Let everything old walk free.
              The ocean is not interminable.
       Stop feeding the dodo birds.

Patience never killed no one.
              I could tell you some stories.
       Something rotten in Neverland.

The crooner hid in the corner.
              Another year of bad crops.
       Surprised upon returning.

A sacrifice made in advance.
              A citadel built from newborns.
       A stronghold for insignificance.

Yesterday is best served cold.
              I would have loved you again.
       The lobsters sing their requiem.

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aoife tyler is such a nerd like he's literally so lame i love him so much like i'm in love with him but how did he land jenna?? the goddess that is jenna joseph who is probably the coolest human being is married to a full-on bean

this is honestly the realist thing ever like ?? tyjo i love u bean but like how did you get jenna, teach me i want a jenna in my life m8
they are seriously the cutest ever tho and every time wedding pics show up on my dash i have to hold back tears she makes him so happy man, you have no idea how happy i am that she can make him happy enough to write about love and not just fear, like remember that one time someone on twiter cropped tyjo out of a picture that had jenna in it and he fAVOURITED IT
i love them both just fuck me uP I COULD BE HERE ALL NIGHT

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1) Write your name in song titles:
Seven Devils
Million dollar man
No Angel
Talk about our love
Heavy Metal and Reflective

2) Why did you choose your URL?
I got horny at Whole Foods once.

3) What’s your middle name?
Janice but it’s pronounced Jah-neece

4) If you could be a fictional/fairytale being, what would you be?
A witch with grey ombré hair, dark red lipstick, a crop top, and a black maxi skirt with two side slits that go right up to my coochie

5) Favorite colors?
Blue, gold, purple, and black

6) Favorite song? At the moment?
Gasoline by Daddy Yankee. It’s old as fuck but lately it’s been my go-to running song

7) Top 4 fandoms?
Steven universe, lord of the rings/the hobbit, the fashion fandom, and MUA fandoms

8) Why do you enjoy Tumblr?
i love how there are so many talented people. It’s been a huge factor in my body positivity. As someone who’s suffered from anorexia since the age of 12, it’s helped me love myself. I also get up to date info on current events. I’ve learned so much about blackness from here. Oh and the cuties ;)

9) Tag 9 of your mutuals.
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The quality isn’t very good, this is actually a screenshot from a drawing I made like two years ago(I wish I could give you the whole pic with HD quality, but I lost the phone I had this drawing in , the only place i posted it was instagram and i had to crop it to fit the onsta size… sorry!) Sasuke and Masamune look great in Tsuruhime’s outfit~ // maybe i should re-create this pic from scratch?// EDIT: NOW MY INSTA NAME IS VISIBLE 👌


Instagram / sdupreebemis

1. Could I have fit this into a square? Yes. Would I have had to crop out that belly? Yes. Was that going to happen? No. Headed to LA to see @maxbemis when @sayanything comes through LA in a few days and to hang out with Grandma & Grandpa Bemis while he finishes out the last few days of tour and then flys back to LA for some R&R family time❤️

2. Jet lag on top of babies on top of life makes me sleeeeeeeeeepy. 😵😂 But all worth it to see @maxbemis after his show tonight. Thank God for badass Mother in Laws who have cool swings in their garden.


I officially deem this ship name “girlie”, because that’s just a great coincidence there. It’s either that or “charda”, which sounds like charizard with a stuffy nose

I had a fun time with this. Mostly thanks to the deer skull and that background. I also used a color palette from this site and holy shit why have I not done that before? These colors look so much better than what I usually make up.

