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I will find you and I will pin you to the wall for different reason than last time, Tyki Mikk. -Apocryphos


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Everyone knows your brand of racist white feminism. We know what you are no matter how many followers you have. You only love your white fave and fuck everyone not white. Racist cunt. When are you going to die?

My brown ass before I read this bullshit:

My brown ass after I read this bullshit:

i’m kinda drunk bc my parents are much stronger drinkers than i am but why does everyone think that we know celebrities really well when we really don’t….celebrities are a brand…:a commodity….used by corporations to earn money….every breath they take is pr…everything they do is branding/….nothing is real..::..they’re an object of reification and capitalism and literally nothing they do is organic and real….they’re literally objects of capitalism and are used to advertise and suck us dry bYE

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I'm so close to rewriting s12 and it's only been 2 episodes lmfao


i feel like some ppl dont even get it because i would literally. genuinely write twenty-four fifty-page episode scripts RIGHT NOW and send them off to vancouver if i could. i wrote twenty thousand words this weekend no sweat i could write the entire fucking season of supernatural for them better than they could RIGHT NOW and its not arrogant to say that its realistic i know im not the only person who could do it.

oh god imagine if writers in this fandom banded together and we sent them fucktons of episodes like “TAKE THESE THEYLL BE MUCH BETTER THAN ANY OF THE GARBAGE ABUSE YALL CHURN OUT” like. LIKE!! episodes written by my deal pal semirahrose and gothpandawincest and everyone like :D i know im just running with a fictional scenario omg but any movement with enough people gains actual traction

now i am stupidly tempted. i wanna send them a fuckton of scripts. i want to rewrite 12 with you anon beebs and with the rest of this community because we could do a kickass job and do it fast enough to get to them before the midseason break

give me carmilla speaking 12 different languages. give me carmilla teaching laura some of those langauges, starting with french and german, which laura already knows bits and pieces of but not nearly enough to keep up with carmilla. give me carmilla saying things in relatively rudimentary french, and laura saying, “i know you said something about an apple, but what was the rest of it?” and carmilla patiently, amusedly repeating the sentence back to her in english. laura making progress and understanding more and more, so that carmilla starts quoting french poetry at her but refusing to translate the couple words or phrases that laura’s missing because “you should be able to get that by now, cutie”; laura blushing anyway because she understands enough to get the gist (and then teasing carmilla for being a giant sap). carmilla saying really raunchy things in german while they’re in public, just to see laura get all flustered. the two of them switching to french mid-conversation for the sake of privacy in front of other people. carmilla making some comment in german and laura responding in english, understanding each other perfectly. give me the subtleties and nuances of phrases unique to every lanuage, give me a new level of communication and understanding, give me my multi-lingual world-travelling power couple


I don’t know why, so don’t ask.


Theirs was the love that was meant to be, but wasn’t meant to last.

Tbpd/hpdfw “I’m going to be super outgoing and loud in public to make people like me but then later feel like I was super annoying and regret it with the entirety of my being”