He sees the flash go off in the corner of his eye so he has to look and see who was taking a picture of what. When he sees a phone pointed him and group of girls with shocked faces he knows exactly who they were taking a picture of. He was used to being looked out and giggled at, but he has never had his picture taken ( at least what he thinks. )        Did you just take a picture of me? ‘

I started rewatching S last night, and it quickly became apparent to me that I had forgotten the extent of episode 92′s perfection w/r/t the beginnings of the BROTP.

Baby Minako, who has barely even started to question her sexuality, spends an entire episode declaring Haruka to be the ‘man’ of her dreams, the one she MUST have. She chases her around, basically ambushes Michiru, her first thought after the Daimon attacks is “WHERE DID THE HOT ONE GO?”

Maybe it’s just me, but PLENTY of my good friendships when I was that age began because I was like “oohhh look at this hot person I have a crush” and then acted like a HUGE FUCKING NERD around them, which they found endearing. And then I was like “oh yeah nope don’t actually have feelings for you” and BOOM friendship.

My lion mane 🐅

Disneyland Gothic
  • The man is unhappy.  It’s too hot, the lines are too long, the children are too loud.  The man is unhappy; that is, until the branch falls.  They say it was natural woodrot that made the ancient tree crack, the bough fall and kill the old man.  But the park is the happiest place on earth once again.
  • The sign says Population: 500,000,000.  The sign always says Population: 500,000,000.  When the park is crowded, 500,000,000 are inside the park.  When the park first opens, 500,000,000 are in the park. When the park is closed and the lights are off and the staff has left, 500,000,000 leave the locked apartments on mainstreet and fill the park.
  • A mouse gnaws on the bones of long departed pirates in the Blue Bayou.  A mouse watches the Evil Queen transform into a hag from the windowsill.  A mouse appears from the brush in the Jungle Cruise.  A mouse scampers across the curb unnoticed along Main Street.  A mouse slinks along the floorboards in the Pizza Port.  Thousands of mice gather at the Rivers of America as the great mouse appears, floating above the water, his blood-red robes flowing.
  • Once there were swans in Sleeping Beauty’s moat.  They never flew away, they never returned. No one enters the moat anymore. The voice in Snow White’s well has changed, speaking only of hunger.
  • The boatman on the Jungle Cruise reminds the parents to take their children with them, lest they be glued to the floor in Small World and forced to sing.  The parents laugh as they disembark.  The boatman sighs, seeing a child left behind.  He watches the boy taken away to Fantasyland, to share the fate he was once faced with.  He though back to the parents who left him on the Jungle Cruise all those years ago. He thought he recognized them once on the ride, but it is a small world, after all.

listen okay, you look at bts and at first Jin is the last thing on ur mind u sleep on him pretty hard

then u realize he’s a soft bby that you wanna just pet sometimes

then u realize he a lil bit hot when he wanna be

then u realize he is taking over your life and ur probably gonna cry if u see any pic of him at all but like it’s far more out of control then you’d like to admit and idek jin man

Kim Seokjin.


I was tagged to do the selfie challenge by the biggest man-child I know king-cutler. I tag adelisaomahic alexturnter k80mph thestarsareburninout and polyspermy to also do the selfie challenge. Sorry, no butt pics lol

Thought process while looking for pages to follow

*Scrolling through dash*
Naked chick. Boobs. Ass.
She’s really pretty. Ok this is art I guess. Ass. Boobs. Naked chick.
Not a single
Naked guy on my dash….
*searches men*
Yay I’ll follow some pages, then I can look at hot guys all day too!:)
*clicks on first page with attractive man*
Hmm should I follow this page?
Hot. Hot. Eh aight. Man on man. Nice hair. Two guys in bed.
So i can see hot guys, but they can’t be straight?
Ok. You do you. I’ll keep looking.
*clicks on next blog*
Cute. Hot. Aight. Eh. Hot. Wait…
Everyone on this page is white.
What if I like black guys?
What if I like mixed guys?
Do Mexican or Asian men exist?
I’ve never seen a Pacific Islander on here.
Ok I quit.
*hits home button*
Tyga. Boobs. “WHAT ARE THOOOSE.” Sex gif. Jurassic World. Ass. Hilarious TV show I’ve never watched. Naked girl.
Ok no fair.
*continues search for hot straight men of more colors than white*

I’ve come to accept that I won’t find a man. But can I at least find a tumblr blog?

Something Different

Okay so recently I’ve been reading romances on Wattpad. They basically are all the same in a way. In every story I read, the main character was a small girl or boy that fell in love with a large, muscular, hot, and possesive man. What I propose is a twist on that. What if instead of an inexperienced young adult as the main character, it’s the big strong partner? Maybe a protective woman that seems dangerous that takes interest in the cute and feisty partner. I want a romance story in the point of view of the protective partner. Switch the roles! Idk I think it’s be cool and different than what I’ve been reading