I’m not going to apologize anymore think what you want believe what you will but I know my heart is pure and I am an angel who only knows best how to love. everything else is useless to me

When the day starts and the roosters crow
The sun comes out, that we all know
And with its warm and bright bueatifull glow
The animals rejoice, and the trees grow

When the day ends, and the sun starts to fade
A cold rock, comes out to light the shade
Its cold, and dark but yet it will glow
For the suns warm bueaty continues to flow
So the owls, and wolfs will continue to see
The survival of the fittest that make the weak flee

you guys What We Do In The Shadows is getting a six episode tv series starring the cops I don’t know how I feel, are Jemaine and Taika still involved? (i’m especially hoping for writing but of course i won’t turn down a cameo) does this mean the We’re Wolves sequel is on still? i’m flabbergasted


okay so me and @d-op were talking about lil sabo’s turn up nose me going on about how cut it was 

so i decided i wanted to draw him then next thing i knew one glance at @esttian and @nurmuzdalifah sabo’s in skirts this happened 

Do you ever have a friendship that you really like and want to nurture…but its a situation where you’re almost always the person reaching out and the other person doesn’t reach out to you?

For clarification: I don’t think it’s on purpose or anything. I think it’s absolutely a case of just absent-mindedness, but it does sometimes make me feel unimportant. Especially when I see that person making an effort to talk to other friends of theirs.

I dunno what to do. I want to talk to the person but like…I’m worried that it’ll look like I’m being an over-emotional basketcase. I’m constantly terrified that people are just going to get tired of my “emotional needs” or whatever. 

Alright. There’s some discussion about outlining going on. So I don’t have only one way I outline. I tend to do it different ways.

Usually for me planning a story starts with lying in bed with my eyes closed. This is generally while I’m trying to fall asleep. Sometimes, I already have the kernel of an idea; other times, I have nothing and just want to fantasize some smut to help me sleep. I tend to replay the same scenarios over and over again (especially scenes I have planned for fics but haven’t written yet - ask me about the first time Dean and Cas have sex in a bed in What Do I Stand For. I have played that fucking scene out in my head at least two dozen times in the past year…or the Fuck or Die scene in Abnormal…) but sometimes I get bored with those scenarios and I’ll just start playing around and that’s where new ideas come in. They use whatever I’m in the mood for.

Once I have an idea, if I like it and I think it’s different enough from what I’ve already got planned, I’ll start to flesh it out, still in my head. I’ll string multiple scenes together, I’ll maybe add some plot just so the whole thing makes some fucking sense. Especially this happens if I’m having trouble sleeping.

From there, what happens depends. If I have time sometimes I’ll write the story the next day. If I don’t have time, sometimes I’ll write out a quick outline/description of the idea in a word file so that I have it for the future. I recently started a blog post of story ideas so that I had a place to add stuff quickly, and I’m going to keep doing that. I usually don’t need many notes to remind me what I had in mind.

When I’m actually working on the story, how I outline usually depends on how long the story is.

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I read your tags about how your life is a mess, and I just wanted to say it's okay. You are not alone. You may never get a full handle on life, & that's okay. Most people don't. The ones who think they do? Get sucker punched. Because life is a cold, hard bitch that kicks people when they're down. You are an amazing butterfly of gossamer flowers and terrifying lion roars, and you will prevail. You are not alone. We care about you & are rooting for you. You are strong, and it DOES get better.

I think I was one of those who got sucker punched *wan smile* 

It feels really hard to be strong right now, I’m not gonna lie. I truly thought I was doing well when it came to the library job, and to find out that my best still wasn’t enough really hurts and makes me feel really nervous and unsure for what awaits me with LIS. For better or worse, I’m gonna stick with the course I’m in right now, so by the end I will have a better idea of whether or not I want to continue, but right now…yeah, I’m feeling really raw and weak. Like I’ll never be a proper adult and never be able to support myself or be on my own. 

Thank you for the lovely message, Anon - I wish I could give it a more positive response, but please know that I deeply appreciate it and you’re a true blue sweetheart to send it to me. 

I'm gonna buy a necklace now

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I hope you will feel better soon. I always get very depressed and then panic when something goes wrong and aferwards I'm "oh it was bad but it needed to happen since now it's better than before and i grew with it and learned, next time i have to remember it's just temporary so i don't panic and cry again", i forget it, i cry and panic, it gets better, it crashes, i cry and panic, it gets much better... and on and on :) stay strong!

Yeah, that’s basically what happens with me too. I feel in my heart of hearts that  even with it hurting, losing this job will probably help me in the long run, whether to show me that LIS isn’t the right path for me or what have you. Either way, as a ferocious Fairy Princess once said, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I just have to figure out what to do with myself in the mean time.