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How Would EXO Propose

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Park Chanyeol

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He would do it randomly at home. You were having a bad day and was stressed out because of work. You were not in the mood to talk no matter how much he insisted.

“Oh that’s too bad.” he finally said. “Because I wanted to ask if you would be willing to marry me.”

“What? Chanyeol, please repeat what you just said.” you asked him, trying to hide your trembling voice.

“Will you marry me?”

“Oh my god yes!” you shouted jumping in his arms.

Xiumin/Kim Minseok

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It was your anniversary, so he took you to a fancy restaurant that had a beautiful view of the city. You two were having dinner when he took your hands in his while you just looked at him in surprise.

“You know what would make this evening even more special?” he asked and took the ring out of his pocket. 

“This.” he smiled. “Y/N Y/L/N will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?”

You didn’t expect this at all so you just kissed him as the answer.

“I will take that as a yes.” he chuckled. 

Chen/Kim Jongdae

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You were still asleep when you felt someone tickle your feet.

“Jongdae, please don’t.” you laughed pulling them under the blanket.

“Come on Y/N! Wake up it’s already noon.” he said getting on top of you. “If you don’t I might tickle you to death.”

“Anything but that.” you laughed, burying yourself under the blankets and pillows. He lay down next to you.

“I know what will wake you up.” he said. You poked your head out to have a look and when you noticed what he’s holding you quickly turned around.

“Whaah! Y/N what are you doing?” he said rolling you over to him. “Baby, are you crying? Is that a yes then?” he smiled.

D.O/Do Kyungsoo

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One day he took you to the studio which was really surprising as he liked working alone and when he asked you if you want to hear a new song he wrote, you were beyond shocked as he rarely sang to you without an occasion no matter how much you begged. He put the headphones on for you and you both smiled when your eyes met.

“I dedicate this one to you.” he said into the mic before singing.

The melody was beautiful and the song itself was about you two and by the time he finished, you were bawling your eyes out but it wasn’t over yet as he still had one question to ask.

“Y/N.” he said. “I love you. Will you marry me?”

“Soo-” was all you managed to say before you started weeping again and he took you in his arms. 

“Yes.” you mumbled.

Kris/Wu Yifan

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He was really clingy and awkward the whole day, so when you two finally got back home and he went to the balcony, you followed after him.

“What’s up with you today? You’re not being yourself. Are you hungry? Need a snickers or something?” you laughed. 

“Come here you.” he pulled you into his lap.

“I have been meaning to ask you something this whole day but never got the perfect chance but since we are here alone…”

“What are you getting at?”

“Aish, let me finish. So impatient.” he positioned you so you could see his face.

“How do I do this?” he said searching for the ring. “Ah! I lost it!”

“Yifan, your jeans pocket and I already know what you want to do and the answer is yes.” you laughed and kissed him.

Byun Baekhyun

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He left the little box with the ring on his bedside table by accident. You could barely contain your laughter when you found it and decided to ask him about it immediately.

“Baekhyun, what’s this?”

“Oh my God!! Y/N where did you find this?” he snatched the box from your hand. 

“This wasn’t supposed to happen, I had this whole evening planned out and when I asked you to marry me, you were supposed to be so shocked that -” he began blurting out all kind of excuses when you kissed him to shut him up.

“The answer is yes, you big idiot.”

Tao/Huang Zitao

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He was trying to be all romantic and when you two were alone on your holiday he got on his knee.

“Y/N will you marry me?” he asked.

You couldn’t believe it and just got on your knees as well and hugged him so tight and started crying.

“Aww, Jagi, don’t cry.” he said trying to contain his tears as well.

“Then why are you crying?” you chuckled.

“Don’t get me wrong. This is supposed to be a happy moment, I’m only crying because you haven’t answered me yet.” he tried lying and you just laughed to that.

“Of course it’s a yes.” you said wiping his tears away.

Kai/Kim Jongin

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He wanted you to remember this day and planed to surprise you but when he started dancing randomly when you two were out, you just joined him.

“No no no, you can’t dance with me today.” he said stopping you.

“Why not?”

He thought for a few seconds and decided to abandon the choreo and the plan he had in mind.

“Ahh, I can’t resist you.” he said pulling you to him. 

You two got so lost in dancing with no music, so you didn’t even notice when he stopped and took your hands in his.

“I had another idea for this day but I’m sure it will be a memorable one either way.” he told you getting the ring out.

You just gasped and before saying anything, kissed him.

“Yes.” you said after pulling away. “And you were right, I will never forget this moment.”


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One weekend he took you on a trip to watch the night sky. When you two were laying down on the ground stargazing he pulled some kind of paper out.

“What’s that?” you asked.

“I bought you a star.” he smiled. “It’s that little one on the far right-” he started when you interrupted him.

