Coming to you from my lunch break with the menu for the SweePara collab event starting from May 1st.

They’re going to offer what’s called a collab set for 650 where you get to choose 1 food and 1 drink from the following list. If you order a set you get a coaster and a paper lunchmat (I guess? I’ve only heard ランチョン used as “luncheon”). You can add on to your order a limited number of times for an extra 500 yen each (meaning @xiil3gendary and I will have to go multiple times) and for every extra drink receive a character sticker, which are randomly doled out, because of course they are.

Anyway, the menu!

Saihara Shuuichi’s Mystery Curry Soup

Toujou Kirumi’s Black Maid Pasta

Amami Rantarou’s Omlete Rice*
(They call it オムライっす to pun off his speech pattern)

Monokuma Family Curry

Yumeno Himiko’s Magician Waffles

Akamatsu Kaede’s Hardworking Pianist Pancakes

Ouma Kokichi Coffee?!?!

Iruma Miu’s ♥♥ Drink

Harukawa Maki’s Berry Poison Soda

Momota Kaito’s Galactica Soda

Kiibo’s Robot Drink

…some of these names were cleverer than others.

Anyway so yeah. Birthday month is shaping up to be awesome!

i mean not to discourse but while on the one hand i can sort of see what people are talking about with tary taking on a more gay best friend role (thank goodness he had some significant interactions with the vm men this ep because i was WORRIED when they said the bakery was the ladies and tary) but on the other hand vex is bi, not straight, and tary did grow up p much starved for affection (from what we know of his background) so maybe all the excessive fondness is just vex trying to be kind to someone she empathizes with? 

@lilmizzkrazie yeah…even if I don’t ship it it is his story i guess. but I’d be very surprised. i just don’t see the show really ever being focused on jack getting together with someone, as his purpose is basically to help those in need and to defeat aku. genndy could’ve put someone with him if he really wanted to in the older seasons, but out of all those 4 seasons, he hasn’t.

@taxz its strange to me, yes.

i just…i don’t like discussing over ships. that’s not my main focus when it comes to watching shows. talking about this stuff eventually just gets to the point where it just makes me uncomfortable because everyone has different opinions and some are really passionate about ships, while others aren’t, and i don’t want to provoke arguments… ;-;