sometimes i wish i had tiny b00bs so i could wear lil crochet crop tops but then sometimes i like my bobbie’s


yes it is incredibly importante that i upload these

Honestly? I’m a trans guy who aint afraid to wear makeup and wear crop tops and shit. I’m not gonna deny myself artistic expression via makeup and wear clothes that are comfy for me (especially in the HEAT our region has been under;;; ) so
my wearing makeup and “”girly”” clothes =/= my not seeing myself as a guy or in the very least androgyne. i’m happy how i am, even if i sometimes wish i could be on T, heh.


I officially deem this ship name “girlie”, because that’s just a great coincidence there. It’s either that or “charda”, which sounds like charizard with a stuffy nose

I had a fun time with this. Mostly thanks to the deer skull and that background. I also used a color palette from this site and holy shit why have I not done that before? These colors look so much better than what I usually make up.

Seven hours.

36 Recolours of SynthSims’ Cropped SkinTight Tees v2
in Huning’s Pony Colours & Nyren’s Kosmik Pastels

SynthSims did an update to their cropped tees because they were a bit bugg for some people and they were kind enough to share the file with me so I could do these recolours for you guys! (I’ve just been busy and havn’t had time to post them ;w;)

If you were having issues with the first top please go download the fixed version here! ♥

Download & Info at My Blog!


DRESS: Ina CARDIGAN: Forever21 SHOES: Mojo Moxy NECKLACE: Francesca’s  HAIRBAND:  Forever21

Less retro, more…ladylike? I have no idea. But hey checkout this creamy combo. I am NOT one for open-backed dresses. Like in aforementioned posts, they just don’t support the girls. I was convinced I could conquer this when I ordered this cute dress from one of my all time favorite shops ShopRuche but alas…doomed to cardigans.The pop of color though really saves this ensemble form being too dull.

This dress would look super cute matched with a v-neck cropped pastel cardigan too. I don’t know why those went out of style, they’re perfect for A-line dresses! 

The real highlight of this outfit for me is the necklace and the pumps. I’m working my way up in heel height, because at 5′1″ I was never made to dominate the room but maybe at 5′5″ somebody might remember I’m not an armrest. 

The tie laces are a soft velvet, and the cut outs make them different from anything else I own! The necklace, a present, is flashy in all the right ways. I used to be big on accessories but my budget has gone to the dresses, so I need to save for more statement ones!

Some exciting news may be coming your way, I’ll keep you guys posted! In the mean time, check out ABC’s Astronaut Wives Club because pretty 60s clothes. The characters, plot, writing, and cinematic style leave more to be desired but it’s visually pleasing since there’s a dark hole in my soul where Mad Men used to be.

I just wanted to remind people that if they’re having trouble finding/affording fresh produce, they could look into Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs in their area. Generally speaking, CSAs are farms/ranches that use volunteers to help grow and harvest crops and other products, that are then delivered to designated pick-up sites.

A lot of CSAs allow you to enroll in their food box programs for a set price for either a season or a year, and many of them accept food stamps and other forms of welfare. Plus, if you receive some form of welfare, you can even get a discounted rate.

The USDA site has a list of websites where you can check to see if there are any programs in your area.

Daisy Dukes

Based on Anon prompt: “Could you do one where the reader shows up to the paddock in short jean shorts and a crop top and Owen gets kinda angry because they’re other guys around?”

A/n: More Jealous Owen! I love it!!

You hold up the khaki uniform pants in front of you and your only thought as you wipe the sweat from your forehead is HELL NO. It is 102 degrees on this god-foresaken island and you are not going to wear pants to work. Owen had already left before you woke up, leaving a note about getting in some early morning training with the girls, so you decide to make an executive decision. Cutoffs.

You pull out your favorite pair of daisy duke cut-offs and throw on a white bra. You grab one of Owen’s button downs and slide your arms through it. After rolling up the sleeves multiple times and tying the bottom in a knot, you’ve got a very cute mid-riff going. You smirk a little imagining Owen’s reaction, hoping he doesn’t send you home to change. You’re finally gonna pull the ‘bosses girlfriend’ card and try to get away with it.

You show up to the paddock and begin working like it’s any other day. Why should your outfit make any difference as long as you get your work done?  Sure, you’re the only female worker and the guys seem to be a little distracted, but it’s not your job to keep it in their pants, it’s theirs. You think it’s funny that these guys who have worked beside you for over three months suddenly can’t leave you alone because you’re showing a little more skin than normal.

You continue doing your work when you hear Owen’s voice behind you.

“What the hell are you wearing?” He asked, sounding angry. You shrink a little at the tone in his voice as you turn around.

“It’s over a hundred degrees today, Owen,” you start, reciting the argument you prepared in your head, “I can’t just come out here in pants. Do you want me to get heat stroke?” you say, adding a little bit of sass at the end.

“You’re surrounded all day by men. Did you really think it would be a good idea to come out here dressed like that?” He waves his hand in your direction motioning to your outfit. He still seems annoyed, but his question confuses you.

