nod.

You chuckled, pressing your lips to his and he had to practically keep himself from melting into it. He struggled to keep himself from closing his eyes and just wrapping his arms around you, pressing you as close to himself as possible and never letting go of you. And gosh was it wrong to want, much less actually consider it.

You pulled away and had a soft smile on your lips. You nuzzled your nose with his and Dean was sure he let out a small sound that couldn’t be described as human. You smiled softly at him, the same shy smile you had given to him all that time ago when you first met.

A day he still remembered, because he was the first one you’d met. And only much later, a week later, did Sam come in view and he saw the two of you fall head over heels in love with each other. And all he did was be happy for the two of you, no matter how much it hurt him.

But he saw the shy smile turn into a smirk, the seductive kind you’d give to Sam and minutes later he’d excuse himself and follow you. And Dean would only leave the bunker for hours, not wanting to hear the two of you’s happy sounds. There was only so much he could take. This time though you gave that smirk to him, and it was him you leaned closer to.

“And I’ve got something I think you’ll love to see me in.” you whispered and Dean practically jumped, his eyes going wider (if it was possible) and a squeak left his lips when you… slapped his ass.

You winked at him, giggling before you pulled slightly away “Hey, J are you going to stay for dinner?” you asked him with that soft but only friendly smile that Dean was so used to.

Sam wanted to speak, to say something, anything but he only gave you a weak nod. You smiled warmly and nodded your head at him “I’ll serve some for you too then! And you-” you turned to Dean “-why don’t you come give me a hand huh?” you winked at him and Dean swallowed thickly, nodding his head with a somewhat terified look on his face but still a giddy feeling inside his chest.

“S-sure, I’ll be there in a while.” he stuttered because he could really understand what you meant.

“Great then.” you giggled, kissing his lips once more and Dean for a second took in a deep breath unable to believe how your scent was the same.

You rubbed his cheek before pulling away from him and turning you walked past Sam, giving him a friendly pat on the shoulder – one Dean knew all too well again – and leaving them alone for a moment.

Dean took in a shaky breath, once you were completely gone his eyes moved to lock with his brother’s and as much as he wanted to play it off he knew he couldn’t. Not when he saw the hurt but somewhat angry look on Sam’s eyes. His clenched jaw and puffed out chest, something that only showed his pain.

He tried to give him a smile but it only showed his nervousness. So instead Dean just cleared his throat.

“Well, talking about awkward huh?”


A/N: My fave one so far, and one that could have great potential if turned into a full fic! Angsty, yes, but I love it! I was between this and ‘In a world of our own’ which I will write for a different French Mistake story!

Riverdale Imagine: Waitress (Jughead x Reader)

Summary: The reader, who is a waitress at Pop’s, falls hard for Jughead over the summer. After she works up the courage to give him her number, she finds him in a booth with Betty Cooper and is heartbroken.

Approx. 1300 words

I had been working as a waitress at Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe for the entire summer in an attempt to save up some money for all the travelling I had planned to do once school had finished for good. I had naively assumed that it would be the most boring summer of my life, just taking orders and bring people their food, but that was before I waited on Jughead Jones. It was only my third shift and it was a Monday night, which meant that it was reasonably quiet, when I shuffled over to the booth in the middle of the diner where one person was sitting; yawning as I slowly pulled my notepad from my pocket.

“What can I get for you?” I asked politely, not raising my gaze from my notepad.

“The usual” he replied.

I sighed and looked up, about to explain that I was new and therefore I didn’t yet know ‘the usual’ order of everyone in Riverdale, but I was rendered speechless when I saw him. He was focused on his laptop screen and was typing ferociously, so I had a moment to observe him unnoticed before he turned to me, and I knew in that second that I was in trouble. His curls were midnight black and were escaping from an unusual grey crown-shaped beanie that was pulled firmly over his head. He was lanky, but still muscular as I could see the shape of his bicep flexing against his jacket, and his facial features were well defined, with a sharp jaw and angular cheekbones. He had the kind of face that stopped you in your tracks. As he gazed up at me with his emerald-green eyes – probably wondering why I was still standing there – there was no trace of arrogance or cockiness on his face, his clear obliviousness of his own good looks just made me fall for him all the more.

“Oh I’m sorry” he laughed sheepishly, “I didn’t realise you were new! I’ll have a cheeseburger and fries please.”

“Of course” I said, blushing fiercely.

“I’m Jughead” he said, his hand outstretched. “I spend most of my time here so we will probably get to know each other pretty well” he laughed.

“I’m Y/N” I murmured and I took his warm hand and smiled at him through my lashes.

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gotham sentence starters ( s3ep14.)

( !!! SPOILER ALERT !!! for those who haven’t watched this episode yet.)

