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Why are people being so negative about the promo video? I think it's great. Really eerie and atmospheric. It doesn't bother me that robron aren't dancing, in fact I think they judged it just right, you could feel the emotion between them. Why can't everyone just look forward to some great entertainment and lots of screen time for the boys?

I don’t get it either my lovely nonnie but it seems some people just love being negative about almost anything. Obviously, they’re entitled to their own opinion I just don’t understand all the negativity. But I think they feel like Robert and Aaron are being treated differently than other couples, which I don’t get at all bc like I said in my earlier post, Paddy and Rhona aren’t dancing either and are doing pretty much exactly the same as Robron.

I complete agree with you about the promo video! It’s incredible! It’s so mysterious, beautiful in a dark way and eerie and atmospheric like you said! It really draws the viewers in and makes you excited and curious about what’s going to happen with this October stuff!

That Robron scene is so instense and their chemistry is so palpable. There’s so much tension and emotion in their eyes. So I too think ED made the right decision about not letting Robron dance.
Not only would I like to save that special moment of them sharing their first dance together for their engagement party or their wedding - but I think it would have looked quite funny/comical if Robert had been twirling Aaron around or bent him over backwards while dancing in the video - which kinda defies the purpose of the video as it’s meant to be intense and not funny.

So I’m on the same page as you nonnie - let’s look forward to all this October stuff where we’ve got lots of Robron coming up AND an engagement! I’m really excited for what’s to come 💗💕

Ever since you came into my life I just feel like writing all the time. I feel like dancing around to The Front Bottoms, I feel like singing in the shower and laughing for no apparent reason. I never thought it would be possible to be this happy, just a year ago I was drowning in anxiety and depression. It’s so weird because I had never felt like this before, I had never trusted someone so wholeheartedly, I had never felt so safe. And yes, there will be arguments and misunderstandings, but every single argument and misunderstanding makes me love you even more. It reminds me that you’re not perfect and that neither am I, but somehow what we have is perfect. This is perfect. I love you, and this love is more than I could ever ask for. We’re strange, we’re goofy, we argue, we’re stubborn. But in the end, this is all I want. This is all I will ever want. You are all I will ever want.
—  my thoughts about you / 3:39am

i;m rewatching mother beyoncé’s 2011 glastonbury set and honesstly? we all need 2 accept that she is the greatest 2 EVER do it like no IF’S or BUT’S there has never been any1 LIKE her she literally gives u a flawless vocal performance every time she hits the stage, whilst dancing such elaborate choreo in high heels , like she gives u a PERFORMANCE and VISUALS and y’all wana tell me there’s somebody greater than her? NEVER

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What if the boys found out their lover played Otome games or was an otaku?

Note: I was having a hard time with this one, so I asked my darling @thetwitterpatedgirl to help. And she just wrote up a whole scenario?? Like omg. Here it is! I’ll be back on in a bit because I have to leave for dinner real quick. Enjoy! The writing is all hers, with the exception of a few pronoun edits.


• At first he’d be all like wTF but he won’t judge
• He would be lowkey jealous if you boast about some otome character you’re currently romancing but when you explain to him that you love him the most and that it’s just a game he’ll get over it in a snap.
• He’d be the type to ask about your bias and try and act out a sappy scene from the otome with you and tbh it’s way better than you ever imagined and omg your heart can’t chill


• BRUHHH he’d be so into these otome games
• He’d read em with you and would totally fangasm with you
• You may think that he’d steal lines and take notes from the otome but he honestly doesn’t need to study up or copy that stuff cause he’s hella fine and has a way with his words already lolol
• You two would sing the songs sung by the characters together it’d be awesome tbh


• At first he’d think it’s fuckin weird for romancing these fictional characters and he’d have no understanding as to why you’re so obsessed and dedicated (hah even tho hes a fictional character pffft)
• But he’d learn to respect it after a few annoyed smacks from you and your irresistible pouty face yellin at him to stfu… that shit turns him on oopsies.
• He would end up just ignoring it but if you were to go on and on about some character he would just mindlessly nod and not pay attention at all but you didn’t really mind that

Shiki (baaaabe):

