You stopped coming, you wrote. 
It was weird to see those words because the reality was that I didn’t. I kept wishing you would show up at that place too. You never did. Eventually I just stopped going as frequent but I never stopped. I know though that we will just keep missing each other. Our paths won’t cross again because maybe we just weren’t meant to be. Maybe it’s time we just accept that and let it go. 
Not true, I wrote.
Then I changed the subject.
—  I kind of wish we would have held onto it though for a moment longer., 
  • Guren:Shinya, people are going to start shipping us if you don't stop.
  • Shinya:Don't worry, Guren. They're too focused on Yuu and his vampire boyfriend to notice.
  • *Skip to Season 2 episode 9*
  • Guren:*stares into Shinya's eyes, begging him to leave*
  • Shinya:*stares back shocked and about to cry*
  • Guren:*mouths* I was right, bitch.

Ok so, let me explain this: sometime ago I was talking with my sister, who is a great fan of Life is Strange and we came up with this sort of crossover with Tokyo Ghoul because I am a great fan of it and so we almost always end up talking about these two things. And we realized that Max is very similar to Kaneki just as Chloe is similar to Hide -andmostoftheirsongsmatch-  And that’s it. that’s how this abomination was born. Please god forgive me for the aberration of Hide’s colors on Chloe which go against every kind of aesthetic ever. At least Max is pretty badass as Kaneki.

And yes, expect more of this.

Anyway, I thank @multieleonora96 for giving me the flat colors, she’s the best waifu ever