I’ll be doing this once more since I was tagged by @gyuuhao for the last song / selfie / homescreen tag! It was nice to see my squish brother! 💓

I’ll be tagging: @wydshua @vernonchewy @adoregyus @shuasoo @junhue @minhoetastic and anyone else that wants to do this! 💗


Cleaning and dancing today! Just got off the phone with an old friend and I love him. I had NO people in my life except for a girlf for WAY too long, and I thought only FEW could understand me because…

“I must be crazy
. “How could anyone live though what you’ve been through, you survivor, you unusual specimen, you poor unfortunate soul, you” would ring -and still echoes- in my ears when I listen for hope. I lost my best friend to lust. I lost my closure around my father to cancer. He didn’t die. He showed up. He showed up with cancer and remains abusive. I dreamt I’d see him in the after-life, but I chose to see him in this one. Human nature is fight for flight when confronted with fear, and I chose to fight alone in a ring, not a faerie ring but a ring of fire. The one closest to me, terrified to come near.” 

There are some mistakes but taking the time to duplicate and draw over the Jacks were quite fun :D Very challenging. The only thing I didn’t do what color in the outlines and I kinda regret but all in all it’s nice. I decided to add Gizmo for cuteness <3

This is a thumbnail for @thedarkshadowwolf ‘s montage of Jack’s videos over 2 years(hence why there are Jacks with brown hair XDD). Here’s the montage. Please go watch it. She worked REALLY hard on this:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dMhnrVTl7s&feature=youtu.be

Hope ya’ll like it even though it’s not as good as the other drawings but hey! XD

Also I say no problem Ami. :>

I signed up for some Groupon “make a terrarium at a chain restaurant” bullshit and after a 12 hour day I suddenly regret everything. But fuck it let’s do this. I am definitely the only walking into the little room with drink already in hand.

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been on your blog for hours instead of doing homework and it's 1AM where i live and i regret every decision i ever made but god are these critiques entertaining so yeah imma do my work now have a nice one xoxo

wow come back loser

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What time is it where you live??? It's 2:30 AM where I am and I'm getting notifications from you. The, I was already up, so..

It was 1:30😂 I stay up pretty late on Monday nights because I don’t have class until 2 on Tuesdays. I always regret doing that though…

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I was just reading your biography and I thought it was really interesting! I'm not sure if you've ever heard this before, but you look a lot like Jon Snow from game of thrones :D I had a question for you regarding your interests and how you've used them in your professional life. The thing is, I'm also very, very interested in history, but I feel nervous about the lack of career prospects if it's what I end up pursuing as wholeheartedly as I'd like to. Do you have any advice about that?

Thank you! Yeah, I’ve heard the “Game of Thrones” comparison a few times but I don’t see it.

If you want to pursue your interest in history, I think you should go for it. It may not always be easy, but you should chase your dreams and turn them into realities. If not, you’ll regret it and wonder “Why didn’t I do what I wanted to do? Maybe I could have pulled it off.” It may require sacrifices, but at least take your shot and see if you could find work in the field if that’s what you’ve always wanted to do.

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Pepper salt?

Pepper salt I gotchu I gotchu

Okay so here’s a little bit of regretful salt I did yesterday

Im tiering for the HonoNico event and because I’m an idiot I decided to do a solo (like today but I don’t regret that devil umi ur solo at all)

So I was like ha lets do a solo and if it’s an SR then it’s because I’m great and a genius for doing this and I deserve it

And an SR popped out! And I was in the middle of patting myself on the back when I found out it was devil Eli (worst girl)

It felt like she was mocking me to tell me I’ll never get devil Nico and I guess she was right since I got devil Umi today

Thx Eli

Again no offense to Eli fans I’m soRRY


since someone asked for a compilation here