  • “ get those freaks in the cages!”
  • “ we need to find ___”
  • “ let go off me!”
  • “ what about you, huh? you know where ___ is? where is s/he?!”
  • “ look around! s/he’s everywhere!”
  • “ get down!”
  • “ are you all right? tell me you’re all right.”
  • “ i’m fine.”
  • “ where are they? who dared to think they could lay their hands on you?!”
  • “ i’m alone.”
  • “ oh, you escaped. you did. didn’t you, you rascal?”
  • “ did you bring anyone else?”
  • “ just wondering if i was gonna have to reload.”
  • “ i don’t understand.”
  • “ i know. that’s been half the fun.”
  • “ i’m sorry, i- i… what is happening? i…”
  • “ you weren’t kidnapped?”
  • “ recognize it? oh, why should you? i doubt you did the deed yourself.”
  • “ i know it was you.”
  • “ ___ was my everything and you took her/him from me.“
  • “ now i’ve taken everything from you. well, almost everything. you still have your life.”
  • “ if the situation worsens we may be forced to step in.”
  • “ the city will bend long before it breaks.”
  • “ your faith in ___ is touching. and possibly dangerous.”
  • “ lights aren’t coming back tonight. tomorrow, if we’re lucky.”
  • “ this thing just keeps getting bigger.”
  • “ that might actually be good news.”
  • “ maybe we can limit this to a single bad night.”
  • “ how the hell are we supposed to find __ out there?!”
  • “ the city’s one giant dumpster fire!”
  • “ you’re not one to miss out on all the fun, so what do you want?”
  • “ how the hell should i know? i didn’t talk to him/her.”
  • “ but… my father appeared to me… i saw him.”
  • “ no. you saw a man that i met in ___ that does killer impersonations.”
  • “ you see, how do i put this…? ghosts aren’t real!”
  • “ my father’s remains… you stole them from his grave?”
  • “ don’t worry. s/he’s at peace now..”
  • “ i gently placed his/her remains inside a dumpster behind a chinese restaurant.”
  • “ you were angry. i understand. i even forgive you, but-but killing me is not the way.”
  • “ so you admit you killed ___?”
  • “ fine. is that what you want? i confess.”
  • “ i had him/her killed. but guess what: you should thank me! because we both know what would’ve happened if i hadn’t!”
  • “ i could’ve lived a life with the wo/man i loved! i could’ve been happy.”
  • “ you would’ve killed her/him, just like you did the other one!”
  • “ you couldn’t have helped it! and afterward you would’ve hated yourself.”
  • “ well, we’ll never know, will we.”
  • “ i did it for love… i did it because i love you. you should know that.”
  • “ shut up!”
  • “ love is about sacrifice. it’s about putting someone else’s needs and happiness before your own.”
  • “ ’cause the truth is you would sacrifice anyone to save your own neck. even me.”
  • “ when the ice melts, the chain comes loose, the vat of acid tips… you get the idea.”
  • “ please…! no, please… i can change.”
  • “ say you’re right. say you’re right, i… the fact that i love you proves that i can change. just give me a chance.”
  • “ you know as well as i that a man facing death will say anything to save his skin, and you won’t change. because you can’t.”
  • “ i was going to have you say hello to ___, but i think you are going to a very different place.”
  • “ what do you want?”
  • “ i’ll light these candles.”
  • “ i’ll nip downstairs and see if there’s any life left in that old generator.”
  • “ who’s calling at this hour?”
  • “ my, my. hmm. look how big you’ve gotten.”
  • “ are you okay?”
  • “ i’ll be fine, i’ll be fine.”
  • “ nice place you got here. you rent?”
  • “ what do you want?”
  • “ teenagers, am i right?”
  • “ oh, i remember those days. so many exciting new emotions flowing through ya, wanting to kill everyone you saw. aw…”
  • “ you know, i will never understand rich people’s tastes.”
  • “ it’s worthless. i keep it for sentimental reasons.”
  • “ nice try.”
  • “ oh, it’s got some heft to it. expensive, i’m guessing. would be such a shame if i– huh. tougher than i figured.”
  • “ aah! bloody hell!”
  • “ i asked you what you want.”
  • “ sorry. the old noodle’s still a little al dente post-thaw.”
  • “ the reason i’m here is i’m gonna kill you.”
  • “ well, it’s the last thing i remember wanting to do. it’s been nagging at me since i woke up.”
  • “ the idea of slitting that pretty, pink throat of yours. figure that’d clear the decks. what do you think, huh?”
  • “ i remember that night. you were quite the showman.”
  • “ thank you, always nice to be appreciated.”
  • “ and you’re just going to kill me here? that’s kind of disappointing.”
  • “ what do you mean?”
  • “ after all the buildup, killing me here it just doesn’t show a lot of…”
  • “ go on boy/girl, spit it out, i can take it.”
  • “ killing me should mean something, and you’re telling me no one’s going to see it?”
  • “ you’re saying i need an audience? oh… look. i know you’re just trying to buy time so you can escape. but your point is still valid.”
  • “ kill him/her.”
  • “ this is what you’ve been training for.”
  • “ you’re gonna be all right on your own.”
  • “ i will see you again.”
  • “ strangely intimate. come on.”
  • “ try not to get any blood on the couch. i might come back for that.”
  • “ help! somebody help me! help!”
  • “ over here! oh, thank god… there’s not much time. cut me loose! hurry!”
  • “ you look familiar.”
  • “ free me, and i promise there’ll be a handsome reward.”
  • “ yes! now stop standing there and get me out of here!”
  • “ i- i don’t know… what did you do?”
  • “ ah, i’m gonna die here listening to this moron.”
  • “ just cut the ropes! hurry!”
  • “ fine! come on, then. what are you waiting for?”
  • “ you in a rush to die?”
  • “ who’s gonna kill him/her? who’s gonna do it?”
  • “ come on in, sunshine. don’t be shy. your mother wasn’t. chop-chop!”
  • “ who are you talking to?”
  • “ well, we’re off to a good start. what d’ya say? wanna have some fun before the main event?”
  • “ i’d be proud if i wasn’t so bloody terrified.”
  • “ gotta be honest, you don’t make the world’s funniest clown.”
  • “ but… we can fix that. let’s turn that frown upside-down.”
  • “ ah, shut up, you big baby.”
  • “ we have to find ___ and kill him/her.”
  • “ looks like i’m not the only one trying to kill that guy/gal.”
  • “ i’m sorry, what? speak up.”
  • “ what are you doing in my house?”
  • “ oh, i heard you. i’m just surprised you knew the word!”
  • “ speaking of words, any last ones?”
  • “ i don’t work for ___.”
  • “ stop pretending that you’re anything but muscle! yes, you used to be someone, but those days are past!”
  • “ remember when i put a knife in your mom’s back? that was awful, wasn’t it? you never did anything about it.”
  • “ nahh… you had your chance to kill me.”
  • “ stop turning us against each other.”
  • “ oh, if you think i’m going anywhere with you…”
  • “ you realize you have to carry him now?”
  • “ is there a plan for all this madness?”
  • “ these people don’t want a plan, they want an excuse.”
  • “ all they want is someone to tell them: do it. kill them, it doesn’t matter. it doesn’t.”
  • “ ooh, i love this game!”
  • “ you won’t get away with it.”
  • “ already did. now shush. i need to concentrate.”
  • “ so what’s the point?”
  • “ the point is that all these people out here, looting, robbing, killing, they’re the people who wash your car, who pour your coffee, who take out your trash.”
  • “ and what happened the moment the lights went out? they showed their true faces.”
  • “ that’s not true. there are good people in ___.”
  • “ face it kid, there are no heroes.”
  • “ hey, hey! foul! s/he pushed me, did you see that?”
  • “ you want to kill someone? let’s get on with it, come on!”
  • “ you’re so boring, ___.”
  • “ did that hurt?”
  • “ all right. enough dilly-dally. to the main event.”
  • “ where the hell is our backup?”
  • “ yeah, but we can’t wait, mate.”
  • “ hear ye, hear ye, gather around! the show is about to begin.”
  • “ well, i think we can all agree that tonight was a rousing success.”
  • “ we brought this miserable city to it’s knees.”
  • “ well, so what do you say? shall we end the night with a bang? or better yet, a boom?”
  • “ what’s next? death by a thousand cuts, very poetic. i like it.”
  • “ this is very important: whatever you do, please, definitely try this at home. preferably on a family member.”
  • “ you ready, partner?”
  • “ you’re just in time for the big finish!”
  • “ i suppose i underestimated you.”
  • “ it’s the curse of great beauty.”
  • “ honestly, wasn’t too hard.”
  • “ and brother, did you ever take the bait.”
  • “ well, i hope you’re happy at the head of the table.”
  • “ you know, i think of it as a limited partnership that needs dissolving.”
  • “ oh, ___. where are you, boy/girl? come on out, boy/girl. i won’t hurt ya.”
  • “ you ruined my show. hiding’s just gonna make things worse.”
  • “ i didn’t come here to hide. i wanted you to follow me.”
  • “ you’re going to pay for what you’ve done.”
  • “ why don’t you call him?”
  • “ it is our time to rule.”
  • “ you understand if i feel compelled to refuse?”
  • “ i’d do it in three.”
  • “ give up ___, save your own ass. live to love another day. hey?”
  • “ what’s going on? you have a weird look on your face. like, weirder than normal.”
  • “ you’re right. i should want him/her dead.”
  • “ should? you loved him/her, and s/he betrayed you.”
  • “ so you’d rather die than give up the wo/man that tried to kill you?”
  • “ i would! isn’t that crazy?”
  • “ guess you’re not as smart as you thought you were.”
  • “ you’re in this together. but why?”
  • “ because i didn’t want to just take what you had. i wanted to take what you believed. i wanted you to die, knowing that you were incapable of loving another person.”
  • “ but i can! i just proved that, right? does that mean i passed?”
  • “ i… don’t know what it means.”
  • “ i have to tell ya, this is way more fun than i was expecting.”
  • “ we make a good team, you and me.”
  • “ is that what this is about? yeesh…”
  • “ this is about doing what’s right.”
  • “ you wanna be a hero? tell you what, buddy… i’ll give you a fighting chance.”
  • “ let’s do this mano y mano, my little conquistador.”
  • “ what kind of hero tackles someone from behind?!”
  • “ let it out! that’s it, that’s it. let it out! do it.”
  • “ i thought you were dead.”
  • “ can’t get rid off me that easily, can you, mate?”
  • “ behind you!”
  • “ you wish i would’ve shot him?”
  • “ at least you get to say you punched a man’s face off, that’s something, right?”
  • “ come on, let me buy you breakfast.”
  • “ well, gotta say. the clown make-up was way more terrifying than the damage underneath.”
  • “ did i ever tell you that i don’t like clowns?”
  • “ in a couple of days, you’ll be back to your old self, i guarantee it.”
  • “ you ready to tell me what happened?”
  • “ i almost killed him/her.”
  • “ ah, but you didn’t, now, did you? you controlled your anger.”
  • “ it wasn’t just anger.”
  • “ the idea of killing him felt like… it felt like justice.”
  • “ there’s a very fine line between justice and vengeance.”
  • “ i knew where the line was tonight. i didn’t cross it.”
  • “ if you keep going, you’re gonna need rules. rules you cannot and you will not break. never mind what the reason, never mind what the circumstance.”
  • “ i will not kill.”
  • “ tonight was close.”
  • “ soon we will act, and you will be called upon. are you prepared?”
  • “ never fear. you are only part of the plan.”
  • “ are you sure about this?”
  • “ hello, ___. it’s been a long time.”
  • “ i love you.”
  • “ you need to listen to me when i tell you by doing this, it will change you.”
  • “ i’ve killed before.”
  • “ you need me, just as i need you! you cannot have one without another.”
  • “ you can’t talk your way out of this!”
  • “ i’ve wanted you to suffer as i suffered!”
  • “ when i met you, you were a nervous, jittery loser. you were nothing! i created you, and i am the only one in the world who truly sees you as you are. who you can still become.”
  • “ you can’t do this…! are you listening to me?”
  • “ i’m listening.”
  • “ say something.”



