To Build A Home - Chapter 11

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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments! I may not reply to every single one but I do read and appreciate them all! Can you believe I originally thought I could do this story in ten chapters? LOL!

Once again, a MASSIVE thank you to @tinysidestrashcaptain without whom this chapter would not have been finished. Go follow her if you hadn’t already! She has all the cutest Sanders Sides stories. 

WARNINGS: Mostly negative thinking, tiny bit of violence, hospitals, nothing TOO bad, I guess? Let me know if I need to add anything.  

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Patton watched as Virgil ran out of the hospital, ignoring the older man who was calling for him to come back.

“Patton, go after him,” Megan said as she gently took the bag of Logan’s items from Patton’s tight grip. “I’ll come and get you if I hear anything about Logan.”

“A-Are you sure?” Patton asked nervously.

“Positive,” Megan nodded, and pushed him gently towards the exit. “There isn’t much we can do for Logan except sit and wait. It’s the kid who needs you right now.”

“You’re right,” Patton said. “Thank you, Megs.”


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bowers gang preference for their s/o formerly being in a abusive relationship and she flinches away from them sometimes or in an argument? pretty please + thank you!

Ok, so I feel like you mean headcanons for this, I hope you do, lol, because that’s what I ended up doing


  • The first time you do it, he gets very confused
  • He asks you why
  • Takes awhile, but he gets it out of you
  • He gets angry - but not towards you
  • After a bit he asks who it was
  • Eventually gets the information out of you
  • Comforts you
  • Babies you a lot
  • Tries to talk about it to the extent he knows how
  • Agrees to try to watch his aggression when around you
  • Lots of cuddling and letting you know your ex is dead


  • When Henry first notices it, it almost annoys him
  • He doesn’t understand why you’d flinch from him
  • After a few times, he finally asks what gives
  • He pushes at you(probably making things worse) until he gets the information
  • Gets extremely angry
  • Some yelling(still not making things better)
  • After he finally calms down, he demands to know even more
  • When he sees you’re more upset, he tries to comfort you (tries being a key word)
  • Eventually it ends up just with you being held by him
  • He insists that things will be better once your ex is “dealt with”


  • Thinks it’s kind of funny at first
  • Finds it less funny when he finds out why
  • The fear isn’t what upsets him, it’s that someone else triggered it
  • Lots of talk about handling your ex
  • A lot of mentions about making your ex that scared
  • Goes on a rant about he’s the only one who should be doing anything to you - ever
  • Says he will be finding him
  • Wants to know exactly what your ex did
  • Tells you those same things will be done to him
  • Really isn’t super supportive honestly, but you know your ex will never be near you again


  • Vic doesn’t really notice a whole lot at first since he’s not really jumpy around you
  • The first time it happens, he immediately asks you why
  • You tell him - you know he can listen
  • Gets angry, but does well at holding it back
  • Wants to know more about what happened
  • Continues to be angry, but also comforting
  • Lets you know that will never happen again
  • Also lets you know he’ll be finding your ex
  • Tells you he wants you to communicate when you’re feeling nervous
  • Soft kisses on your head and lots of cuddling after the conversation

I hope this is okay!

@nelita_v For today’s @dubaifitnesschallenge I was inspired by @dubaifitfoodie to get my dance on. This is one of my favorite was of getting cardio in. **Sigh** Time to be shameless and share what I do in the comfort of my room lol. Hoping it inspires you to get up and move. So, put on your favorite tunes and get your sweat on.

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hi so i had over 100 followers on this simblr side blog for ages but like now I’m kicking my own ass to go do something cos this is pretty rad
Usually simblrs do CC gifts and stuff but I’m not quite there yet beyond using my savvy photoshop skills to edit already existing CC.

SO I’m doing an art giveaway, where I draw a winner’s sim (any sims game, won’t matter as I’m drawing it). Up there are some examples of drawings of my own sims, but there’s more of what I can do on my main blog @20thcharacter or my instagram (also 20thcharacter)
Note : some of my older stuff is more completed and detailed that my newer stuff, I’m unable to recreate that again due to an injury on my hand from last year


I can do a sim request. I’m pretty flexible with sliders and genders. (Ts3 only, I don’t have ts4 installed atm) I can also make base game compatible type sims that use no custom sliders or content too, I like the challenge (:

Or (yes there’s another one)

I can do an edit of one of your sims’ pics (any sims games), can be a gif like my header, or anything else i can do…