Seven hours.


hey taylorswift!!! ill be seeing you in just 5 days at Gillette Night 2!!! i can’t believe it! i still remember seeing you on the Red tour at Foxboro like it was yesterday! 

here’s one half of my concert outfit. the final touches to the matching crop top are being added as i type! i just couldn’t wait any longer to show you it! ill post a picture of the whole outfit on wednesday!

the day after my Red concert (which was July 27, 2013) i was texting one of my best friends, Rachel (who will be there Night 1!), who is also a major Swiftie. suddenly i had an idea and told her how cool it would be if i could make a dress out of custom fabric themed to the next album for your next tour and i stuck with the idea all this time! in october i decided i would use all the polaroids rather than my original idea of album artwork and that it would be matching separates rather than a dress. in december i made my image in photoshop and ordered the fabric! it came out better than i could’ve imagined. the colors in the fabric are beautiful and each polaroid is just about as big as the real ones! it’s so surreal thinking about how after 2 years of waiting I’m finally going to wear my outfit to see you for the second time! 

see you soon Tay! love you! <3 


okay @adidas listen up

these are some things i’d like to see louis in so if you could make them happen that’d be gr8

everything about this screams louis and i love it

more birds and roses:)))

can you imagine how cute he would be in this!!!!!!

can you imagine his thighs


he’d look so adorable in this???

a crop jacket! fuck!!

cedarsprout’s guide to editing photos

yay. since i’m getting a lot of asks about how i edit photos i thought i’d do a little tutorial thing. 

i’m gonna be using this screenshot:

i know a lot of people use miiverse to take screenshots but that process is too long for me and i’m lazy so i just say whatever and use the L & R buttons on my DS and inject the SD card into my laptop. tbh i could never tell a difference anyways.

the first thing i do is go to waifu2x and enlarge & reduce the noise with the settings for noise reduction on high and upscaling on 1.6x. you can do upscaling to 2x, personally i feel like it’s easier to point out mistakes on a bigger picture so i stick with 1.6. though 2x is good if you wanna close crop the photo.

after that you press submit and it’ll open up in another tab with your edited photo. instead of saving it i drag it straight into photoshop from the browser window. so now i’ve got a screen that looks like this, and a slightly lumpy enlarged screenshot.

now it’s time for more noise reduction! waifu2x does a good job smoothing things out but it leaves it really lumpy so to counteract that i reduce the noise even more in photoshop to make it not look so awkward.

those are the general settings i use for noise reduction. depending on the screenshot i’ll adjust them until i think that it gets rid of any weird imperfections without losing detail.

after that i use these super cool adjustments on the side to get the desired color editing that i want done:

the ones i use most are brightness/contrast, curves, exposure, and photo filter to add an orangey tint. finally i add a grain filter to give the screenshot a lil more texture. so that is under the filter tab, to filter gallery. i believe grain is under the texture category all the way at the bottom. and these are the settings i use: 

yay after that i have a rly cute screenshot. now you save it (i use png file format) and upload <3



My Little Window Garden.

I recently read “The Martian” and I thought it was so cool how he grew potatoes from the ones stored in the Habitats kitchen for thanksgiving. I thought to myself “How many things could I grow from the stuff in my pantry?

Routing around I found lentils, dried chives, chickpeas, and popcorn. I set to sprouting them and no more than 2 weeks later look how far they’ve come!

Well…the  popcorn at least. It’s very obvious corn is in a league of it’s own as a crop given it’s incredible ease to produce. Now of course the corn and lentils and maybe even the chives will need transplanting or they’ll run out of room and die…but they make a wonderful little pet project.

I fully recommend you give it a shot! Just fold some seeds in a damp paper towel, put it in a ziploc baggie and leave it somewhere warm and dark for 5 days, open it up and put the little sprouts in some soil (white root down, the root grows first).

As a plus, popcorn shoots are very sweet, and taste a lot like popcorn in a weird way!

If I was skinnier

1. I’d finally look good in oversized clothes
2. I could wear boyfriend jeans
3. I’d get compliments about my outer appearance
4. I’d never feel fat again standing next to my crush
5. I could wear crop tops
6. I’d ever have to hide again
7. I’d finally look with proud in the mirror instead of disgust
8. People would think I’m pretty
9. My friends would envy me

Okay…okay I’ve tried to stay out of the drama but I NEED to say one thing about it. I NEED TO.

Cropping=/=editing or rights to call it an edit. I can go and take that picture and cut it down the exact way it was cut down and posted…that doesn’t mean I can call it my edit and flip my shit because people are “reposting” it.

climbthatmooselikeatree mamapeterson sammit-janet Am I right though?