“Are you serious?”

“Is it that unbelievable?” he laughed.

“Let me see this.” you snatched the paper out of his hand and unfolded it.

“What’s this?” you said showing him the words “Marry me” printed on it.

“Exactly what it says. Will you marry me?”

You just crumpled the paper and lowered your head down.

“What’s wrong?” he asked when he noticed tears in the corners of your eyes.

“Of course I will.” you said, finally jumping in his arms.

“You got me scared there for a second.” he laughed. “You know, I really did buy you that star…”

Lay/Zhang Yixing

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You came back home to the smell of something burning. You almost ran to the kitchen thinking that maybe you forgot to turn the oven off when you noticed Yixing.

“What are you doing?” you asked opening the window.

“I decided to bake you a cake.”

“Why?” you laughed.

“Just taste it.” he said handing a piece. 

You took a bite not knowing what to expect and to your surprise it was actually really tasty.

“Oh my God, this is so good!” you were about to say when you almost choked on something solid. You took the ring out of your mouth and just looked at Yixing with a judgemental expression.

“Are you serious?”

He couldn’t help but laugh.

“I’m sorry it wasn’t supposed to be in the cake it was supposed to be on the plate.” he laughed but then you realized what you’re holding.

“Are you serious!?” you screamed in excitement and hugged him.

“Will you?”

“Will this be enough for an answer.” you said kissing him.

Suho/Kim Junmyeon

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He looks so good with glasses omg and that two times eyebrow rise i can’

You were on your vacation by the sea when one evening he suggested on going for a walk. Even though the weather was quite cool the sand was still warm so you took his hand.

“Are you cold?” he asked intertwining your fingers.

“Not yet.” but he still took off his jacket and put it on you. You were walking for a while, just enjoying the view when he stopped when the sun was almost set. 

“You know.” he said searching around his pockets when he realized the box is in his jacket. He hugged you, so you wouldn’t see him taking it out but you didn’t want to release him.

“You’re so warm.” and he just laughed to that.

“Well I would love to hold you like this but can you let go of me for while?”

“No.” you stated and he sighed.

“Fine.” he said still embracing you as he put the box in your hand. “Here.”

“Is that?”


“Oh my God. OH MY GOD!” and you hugged him even tighter.

“I guess that’s a yes.”

Oh Sehun

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He woke you up so early it was still dark.

“Sehun what the hell?” you asked as you looked at the clock. “It’s 4 am! Are you kidding me?” you told him as you turned around to go back to sleep.

“Oh no, you’re not going back to sleep. I have to show you something.”

“Can’t this wait till morning?”

“It’s already morning.”

“Then that’s a no.” you said and closed your eyes but he picked you up, blankets and all.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m taking you to the roof.”

“What? No. It’s cold outside, put me down.”

“That’s a no.” he said. “If it’s the cold you’re scared of then I will keep you warm.” he smirked going out of the apartment.

He sat down on one of the chairs and put you in his lap.

“You look so cute wrapped in those blankets.” he said pulling you closer to him. “Look.”

You opened your eyes and saw the sun rising.

“It’s beautiful.”

“You’re prettier.” he chuckled and opened the box in front of you. “Will you marry me?”

You tried turning around but the blankets restricted your movement, so the chair lost it’s balance and you both fell over. You both started laughing when you freed your hands on put them on his cheeks, squeezing them.

“Yes.” you said and kissed him.

A/N: Feel free to request more scenarios, reactions, etc. I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female!! 😄

[Part I of this is here.]

Ahsoka: [yelling above the din of the room] Everyone, please! Quiet! Now look: I’ve separated you all so that you’ll stop trying to kill each other…and other things. 
[Vaderkin hands Gardner Kenobi a daisy. He blushes. Ahsoka rolls her eyes and murmurs “oh my God” under her breath.]
Ahsoka: [continuing] …obviously, something is messed up in the timeline. And we have to figure out how to fix it, and save my Master from becoming Darth Vader. [to Canon Anakin and Obi-Wan] I want you two to come with me, so we can find out where in the timeline we need to change things. [to the group] The rest of you, stay here. Kenobis: it goes without saying, but you’re in charge. 
Pirate Kenobi: I propose I join you. You might need me. I can be very persuasive. [he winks at the Anakins, who all sigh]
Canon Kenobi: I don’t think that’ll be necessary, I mean, I am the Negotiator –
Canon Anakin: [way too eagerly] He should come along. Uh, he could be, y’know. Good. To have around. [Canon Kenobi stares at him judgmentally] What?
Ahsoka: Ugh, fine. Pirate Kenobi can come. But that’s it! 
Gardener Anakin: Not even me?
Ahsoka: Especially not you. 
Maul: [bursting through the door] I demand to join you! 
Ahsoka: [rubbing her temples] …oh Lord, is Filoni writing this thing? Maul, what the hell are you doing here?
Maul: Same thing you are, Lady Tano. Trying to fix things that went wrong. I insist you bring me on this quest of yours. 
Ahsoka: You don’t even want to save the universe! You just wanna kill Sidious so you can take it over yourself! 
Maul: I have just as much reason to want to set things right as you do. Perhaps we can make it so that my life was never ruined by the Sith. I could be spared years of torment! And I am a good warrior. You might need me. 
Ahsoka: [sighs] I can’t believe I’m saying this, but fine: you can come, too.
Canon Kenobi: [indignant] Oh come on!
Ahsoka: Maybe we can try to go far enough back in the timeline that we can stop everything before it starts. It might be helpful to have Maul with us in case we run into another Maul at some point. OK guys: let’s go. 

