Also, if you’re ever in doubt about Jolto remember this scene from TEH that basically foreshadows THE ENTIRE SEASON. 

We get a John mirror (who beats Sherlock up) who had an UNHAPPY LOVE AFFAIR while on active duty? How much more blatant can you get?

Also, the unhappy implies that it either went downhill for a reason or involved pining because it was never consummated but it was ROMANTIC nonetheless.

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Name: Annie

Nicknames: Kilala, Ki, Kiki, Whatever Cel calls me these days

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Favorite Color(s): Green, Blue, Purple

Gender: Female

Time right now: 11:58am

Average hours of sleep: 5-8

Lucky number: 5

Last thing I googled: NOAA NHC radar because of a incoming storm

Favorite fictional character: Oh geez It’s Silas right now that’s for sure LOL;

Dream job: Working in graphics and photography, it’s my jam.

Height: 5′4″

Number of blankets I sleep with: Just one, occasionally two if it’s a cold morning but it’s always 85 degrees 365 days of the year.

When did you create this blog: Uh…April 2011. I joined in the good old days when Tumblr community wasn’t such ass lmao

Current amount of followers: 5,174 *sweats*

What do I post about: Basically Fire Emblem related things, occasionally anything else I find funny. 

Do I have any other blogs: Just a couple of abandoned RP blogs

Who are my most active followers: Uh…I guess most of the people I tagged above?

Do you get asks on a daily basis: every now and then. I’m ass at answering them all though.

What made me choose my URL: It wasn’t hard to put “tactician” and “Kilala” together lol. I just wanted to relate to fire emblem awakening at the time and stuck with it lol

…so someone on the “colder months are awesome” post……..

commented like “oh you must live up north where winter is pretty HERE IN TEXAS winter sucks and it’s just cold”

and like. okay no offense but. my new england ass is sitting here like

Originally posted by gifsarefunny

have you… ever….. felt real cold in your life just askin cause our average winter temp is 0 degrees with a feels like temperature of -20 from wind chill so.

I don’t know where this “north” is where “winter is pretty” but I’d like to go there, instead of living a life of “it feels warm if the temperature manages to get above 9 degrees.” 

‘i may be short but you’re still beneath me’ –lord cutler beckett probably