Man, that last upd8, though, it brought up a lot of emotion at the time and I thought they were just like “good upd8 dang!!” kinds of emotions, but now I’m kinda lying in bed and thinking about it and I’m??? anxious??? Like what are these emotions. Are they about Terezi or scourge sisters or something else entirely that I’m projecting onto homestuck because it’s familiar and easier to deal with and how do I find out and then what do I do about it…? Is it…is it ship related?? Like am I just torn because pale scourge sisters seems so legit but i’m so attached to pale tavrezi, which for obvious reasons doesn’t mix well with pale scourge sisters? Or just…Terezi and her emotional battle? Am I just emotional in general and can’t handle things


“But I don’t want to play on the spaceship!” said Arin, taking his arm back and rubbing his wrist - she had a strong grip… Iris pouted.

“Well I can’t let you decide what to do, we’ll end up… doing homework or reading.” she retorted, grumpy that her plans had been averted.

“I have an idea, though! Of something fun even you would like!” he said, glancing hopefully at Iris. She sighed.

“Fine then. What is it?”

Mari Moves from Mad Mum
Help a mentally ill adhd queer nb kid get away and stay away from their abusive mother.

So as some of my IRL friends know, and now you guys too, I am moving out in about one and a half weeks. This is mostly to get away from my emotionally abusive mother, who has made me feel like shit my entire life. yay.

Now, I am poor as hell. I am living off government payments every fortnight, and while they are sufficient for rent and basic food, it doesn’t leave much wiggle room for much else. So, I am asking - only if you can, if it doesn’t hurt your funds or ability to live - would any of my followers be able to throw me a donation? Any amount helps, and I would be eternally thankful.

Even if you don’t donate, thanks for at least reading this post. Wish me luck?

(I’m also putting a donate button on my blog, if this link doesn’t work)

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how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Bet’cha thought I would get confused or trip up on my words or somethin’.

If want the answer for real though, go ask Fugo or somethin’. He might know.

[EDIT: gonna add transcription in case my handwriting is illegible.

“A woodchuck would chucks as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.”

“But no woodchuck could chuck wood, so if there was a woodchuck the could chuck wood, it would chuck more wood than a woodchuck should. But if a woodchuck that should chuck wood could chuck no wood, then that woodchuck would be no damn good.”




(Shh it’s a little late) 

Now, the amount of followers you have doesn’t mean everything but it’s really nice to know that 100 (101) of you care about me and like my blog. I just want to give a big hug to all of you and love you all forever (*^▽^*)

Is there anything you want me to do for you guys? I want to give back to you and show you how much better you have made my days. If you don’t know, I am going through depression and it always helps pull me out of my dark times when I see my phone screen light up or the notification at the bottom of my dash when I get a new note, ask, follower, message, whatever. Seriously. I love you all so much. Thank you so much. 

I have decided that tonight I’m gonna be pretty weird because my life is weird. I took a shower earlier (I know, not weird), but I just decided to put some makeup on a while ago, and now, it’s almost 1 AM and I feel like a badass. I took a selfie even though it’s dark. So here’s a wave to all of my followers, who I miss very much since I hardly ever post on here anymore, but I maybe will come back to posting regularly here. Anyway, hi everyone! How are you guys?

That’s a weird fucking selfie I must say. Seriously, I am probably a Tumblr person. I’m not a Facebook person or an Instagram person. At least here I am starting to feel okay with my weirdness.

i decided to expand a bit on this idea i had earlier because im horrible

basically the idea behind this is, sometime after the events of otgw greg discovers that he brought a black turtle back with him and of course he decides to keep it, but without telling anyone because he’s not allowed to have more than one pet. after that though really weird scary stuff starts happening around the boys because the turtles arent supposed to exist in the world of the living and it like, summons the remnants of the beast or maybe something even worse. idk. theres my scary otgw fanfic


Camsten + ‘Stretch’
(for my-broken-resolve​)


I was naive and weak back then without much trouble on my shoulders (insp.)

anonymous asked:

Please make more of your funny pictures, they are amazing!!! ☺️

Thank you so much darling.

But are you sure

Is this really okay with you

Even when I make this empty and soulless Ben Affleck collage.

Or this

Still no regret, dear?

Then you’re so brave and generous, dear. So generous. Thank you.


So many men had tried to make her a queen. Now she understood that she was meant for something more.

The Darkling had told her he was destined to rule. He had claimed his throne, and a part of her too. He was welcome to it. For the living and the dead, she would make herself a reckoning.

She would rise.

Leigh Bardugo, Siege and Storm


Oh man, I ended up having WAY too much fun drawing this! XD This was a quick little art trade I did for Artistic-girl. I hope you like it! 0u0

Despite the fact that I can’t draw girls, Lord Dominator was REALLY fun to draw, even if it took some getting use to. Lord Hater is the best! I had a blast figuring out how to draw that mug of his. >u<


Burning feathers, not an angel, Heaven’s closed , Hell’s sold out.
So I walk on the earth, behind the curtains, hidden from everyone,
until I find a new life to ruin again
. (x)

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on Aeryn's hairstyle through the seasons?:)

Well firstly thanks for the question anon, I LOVE talking about Aeryn’s hair!!

On the whole I really like all of them except the half-wig in season 4.  I think that one was a mistake; it was too long considering she’d only been gone a few months, and it didn’t look healthy or natural at all.  I find season 4 very disappointing in terms of hair.  (Apparently the reasoning behind it was that Claudia Black’s hair was completely fried from the amount of straightening they put it through in season 3; and Claudia offered to chop it all off but they wanted to keep it because they thought it was one of John’s favourite things about here which I think is stupid and mildly offensive)

I looooove the curly high ponytail with a scrunchy she does in mid season one, because it’s so 90s and I remember wearing my hair just like that as a little seven year old.  And that little curly whisp that hangs down by her ears with it!!! Too adorable.  See look what a cutie.

I also really love when they go with her natural curls, the only episode I can remember them doing that for was Won’t Get Fooled Again when she’s technically not Aeryn at all but Bettina Fairchild but I think it’s hella attractive.  I love the way they use it to bring out a more fun-loving version of the character.

And then there’s when she wears her hair down and straightened; I think it’s fair to say everyone loves her hair like that, I think it’s particularly beautiful in Peacekeeper Wars.

And finally I should mention the slicked back ponytail/braid that she wears a lot.  It’s quite a harsh style, I don’t think I could say that it’s my favourite because I prefer more traditionally feminine looks to be honest but I think it was the right decision for the character, because she is a soldier, and that’s a practical hairstyle you can wear into battle.  I think it also works well the way they do the ponytail for the action scenes and then have her wear her hair loose for the more intimate scenes with John.

Those are the main ones, although I do also like the loose braid she wore for the first three or four episodes which was quickly abandoned, it’s a shame they got rid of that.  I’m gonna leave you with the best hair shot in the series for good luck though :D