[they leave, and emerge in a different place and time] 

Ahsoka: [looking around] This doesn’t look right at all…
Canon Kenobi: [reading from a datapad] It appears to me that we may have gone forward in time, not back.
Pirate Kenobi: [to a mysterious young man heading towards them down the hallway] Well, hello there.
Poe Dameron: [dumbstruck] Whoa.  

@albaparthenicevelut @resistancepilots I am dedicating this one to you two specifically because of its Gardener/Pirate content. Please know that just writing that sentence alone just now made me laugh out loud.  

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dan introducing the tinder sponsored dream date video with "I'm undesirable so I'm just gonna bring phil, my Friend" like okk

‘dates are all about best friends so i dedicate this one to you phil’

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jasmine please do a list with the softest things dan has said/done

took off his blindfold in the blindfolded cat face challenge, doing a nap, mister the dog, this songs all about best friends so i de-dedicate this one to you phil


I See Fire 

Song by Ed Sheeran.*I own nothing, I just happen to mash up songs and videos together*
This is my first Game of Thrones / Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen fan video. After watching S07E06 of the TV Show, I could not get the idea of making a video using this song out of my head, so there you go. I know there are tons of jonerys fans out there so I dedicate this one to you. Hope you guys enjoy it!

(PS.: I’m still learning my way around Sony Vegas Pro).

• I’m sorry it’s late guys but I just found internet so that’s why I haven’t been able to post this shit thing. I dedicate this one for you, reppingirwin because you wanted Calum so yes here you go •

it was baby Hood’s birthday, and single daddy Calum ran around the house trying to get everything ready.
“Calum, calm down” his best friend Luke appeared in the room, carrying Calum’s daughter. “she’s four, she won’t care if there’s toys on the floor”
Calum stopped, grabbing a t-shirt he had thrown on the floor last night. “Luke, you don’t understand. it’s her fourth birthday, I want everything to be perfect”
“yeah yeah, I understand” Luke grabbed a toy, handing it to the kid on his hip. “you want to make sure she gets the best and all that, but you don’t need to fix every little small detail”
Calum knew that Luke was right, perfect wasn’t when everything was just right. perfect was a lazy movie night, his little daughter curled up against her daddy’s chest, falling asleep half through a Disney movie. perfect was waking up to his baby girl jumping on his bed at 6 am because she wants someone to play with. perfect was when her chubby little hands grabbed his, and when she with tired eyes mumbled how much she loved him. perfect wasn’t necessarily a perfect birthday cake and a clean house, perfect was when they were together, having the time of their life.
Calum looked at the little girl in Luke’s arms, she had your eyes, but otherwise she was all Calum’s. his dark hair, his smile, his adorable cheeks and lovely laugh. he loved her more than anything, and the day you walked out he promised himself that he’d do anything for her. no matter how hard and impossible raising a child could feel most of the time, he told himself that he just couldn’t give up. he was a part of creating her, he’s one of the reasons why she’s here, he felt the need to be reason who made sure that she had a great time.
Calum followed Luke into the living room, watching him as he put down little Hood. she walked over to Michael, grabbing his hand and begging him to pick her up. she loved all of Calum’s friends, but Luke, Michael and Ashton were her favourites. they were all like little extra dads, always being there if Calum needed them.
a pair of eyes turned to Calum, and all of a suddenly his mini version was on her way over. “daddy! daddy look at the fwower Ashton drew on my arm!”
Calum bent down, smiling at his daughter as she showed him her arm. he ran his fingers over the little flower. “that’s beautiful, princess”
“I know” she giggles.
he grabbed her, lifting her up and placing her on his hip. “almost as pretty as you”
she giggled again when he bopped her nose with his finger, burying her face in his neck. he kissed the top of of her head, softly rubbing her back. “are you having fun on your birthday, baby?”
she nods, glancing up at her dad with a smile. “yes!”
that reply was what Calum needed. the fact that a normal, simple day was enough for her, made it all perfect. and even though it still hurt that you didn’t want to be a part of all of this, he still wouldn’t change it for the world.