• You’d be playing your otome game, super focused on your device as the story’s getting to the part where the otome character starts expressing their feelings for the mc anD AW HELL ITS GETTIN SO GOOD THIS IS GOOD SHIT and Shiki’s just like ‘the hell? why aren’t they acknowledging me??? ^n^’ and he’d sneak behind you, his head just above your shoulder, since you’re too occupied to notice and FINALLY the character starts confessing but it’s interrupted by Shiki, his voice making you jump, “I love you so much, MC. I know I don’t deserve you… But, I swear to you… that I will become worthy of you.”
• He’d be like “why tf are you cheatin on me with a fictional character???” and you’d have to explain it to him like Rem.
• “If you were bored then you couldve just said so..” he’d wrap his arms around you and you’d be trying to object but your voice doesn’t seem to be working and he’d just smirk saying, “I like that face..”
• Tbh he doesn’t really mind but he’d rather you spend more time with him than your fictional babes.


• When he found out about your obsession with anime characters and otome he’d honestly not have much of a reaction.
• Since he’s the mom friend I can see it coming up in conversation sometimes and him just asking what otome is exactly and SHIT you just start rambling on and on about it and he immediately realizes he just got himself into some crazy fandom shit but since it’s you he doesn’t really mind… it’s kinda cute actually.
• And because he thinks it’s cute how invested and happy you get when he asks about it, he continues to do just that. It’d go a little something like;
“So what’s happening in the world of otome?”
“oH MY GOD okay so you know how MC was a former goddess?? well turns out in her past life she had a lover and tHAT LOVER WAS HUEDHAUT AHDJSJWJK”
“Oh, yeah? That smarty-pants guy?”
“YES, HIM!! And he’s so heartbroken ohhhh myyy godddd.”
“Poor guy.”
And so on.
• Basically he’d be really chill about it and would let you fangirl over these otomes as much as you want in front of him and think you’re adorable all the while.


• He’d be so done with you.
• Like, I imagine you having heart eyes over some fictional babe and his smile would immediately be turned upside down.
• When you notice this you’d try and poke fun at him;
“Why would I be jealous of someone who isn’t even /real/?” (Like you? lol jk)
• And it’s true, too. He wouldn’t be necessarily jealous but it’d annoy him when you freak out over these fictional characters.
• He’d lay with you in his dog form as you watch anime or whatever and he’d claim to have no interest but you swear that you see him getting caught up in the juicy moments but he always denies it of course.

*blows party favor* Hello, Nerd-Birds! It’s September 30th, and you know what that means! Time is meaningless and we’re all just a little bit closer to rotting in the earth! Also it’s Night Vale night! More specifically, this Night Vale night marks my 3 Year Fanniversary! In dog years, that’s like 15 Fanniversaries! And as is traditional, I’m shouting my thoughts on the first episode of October into the Internet via text posts! So if you don’t want to be spoiled simply go to a dance. Do you know what to do? Swing your partner, swing your partner, swing your partner to you. Throw your partner way out, give your partner a spin Swing your partner, swing your partner, swing your partner back in. Round and round and round we go If you waltz her once around the hall Then you'll see that she's the belle of the ball Round and round and round once more Oh, the music has such a wonderful sound Around, around, around. Well that was fun. Now that that’s over with, try to leave the dance and go outside. You reach for the door knob, but pause and find that the doors have disappeared. You laugh, thinking you’ve accidentally reached for a bare wall, that the door is on the other side of the hall. You’re so silly sometimes. You evade the dancers and reach the end of the room. You stop again. No doors there either. Now you start to get nervous, a cold bead of sweat travels down the back of your neck and it makes you shiver. You look around, desperate for a way out. No doors, and it seems the windows have all gone too. No way out, no way in. You’re trapped in the dance hall for the rest of your life. You survive on luke warm kool-aid being served in a punch bowl that never seems to empty and okay enough finger foods. Your days are spent swinging your partner, the same girl in a knee-length red dress and pig tails, round and round and round. You spin on the dance floor and weep, praying for a way out, praying for a way to stop dancing, praying (at least) to get a better DJ. Seriously, my dude, how many times can you play Kenny Loggins’ song “Footloose” in a row before it gets annoying?! ... Or you could just blacklist the tag (”WTNV Spoilers”) as usual. Whatever puts the sin in your sincere.