word count: 1,437

I walked up the rugged path of the hiking trail, following behind the others. They were ahead of me. Probably because this was not exactly what I enjoyed doing with my spare time. I had been dragged along with my friends and their boyfriends, who all did this regularly. Their boyfriends brought along their friend Shawn. I technically wasn’t fifth wheeling since he was here, but I didn’t know Shawn well enough to hang out with him the whole time.

The sights we were seeing truly were beautiful, but hiking three miles was one of the most athletically challenging things I had ever done, if I’m being honest. The weight of my backpack, containing clothes and all the other essentials for the night, made the hiking even harder. We finally made it to end of the trail where we planned to stay the night. The guys began to set up the double hammocks while my friends and I put our bags down and took in the view. I gulped down a bottle of water after the challenging hike.

“Where’s the other hammock?” Shawn asked the other two guys.

“What do you mean? There’s six of us so we only need three double hammocks.”

“What?” Shawn and I both blurted out at the same time. We had no problems with each other, we didn’t even know each other well enough to not like one another. That was the point, though. We didn’t know each other. We had only met a handful of times. He seemed like a sweet guy, he really did. He was always quiet and bashful every time I had ever been around him. I guess now was my chance to get to know Shawn better.

As we all ate and admired the breathtaking scenery around us, I tried to strike up conversation with Shawn. The more comfortable we got to each other now, the less awkward it would make tonight.

“So how often do you go hiking?” I queried.

“Not a lot, actually. With my music and touring I don’t always have time to. What about you?” I knew Shawn was a musician and I knew he was pretty famous as well. I tried to make our whole situation for tonight more comfortable and acted as if it wasn’t a huge deal.

“This is my very first time. I’m not really in the best shape for these kinds of things. ” I said while laughing.

“I felt the same way on the way up here.” Lie. It was difficult to find one inch of his body that wasn’t toned. Muscles protruded out on his arms when he wasn’t even flexing. He had hiked up the trail with ease, even with a large backpack on his back.

A while later, we all sat around together and just conversed about anything and everything. Before we knew it, midnight had arrived. After my friend announced the time, I suddenly became sleepy. I made my way to the hammock Shawn and I would share. I stood behind a tree very large in diameter to change into a more comfortable t-shirt and a pair of yoga pants. I laid on the hammock and Shawn soon did the same.

“Here’s a blanket, you can have it if you aren’t comfortable sharing with me.” He spoke softly.

“Don’t be silly, we can share. I’m not letting you freeze.”

“Thank you,” he pulled half of the blanket over himself, his feet sticking out because of how long his legs were, “goodnight.”

“Goodnight.” I told him, giving him a half smile. He was near me but not too close, only close enough to feel the warmth radiating off his body and close enough to share the blanket. Listening to the quietness of the night at this time, I was asleep in no time.

I woke up in the early hours of the morning to find myself cuddling with Shawn. I opened my eyes slowly, considering going back to sleep since it was still dark outside. Then realized I had my arms wrapped around his torso and my head resting on his chest. My eyes now opened completely and I scrambled off of him. He was already awake though. Why didn’t he wake me up?

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. I’m used to cuddling up to whoever or whatever is next to me during the night. I’m sorry, Shawn.” I apologized frantically.

“It’s okay, don’t be sorry. It’s not every day I wake up to a pretty girl laying on my chest.” He said, a blush creeping onto his pale cheeks.

“Oh really? I wouldn’t doubt it if you did.” I said jokingly. I realized in this moment how attractive he actually was. The blue and silver glow coming off the stars caused shadows to cast onto his face. His warm eyes contrasted the cool colors, looking like a mixture honey and amber.

“Well, I have a few times. But they weren’t nearly as pretty.” He whispered for only me to hear. My cheeks felt hot and I knew I was blushing.

“Why didn’t you wake me up?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I wanted to cuddle with you, I guess.” he answered with a shrug. I gave him a confused look then shook my head at him. I couldn’t say I didn’t want it as well. Since we were fairly close after last night, I decided it would be okay. I rested my head on his shoulder and dozed back off to sleep.

This time, I woke up to Shawn cuddling with me as well. His arms were wrapped around me and his head rested on top of mine. I took in the sweet scent of him while I was laying on his chest. His chest rose and fell slowly as he slept. He soon woke up because of my fidgeting and stretching.

“Morning.” He spoke. His morning voice was raspy and deeper than usual. My heart fluttered at the sound. ‘No, stop. You don’t need to catch feelings for him. He’s famous and he could get any girl he wants. You’re just a normal girl.’ I thought to myself.

“Goodmorning.” I replied. I scooted away from him to give him some space to stretch since he just woke up.

“So I feel like after this morning, this would be appropriate. Would you, uh, like to go on a date with me sometime? Sometime soon?” He asked nervously. A blush crept onto his cheeks, they were burning a bright shade of pink. His embarrassment and nervousness was adorable. I smiled wholeheartedly at him.

“I would love to.” I told him. I really would love to, but I wondered if he just felt obligated to.

The next week, Shawn and I decided an ice cream date would be appropriate considering how warm it was outside. I met him at the local ice cream shop. He looked absolutely amazing in a simple outfit. He was wearing jeans with a maroon t shirt that showed off his arms. He ordered a cone with two scoops of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and I ordered two scoops of cookies and cream. I begged Shawn to let me pay for my own ice cream.