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Gom+kagami point to the S/O in the stands after making the winning shot or a free throw for them at the end of the game?



Akashi calmly threw the free shot. In. Of course.

The ball was passed to him again. He looked at ____ through the corner of his eye. He dribbled, then got in position to shoot.

He closed his eyes, and threw the next shot. His ears returned him the familiar sound of the ball going through the net. It was in.

Good. He smiled to himself then openned his eyes and turned to look at ___ on the bleachers. Their eyes met. Slowly, very slowly, and gracefully, Akashi raised his arm, gesturing towards her as he bowed.. Around him, the game continued, even though there were barely a few seconds late. The opposite team scored while Akashi still stood there, pointing at ____. Obviously. But not like he cared - they’d won 92 - 37 anyways.


Aomine just ran right through the defense and dunked that ball. Apparently it had looked pretty awesome, because everyone was cheering. His team mates surrounded him, all of them commenting and high-fiving and being bubbly and congratulating. Aomine ignored them and looked up at the bleachers until he could finally find ____, staring straight down at him with gleamy eyes.

He hit his chest with his closed fist twice, then quickly pointed his hand at her, with a smirk.


Midorima whispered under his breath, as he got into shooting position: “This one’s for you, ___.”

He made the half-court shot, and gave a quick glance at ___, who was grinning like a child, sitting in the bleachers staring at him, oblivious to the people cheering enthusiastically around her. 

He knew she’d read his lips - or at least was hoping so.


As he ran back to defense after his incredible dunk, Kagami dried the sweat from his chin with the collar of his uniform, and his eyes were concentrating on the situation ahead of him accross the court.

But his arm was held up straight, his index finger pointing right at ___, that blushy girl in the audience everyone was now looking at.


To be fair, Kuroko’s pass was what had saved the game in the last minute.

All of his team mates circled around him, cheering, and lifted him up in the air. Kuroko smiled a little bit, thankful for the recognition. His eyes turned to ___, sitting on the bench. His smile widened as he saw how proud she looked, and he winked at her.


Kise pointed at ___ with a determined expression on his face, and on his lips, you read “alright, I dedicate this one to you”. He turned around, and shot the three pointer. Once the ball had gone throught the net, he looked at you again, smiling like a dork.

“I love you, moron”, he read on your lips as you smiled back at him and gently shook your head.


Murasakibara used the Thor’s Hammer move for the last time that day. The game was almost over, so coach Araki sent him back to the bench.

Murasakibara sat down, threw the towel over his shoulder, and reached for a couple snacks. He turned to face the crowd, and there ___ was, some rows behind. He got up, and tossed one of the maiubos at her, like he was shooting a basketball. She quickly got up and catched it in middle-air, sursprised.

____ looked down at the maiubo, then back at him, her eyes glowing.

Murasakibara smiled and rose his eyebrows a little bit, then turned around and sat back down.

Everyone around her in the audience turned to look at ____and the maiubo in her hands. Written on the envelope with a sharpie, it read: “You fuel me. Enjoy, ” then signed: “Atsushi”.


I don’t have one of those fancy camera setups where I can record myself drawing traditionally, so I just took some progress pics so you can see my step by step process.

I am super happy with how this one came out. ♥ Junkrat is super fun to play as, and to draw, since he has such a unique face.

I dedicate this one to @coulsart. I know you probably don’t know me, but you got me into playing Junkrat with your awesome posts. Cheers, mate. :)

Thank you Lee Pace, no Thank you Pacers

I am not sure if writing a post on how Lee Pace changes lives will bring you any new news, as I am aware that all Pacers are a fan of this man because of how he managed somehow to make their lives better.

I have , personally known , crushed on, obsessed on, wrote love letters and craved poems for many celebrities but with Lee Pace is completely different. I have been a fan of Lee Grinner Pace for almost ten years now, and with every passing year he proves me that all these years were worth it. It is not only his exceptional talent and dashing personality that won me over though. 

It is YOU guys, his fans what made me fall in love with him more and more. The pacer fandom , I keep saying that on social platforms, are the kindest and most caring fans I have ever encountered. Each one of you holds love and admiration to the same man I dedicated my life for, Each one of you love him in her/his unique way which makes the fandom the ever so beautiful.

This man changed my life, being his fan all these years made me a better human, being interactive with you guys and his fans made me a better human. 

I now realize that Pacers and Lee Pace are just another meaning of everything kind and beautiful in this life. 


THANK YOU LEE PACE AND PACERS for being the awesome humans you are :)

A fellow pacer