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Boss battle Scape

What’s that?
I couldn’t hear you
Over all this gay


You’re too cool to follow me @ryuutsukino what are you doing


gosh why would you follow me though I don’t get it-

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I like to think that the reason that the woman could escape Cas is that he wanted to give her privacy and not use his powers to stop her? Idk, it's a way of thinking positively about the episode. What do you think?

aw cas is such a good bean that he wanted to give her privacy? yes, possible, i like this

my mind is clouded by the Bad and Awful things that i need someone like you to tell me to chill the fuck out tbh 

me: *tries to think of positive things about the latest bucklemming ep*
me: *starts sweating thru her clothes*
me:  ,,,,,,, castiel
me @myself: get a fkn grip man

oh yeah i’m just writing a drabble i - [trips] [dozens of typed pages from a multi-chapter WIP spill out of my bag] uhh um theses arent mine I’m just [tries to pick them up] [sweats frantically] look okay i just uh it’s not what you think it’s [pages and pages covered in writing scatter across the floor] look they’re not mine okay i just FOUND THEM like that, no wait just LISTEN

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When I was six I didn't quite understand how pokemon worked and soloed the game with my Blaziken. Everything except my fire chicken kickboxer was trash and I had no patience to level them. Then I got stuck at that water gym and rage quit. Then four years later I played Silver and Daimond; and my sister explained how its supposed to be played. Though I accidentally nearly soloed with my Ampharos again. To this day my siblings still call me the dumbest pokemon trainer in the world ( '^_^)

(continued) tl;dr kids can be dumb so its okay and someones probably done something dumber or as dumb as you. Live and learn, at least pokemon don’t judge you for your mistakes

FGSVSDKVSH I UNDERSTAND!!! I fought Brock with Charmander alone and all it knew was scratch and growl because I didn’t understand the concept of battling wild Pokemon to level up!!