Can ya’ll maybe not sexualize the stranger things kids in fics??????

I really really want to watch disney movies with chris cause let’s be honest, he’s the biggest disney nerd I know and it’d be an entirely happy moment.


good words for the headstone.

i wanted to draw baby sorey and mikleo holding him LOL 

the anime has ended WHICH MEANS I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL WINTER 2017! 


Basically a playlist I scrambled together about Cas’ mental state in the last season(s) 

Bad Blood - Sleeping At Last
Forest Fires - Lauren Aquilina
Breathe Me - Sia
What If - Coldplay
Down - Jason Walker
Broken Toy - Keane 
Trouble - Coldplay
Irrelevant - Lauren Aquilina
Sorrow - Sleeping At Last
‘O Sister - City and Colour

  • Roommate:hey, what's up?
  • Me:I am dead. I don't even know what my life is anymore. How can I live knowing that Jung Hoseok is out there, in that loose white shirt and blonde hair, slaying souls? He's a dangerous man. I don't feel safe. Boy meets evil, huh? Boy IS evil for doing this to me. *sobs* Hobi, why? You were supposed to be the sunshine of this group.