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Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 28.01.2017


Space had never been Jacinta’s thing. Raven had known that when they’d blasted off six years ago. Yet…the young woman had flourished. Although she’d been terrified of the thought, she’d become accustomed to it. It had become habit for her to stare through the glass down at the planet below, a planet slowly starting to become green again.

“How’s Earth going today?”

Jacinta turned to face Raven. The silver ring around her finger glinted in the soft light, the hand it adorned resting on the gentle swell of her stomach. It was the warm, confident smile that crossed her lips that made Raven proud of her. How far she’d come. The lost and lonely girl was gone now, replaced by a woman with a family of her own.

I Got a Boy by flyingcrowbar

All it takes is for a pair of scissors to turn Annabeth Chase into Andrew Chase. She sheds the long blonde ponytail in exchange for a uniform at the elite all-boy private school where only the finest go on to achieve their dreams. It’s her last hope to becoming an architect, one she’s willing to hide her true identity for. Now she only has to pray her new roommate Percy Jackson, star freestyle swimmer, isn’t smart enough to figure it out. A retelling of She’s the Man and Hana-Kimi.