Hot Dad is finally dressed! He’s part of my father-daughter mercenary duo who give each other shit for everything. He’s a ruggedly handsome middle-aged man with a sharp sense of humor. Though he often plays the part of lazy, irresponsible (and occasionally drunk) father who doesn’t have a serious bone in his body, he’s actually very clever and loves his daughter a lot. He also hits on just about everything that breathes, whether it be with his sword or his charm. Despite being a “lecherous old man,” as his daughter claims, he experiences a surprising degree of success.

  Twelve hours ago, Gabriel had put a bullet through another man’s skull  
  ( – recent intel suggestive of terrorist plot, IA required – ) . Eight hours
  ago, he had found out about the man’s very expensive summer home. 
  Three hours after that, he had crawled his way out of its cellar after a
  nice comfy set of explosives next to the Bordeaux in the cellar had decided
  his squad wasn’t on the guest list ( – LZ clear of watchers, go on ahead and
  God speed – ) . One hot shower later, and he could almost pretend he didn’t
  still feel dust prickling at his scalp underneath his hat. He scratched at the
  nape of his neck, and the prickling turned into something heavier —- eyes
  looking at him, waiting for him to do something. Shit.

“ … What ? “

winterywitch  asked:

the many, roughly how hot are you for the man in black

a bunch of simultaneous chatter this time

HOUR I: “Hmm, well….”
HOUR X: “Roughly.”
HOUR X: “Roughly <3!”
HOUR II: “But he dresses so… simply. No frills. Just a lil boring to look at, y’know?”
HOUR VIII: “Listen, not saying that regular dates are INFERIOR, but… ‘Destroying those who have wronged us’ dates? WOO..!”
HOUR VI: “No yeah, but really, regular dates ARE inferior to that.”
HOUR III: “Look at this mess – weren’t we supposed to be above the weaknesses that crushes encapsulate?”
HOUR IV: “Hey give us a break, it’s different when its other Fetters, its–”
HOUR III: “Exactly the same. ‘Oo, he crushes our enemies when we fall short - HOT!’ Ring any bells?”
HOUR V: “Perhaps chill about power dynamics for five minutes.”

HOUR I: “Seems we’re both hot AND bothered! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA”