XM: Do you know that, even if you can’t see me, I am always here
JD Seriously!! This.. I really don’t know how to react to this?!?!
XM: Truthfully, You guys knew I was going to come right?
JD: I didn’t know~
XM: Where ever Chennie goes, Xiumin is always there, where Xiumin is Chennie is always there.
Kai: Today there is Kai~~ Include me too! >.< 

The Capricorn man will often conceal things about his life for little reason. Being defensive comes naturally; he is afraid that if he allows himself to be open, he will be exposed. This is why he seems so serious. With those he trusts he shows his wicked sense of humor and good nature. He is principled, though he keeps his beliefs and philosophy to himself. Capricorn men are often devoted to their career, which can make them seem distant regarding family responsibilities.

I started to watch Edgar Allen Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party and it turns out they have a transmedia contest each week! It’s really cool, and while I’m rooting for my man H G Wells, I couldn’t help but do Poe because of how well his horoscope fit with his character and his creepy poems. And, ya know, everyone thinking he committed a murder.


OOOOH, HE FELT SO SICK. Apprehension mixed with sheer self-doubt danced torment inside his stomach and with every dull ring the phone made as it connected to the other, he fought the urge to hang up. He had to go through with this, because distance had made his heart just that: distant. He’d had a total of three near sleepless nights worrying over whether he’d ever properly loved his boyfriend, or if it was just that Danny loved him. He’d never been with a guy before, maybe it wasn’t attraction. Maybe he was just there. Casper felt disgusting and riddled with doubt, even after skype calls or new messages. This wasn’t fair, and since his travelling held no near end in sight, he had to do what was best for Danny. If Danny hadn’t moved on already. 

“Hey, hi,” he greeted as the call was answered. “Are you alone? Can we talk? About, uh, us.”


28|7 today i 

  • went to work from 7.00-3.00
  • went to the bank 
  • then into university to sort out some finance issues 
  • popped into paperchase to waste some £££
  • made and applied a avocado mask onto my dry hair
  • sorted through one side of my desk drawer
  • tidied up my room 

and now i’m pooped, i hope your thursday has been a productive one, here’s to a less strenuous friday!!