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about white teenager stereotypes: sagging, monster energy drinks, snapbacks...

INFP: Probably loved by every adult
ENFP: Lack of respect/interest in traditions
ISFP: Rebellious, artsy, does their own thing
ESFP: Jock, part of the popular crowd
INTP: Constantly drinks coffee, no one knows what they’re up to
ENTP: Can be loud/obnoxious but everyone still loves them
INFJ: Teenager that’s super deep and has insight into complex political issues
ENFJ: Manipulator. Knows just what to say to start drama. Knows what you’re thinking before you do
ISTP: Secretly a genius
ESTP: Adults  probably hate them (loud, obnoxious)
ISTJ: Independent teenager, probably interested in things involving his hands (art, mechanics)
ESTJ: Uninterested in other cultures
ISFJ: Dresses on point
ESFJ: Probably has a squad/clique. Think Mean Girls
INTJ: Probably plotting world domination. Will be president someday. Hates everyone
ENTJ: No respect for elders

our lips can touch [8/?]

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In the morning, Regina has pushed Zelena all the way to the edge of the bed. She’s pressing against her side, as she’s done ever since they were little, and her arm is over Zelena’s stomach, a gentle heaviness that manages to not be oppressive at all.

Zelena pushes her away, throws the sheets on top of her and stands up, stretching her arms over her head. Regina stays asleep and gives a soft snore. Nothing wakes up that kid, Zelena smiles.

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I know I sound crazy, don’t you see what you do to me?

another crappy All Time Low edit brought to you by your friendly neighborhood fandom trash

call for starters

Hello! Yes, you! I have a lot of time in the next few days and not enough threads.

Don’t have an active thread with me? Want one? Me too! Like or reply to this thread for a starter of some sort! Specify muse if applicable. Specify thread genre if you have a preference, or I can’t be held responsible for the outcome.

(Well, I suppose that I can.)

So I went outside and my cat was being attacked by a tomcat. Big fucking white  thing twice my cat’s size. I yell for my cat and she comes running towards me–

With the big fucking white thing on her heels.

And my first instinct?

Pick my cat up and ROAR AT THE FUCKING THING.

And now I’m a mixture of mildly embarrassed and laughing because god knows what the neighbors thought of hearing someone at 10:30pm screaming


at the top of their fucking lungs.

(and yes my cat is fine. Little demon wants to go back outside and fight more)

Idk man sometimes I love the fandom and sometimes the fandom casually unintentionally makes me feel really shitty and there’s also a lot of in between.

I’m starting my own business. I can’t fucking believe it. Like, it’s simple as fuck, but should net me some decent-ish change. I can’t beat capitalism so I’m going in and offering more affordable prices. yeah. 

Closed rp - captain-america-avengers-dad

“Steve!” Bucky called from where she was sitting in front of the television. She held the remote in her flesh hand, and was frowning at it, as she had been for the last fifteen minutes. 

“I’m stuck. There are too many buttons, that don’t seem to do anything, and I’m confused! Help.”