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Im soooooo happy he squashed the "Harry hates 1D rumours" and the interview feels so good. But those pics. Especially the long hair ones. Omg he should just start modeling! Theyre so beautiful! I could stare at this man all day. Louis is a lucky man. I love everything about this!!!!

The first time Ronan comes to visit Adam at college, his roommate watches him climb into a car with this tattooed, shaved head, rich boy punk
And he is absolutely appalled
Because how dare Adam Parrish cheat on his nice farmer boyfriend with this guy
So he follows them like, all day
As they go get lunch so he follows them in and claims a little table in the corner
Tries to look discreet
But Ronan notices
Of course he does
So Adam goes to the bathroom and Ronan stands up all casual and walks over and slams his hands down on the table
“You’ve been following us all day who tf are you”
And he’s terrified
Bc Ronan looks like he could kill him right now
But he figures he has to defend the farmer boy’s honor
So he stands up out of his chair all like
“I’m Adam’s roommate and do you know he has a boyfriend how dare u”
And Ronan just stares at him like…
Wtf is happening…
“I am his boyfriend”
His boyfriend is a farmer?
And has a kid??
U don’t look like a farmer or a dad
And then Adam comes out and sees this and he just walks over like
“Oh hey what are u doing here I see you’ve met my boyfriend, Ronan”
And kid’s still all ???
You’re a farmer??
And Ronan’s just like
Adam ur roommate just accused u of cheating on your boyfriend do you really not have any pictures of me
Like, at all

Every so often Walt would call us up to his office on a Friday afternoon. We knew what he wanted. When we got there, he would say, “I just wanted to know what you boys were up to these days.” Then he would turn around in his chair and stare out the window, like the first time we played it [Feed the Birds] for him, and he would say “Play it.” And we would…and you could just see Walt thinking “That’s what it’s all about, everything we do at Disney.” - Robert B. Sherman

We’d be at dinner, and suddenly Kyle would say, “Mom, you know you’ve got to accept that I’m gay.” He was never disrespectful, but I was so upset, sometimes I could hardly even look at him. Nick kept up better communication with Kyle. I’d beg him to take Kyle out to dinner and tell him how miserable he was making me. I hoped Nick could talk some sense into him.

By age 16, Kyle’s relationship with his girlfriend had run its course, and things grew quiet for a while. Then one day at the car wash, out of the blue, he said, “You know, this is not going away. I’m still gay.”
That was my lowest point. I worried all the time. I couldn’t eat much and I would sleep two or three hours before staring at the ceiling. I couldn’t tell anyone at church—I felt that we’d be judged. We’d checked all those boxes. What did we do wrong?

I began reading a lot, hoping to learn how to change Kyle. I believed I was helping him. I mostly found memoirs written by people who felt comfortable being gay and Christian, which ran counter to my beliefs. But I knew the answer had to be out there.

And it was. One day, I was reading one of the memoirs in the bathtub. Instead of asking God to change your child, the author suggested, why don’t you ask Him to change your heart?

—  This is a big deal: Woman’s Day online has published a first-person story about a Christian mom coming to terms with having a trans son. This portion is from when her son first came out as gay, before realizing he was trans, but the entire piece is just as moving. I highly recommend the whole thing, for the sake of all the queer kids in religious households who think there’s no way anyone will ever support them. Love is out there. (via Woman’s Day