“No, I asked you on a date so I pay for your food, it’s just that simple.” He argued with me. I huffed a sigh, knowing there’s no way I would win this. Shawn held the door open for me when we left and we walked down the street to a bench. We sat down and ate our ice cream. We caught up after not seeing each other for a week.

“I have to say, you look gorgeous even with ice cream on your face.” Shawn laughed. I felt embarrassed but Shawn then wiped the ice cream off my upper lip. We sat and talked until it was dark outside. We now sat closer than before and Shawn’s arm was around me. I looked up at him and admired how the pale moonlight made his features look. He looked back at me with his hazel eyes.

He leaned closer to me until our noses were touching. “Is this okay?” Shawn whispered against my lips. I nodded my head then closed my eyes, waiting for Shawn to lean in further. His lips met mine and I kissed him sweetly. His lips tasted like vanilla chapstick. Our lips moved together slowly and we both used just a little tongue. I could taste the cookie dough ice cream and grinned into the kiss when I realized this. We both pulled away and smiled sheepishly at each other.


shipper meme | heartwarming scenes ♡ “yeah, they’re special. no doubt”

i saw what you did last night. you thought you were all special. miss sunnydale 2003. and the minute you found out you weren’t, you handed the crown to amanda without a moment’s pause. you gave her your power.  they’ll never know how tough it is, dawnie, to be the one who isn’t chosen. to live so near to the spotlight and never step in it. but i know. i see more than anybody realizes because nobody’s watching me. i saw you last night. i see you working here today. you’re not special. you’re extraordinary.

For the first time, again, I’m broken. I am destroyed by the lullaby created by your heartbeat. I fell in love and so I fell hard. You allowed me to own you and I let you to keep me like a special gem of ruby. But I doubt, “did you really kept me the way I wanted to be?” NO. I mean yes you kept me, you kept me in a room full of choices. But is it the only price of my worth? Room full of choices? Then, my lips reminded me of everything. Everything when I am cloth with fine linen and you were there. But when I walked nude with thorns and nails on my ankle, you were no where to be found. I tried to beg and as much as you hate me, I hate myself more for mistakenly doing it. Now, as the sun drops and meets the horizon of the ocean, I realized you are like waves and I am the shore, we met and meet but not meant.

I’ll… uh… deal with the other neighbors later.

but hoho, I know someone who should help.


[Jasper] what.

[Peri] Many of those Lapis Lazuli birds have been lost in the storm. look out for any that get in or around here. I ESPECIALLY need you to keep your awful cats inside. they shouldn’t even be outside in the first place. It’s VERY irresponsible though like I’d ever expect you to be anyw-

…what are those????

[Jasper] free dogs.

[Peri] I doubt that! where did you get those???

[Jasper] none of your business. the cats are hiding upstairs because they cant handle these beasts. pussies.

[Peri] this is no time for jokes!! make sure they stay inside! YOU make sure they stay inside. not because those dogs are stressing them out. SPEAKING OF WHICH GIVE THEM BACK BECAUSE I’M PRETTY SURE I SEE COLLARS ON TH-

[Jasper] shut up and get out. your business isn’t my business either. this was probably all your fault anyway. deal with it yourself.

[Peri] …UGH!

[Lapeep] !!! phphhhhpt!!!!

yeah. fuck Jasper. I don’t even really want her involved anyway.

Elderly Seventeen

Woozi: Spends all of his time talking about how funky fresh Adore U was, and how the addictive melodies are a goddamn classic. Trips his grandkids with his cane when he hears them mumble ‘it wasn’t that great, Grandpa, god’ bc he may be 87 BUT HE’S GOT EARS LIKE A BAT

Vernon: Very confused old man with dementia still trying to be hip with the kids and keep up with those sick jams by playing beats all day every day on his old iPhone. No one has the heart to remind him Tupac died when he was a baby.

Joshua: Leads the Sunday services in his retirement home. Has coincidentally managed to convert every old lady there to devout christianity with his sweet voice and his guitar.

Hoshi: The ‘troublesome’ patient. Drew flames on his wheelchair and has tried to roll away from the nursing home and off to ‘freedom’ several times. “LIVE FREE, STRONG, COMME DES FUCKDOWN.” “MR. KWON YOU HAVE TO TAKE YOUR MEDICINE, PLEASE COME BACK.” *insert a scooby-doo quality chase scene which includes a detour through Dino’s senior citizen salsa class*

Jeonghan: Still has a glorious head of long hair, even if it is grey now. He reminisces about his late husband Seungcheol often while staring out the window, a single tear dripping down his face. 

S.Coups: That one super nice ‘wise’ old man that always tries to help the nurses out because he feels like they do too much. Spends free time giving everyone fatherly advice that usually makes no sense, jamming Hoshi’s wheels when he’s not looking so he can’t run away, and reminding evERYONE FOR THE FIFTH TIME THIS WEEK THAT HE’S NOT DEAD YET, FOR GOD’S SAKE JEONGHAN. Jeonghan ignores him, wipes away his tear and shakily says “sometimes I can still hear his voice.” 

Seungkwan: Presses his emergency nurse assistance button all the time for the most irrelevant shit, like “I’m low on orange juice,” “I think my skin is a little dry,” or “I don’t think that this sushi is very high quality” 

Wonwoo: That one old guy that no one likes because he’s always cranky but he’s not actually mean, he’s just grumpy bc he can’t find his damn reading glasses and now he can’t read that one mystery novel.

Mingyu: the ULTIMATE DAD NOISE GRANDPA that spends all of his time sneezing and hacking and wheezing and honestly everyone gets kind of disgusted/annoyed when they have to sit by him. He only has friends because they’ve been with him too long and can’t ditch him now.

Seokmin: SUPER FUN grandpa that lets his grandkids eat all the popsicles and run around the yard and house on record breaking sugar rushes. Once popped his hip out of place trying to jump on the bed with them.

Minghao: The super cute old man that everyone secretly wishes was their grandpa, but he also once pulled a knife on a cafeteria worker that wouldn’t let him get a third cup of jello.

Jun: The wild story/horndog grandpa who will keep trying to tell you that one story about that crazy summer back in ‘09 when he had three girlfriends at once if you don’t stop him. “Grandpa you were thirteen in 2009, I doubt you did anything that crazy.” “…Did I say ‘09? I meant ‘19. Also there were six girlfriends not three.” 

Dino: Spring onion that insists he’s not with all of these geezers, and refuses to believe he’s almost as old as they are. A video of him called ‘78 year old man teaches Zumba class’ goes viral on YouTube. Wears too much neon spandex.

(thank you @powerandglxry for a lot of this)

Let It Happen

Idol: Sana (Twice)

Prompt: Can you do a Twice Sana scenario (she isn’t an idol) where you’re both in college and she’s the social Communications major and you’re the quiet, sarcastic Accounting major and you both get paired for a project even though you have very different personalities

Writer: Admin Kiwi

A/N: I swear I’ve gotten similar prompts to this 4 times, just with different idols. Also, I geeked out a bit writing this and went back to all the interpersonal communication classes I’ve taken so there’s a lot of actual theory and technical terms in here. Anyways, hope you all enjoy!

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ADA Rafael Barba; His Woes; and Carmen.

This is a selfish, quick, prolly lackluster, not-really-edited piece because work is really busy but I want this to happen SO BAD.

