castielkrushnic  asked:

I know that anon probably wasn't trying to be unkind, but you really don't owe anyone any excuses as to why you haven't updated your fic. Authors have lives, and fanfic is something that you gift to us, for free, so we really shouldn't be demanding anything. (Sorry just my two cents)

Yeah dude I totally feel u. I think the main reason why I get flack when I don’t update regularly is bc I’m honest about the fact that I “hoard chapters.” Yes, I have 30k words of the cockles anthology already written. No, u can’t see it yet. Aren’t I just the worst!!!!!!!!!

Wow, thank you for 1000+ followers!!! I can’t believe it. Somehow I have tricked all of you into wandering straight into clown hell.

Now that’ll be 420 motherfuckin boonies.

to everyone who’s sent a message i haven’t responded to yet:

  • i’m sorry
  • oh god
  • so so sorry
  • i swear i’m going to soon
  • (seriously i’m so sorry)
  • i didn’t mean to leave it this long
  • i always tell myself i’m going to get to them right away
  • (i am such trash please forgive me)
  • i am sO SORRY