highlights from my d&d campaign
  • Me, the DM: You see a dark elf--a drow--standing before the statue. And up on the ceiling, you see a giant spider, twice the height of a normal human.
  • Wizard, OOC: Did you make fucking Magic Brian???

i am 100% against characters being white washed, but if your first responce is to publicly bully someone instead of letting them know privately you are doing more harm than good??? 

That being said some of these claims are complete bullshit and the characters are being correctly portrayed,,,, so? 

anyways, since i guess im not sleeping tonight:
i have met so many people on here and i love you all so, so dearly. youre all incredible and amazing and IM NOT LEAVING DURING THE OFFSEASON YOURE STUCK WITH MY ASS, so yeah. to my sunshine friend, @marnersixteen. to my lovely wife, @jakegardnr . to @moriellymolove, @curlyfrycarrick , @mitchmarnerssmile, and @bobrovskies. to @deepfriedleafs, for encouraging me and being an amazing ‘number one fan.’ to @gigglymarner, whom i have been talking to for almost the whole time ive been here and who has been an incredible, amazing friend. to @iceburgh87, who is so understanding and encouraging and gentle, and who i am blessed, absolutely BLESSED, to be friends with.
to the entire leafs gc, and especially @onhomeice for creating it. youre all incredible and you make my day every time i go on there. (i lurk a lot more than yall think 😂)
and. finally.
to @seguins, @connrcarricks, and @connrbrowns. you three are some of the most incredible people i have ever had the gift of talking to, let alone becoming friends with. we literally started the gc to talk shit, which, how iconic, and its only been two weeks or so, but god help me, you have already become such a staple in my life. there is no one else on this planet i’d rather be talking to every day, and nothing else makes me smile like you guys do. youre the reason i started writing again and youre the reason im probably not going to stop. youre really, really stuck with me now.
to all my mutuals: i love you. i see you in my notifs even if we dont talk on the regular and i love you.
thank you for this season. these past few months have been the greatest gift anyone’s ever given me.
(i’d say see you all next season, but im not going anywhere, so.)

anonymous asked:

What do you think about Isak's trailer? Julie was portraying the ultimate "gay fantasy" and it was intended to be humorous but Tarjei was legally a minor when he filmed being 'ejaculated' on by a group of boys and men

are you really doing this?? tarjei was 16/17, tarjei consented to do it, do i literally have to spell out what consent means?

rainbowface20  asked:

So I noticed a lot of kids in my generation often say "s*vage" when they mean "cool." It's kind of off-putting. Doesn't that word have racist connotations? It's pretty much common knowledge that term was thrown at brown (especially indigenous) people a lot. I'm not even sure if it's appropriate to type in without censors. Am I correct in my feelings? I'm not a poc, I'm just curious about what you have to say.

Hmm… I feel that this is a question that can’t be given only one “correct” answer. The feelings and experiences of different people could mean that for some it’s ok and for some it’s not. I’ll give you my thoughts on it: 

I don’t think it’s inherently bad. In fact, what’s wrong is that one association, savage = indigenous people/people of color. The word’s got a history of being used to dehumanize poc and their culture as opposed to that of white people and European values. However, its meaning and usage is not limited to that, and if it’s being used with new connotations and a meaning that separates it from its association to PoC, then that’s better. 

Especially because its meaning is not that of a slur, it wasn’t created as such and it’s not always used to mean that (”did you see what she said? What a savage! She did that!” -the meaning you are giving it-, but also “the savage beast attacked the tourist”, “the strange substance seemed to turn men into savages”). Context matters. And of course, something to revise is what you think makes someone a savage. When you read the last sentence, “it turned men into savages”, what do you imagine they behave as? any kind of behavior associated with non-white peoples, or “fierce, ferocious, and cruel” (the actual meaning of the word as an adjective)? Think about that, too, and why you’d answer with the first option.

So, tl;dr: if anyone tells you they’re uncomfortable when it’s used in the context you provided, you should respect that and stop using it. However, the word itself is not “bad” or “racist” in itself. Calling PoC savages is racist, saying that the way a wild animal attacked someone was “savage” is not.

Mod A.

Edit: I’ve been told that that’s in fact AAVE, something I didn’t know, so I guess that makes the answer that more obvious.

i was betrayed by my own kin today