Originally posted by eighthmark

Psuedo-spoiler alert; mention of Barba’s “secret” & the results of such.

Directly after his meeting, and learning of his ‘punishment’ for the misdeed he had committed and subsequently went to cover up- he had gone to advise her. Better him than anyone else, he figured. He had asked her to join him, poured them both drinks, directed her towards the little sofa so as to provide comfort despite the unsettling news.

Then, Rafael Barba told his long-time assistant everything.
About the trial; about the woman, the addict; what he gave her, what happened, how he’d known. He told her how it worked, the success, then the grand fall. Then the daughter, and how he’d been guilt ridden since.

Carmen had stayed silent for a long few minutes, nursed her drink and ran fingertips along the rim. After about five of those quiet ticks of the clocks, she rose to her feet, boldly took the scotch from his hand and discarded both of their glasses onto the table.

“Mr. Barba, I knew about the money-” Her voice was calm, warm, and somehow initiated sparks of tears in the corners of his eyes. “I didn’t know or understand why or who that girl was, but I monitor your statements… I just assumed it wasn’t my business.”

Of course she knew. Rafael hid his eyes behind his hand, bit back sniffles to try and maintain the facade of stoicism. She always knew everything.

Though it had happened often, it had never been like this; in his moment of weakness, Carmen came to his rescue. When he wilted, she reached out, gripped hard on his biceps over his suit, forced him to stand tall. “Mr. Barba; I am so proud of you.” Delicately, she straightened his jacket, rocked forward to run fingertips through his hair to correct the mussed strands. “Since the day I met you, I knew how honorable you were. I have no doubt that you did what you had to in order to get villains off the street, and I think no less of you-”

“I’m going to be suspended,” he choked it out, somehow managed to stay stiff in the spine- stuck in the soldier boy position she had manipulated him to. “Thirty days. You- if you want to stick around, you still have your position, of course; If you’d be willing to forgive me, we can get back to how things were.”

Nodding, Carmen went to gather her purse and their coats. Without responding, she shrugged hers on then held up his. Rafael obediently slithered inside, went to quick work slipping buttons through loops. “Let’s go eat, you need dinner before you hit the scotch too hard-” she suggested, brightly, as if they were planning a happy hour after winning a case instead of the dire situation he’d conjured for himself. “We can discuss the dates you’ll be away, what I can do while you’re out, how we can best prepare… I can work to consider a PR plan if it’s needed, but perhaps you should take the time to get away,” while still rattling off her mental to-do list, she began to head to the door- “we can find you a hotel room somewhere sunny, get you out of New York for a bit…”

Carefully, Rafael gave her purse strap a tug, causing her to pause and twist to look at him before working to open the door. “Carmen,” he waited for her to catch his stare, didn’t even try to hide the tears that had fallen. “Carmen, I’d be lost without you.”

With the pad of her thumb, she brushed away the wetness on his cheek. “It’s what I do, Mr. Barba.”

It had been such a long month without him.

Of course, his suspension gave Carmen time. To think, to consider, to re-organize and breathe. She actually used some of her stockpile of collected ‘paid time off’ to take her niece to the park, an art gallery, some little coffee shop to listen to music. 

Naturally, she had forgiven him. In fact, there had never even been reason or need for his apologies. Carmen was in his corner, would likely always be, and his act of thin-lined valor didn’t sway her in the least.

While he was gone, though, she made certain to keep the place pristine. Carmen would go into his office, dust off his desk accessories. She switched out pens and highlighters for new ones, gathered up loose and irrelevant papers so she could comb through them for the important bits, even went out and purchased a fancy new Keurig to keep in his office… that coffee pot was getting old, and with him gone long enough not to notice, she wasted no time getting rid of it.

His inbox was stacking up; but Carmen had been certain to flag the actually urgent correspondences, and to settle any little fires she felt confident handling on her lonesome. All of his case files were now alphabetized, the updated ones had special tags on them in order of relevance and importance. His plants had been watered, dead leaves trimmed off, and she had brought in a rather colorful arrangement to brighten the place up a bit.

He deserved it; her diligence, her care, her respect.

On the day of his planned return- Carmen was awake earlier than usual. Before getting to the office, she had made a few stops, came in an hour before her typical clock-in time with bags dangling from her arms. This morning, she moved quicker than she did most, was nearly out of breath by the end of it all.

Rafael Barba came in in a hurry; eyes heavy but mind sharp. At the sight of her, typing diligently away at her keyboard, he could only smile. “Carmen!” Shamelessly, he discarded his briefcase, and leaned up against her desk. “My miracle worker, oh I’ve missed you so!” 

She had certainly missed him as well. “Did you enjoy your time off, Mr. Barba?” To give him a good look over, she stepped back, was grinning more than she had been able to the whole time he was away. “You look happy to be back.”

Time off… Rafael laughed at her choice of words. Suspension, time off, same difference- isn’t it? “I’m not sure about being back, but I am happy to see you,” as he had done every morning they worked together, he went for her ‘Barba Box’ and gathered up the stack of notes and messages. “I did enjoy it a little, I suppose- but I also enjoyed the care basket you sent. Your sister is a brilliant baker.”

Carmen nodded, and took her seat so she could reach for hidden files he needed to address sooner than others. “I’ll forward the compliments to the chef, I’m glad you liked it.” Noticing his brows furrow together, she quickly took away the stack of papers. “Don’t worry about all those yet, I told most of the other counselors you wouldn’t be back until tomorrow.”

Happily, he accepted her direction, shot an appreciative wink and went to abscond away to his office so he could start to get through the sure-to-be-chaos. “You’re a genius, Carmen. I’d be lost without you.” 

While Rafael went and closed the door behind him, his assistant stayed silent, even choosing not to respond with her typical retort…

He wouldn’t have really been able to hear her, anyways.
Not over the sound of his files dropping hard on his table top.

On his desk, the new lovely bouquet of rainbow flowers. Four balloons, two smiley faces / one with a gold star / and another sporting the words ‘WELCOME BACK’ in comic-sans; all tied together and connected to a blue weight near his chair. A new coffee mug, black with a gold trim around the rim and along the handle- he gave it a twist to read all the words on the sides: ‘Coffee. Tea. Bourbon. Depends on the client.’ A nice bottle of scotch, his favorite actually, she must have taken note of the most-touched one he kept in his collection; with a bright red ribbon tied around the neck.

Celebrating his return was not what the ADA had expected. 
Leers, judgment, frustration from all ends maybe.
Suspicion, anger, or maybe even disappointment…

But, of course, he should have known better.
He should always expect the best from Carmen.

All of his files made sense, there was no mess to clean, everything was where he had left it but just a little bit better. After managing to sniffle back tears, damn her for making him well up both the last times he’d seen her, Rafael slid out of his office. Of course, she pretended not to notice him, as she would have done any time he wandered throughout their little corridor. As if nothing had ever changed.

This time, instead of dropping off papers or asking about schedules, Rafael Barba threw his arms over her shoulders, pulled her back so her rolling chair hit his chest and he could kindly embrace her. Oh, and Carmen smiled, even though he couldn’t see; she placed her hands over his as they collected near her sternum, let him give her a friendly peck on the cheek.