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hello! I'm 15 this year and although I seem to be very sociable, I actually prefer being alone or be with my close friends. I stand up for what's right, and people say that I'm very firm. I can be mean and sarcastic to people who goes overboard with me or my close friends. I love music and dancing as well (:

Always Offers to Buy You Food - Eunwoo

Calls You “My Child” - JinJin

Tries Too Hard to Annoy You - MJ

Best Friends- Rocky

Like Siblings- Moonbin

The Ship- Sanha

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You’re the person at school that Sanha is absolutely in love with. Like, more than half the time he isn’t even focusing on notes or the classes at all he’s just doodling your name or staring at you from across the room (in a TOTALLY NOT CREEPY WAY he swears even though his friends probably tease him constantly). He tries so many times to confess to you but he does it so awkwardly that it doesn’t seem like a confession so he thinks you’re constantly rejecting him but you aren’t he just doesn’t grasp the concept that asking if you want a bite of his sandwich is sweet but doesn’t spell out ‘i l-i-k-e y-o-u”. Eventually one of his friends just goes up to you and tells you and after that its just kind of established that you guys are a ‘thing’ even if you aren’t officially dating yet because you’re always around each other and literally nobody can miss the way he smiles at you.

Ships are closed we are just finishing the ones we have. Any sent in at this point in time will be deleted thank you

Became one of those people who wears their makeup at the gym today. Tried out another lip colour today and lost track of time, had about 5 minutes to throw my workout clothes on and leave the house. The colour did not look good with the red face afterwards, but I looked pretty good during.

Lovely evening, but it’s going to start getting cold walking down like this. Need to think about what’s best to do.

Also, I’m very proud that I got all four planned workouts in this week! Two strength-based workouts at the hotel gym, dancing in my hotel room, and then my Extreme HIIT class tonight (which was more resistance-focused this week than cardio). Now for two rest days bar some much needed yoga.

Everytime friends or people talk about flirting and kissing with random people in parties I’m like (????????) And I remember this only party I went when a guy came behind me to ask me to dance with me. But he took my hand and laced his fingers with mine and I couldn’t say anything because it was the first time someone was interested in me like that lol I mean, gosh… I was with 6 friends and they all was prettier than me (im the ugly baby-faced friend that everybody see as the younger sister) and he picked me.

But he gave me compliments and asked me my name, age, and those things and I just wanted someone to rescue me ;—-; He was like 25-30 years old lol Not bad at all but jesuschrist he was dancing so close to me. And putting his hands in places he shouldn’t. I runned away when the song ended lol and I tried to avoid him for the rest of the party.

How people can do that. LOL How you can go kissing random people I just don’t understand x'DDDDDD

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Are y'all still doing ships? If yes, I'm native american (black hair, black eyes, tan skin) and african american. My height is 5'11 the tall friend™. I love listening to music and sleeping. I also love board/video games even though I lose all the time.I prefer sunsets over sunrises. Im intp-t and scorpio. I'm introverted but blunt with people I'm close to. I am very intimidating by looks but really I want to be everyone's friend. I can't dance or sing but I love to off key/beat to my favorites♡

Scared Of You When He First Meets You- Sanha

Stands On Toes To Try And Be Taller Than You- Rocky

Always Loses To You In Games- MJ

Best Friends- Jinjin

Like Siblings- Rocky

The Ship- Eunwoo

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The bus is slowly filling up, but you’ve managed to keep the two seats all to yourself.  You think you’ll be fine until you get off, but two stops before where you should depart, you have to move your bag and give up the aisle seat to an incredibly handsome young man.  You don’t mind much, but with the whole looking intimidating thing you expect nothing to come out of the short bus ride.  However, he strikes up a conversation with you immediately after he sits down.  By the time your stop comes up, you’ve learned that his name is Eunwoo and he’s part of an idol group.  Even though he’s part of an idol group, though, he gives you his phone number and suggests you meet up again in the future (in a place nicer than a city bus).

Ship requests are closed.  We are going to finish answer the ships that we have.  If we receive any more ship requests, they will be deleted.

Move on, leave, run away, escape this place… but don’t forget about me, about us, about this town. Always remember where you come from so you can appreciate how far you’ve come.
—  c.j.n.
You claim to love her, inside and out, but the only time you call her beautiful is when it’s 3 in the morning and I’ve already turned you down.
—  girls tell each other everything, c.j.n.