• Me: *sleeping in because I was up late*
  • Me: *finally wakes up and texts my daddy* I love you
  • Daddy: Well hello there sleeping beauty
  • Me: You're supposed to wake sleeping beauty with a kiss!
  • Daddy: *kisses you passionately* ahem hello there sleeping beauty
  • Me: My prince has come!
  • Daddy: Your prince will never leave either
  • Me: Thank goodness. I don't know what I would do without him. *nuzzles into your arms*

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Hi I wanted to get your opinion on something. So there is this guy at my school who is ftm. I'm a guy, but I really want to ask him out, the only problem is I don't know what he identifies as. I've heard he is Pansexual, that he's bisexual, and that he's straight; so I really don't know what to do. Do I ask him or ask him on a date?

Ask him first.

Then ask him out. It’s better that he knows you’re interested and going about it by seeing if he’d be comfortable with it first.

So, I made a Zoibat

They’re just so cute I couldn’t help myself aahhh! Zoibat are a fruit bat pokemon species designed by @hereandtherecrystaleevee

His name is Maypop, he likes to act real cute and loving so he can get in close enough to steal your shiny things. His favorite shiny things are music boxes, which he likes to wind up and then imitate.

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(I need advice) This guy I've been talking to has just told me he's asexual, he said "were in this together" and honestly, and I told him, I'm not going to do that I like being sexual and so does he but he's stuck on being ace. It's very frustrating, especially because he told me I can't take care of my sexual needs myself and I can't not do that. I don't know what to do, I really like him but I don't think I can do this, especially if he believes I'm going to become ace too.

I think that if he is ace and is not interested you should respect that. But I think that if you are sexual he needs to realize that he’s not going to “convert” you. Especially if he is trying to control what you do on your own time, that’s not okay. I think that you should probably talk and get how u really feel out there. you could see about being friends or be in an open relationship. But if he’s being controlling I would suggest not sticking around.

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My dad keeps saying that Prussia isn't a country anymore and I don't know what to do with him... I've explained this to him so many times but he just likes pissing me off.

…but he’s……correct…………

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My 30 year old manager who I HAVE TO SEE ALMOST EVERY SHIFT hit on me very VERY explicitly over text message. I'm 18. He's a great manager and we're friends at work but I'm on a month off when this happened and I don't know what to do when I see him again. Help.

Screenshot the text and email it to HR.


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What happens when a clown loses its face paint? Mine keeps pointing to pictures of water parks like he wants to go, but I don't know what will happen if we do take him next summer. Is there a protective mask or helmet I can get him? Does anyone have any tips?

Most clowns are very good swimmers and if he’s healthy his face paint should return shortly, but if you’re worried you can always try setting up a high dive into a tiny kiddie pool in your back yard to test how he’d react to water up close.


Wonho 생일축하해요 ✨
I want to thank you for always taking care of monbebes and loving us unconditionally, i hope you have a fantastic birthday and you receive truck loads of love and warmth. I hope you feel the love we have for you to! And thank you for just being you! You have a heart of gold, you always work so hard for monsta x, monbebes and yourself and you are truly an big inspiration.
have a lovely day and celebrate with all ur loved ones!

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My Daddy tied me up yesterday saying we didn't have to have sex afterwards. I told him multiple times I didn't wanna have sex but after he tied me up he did force me and we did have sex. We talked about it and he apologized for it but I still don't know what to do. I love him and I don't think I can leave him

then you'll be stuck the rest of your relationship with the simple truth that you are dating a rapist, and that you were raped.

 I suggest you begin sexual assault counseling now... 

...because hes liable to do it again, and if you cant walk away from that then you might as well begin finding a way to cope with it now while supporting his desire to sexually assault you.

Hopefully you come to your senses and escape that madness and abuse… and when you do, you get into a good counseling program.

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My dog has fleas and it's really bothering him and I don't know what to do. I give him regular baths and he has a store bought flea collar and my family can't really afford a visit to the vet right now. Are there any natural home remedies I can try?

If you can afford plants, then lemon balm (bee balm), rosemary, lemon grass, and mint (which spreads a lot) are all great plants that repel fleas (and a variety of other bugs). Catnip can do it too but don’t plant that in your yard with your dog. (To the followers that don’t have a dog and secretly dream of becoming lost in a sea of cats, go for it.)

If you don’t mind the smell you can spray garlic water in the yard. The recipe I found suggests boiling 8 heads of garlic in one gallon of water. Spray it all over your yard. Just a light spray.

To spray your dog, combine a sliced lemon, fresh rosemary, sage, and boiling water. Leave it to soak overnight, and then spray your dog whenever you’re gonna send him outside.

Now I also saw products at walmart that are dog-safe for fleas. I don’t remember the brand but they were green. The bottle was safe for inside and outside, and they had a shampoo.

If it’s bad, real bad, if none of this works, then you may have to put those timed gas things,insect foggers?, in the house. They should have them in the same area as the green bottles, or near the Raid. 

-Lou the Lobster

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"I SUCCUMB MYSELF TO HIS POWER. AND HIS VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, STRAWBERRY BLUSHU, DAIFUKU BUTT, YUMMY NOODLE HAIR AND TSUNDAIFUNESS." <--- This is going on all the Yasu club t-shirts. All of them. Your explosive bursts about him give me life, because he is creeping in so fast I don't know what to do. I CAN'T RESIST HIM ANYMORE. HELP MINA. IT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN LIKE THIS. 💕💕💕


y’all ladies can pick which one, the simple or girly one!

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