“Thank you,” he whispered briefly, just before standing and patting heavy palms on her shoulders. “Sincerely, Carmen, thank you: you’ve kept the place together and you’ve… well,” he had never been great with sentiments, and really wonderful friends were so hard to come by. “Carmen, I’d be lost without you-”

“You’re welcome, Mr. Barba.” She glanced up at him over her shoulder, pat at his knuckles to prove she truly did understand his gratitude: and she’d do it all over and over again if it really made her employer (and, friend) so very happy. “It’s what I do, Mr. Barba.”

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[AU] Hey Granny--- I mean Snow. Sorry got you confused.

I doubt that you did, Granny and I look nothing alike apart from both being aged. However, I have no problem being known as a grandmother. I am very proud to have raised Emma, and to have seen her raise Henry to be the wonderful young man he is today.

Too many feelings Part 3

Summary: You and Bucky never get along one day Steve asks you to help him after on mission. Feelings could change?

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1305

Warnings: Fuffly, a very drunk you and of course a little of angst


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You are drunk, super drunk. Not tipsy or buzzed but right now you don’t even know how you got in the taxi to come home. You were mad and furious at Bucky so you decided to go to a party with a friend.

The party was really fun, you danced all night, took a lot of shots of tequila more than you can count and made out with a cute stranger, you don’t really remember his name but you gave him your number.

You enter the living room and almost have a heart attack when you see Bucky on the living room reading a book “Where were you?” Drunk you don’t have a filter, you are gonna say or do whatever is in your mind.

“Since when do you care?” He groans and says your name in such a powerful way that you don’t know with you are more turned on or scared “Answer me; I was worried you didn’t let me know that you were going out.”

“Sorry dad I didn’t know that I need your permission to go out please don’t punish me.” You were supposed to sound sarcastic but your voice was so small that you really sounded scared. He gets closer to you and starts analyzing your face and neck “How drunk are you?”

“Not that drunk.” He might have believed you if you hadn’t tripped on your heels and almost fell on the floor “You shouldn’t lie to me.” Before you can respond he takes you in his amrs and takes you to your room.

He sits you on the bed gently and get on his knees he takes of your shoes for you “Why do you hate me Bucky?” He sighs and continues to work on the laces “I get if you don’t like me but you treat me so bad that I feel like I hurt you more than hydra did … I sound crazy.”

You try to open your zip but you can’t, it seems like everything is moving “Do you mind?” You get up turning your back to him, you feel his hands on your back when you feel that the dress is unzipped you let it fall on the floor.

You turn around looking at him “You should answer me tell me why you never let me get closer to you or why you are never nice and kind to me.” Still very drunk but feeling bold you get closer to him taking his jacket but he stopped you when you are gonna kiss him.

“You are drunk and I am not taking advantage of you.” You are not satisfied with his answer so you take off your bra “You should fuck me James, nice and rough take out of your system the hate that you have for me. Spank me, chock me do your worse.”

He moans feeling your nails on his chest but he quickly grab your wrists “I am a lot of things but I am not this … I am only touching you with you are sober.” Felling self-conscious you cover yourself with your hands and go under the covers “I am sorry Bucky … I just didn’t want you to hate me anymore.”

He sits next you in bed “I can ensure you that is not you the problem here okay? Now sleep is an order.” You lie on the bed and watch as he leaves the room and in a few seconds you are sound sleep.

Hangovers are the worst. You don’t know what the worst part is, the nausea, the headache or the fact you can’t leave the room without sunglasses. You don’t remember almost anything from last night and you definitely don’t remember getting home and getting into bed only in your panties.

When you leave your room dressed in a cardigan and leggings trying to remember if you had sex last night you don’t think you don’t feel like you had it but you have hickeys on your neck and the fact that you wake up without your dress could say otherwise.

You cannot take that dress by yourself sober you doubt drunk you had a better lucky.

On the kitchen you found Bucky cooking some eggs for him you great him and he put a glass of water with some medicine for you “Drink that, do you want eat something?” His voice is softer than usual and he even smiles at you “Thank you Bucky.”

He is eating by your side in silence, not daring to look at you and the silence is making you uncomfortable “Did you help me last night?” He eats a little more “Yes, you don’t remember?” You shake your head a no “The last thing I remember is dancing to 90 pops … well, thank you, I appreciate that you help me especially with that dress.”

He nods and murmurs something that you don’t understand “Did I do something embarrassing? I don’t have a filter and I am a little slut while drunk.” He gets up not finishing his eggs “I just took your shoes off and take you to your room.”

You thank him again and he fallows you into the living room “You shouldn’t drink so much, you could get serious hurt.” You turn on the Tv to watch some Disney movies “It’s not your problem.”

“But it is… Steve asked me to take care of you and this is what I am doing. Tomorrow he will be back and then you can his problem again but until then you are mine.” He sits by your side watching the movie with you.

“I am touched; can you grab me a blanket and leave me alone please?” He gets closer to you and places his hand on your forehead “You are hot.” You groan and take his hand off you “I know, now leave.”

“Are you sure you want to be alone?” You feel the tears in your eyes because you want be closer to him you want him to stop hating you but you are so mad at him right now “I don’t want to be alone. But I don’t want to get closer to you every time that you let your walls down you build them to push me out and hurt me.”

“You don’t really remember last night?” Feeling stressed you get up “No, I don’t but I doubt that whatever you did last night is gonna make up for the way you treated me since I move in or even yesterday.”

He grabs you by the wrist taking you to the balcony “We need to talk.” You groan sitting on the chair “Sure what do you need to say to me? Like I should sleep with Steve again? Or how you told everyone that you hate me on thanksgiving? Better yet how every time I touch you treat me? But you treat me like rag doll.”

 “I can continue Bucky, I can say every hateful thing you did to me. But tell me what can you say to me that I already don’t know?” He sits on the floor far away from you “I am sorry, Doll. I will not treat you like this anymore. Can we just put the past behind?”

“No, I really don’t care. I spent eight months trying to understand … I don’t give a fuck anymore.” You are ready to leave when you heard the door locking “Friday open the door.”  She doesn’t respond you are freezing.

“Did you ask her to do this?” He gets up trying to open but even with his super strength the door doesn’t move “Of course not.” You are so cold you course yourself for not grab the blanket before you put your arms around trying to get warm and ask him “What now?”

part 4

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Christmas Wish

A Tony Stark x Reader/ fluff

A/N: Hello, @t-challala! I am your Secret Santa, and here is my gift to you. I have never written anything Tony before, so I sure hope you like it. Merry Christmas! ♥

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Word Count: 1,020

- none.

*gif is not mine.

Snow was falling heavily outside of Stark Tower, and you sat beside the large bay window in your bedroom, watching the snowflakes twirl in the wind. It was Christmas Eve, and Tony was expected to be home over two days ago, but there was still no sign of him. You were starting to get worried, as you hadn’t heard from him in over twenty four hours.