  • simblrs only,,, I’ll be checking.
  • There will be like 3 people I’ll pick cos I like the number 3 🔽 I’m gonna randomly choose to be fair and DM the winners, asking what they’d like.
  • Likes, reblogs (just 1 pls cos Tumblr notifications are messy as heck these days smh) and following this blog and/or my main blog count as entries. That’s 4 possible entries. If your simblr is a side blog, feel free to say what’s your main is in the tags of your reblog.
  • You don’t needa follow me tho lol, i don’t mind if my personality doesn’t work for you but you want free stuff (kinda shady of you tho nah jk) 
  •  Note: peeps already following either of my blogs are automatically entered cos yeah (by that, I mean following my simblr first, and my art blog - my normal art blog followers arent getting these benefits cos well they wont be having sims to draw/edit). Youse the MVP, liking and reblogging tho will still only count as 2 additional entries.
  • Winner gets to pick: art, sim, or edit. Just one. Not all 3.
  • If you pick art, you can’t really choose what style you get sorry not sorry. It’s a lucky dip, depending on if my hand plays up, my motivation keeps and my inspiration is high. If you want specifics I have a PayPal and you’re free to DM me commission requests my dudes. 
  • Sims and edits, I’m more flexible and determined to perfect to a T
  • I’ll choose at the end of…..this month (November) cos my brother’s birthday is coming up lol, so things can get busyy.

If you got questions you can DM or ask on or off anon on this blog bing bong

the issues with the interviews

im gonna talk about this because the fandom is getting really intense with all this interviews in america and stuff.

first of all, some of you keep saying that we are exaggerating. ive read arguments that try to explain why the interviews are dumb: like, they are 4-6 minute interviews, they are interviews meant to gain more audience, etc. however, all of this is just contradictory. if the interviews are so short, shouldnt the interviewers focus on the important topics? if they are meant to drag new fans; shouldn’t they, most importantly, talk about their work? their music, the kind of artists they are? new people dont give a damn about who’s their *✧.celebrity crush .✧*. of course that’s cute to know and everything, but is it truly important? no its not. if it were for saving time —shouldnt they have official translators? instead of making one of the members waste his time on translating everything? it just doesn’t make sense. this is just a goddamn excuse to their ugly meadiatic plataform and how they are manipulating Bangtan’s true image just to fit their superficial standards. to be honest, they’d drag a lot more audience if they addressed how bangtan’s music is focused on generating a social change from youth’s point of view in their country. how their music has transcended language itself and touched youth from all parts of the world. how they just started a campaign to end violence.

over that; is it me, or has anyone else noticed how a lot of the interviewers are just… petulant? they really get annoying. they have no touch, they interrupt them, they insist. i mean, sure we are overreacting a little, but to be honest this wasn’t how us ARMY meant Bangtan to be received in this part of the world? it could have been so much better. am i the only one that just pauses the interview for a second to close my eyes and breath because the questions are just dumb?

now, a little talk on the emphatic crazy fangirl narrative that these interviewers are making on ARMY. despite what the rest of the kpop comunity may think —me, being a long-term army, having met a lot of people in the fandom, knowing it from the inside, can tell you that most of us dont fit that crazy fangirl complex. we don’t. and its offensive even if they assume it, because Bangtan know their fans are way different. most of us (and im saying specifically most, because I don’t doubt there may exist some exceptions) are absolutely intolerant to hate. hate is just not allowed here —racism, sexism, homophobia. any kind of hate. havent you seen how intense they all get with these topics? ARMY has ideals. and they defend them. we are mature, mature enough to put aside our cultural differences and get along with each other. mature enough to love and understand the same people above all. mature enough to accept sensibility, to address complex topics, to speak up. ARMY is intelligent, ARMY is talented, ARMY is beautiful. and most of all: ARMY IS DIVERSE. just to point out, this fandom has a lot of male fans on it, stop sleeping on them? so yeah, don’t tag us as the crazy fangirls you’re used to from your generic pop celebrities. because Bangtan doesn’t have that.

ending dot.

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I was starved for marichat and I searched it on tumblr and then I read this AMAZING fanfic that gave me life again, and then I was like “okay, I’m going to follow, and never unfollow because this is the good stuff.” (Not a very interesting story, sorry, but it’s how I found your blog.) -P

I do have a good amount of Marichat lol. (Is self proclaimed Marichat Trash lol)

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True though now that I am thinking, the bad place should mostly include Jasons. The other weren't that bad. I mean he's not even trying to be better. Imagine Sheldon being the devil and telling angel Amy with a devil's cake on hand "I wanna do bad things with you" lol. (Now it sounds creepy).

Oh.  I like the idea of Sheldon as the devil and Amy as an angel.  That’s a fun mental image.  I might play around with that for something.

I love Jason.  I don’t know that he’s bad as much as an idiot.  He’s sweet.  Maybe that’s the point.  That very few people truly bad or good.  Most people should just be in the middle of nowhere watching Cannonball Run 2.

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Re: ace DMing: the second session I ever DMed I wanted my players to do more roleplay and less combat and I, an ace lady, had to play a straight male seducing/being seduced by an ace lady played by a gay dude. I've been told it was an entertaining trainwreck of a roleplay from both sides but we all had fun and it did work out in the end :D

Hahaha that’s amazing

I’ve flirted in other campaigns so hoping I can still do so as a dm lol