i said to girlfriend, i wish we could just, like, be mx. and mx. potato head, and just take off all our soci(et)ally-gendered parts and stick them in one communal pile, and maybe you’d take these hips, and i’d go in for the dusting of forearm hair that gleams so bravely, brazen in the lamplight…


COSTUME CHALLENGE (ft Hannah Hart & Mamrie Hart) // Grace Helbig

Type-0 Minimum
Trembling (in fear)
-Hamatora: The Animation, File-12: Resolve (Ego)
Idiot! This was to review the system with the first years! 
You need to hold back more.

Cas gets, like, weirdly into sweaters when he’s human for good. Dean sort of blames himself. He sent Cas out with a list of groceries one afternoon only Cas apparently wandered into a thrift store “out of curiosity” and came home with six sweaters and exactly none of the things he was actually supposed to buy. 

Some of them are okay. The plain blue one looks good on him. One of them is really soft which yeah, all right, Dean can get behind that even if it looks like it was knitted by a blind person. But the others are just varying degrees of awful. The purple sweatshirt with a glittery cartoon raincloud that’s probably been sitting in Goodwill since 1983. The yellow one spotted with bumblebees. The red and white striped chunky knit thing that makes Cas look like Waldo. The fuzzy grey one that makes him look like a koala bear. The slogan ones–oh god, the slogan ones. 

Cas loves them. He pulls the cuffs over his hands and rubs his cheek on the shoulder and bundles up in like three at once when the winter chill gets into the bunker. He says he’s “creating his own style”, whatever the hell that means, but to be honest Dean just worries what he’s going to do in the summer when long sleeves aren’t an option. (Sometimes Dean has nightmares about Cas going into a Hot Topic and coming out looking like a 1970s punk rock groupie.)

But whatever, Dean can live with it. If it makes Cas happy, who the hell is he to put the kibosh on that? But then. There’s this time. This one time that Cas comes into the kitchen one morning and he’s not wearing the sparkly cloud sweatshirt or the koala bear fuzz or the multicolored zigzag catastrophe–

–he’s wearing Dean’s hoodie. Dean’s yellow hoodie that he kinda secretly kept from a crazy case what feels like forever ago, and damn seeing Cas all bundled up and soft and warm and comfortable in something that belongs to him just flips this switch somewhere in Dean’s chest and he drops his spatula and strides across the kitchen and Cas is saying something about how he hopes it’s okay he went in Dean’s closet and Dean shuts him up by kissing the ever-loving fuck out of him. 

“Oh,” Cas says, breathless, as Dean pushes his hands underneath the layers of hoodie and shirt to run his palms over the hard muscles of Cas’s stomach and sides, “more than okay, then.” He smiles against Dean’s mouth. 

Dean laughs, delirious. “You and your fucking sweaters, man.”


comfort object


Sterek AU: Stiles was never able to leave the mystery alone. Especially if the mystery is a twenty-something and insanely hot guy who drives an obnoxious sports car and wears leather jackets. Either the guy still tries to rock  the"high school bad boy" look or is a serial killer. Stiles just wants to know which one it is.


James McAvoy being a cutie dork and looking at us during The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby Premiere in Cannes Film Festival - 17.05.2014. (Selfie and story here)


under different circumstances, i think you and i could’ve really had some fun.


「しっかり僕だけを見てて下さい」 (Shikkari boku  d a k e  wo mitete kudasai)

pLEASe  O N L Y  look at me 

…is basically what Yuuri said here. (Or, Please only keep your eyes on me. etc)

 the word “dake” was here, it was heeeere, anyway I just wanted people to know that aspect of it, to contrast how he told Yuuko to watch him in episode one where he just said “mitete” which is more like, “please watch”.