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Midnight Memories

Pairing: Harry/Draco. Some mentions of Sirius/Remus, Ron/Hermione, Pansy/Blaise, Lucius/Narcissa
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Graphic sex, strong language, dirty talk, male x male, parselmouth sex, smut, AU
Disclaimer: All characters and places belong to JK Rowling. _______________________________________________________________________
Summary: It’s their 6th year at Hogwarts, and Harry had came out as gay at the end of their 5th year. Draco is gay as well but he is not ready to tell anyone. Harry and Draco have been enemies since they started at Hogwarts but after a while they started falling for the other. But neither of them know that the other like them. Draco has had enough of longing for Harry and decides to write Harry little letters every night and send them to him at the same time every night by a different owl. Harry replies back, and after a while it all starts to escalate. Will Harry and Draco end up together or will everything push them further apart? _______________________________________________________________________
Chapter 1 can be found here: https://harrypottersmut.tumblr.com/post/162005363462/midnightmemories1
Chapter 2 can be found here: https://harrypottersmut.tumblr.com/post/162354311427/midnightmemories2
Warning: Smut, masturbating.
Chapter 3: The truth comes out

As Harry sat in the common room waiting for Hermione, he stared into the fire remembering how he used to talk to Sirius a few years ago. It really freaked him out the first time Sirius did it cause he didn’t know much about floo calls. Harry’s mind kept flicking back towards his thoughts about Draco, when he was brought out of his thoughts for like the 3rd time that day. He was broken out of his thoughts but Hermione coming down the steps from her dorm.

Hermione then walked around the couch that Harry was sitting on and sat down next to him.

“Hey Harry, how are you going?” Hermione said as she gave him a hug.

“I’m ok just got a lot on my mind, how are you?” Harry replied

“ I’m good, so what did you want to talk about?” Hermione asked.

“Can you do a silencing spell around us just so nobody can hear if they come down? I left my wand in the dorm.” Harry asked

“Sure thing Harry” she said, then continued to do the spell.

“Ok, so I guess you have noticed I have been kinda zoned out recently,” Hermione nodded.

“Well, Hermione it’s because I have a crush on someone, and I just can’t get them out of my mind, so obviously you know it’s another guy, but I just can’t believe I’m falling for this guy. A guy I never ever thought I would see myself liking. But he’s just so good looking, his body is so gorgeous, I just w at to hold him in my arms. And oh my god his eyes make me feel like I’m drowning in them every time I look into them.” Harry rambled on, the words just flowing out of his mouth.

“Harry, Harry, it’s ok I understand but slow down your just rambling now, can you please tell me who it is?” Hermione asked causing Harry to snap out of his rambling.

“If I tell you, you have to promise me you won’t tell anybody until I’m ready, okay Hermione?” Harry asked pleadingly.

“Of course Harry, would it be easier if I tried to guess who it was? Or asked you simpler questions about this person to guess who it is?” Hermione asked

“Yeah Hermione that would be good.” Harry replied.

“Okay, I bet I can guess who it is in 10 questions, okay so question one, is he our age?” Hermione asked

“Yes,” Harry replied

“Question two, is he in our house?” Hermione asked,

“No” Harry said

“Question three, are you guys friends?” Hermione asked

“No, we are not.” Harry said sadly

“Question four, do I know this person?” She asked.

“Hermione you know everyone in our year, of course you know him.” Harry replied.

“Question five, is he gay?” Hermione asked

“I’m not sure, I doubt he is and I bet he would never like me back if he was.”

“Question six, is he good looking and has good choice in clothes? She asked

"He is.” He answered

“Questions seven, is he in Slytherin?”

“Yes he is.” Harry groaned

“You already know who he is don’t you Hermione? You just want me to say it.” Harry added

“I think I have a pretty good idea who it is Harry, and yes I want you to say his name.” Hermione said nicely with a grin on her face.

“It’s …. it’s uh um dracomalfoy.” Harry said quickly looking down at his lap as his face turned red and he felt so embarrassed that he had said the name of the person he was falling in love with.

“Please repeat that and slowly I didn’t catch it.” Hermione said nicely, even though Harry knew she had understood him.

“It’s Draco, I like Draco. And I know he doesn’t like me and he never will.” Harry looked down sadly.

“Yay, I knew it was him, aww you two would look so cute together, are you sure he isn’t gay Harry.” Hermione replied while giggling.

“I doubt it, did you see him walk into the Great Hall tonight? Parkinson was practically hanging off him” Harry fired back

“Doesn’t mean they are dating Harry. So I’m guessing you lied earlier about missing Sirius and Remus?” Hermione asked

“Yeah, I was thinking about Draco, I never really noticed until the holidays that I did actually have a crush on him. But you promise not to tell Ron I feel like he would freak out about it, you know how much he hates Draco.” Harry pleaded

“Of course Harry, but you have to tell him soon otherwise he will start noticing things about how we are always chatting and we stop when he comes over.” She said.

“I know and I will, I think I just got to wrap my head around it.” He replied.

“Well Harry I’m getting tired and I think we should go to sleep now it’s getting late, and we have to study tomorrow before class starts again.” Hermione said after yawning.

“You mean you have to study Hermione, you know Ron and I will probably just walk around Hogwarts. Did you want to come and see Hagrid tomorrow with us?” Harry asked.

“Yes of course I will come see Hagrid, what time were you thinking? Maybe after lunch?” Hermione asked.

“Sounds good, well I will see you in the Great Hall for breakfast, have a good night Hermione and sleep well.” He replied

“You too Harry and try not to dream about Draco. Oh and Harry maybe just try being a bit nicer to Draco this year, you never know what might happen. Good night Harry and keep well” Hermione replied with a wink.

They both got off the couch and gave each other a hug and then went their separate ways to their dorms. Harry climbed the stairs quietly and entered the dorm hoping that nobody would wake up and ask where he had been. Harry made his way over to his bed and shut the curtains as he got in bed. He then put a silencing charm around his bed, Harry reached under his mattress and grabbed out a bottle of lube and the photo of Draco that he got from the Daily Prophet.

Harry laid back on the bed with his legs slightly spread and the items that he grabbed from under the mattress sat next to his hip, he pulled hid pyjamas pants down to his knees, letting the cold air hit his cock. Harry had started getting hard while talking about Draco with Hermione and he had managed to hide it quiet well from her. Harry then reached down and grabbed the lube putting a bit in his hand trying to warm it up, before he moved mis hand down his body till it rested on his now fully hard cock. Harry thought he was pretty average for his age, his cock was not too long but it was quite thick.

Harry then wrapped his hand around his cock and slowly began to stroke it in slowly movements. Up and down, up and down and the stopping at the top again massaging the head for a couple of seconds before starting the strokes again, moaning quietly with each movement. Harry picked up the photo of Draco and started to imagine what it would feel like to have Draco’s mouth where Harry’s hand was, feeling Draco’s warm mouth around his cock and to see those soft, thin lips wrapped around Harry’s cock. Harry dropped the picture as he started thinking about what it would feel like if he could reach down and and wrap his fingers through Draco’s, soft blonde hair and to hear Draco moan around his cock as Harry pulled his hair.

Harry knew he was getting close, he knew he would last much longer, his strokes started to get faster. As he stroked faster, he was moaning much more but he was trying not to be so loud. His hips were thrusting up to meet his hand, unknowingly Harry’s other hand reached up under his shirt and started pulling on his nipple causing him to gasp out as the pulls sent waves of pleasure down to his cock. And Harry finally came gasping Draco’s name as hot white spurts of cum went all over his hand.

Harry grabbed his wand and did a quick cleaning spell on himself and pulled his pants up. He grabbed the lube and the picture and gave the photo one last longing look before putting it carefully back under the mattress. Harry then laid back in his bed and covered himself with his covers and put his wand and glasses on the bedside table. As he shut his eyes all he could think about was Draco and what the rest of the year would bring, as he drifted off to sleep.

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Human Alarm Clock

Astro - Cha Eunwoo Scenario

Quick message: I did NOT write this. This scenario is a submission from the wonderful and talented @alipurple! Please give them lots of love on their hard work!

