Headcanon (Spoilers!)

After Eos is saved, Insomnia can finally sleep.

Every year on the night before the anniversary of the First Dawn, Insomnia turns its lights off and sends lanterns in to the sky for everyone who died, and for King Noctis, who gave his own life to save Eos from the night.

That night after the lights have gone too far away to tell which are lanterns and which are stars, the streets are completely dark and Insomnia sleeps soundly knowing no monsters will come, and the sun will rise in the morning.



Look… I just really like the idea of All Might meeting Izuku earlier, (therefore) choosing Izuku as his successor earlier, and becoming Dad-Might.

I know Izuku would have to be ~10 for this to work but idc I need this okay

Edit: Part of Dad-Might and Mini-Deku AU. Premise

things I laugh & then get sad about:

alicia and bob were both pretty prominent celebrities, so it’s very likely that her pregnancy was closely followed. I can’t even imagine all the jokes about the beautiful/perfect baby they would make, all the people reading every magazine article about the pregnancy. poring over every photo of alicia’s gorgeous maternity clothes. bad bob does about a million interviews about how excited he is, how ready he is to be a dad.

and then jack is born.

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evakerlitvet  asked:

it's not like im dead or anything ha ha ha.. buT JO WHAT WAS THAT. the new ep destroyed me. i dont think we had ever seen this side of alec before? just how overwhelmed he was with fear bc of Mags, it was all so different to me, it seemed surreal but was amazing. and we got hugs?!!! and listen up, hugS, not a hug!! i cant rn.(also come on the kiss couldve been juuust a lil longer like the wedding one BUT HEY IT WAS STILL MAGICAL). im so happy rn. oh, and, when is climon going to end again? meh.

HAHAHAHA Nitsa your first line got me doing that same dry laughter. 

I KNOW. MALEC ABSOLUTELY AND DEVASTATINGLY RUINED ME. I cannot read/watch another love story again. Alec losing his entire grounds when he sees Clary and relates it to Magnus having been at the Institute, then looks at all the fallen Downworlders and lashing out at them because, where is Magnus? Scrape that, more like, please be anywhere, anywhere but here. That soft oh, god that goes beyond those two words; that has Alec praying to the angels for Magnus to be safe as he fleets from room to room, body to body, just to make sure it isn’t Magnus. Sure, he can recognise him from miles away, but he isn’t taking any chances. 

Then him running out of the Institute, not even realising it’s already day, still mumbling low prayers with furrowed brows. Where, where do I go next? And he feels a firm grip at his elbow; please, and he catches sight of Magnus and slams straight into his arms, feeling Magnus’ arms circle around him, warm and secure. Thank God, Thank God, Thank God, you’re safe. And Magnus starts talking and he hears Madzie and Catarina and he’s hearing but not listening because Magnus is safe. He’s here, with me. Alec knows it’s an understatement when he says he was terrified, because what he felt was more like a bottomless pool of dread, like bile forcing its way up his throat, like a hand around his neck. Wait, was that what Magnus felt when he saw him on that ledge? This…this feeling of impending loss, it’s too, too overwhelming, too overbearing, too much like…I love you. I love you I love you I love you. The need to know and let know right at this moment. The kiss to let each other know, I’m glad you are safe and I want to keep you safe for the rest of eternity, however long eternity may be for us

I’m so gone at this point, but look, their foreheads touch and their breaths mingle and in that moment, nothing else matters but them. If they could, they would melt into each other, but they have to settle for another tight embrace, taking in the warmth of each other’s body, with the musky smell of blood and fatigue and love

Ok but

a ler taking sneaky advantage of skin revealed by clothes beyond the typical crop top.

Ripped jeans? Guess the knees are getting squeezes and thighs will be traced in the slits.

Shirt with a low-cut back? Definitely some upper back spidering in order.

And those tank tops with gaping arm holes leave that sweet spot - you know the one at the top of the ribs/bottom of the underarm - perfectly open for poking.

All accompanied by the appropriate teasing, “you should really talk to the company about this, look at all this exposed skin!”

‘Scuse me as I go breathe into a paper bag (and buy more of these articles immediately).