Leave it to Caro to bring me back to earth after all this Jared hullabaloo and remind me of what´s truly important in this life: the S word ♥♥♥ 

And considering that I´m currently sitting at work, these hotly debated questions are messing me up big time.

So I´m just gonna leave these here for everyone to view and maybe we´ll come to some sort of mutual agreement. As I´m fairly confident none of us (sadly) have any first hand knowledge on this… :( (But if someone does, YOU BETTER BE SHARING THAT INFO RIGHT EFFING NOW! Thanks.)


“Y/n, babe, come on and play!” Michael yells loudly as soon as my head because visibly through the kitchen window. The four boys were on a small vacation now that their tour had come to an end, and my best friend Calum was so delightful that he had asked if I wanted to come down as well. I hadn’t seen Calum – or any of the boys for that matter – since they had started off the European leg of the tour, which was ages ago.

Respective girlfriends or other best mates were coming over as well within the span of a few days. I had been in the neighbourhood, on a small holiday of my own as well, when Calum invited me. I decided to just come straight after, having me to clean after four very elated, childish men.

I wave at Michael who’s kicking the ball around. Luke and Ashton are chilling in the pool, and I have no idea where Calum is. I drop my bowl and spoon into the sink and grab myself a can of coke before I saunter outside to a pouting Michael. I grin at Calum who apparently occupies one of the lounge chairs out of the view of the kitchen window.

Calum was sporting his shorts, shirt discarded as his hand was shoved down the front of his pants. I raise my eyebrows as I bring my can to my lips. “See you’re feeling awfully comfortable.”
Calum merely shrugs his shoulders before he holds out his hand towards me and I let my fingers slip in his. “Come hang out, I missed you.”

“Ah, you’re too cute. But I kinda want to kick the ball around with Mikey first. We’ll hang out later, promise.” I wink as I hand him my can, Michael cheering on the grass as he heard our small exchange. I jog up to Michael and he passes towards me and charges almost immediately after.

“No, no! You’re cheating you filthy swine!” Michael yells as I kick the ball through his legs again, scoring another point in our make shift goal on the edge of the yard. I boisterously laugh at Michael, who apparently is a sore loser and I’m not quick enough in turning and running away before his arms curls around my waist and I’m hoisted off of my feet and almost flying through the air.
“Michael! Michael no!” I shriek, still laughing loudly as I drop onto my knees because he can’t hold me anymore.

I hear a cough behind us and Michael immediately lets go of me. Calum helps me back on my feet and I keep coughing from the excessive laughter as I clutch my best friend’s toned biceps. “If no one beats Y/n, we’re going to hear about this for the rest of the week. So, one on one?” Calum raises an eyebrow and I can’t help but reciprocate the gesture, crossing my arms over my chest.

“Why would I? Maybe you should make it more interesting.” If there was anything that had drawn Calum and I closer together when we were kids, then it would be our competitive nature. I loved this side of him but I could appreciate it when I lost against him, because he never gloated – that much.

“What do you want?” Calum immediately counters and I start giggling as soon as he starts speaking. “You’re my butler for the rest of the week. And I mean everything I want or need.” I wink and I see Calum visibly gulp. He knew that if I won, he’d be the piss pole for the rest of the weekend and that I’d never let him forget.

“Alrighty then. If I win – “ Calum taps his chin as he tries to think of something. “You clean my room and bathroom for the rest of the week.” A look of pure horror crosses my features because I know what a pig Calum can be when he wants to be. Although I’m not going to grant him this one. I agree.

We’re going neck by neck. He scores, I follow soon after. I’m doing my absolute best to prove my worth in football because face it, everyone knows Calum’s rather talented. I also know he’s going easy on me but he’ll rue that choice in a few moments. Only one point left to decide who is going to win this game.

“Go Y/n!” Michael yells from his spot on the grass and Calum momentarily stops to shoot his best mate a glare. “Michael, shut the fuck up!”

Calum is momentarily distracted and I push past him, stealing the ball and making a beeline for the make shift goal between two bushes. Calum groans loudly and I know he has started his pursuit but it’s no use anymore. I kick the ball between the poles and when I turn around, Calum almost crashes into me but swing his arm around my shoulders to stop himself from impact.

