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ok this random but what are you favourite part(s) of Daehyun that you love? i love yr blog btw 💚

Thank you so much <33333 I love getting Daehyun asks like these so like bless you lol 

physical appearance or just his lil mannerisms? I’ll do both lol 

Physical appearance: Hands, HANDS, H A N D S, Pillow Lips™, his arms, his smol wrists, his jaw line, his ears and his puffy eyes

mannerisms: When he laughs too hard and covers his mouth, just the way he does it???? idk, the face he makes when someone says something nsfw in the comments or behind the camera, His “haha… HAHAHAHAH” belly laugh when hes genuinely about to lose his shit, his head tilt thing when he’s thinking of what to say next or when he’s over a members shit (usually youngjaes) and his little saliva inhale thingie he does lol 

Personality: When he’s like camera shy when he’s alone cause he’s not use to being without his members, how he’s obnoxiously loud, how he always seems to fidn the camera and take over a vlive, how when he’s annoyed with a member he’s super shady, how he loves babys but will stand up for himself if a rude baby tries to give him shit for something (IE: the twitter situation a couple months ago) how he is actually a super soft boy who just needs to be protected who cares about his family and friends and hypes up all of them and is actually just a smoljellybeanwhoneedsahug

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is to literally just download a chinese font pack that emphasizes the varying widths you get from writing with a brush

my chinese is garbage and its what i do lol

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how do you manage to post such simple photos and not feel the need to take 7358368 screenshots like i do LOL loving the moodys tho <3

lmao believe me i took waaaay to many screenshots!! also even if i press the c key too much i try not to screenshot (is it a verb yet?) everything so i can enjoy playing :-) but yea sometimes i freak out and take screenies of v casual things just so my queue doesn’t run out hehe

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do you have replacement teeth or something? Ur sims are so cute

i don’t think i do??? lol i might bc i have a whole mess of stuff in my game but i don’t think so. Thank you love!! :) 

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Didn't you take a few breaks from writing in 2015?

Well I went back to wattpad to check the dates of when I’ve updated because I’m curious if that’s the case. And I consistently updated complexes from January to April, like an update every few days. Then I was writing Ugly birds in a beautiful cage all through May. Then Miss Novocaine from June to the end of July. Looks like I took 2 weeks break between Ugly Birds and Miss Novocaine. Then I was writing the deal 2 from August until the beginning of November, but I took a 2 week break to write Bleed into your mind in october, so that ain’t really a break. But there was a random week I didn’t update at all. idk what i was doing then lol. And I was writing Dance Inside from November through December. 

So other than like 3 weeks where I didn’t write at all, nah. lmao. I guess I just wasn’t feeling that motivated to update a lot. Like it looks like I left a few days between each update and there weren’t really times where I just through out updates daily which I sometimes do if I’m not busy.

Anyway, once again someone asked a simple question and I gave a way too long response. 

who wants to talk to me about taako and food

listen: taako and lup are amazing cooks but also they’ll eat fucking anything. they started from the bottom eating burnt rice and they’ll go back to eating burnt rice if need be 

(not that both of them don’t appreciate a good slow-simmered rack of lamb glazed with honey, because the OTHER thing that came out of food insecurity is a love for excess and eating themselves sick rather than throwing things away)