I am so emotional and happy rn! At this point I don’t even care about the major plot holes or the Despair Arc being less than satisfying, because EVERYONE IS SO HAPPY AND ALIVE AND WELL. It was an amazing ending to this arc and I’m super sad that it’s over. I cried at least twenty million times during this episode and as a whole DR3 was really great and I’m so happy it exists. Also thank God for all my OTPs (besides Kizajin smh) being happy and alive. We even got a cute yet sad Hinanami moment. Just omg, thank you Kodaka for this amazing series that honestly means the world to me. I’m now going to have nothing to do with my life until V3. See ya on the flip side.


Wonderland Meme :: Four Episodes (4/4) » And they lived

“Many people have come and gone from Wonderland, but only the most special ones ever discover what it’s truly about… Finding love? Finding yourself.


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