❀ about me ❀
For the one or so of you who care, here’s some more blathering about myself:


name: Vicki

age: Teenager

birthday: March 16

zodiac: Take a guess.

single or taken: I believe the term is available.  Gentlemen?

height: 5'4’’

eye colour:  Hazel

middle name: Begins with an M.


colour: Silver

lucky number: 16


hogwarts house [x]: Slytherin

favorite fictional character: Noodle

favorite television show: Anything about science/nature

favorite season: Spring

describe yourself in a few words: Smart, quiet, and with an ego the size of a small planet.

future children’s names: Don’t want any.

meaning of your name: *sniffle*…a winner…*crying*

ultimate otp: All the ships.  I don’t discriminate, so long as you don’t do anything gross.


introvert or extrovert: Well, my dominant function is an extraverted one, but I’m an introverted person, so…either.

dawn or dusk: Dusk

righty or lefty:  Right-handed, right-brained.

coffee or tea: Sweet tea.  *is Southern*

rain or shine: Shine

reading or writing: Writing, but both are cool.

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haiiii, Can i ask where u got ur cursor from?~?~"

Yeah sure.

Here’s the HTML code. Just stick this right before /style and you’re set for life.

html, body, a {
auto !important;
auto !important;

If you want to have your own cursor, just upload the images and change the url. “body” is the normal cursor and “hover” is for when you’re hovering over links.

I read a lot of things about light-skinned privilege and I’m just like????
on one hand I’ve seen it happen - my grandparents on my dad’s side are from the caribbean, and when we went there on holiday I remember two of my third cousins comparing their skin to mine and arguing about who was the “whitest” out of the two of them
and our family is pretty well-known on the island and treated well because my great great grandad was actually Irish, and so we all have lighter skin
on that hand I understand light-skinned privilege
but at the same time, I actually live in a city where there is a small percentage of ethnic minorities and I am considered totally black, my skin tone aside
and I mean, I consider myself black. and aside from that holiday, I’ve never been treated better or worse than people who do have darker skin
I just feel like this entire issue is splitting ethnic minority groups apart - maybe it’s a bit marxist of me, but we should be working together as one community, not arguing who does or doesn’t have more privilege when we’re all oppressed. at the moment, it’s like I’m not accepted within the white community or the black community, despite actually being in both

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                           Waking up in a strange land was definitely peculiar but something told the Flower girl that stranger things would happen. The people dressed a bit different from what she was used to. Why was she on a beach most of all? She didn’t remember anything of a beach. 

Emerald hues would stare upon a few males who played with a ball. Was this some sort of sport perhaps? It was all so strange. Had someone been trying to tell her something perhaps? This had to be a dream. 

        ( That’s right! It must be a dream! That means, if I pinch myself.. 

     She had to at least try - so she did. Closing her eyes softly and then quickly pinching herself, She opened her eyes. Nothing changed. She was still on the same beach with the strangely dressed males still playing with the strange ball. This was weird.

From afar however, she could see a female. The flower girl felt a bit of relief at least. She would soon gather her basket that had fallen over and off she went. After all, she would feel a lot more comfortable speaking to this female who looked ever so gentle from afar then the males that looked a bit scary.

                          As she got closer, she realized that the other had two different colored eyes. So pretty. Putting on a gentle smile was all she could do before clearing her throat and continuing to say,

                           Excuse me..- ”

guess who got kinda sort drunk? me

i only know this because i kept winking at everyone and my parents were like zoe stop drinking, you dont want to get sick again

and i was like pssshhh, i have never gotten sick from drinking and then i winked

and my parents were like suuuuure okay zoe.

Ok so I just remembered that for WHATEVER REASON I got the Shrek 2 soundtrack???? when I was younger and it had a cover of “Changes” on it and I totally loved it and my mom was like “No listen to the real version this is terrible” and I was like “OH WOW” and like I had listened to David Bowie literally my entire life but I remember that was the first time where I was like “oh wow he’s not just some weird goblin guy in tights stealing babies this music is really good” and I was like 12 and it was really important. Idk.

Omg! Omg! I just got an anonymous donation from a member of my church who heard about my home situation! She wrote,

“Dearest Corii,
I hope one day your father will come to understand the true meaning of his role but until then please do not forget that you are never alone. Your Father above will always be here using his other children such as myself as vessels to support you through these times in your life. Remember this experience and be not hesitant to help others in need. For you have a connection to our Lord and just as he has used me for you he will use you for others. God Bless”

I don’t think I’ve ever had a real spiritual awakening but knowing that not all Christian’s are like my father, gives me so much hope and strengthens my faith almost completely. Don’t lose hope. Miracles happen when you least expect it.

lol omg I got my first defriending over marriage equality on stupid goddamn FB.

remember that I use FB as little as possible, very little original content. but I had this high school acquaintance (from a school of rednecks) who became a pastor and has been posting in support of “traditional marriage,” and one of them was just this very generic “Marriage Matters” banner with a big group of people in the background

so I couldn’t resist commenting “Yes, it does matter! That’s why we fought so hard for it.”

and I guesssss he figured out my super-secret meaning

Weirdest Dream Ever

So last night I had a dream that I went to a bookstore and was looking at a book for 10 dollars…I forgot my wallet in the car so I went out to grab it, but I took the book with me by accident. Someone from the store chased after me but blamed someone else (my friend Kat who looks just like me)…..so I went with it…..I had every intention of paying for it, but I took my chance when someone else got blamed……I’m…the…best….friend…ever.

After that I went to the state fair, and this one ride….was Azazel teleporting people into the sky, free falling for a second, and then teleporting back to the ground…..while singing a “whole new world” from Aladdin …..what does any of this mean?

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sometimes i think about deleting my facebook, but then who will remind me what a backwards, ultra-conservative hick-town i came from if not my high school acquaintances?