A/N: Either/both the gifs are optional but it fits close to this scenario; Cha Eunwoo trying to wake reader up in the morning. Reading this through, Y/N is optional gender. Also, I used his real name Lee Dongmin instead of his stage name. I wrote this after watching LOTJ and hearing his morning voice like oh my goodness— I ghost wrote this. Enjoy! :)

You were in the middle of an epic dream, using taekwondo against an unknown villain while your classmates stood by in amazement. Never mind the fact that you’ve never learned taekwondo and your flexibility matches to that of a middle-aged man, in your dream world you were so close to conquering the bad guy when your breath suddenly cut short.

Why was it so hard to breathe?

You gasp out loud, your vision blurring back into reality. You found yourself lying flat on your back, your head tilted towards a boy grinning sleepily at you. Eyelids still heavy, you blink away the darkness and squint up at your boyfriend’s face. You take notice of the weight of his hand resting on your shoulder before you groan, squeezing your eyes shut.

“You stuck your fingers up my nose again, didn’t you?” You asked in a cracked voice. His low chuckle answered your question, and you sigh. You relax the tension in your shoulders and turn to your side, facing away from the body next to you. “You could have killed me you know? Dongmin the girlfriend killer.”

“I’m sorry Y/N,” he replied with his throaty morning voice, “You were in deep sleep mode. I tried other ways to wake you up but they never worked.”

As wonderful as it was to hear your boyfriend’s voice, it was still too early for your brain to function. Your breathing slowed and you tried your best to go back to your dream, but it was useless now that you’ve already opened your eyes. Even if you did try to go back to sleep, there was Dongmin the Troll, rolling you over so you were once again on your back, poking your cheek repeatedly when you tried to ignore him.

“Yah, wake up. Your class starts in an hour and you know how your prof checks for attendance.” He lifted up a corner of the blanket so that the cool air drifted over you. You wince at the feeling of goosebumps and curl into your boyfriend’s body for warmth. You could hear him cooing down at your cuddling, as he pushed your hair back and gently stroked your cheek. You snuggled in closer and finally settled to sleep in some more, only slightly aware of the hand that left your face.

You didn’t think much of it until he flicked your forehead. Flinching back in pain, you whine at Dongmin’s giggling. “You really do have to get up,” he says, resting his head on your pillow, “I’ll even make breakfast for you!”

It sounded appetizing, but what you really needed right now was warmth. Pulling up the top corners of the blanket to wrap around you, you pulled up your legs sideways and gently kicked at Dongmin’s stomach, successfully pushing him off the bed as he landed on the ground with a thud.

“Really Y/N?” He groaned but you didn’t care, you were wrapped tightly up in your blanket burrito and still had half an hour to sleep in until you really had to get up for class.

It was quiet for a few seconds until you felt his lips press against your forehead. You squinted your eyes open, only for him to peck you again on your nose. You smiled unconsciously as he kissed all over your face, until the blanket was ripped out of your grip and thrown to the end of the bed.

Your mind was screaming from the cold, though all you could do was gasp out your boyfriend’s name in annoyance. Forget about the villain you were fighting in your dream, Lee Dongmin is now your worst enemy.

The boy took the chance to pounce on you, stopping you from reaching out to grab the blanket and locking you in place with his arms and legs. Your eyes were definitely awake as you pouted up at him, and he grinned at your expression. Leaning down slowly, he pecked you on your lips. He leaned back in for a longer, proper kiss when you covered your mouth with your hand. He didn’t notice until his lips landed on your knuckles instead of your own lips. He pulled back, his eyebrows scrunched in confusion.

“I didn’t brush my teeth,” you mumble. You feel the sleepiness leave you as you blush from the awkwardness. Dongmin only grinned, crashing down next to you from where he was holding himself up, wrapping himself around your frame, kissing your cheek and snuggling his face into the crook of your neck. “And I doubt you did, either,” you continue, feeling the heat of embarrassment form on the back of your neck as Dongmin brushed his lips against your collarbone.

He sighed against your skin, your nose scrunching up because yes, you were right, he does have bad morning breath. Unwrapping himself off of you, he got up off the bed. You slowly sit up as well, your shoulders tense as you feel the cold air again. Dongmin didn’t think twice as he pulled his hoodie off from the back of the office chair and slipped it on over your head. Once you fit your arms in the sleeves, your boyfriend pulls you up from your spot, both of you making your way to the kitchen for breakfast.

Yup, just another morning being woken up by your boyfriend, the human alarm clock. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

When you come home really late

Words: 580

Fluff since JinJin is such a cutie with a little bit of comedy idk

Not requested

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”Ugh,” you groaned when you got off the bus that you had barely missed half an hour earlier. It was already 11 PM and you were super tired. Usually, you came home a lot earlier but today you had had way too much going on. After climbing the two staircases you walked up and down every day – somehow they were a lot more tiring today – you headed towards the familiar door at the end of the hallway. You yawned, took out your keys and opened the door after a few minutes of struggling – you tried to open it with every key but the one that was the right one. It was dark in the apartment and you almost fell thanks to a pair of shoes that was laying in the middle of the freaking hallway but you were too tired to even notice that. 


You were startled by your own reflection in the bathroom’s mirror. You shook your head, washed your face and brushed your teeth quickly. It was pretty dark in the apartment so it took you a while to find your pajamas. Eventually, you were ready to jump into bed. And you did. But you jumped off immediately after hearing someone scream under you. You went to switch on the lights and turned around to look at who was sleeping on your bed.

“What the hell Jinwoo?” You asked when you saw your sleepy boyfriend looking at you with half closed eyes. “I almost had a heart attack!”

“What about me then?” he whined while rubbing his side. “You almost crushed me and my poor bones ______…”

You took a deep breath, switched off the lights and went over to the bed. Without a word, you got under the sheets and lay on your back. Jinwoo lay down too next to you and you inhaled his familiar scent.

“You forgot, didn’t you?” he asked while playing with your hair.

“Of course I didn’t,” you lied, not knowing what he was talking about. You felt bad for forgetting - even though you didn’t remember what you had forgotten - but you had no energy left to argue with your boyfriend.

“Our movie night?” he asked, doubting you.

“I did forget,” you mumbled sadly. “I’m sorry. I just had such a crazy day…”

He chuckled a little. “It’s okay. This is pretty good too.”

“I promise we’ll do that next Friday…” you said, already drifting to sleep.

“Or…” he said quietly with a smile. “We can just stay here tomorrow and watch movies all day.”

You smiled and leaned closer to him under the warm blanket. “That sounds good too.” 

“You know,” Jinwoo said.

“Hmm?” you hummed, your eyes fixed on the movie that you two were watching while lying on your living room’s couch.

“I was kind of worried yesterday,” he said making you turn your head to look at him.

“About what?”

“You came home so late, I was really worried when I waited for you,” he pouted.

“I’m sorry,” you pecked his lips. “I’ll text you next time.”

He smiled warmly and nodded. After that, the two of you spent the rest of the day watching movies that you had already seen like ten times. It didn’t matter though since you were watching then with Jinwoo. The sweetest boyfriend ever. (Though you did have to nag to him a little about the fact that he had left his shoes in the middle of the hallway once again.)

Idek what this is, I just wanted to write something with Jinwoo in it. Also, sorry for the cheesy fluff included, I have to write this kind of scenarios once in a while~