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I mean, suicide squad does look really good and all and the stuff abt it "bringing back scene kids" is stupid but im personally not going to see it cos I have a psychotic disorder and that whole "the voices tell me to escape and hurt everyone o.O" bullshit that you hear virtually everytime theres a schizophrenic character is not something I want to hear. We can be represented as people who aren't crazy people who feel no empathy. We don't want to kill people just because we hallucinate.

I can understand you not seeing it, my whole problem with Tumblr is that people here seem to always make a bigger deal about everything, the amount of hate on a movie that isn’t even out yet because one character said one line is ridiculous

and while I do see your point, I don’t think that Harley will show no empathy, she’s always generally nice in the comics so I expect her to be the nicest of the super-villain bunch

and really, that’s what it boils down too, it’s a movie about supervillains so expecting a positive view on mental illness probably isn’t a good idea