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favorite belarus moments?

I apologize for not getting to this yesterday, anon, but I wanted to put the actual pictures up and I can’t do that on mobile.

Here are a few of my favorite Belarus moments:

Eating the punchline and threatening ur penis

Petting Russia-cat

Smiling Bela!

Bela throwing a hanger at Denmark (fun fact: I ship it. DenBela, NorBela, and AmeBela.)

More smiling Bela!

And whatever the fuck this is.

back when i was living with my mom and getting regularly threatened ‘in case i was a lesbian’ and being kicked out for a day after saying i didnt want to get married and being hormone-tested for not being normal and all sorts of FUN STUFF like that, I used to tell myself that I was just gonna be closeted until I moved out and was financially independent and was no longer in a place where my wellbeing was dependent on my family’s good graces

and now I’ve been on my own for two years and still haven’t come out to any of them (except the little sister ofc) and ?? why did I even consider it in the first place???  why would I ever share that part of myself with them?  what have they ever done to deserve my confiding in them???  hell I’m afraid to let them know of my taste in fucking movies cause of how critical they are what in the world was I expecting to gain by coming out


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OMG. >_< It takes so much courage for me to post this because like. IDK. OTL Hello~ This me. Also flowers crowns because Bangtan. :)))) ergh.

I tag the following but no pressure!! ^_^ kicktae, 95brotp, bungtans, seduce-me-with-satoori, blackcoffeex, tae–bear, flordemens, q-tae, hobaeyourthirst, and kookie-time

okay i’m not saying this is a not a coincidence but this is definitely NOT a coincidence, not a drill too.

alright idk if anyone has talked about this but i don’t care, so let me talk about it okay? okay.

let’s see something first

this is sailor jerry, a company or whatever that designs tattoos related to sailors or the navy. 

(you can find their official website here.)

once you search it you can see many MANY MANY sea-themed tattoos designs.

and who love sea-themed tattoos?

yes. harry and louis.

first let’s talk about harry’s new mysterious thigh tattoo

so let’s see what we have here.

i’m not saying that is a panther but that is definitely a panther.

let’s see about this again.

aside from the panther which you can see from above, we have a

beautiful handshake 

now where have we seen it?

yes you’re right

and from the same set of designs

did you see it?????



oh wait here’s another

homeward bound

birds oh my god

oh wait there is more!!!

see these???

another thing is the skull

who have the skulls again????!!!!

and this

(louis’ skull is totally valid, because i once drawn his skull in one of my art projects and i can tell you the tattoo design is exactly, 100% the same.)

bonus: i found this

what’s next? oh the dagger and roses

the last one omf

and then we go to the mermaids

comparing to

and let’s not forget about this one

not sure about this

of course there is a  bunch of anchors 

and…what dafuq is this is dis a stag


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Thorin/Bilbo/Dwalin is life and which post-botfa fic do you mean? (link please!!!) also, yes. you should definitely make a rec list.

Dwalin/Thorin/Bilbo Fic Recs

Advantage by diemarysues. 2.3k. kinda smutty.

Synergy by alkjira. 7k. smut. hot af. alsdjalksj

The Empty Bellies Dining Society by sam_ptarmigan. 8k.  Bilbo and Dwalin have two things in common: an appreciation for good meals and a case of unrequited love for a certain oblivious king. The only sensible thing to do is form a supper club.

Smile by bubbysbub. 1k. botfa fix-it, OT3-style.

build a fire in your eyes by lacking. 6k WIP. In which Dwalin sees something reignite in Thorin thanks to the peculiar, fussy Mister Baggins, and refuses to leave well enough alone.  

Closer by bilbobagginshield. 2k. pure smut. sljlkjslakj. sub!bottom!thorin. read the tags.

Warmth by kalypsobean, 600 words. auj. so cute and real. 

Golden In Your Eyes by freakylemurcat. 9k. the hot piercings/tattoos one.

If only you’d looked by diemarysues. 3.6k. quite possibly my favorite oneshot fic ever. post-botfa, angst, smut. a must read. (don’t send me hate after you read it)

Strange Magic: Post Sexy Times Head Canon- Bog the Hair Stylist Strikes Again

I want to say that their first time is lovely and beautiful and meaningful. And it will be. I know that.

But if you don’t think that after its all said and done, Bog isn’t going to turn to the side to say something heart wrenching and romantic and full of love and instead just fucking breaks a rib laughing at Marianne’s post-sexy times hair then I don’t even know what’s happening right now.


Haikyuu!! AU   ||   Inspired by the ending to Shot In the Heart

All of us were only dreaming
Everything is actually a mess

But I wanna dream
I wanna dream
Leave me to dream