Basically, when James asked him about the boys supporting him and after he mentioned that they tweeted him, Niall more or less said that just because they don’t tweet each other stuff all the time that it doesn’t mean they don’t still support or talk to each other. (Essentially, he called out the fan culture of believing that they all hate/don’t talk to/don’t support each other just because they might not make it public all of the time!)



i just finished jumins route nd honestly….i understand why its suggested to play his route first and then ~relax~ w jaehees route before starting sevens bc holy fuck

john gets a call from dave saying he didnt like his selfie so now he is going to call for a war against the human kingdom and to meet them at dawn john hangs up and tells jane to call their allies the carapacian kingdom and get ready for battle

dawn comes and the troll and consort kingdom come and faces the human and carapacian kingdom and then proceeds to have a huge fucking scale water fight between the four kingdoms and everyone is having so much fun this event lasts very well all day to which they just kinda lay around afterwards chatting and laughing and shit while watching the sunset

sorry for complaining so much idk i’m having a really bad time lately and there’s so much stuff happening rn in my life and on tumblr in the fandom and it’s just stressing me out, and i don’t deal well with stress at all. and i’m working every day until next wednesday.

so that’s why i’m not on very much lately i promise i’ll answer asks and whatnot whenever i’m up to it


Seriously you guys?? Seriously? Thank you so much!! I am unworthy, and y’all are so awesome!! I don’t even know! I wish I had more to give you! I don`t art or write, but I`ll try to keep re-blogging quality Clint Barton posts, even in the dry spells between movies and comics.

Seriously guys, I really appreciate it and every new follower or re-blogged post makes me so happy and motivated to keep this thing going.

Thanks guys!!! Wheeeeeeee!


That winteriron pattern I mentioned two months ago… It’s almost totally different from what I had planned in the beginning. I wanted to do another pose, but man, lineless and chibi style is way more difficult than it seems hahaha…

Anyway, here’s a couple phone backgrounds and a little transparent badge for you guys! 

Please credit me if you plan on sharing it or using it online! :D

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when will they let john shine

I knoooooooooooooow. I’m so sad to see so very little of him. Really.. compared to series one he’s barely been in it. I mean, sure he has… but I miss the season one days where he was as important as Sherlock…

You know though, I have a slight suspicion that they are hiding him this series from promotion. Just thinking of all the different possibilites that could happen this series, a lot of them could be more John centric than we think (And really, is Martin going to continue taking this much time off for a show where he doesn’t get any promotion and is constantly on the sidelines?).

I’m thinking he is a lot mainer this series, but showing his scenes would be more spoilerish.. Not to mention Ben is the GUY right now, with Dr. Strange, so of course they are going to show more him, but my bet is Martin’s scenes are more emotional and are going to be the true heart of this series, and that’s one reason they are hiding him a bit. I think Martin is going to make us cry… and I’m ready for it :)