“Yes! Fuck yes! I won!” I shriek, laughing loudly as Calum curses and kicks the ball onto the other side of the garden into the bushes. I’m standing arms in the air, before I lower them to rest on my hips. Calum turns towards me and shakes his head. I see him glance – more like glare – in Michael’s direction as he steps closer, his arms curling around my neck to haul me into his sweaty, unclothed chest.

That’s when it somewhat clicks. Not just today, but the other three days that had gone by had gone similar to the moment we just shared. My heart flutters as I step out of his embrace and wink in his direction as I turn to walk back inside. I may premeditatedly swing my hips a bit more than usual as I disappear from sight. I know Calum is following me.

I lean against the wall and wait for him to round the corner. When he does, he merely smirks and stops in front of me, his gaze flicking from my eyes to my lips, all the way down. Calum and I were known to have some slipups whenever we were both drunk, but I was willing to make those mistakes sober if he were. And considering his jealousy towards Michael, I knew it wouldn’t give such a problem.

“Well, what do you need?” Calum leans against the wall with his flat hands, arms stretched, head only mere centimetres from mine. I can’t help but let my gaze flicker from his darkened gaze to his plump, pink lips and I know I can’t ask it from him.

I don’t have to though, because he takes sudden initiative and presses his lips gently to mine. My eyes had fluttered closed and when Calum retreats, an instant emptiness fills me. I take deep breath and let my fingers brush along his neck before I haul him back in and reciprocate the gesture, Calum smiling against my lips as he takes a small step closer, hand coming off of the wall to grip my hip.
“You, you were jealous, weren’t you?” I chuckle against Calum’s lips as my fingers thread through his unruly curly locks.

“Ah, shut up.” Calum groans in return as he hovers over my lips, his eyes slowly opening to shoot me a playful glare. “It’s hot.” I breathe, flicking my own gaze up to meet his darkened gaze. Calum lets out a sound that almost sounds like a growl as I feel his large hands cup my thigh and hoists me off of the floor with ease.

Our lips and teeth clash together as he pushes the door to the guest bedroom open, it flying closed roughly by his foot. Our clothing is thrown into every other direction until we’re bare and I’m dropped onto the messed up, unmade bed. Calum doesn’t waste any time with teasing, and I’m incredibly thankful for that. Instead, he crawls up on my body to reconnect out lips and I feel him rest between my opened legs.

I move my hips along his to indicate what I desired, and Calum catches on in a split second. He lines himself up with my entrance, but he doesn’t do anything before he lets his gaze flick over to mine once to see if I was in distress. I answer him with a raised eyebrow and a smirk and I see Calum’s lips curl up into a wicked grin as he shakes his head.

“Unbelievable.” He smirks as he pushes into me, his lips catching mine to swallow the moan that tumbles from my lips. His hips snap and gyrate in circular motions, my hands roaming over his toned muscles on his back. Calum’s lips roam my neck and collarbones before dipping towards my breasts as his hands cup and squeeze them.

I can already feel my orgasm approach rather fast, my hips moving along with Calum’s as best as I can, moans tumbling from my lips like a chant, his name falling from my lips in a whisper. It seems to edge Calum on even more, his pace picking up as he hugs my body close to his.

Moans fall from Calum’s mouth like he’s in pure bliss and I can see the stars peek from behind my eyes. My orgasm hits me and while I contract around his thick erection, I feel Calum stumble as well to continue his thrusts. It doesn’t take him long to finish after me and I’m still trying to catch my breath as he drops down next to me and moans loudly, eyes fluttering closed.

He’s amazing to behold and I could stare at him all day, doing anything. But lying on the sheets in a thin sheen of sweat, heart hammering in his chest, it’s my favourite view of Calum.

“Is Mikey still this important?” I can’t help but roll my eyes as I turn onto my side and slap his chest loosely. “Jealousy really isn’t a good colour on you, Cal.” I huff before I press my lips against his shoulder and drop my body against his, hugging his frame close to mine.


You got a pretty mouth, boy…

For real though, the Japanese dub has some seriously…enticing lip/mouth movements (formations???idk). So I made some quick, shitty gifs because I’m trash.
I did play about with these, mind you; like slowing them right down and reversing the bottom gifs…but still… I could stare at him all day lmao
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ T a n t a l i z i n g