If you asked me about the possibility of a Malec kiss in 2x01 a couple of weeks ago I’d have said it’s MAYBE a 1% chance. 

But now, what with the latest spoilers/reviews, hints from Todd, Matthew’s…ahem…enthusiasm as well as certain fandom detectives 👀👀👀 I’d say the chances have increased to a solid 60% 

And we’re definitely getting a bunch of smooches throughout the season

Hey! Get-to-know the new admin

I’m a little late to joining, but I’ve ought to introduce myself ^^ I’m Admin Sunflower

Click here to look at Lilac and Peony’s get-to-know’s ^^

Woo! So, Admin Sunflower here (:


Birthday: August 14th! I’mma summer baby and a Leo although I feel like I was born in the wrong month ‘cause I’m nothing like a Leo but I love my starsign anyways ^^

Gender: Cis-girl

Fav Route: I’m actually just getting into it? Lilac and Peony dragged me into it and I’m just starting out, so hehh we’ll figure this out as I get further in. If my ipod would let me actually play it instead of crashing half the time

Other fandoms: I honestly am usually stuck with second-hand fandom from Lilac, she’ll fall in love with something and I’ll learn a lot about it but not actually see if for myself??? heheh yeahh that’s kind of me in a nutshell
But wait! I actually adore Harry Potter and the Dresden Files (’cause I’m a total book nerd) and I love love love Steven Universe. I’m currently almost done reading the Dresden Files which I’ve been plowing through the ridiculously long series for about a year, but then I read Harry Potter in about two weeks?? I have weird reading schedules.

So hey, I’m the eldest of Lilac and Peony but also super short I love being short though tbh. I’m a very introverted and very anxious little human bean so if you notice me constantly saying I hope I did okay, yeahh, that’s anxiety acting up kinda heheh. I’m usually a cheery person kinda self-deprecating at times I am friendly to any one who wants to talk!! Honestly if you wanna just say hi to me go ahead, I might be awkward hehe but I love saying hi and chatting a bit! I am also such a bookworm, I’m usually always in the middle of a book and constantly starting or finishing a book and looking for more to read. I have a slowly growing book collection which I am proud to call my own which is made up of some of my most favorite books and books I’ve gotten as gifts or forgot to return at some point and still have for some reason. don’t trust me with booksss. I love music, constantly listening to it or playing it. I love love LOVE my ukulele and love playing it to sing to for fun and making up fun little diddlies to play. I also love doodling and drawing, planning to go to an art college when I can manage ^^ I’m mostly the kind of person though who’s wearing cozy cardigans or hoodies or flannel and long socks and boots and a scarf (basically lots of layers all the time). I’m usually curled up under a blanket trying to stay warm and napping constantly. I’m for some reason perpetually cold?? Ask Lilac or Peony. I’m always cold. I’m also such a clutz, I had to go to the hospital once ‘cause I ran into a pole. Not even a small pole, it was a freaking telephone pole. Don’t ask me how I managed that. 

Anyways, here’s a pic of messy little me. I’m a mess of a person x)



Look… I just really like the idea of All Might meeting Izuku earlier, (therefore) choosing Izuku as his successor earlier, and becoming Dad-Might.

I know Izuku would have to be ~10 for this to work but idc I need this okay

Edit: Part of Dad-Might and Mini-Deku AU. Premise

Fleur Delacour

  • the neurotypicals: sweetie...bottling up your feelings is so unhealthy...you have to be in touch with your emotions instead of burying them...you have to communicate how you're feeling or else you'll never get over it...Don't Let Life Shut You Up :)
  • me: *has a meltdown in public*
  • the neurotypicals: ... no...not like that
gender rolls are the worst kind of bread

danny boy in a dress AND makeup (bc i love boys in makeup i mean i’m a boy who wears makeup so that’s kind of to be expected)

i really hope i’m not too late, i saw the whole ~rebellion~ @phantheraglama​ started earlier and watched everyone posting their art but i was stuck doing hw (which i had procrastinated due to working on other art) so i couldn’t draw anything until now

do not repost, reblogs are appreciated!