“Wait, so you’re not mad that I’m wearing so little clothing, you’re just mad that the guys can see so much of my body?” You raise an eyebrow as you start to think this is more of a jealousy thing.

“No-well I mean yes that’s a part of it, but regardless of why, I want you to go home and change.” He sounds serious but you know you’re going to get away with it as you smirk up at him.

“Owen, are you jealous?” you smile a little, just to piss him off.

“What? No, I’m not jealous I just don’t want them looking at you like this. You’re- ” but he stops himself suddenly.

“I’m what, Owen? I’m yours?” you ask as you lean in closer to him, hands sliding under his shirt to trail your fingertips down his chest.

He bites his lip and you think that’s enough to undo you but when he gets that look in his eye, you almost melt into him. He pulls you to his chest, crushing his lips down to yours for a hungry kiss. “Yes,” he says when you break apart to breathe, “all mine.” He trails his mouth to your neck, giving you time to catch your breath as he pulls your body impossibly closer to his, “and don’t you forget it.”

Needless to say, you didn’t have to wear pants anymore during the days. Or the nights either, for that matter.

Thanks for reading!! 

Figured out how to make gifs in Photoshop Elements.

I don’t know if the small resolution of the gif could impact the quality too much…. ehh… sorry about that, it’s the first time I’m trying it out, gotta figure out the proper settings.

Oh and yeaah sorry about the fact that the image moves slightly at some points, I cropped the drawing often while working on it.

However I do suppose that it shows how I generally paint.


So my love, here are the gifts. Wish I could do more, but I think I was born on the day that laziness was invented, I am very tired and without charisma. Real life has required a lot of us. I’m sorry, because I know you deserve much more. Thank you all who follow us, we love you! ♡      

  • AF Crop top: Top only. Original mesh by Rented Space edited by us.
  • AF Trousers: Bottom only. Original mesh by Mila separated by us.
  • AM Jogger: Bottom only. Original mesh by Mila separated e edited by us. Texture shoes by Mila and texture undies by Martini/SmileBlackLovely

Hope you enjoy! xoxo

Download: MediaFire or Ge.tt

PS: In our game it is working right, but if you have a problem just tell ;)

anonymous asked:

Hey Vicky! I love your style could you recommend me 5 cheap outfits for summer? :) thankss x

SURE!!! I actually have 5 stores for you to help! :)

Outfit #1(LUCLUC): Shorts // Crop Top 1 or Crop Top 2

Outfit #2(CHOIES): Top // Shorts + sandals

Outfit #3(ROMWE): Jeans // Sunglasses // Tshirt

Outfit #4 (LANDYBRIDAL): Dress // Jacket

Outfit #5 (MIX): Shorts // Tank

coupon lucluc -30% // coupon choies // coupon romwe -60%

I hope you enjoy!!!

An A-Z of Extinction (part ¾: N-R)

As we enter what has now been termed the 6th mass extinction on Earth, I thought we could take a closer look at the process and causes of extinctions, as well as the species that have suffered. Do you know your ABCs?

N is for the North China Plain. The North China Plain is a large alluvial plain, bordering the Yellow River, in China. Unfortunately, the plain has faced a reduction in crop yield due to unsustainable farming processes and uses of water in the area. This is certainly not the only area worldwide facing extinctions due to agricultural processes.

O is for Over-exploitation. Over-exploitation of geological, floral, and faunal resources is quickly causing harm to the Earth, and it’s ecosystems. Many organisms now face exhausted food supplies due to hunting for trophies, clothing, food, medicine, or for the tourism market.

P is for Pollution. Pollution is seen globally in the water, air, and Earth. Sadly, it’s only getting worse. When unnatural chemicals (or excess silt in marine environments) enter environments, they can change organisms metabolic processes, in the worst case, leading its death. In the air, nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds produce photo-chemical smog, as seen in the image.

Q is for Quagga. The Quagga was a species if Zebra that lived in South Africa. When the Dutch settlers went to South Africa; the Quagga was hunted in a bid to remove competition for their livestock. As of 1878 the Quagga became extinct in the wild, followed in 1883 by the death of the last Quagga in captivity.

R is for Rate. There can be no denying that the rate of extinctions has rapidly increased since the commencement of the Holocene. As of 1600AD population growth and agriculture increased contributing to the increase in the rate of extinctions. Since 1500, 77 mammals, 140 birds and 32 amphibians have become extinct. Meanwhile the natural rate of extinctions is far below this, at two species every 10,000 years.


Image: http://bit.ly/1LQFzM8 Smog over Almaty city, Kazakhstan by Igors Jefimovs
Further Reading: http://bit.ly/1C1JjL9
Part 1: http://on.fb.me/1GSV2dp
Part 2: http://on.fb.me/1BQUOod

Have you noticed that basically ANY series could be summarized with a “coma theory/all just a dream” interpretation?

Kingdom Hearts, Rugrats, Pokemon, Foster's… Hell, I DARE you to apply it to Steven Universe, if someone hasn’t already done so.

Ever since St. Elsewhere ended itself with the notion that everything that happened in that series was just the imagination of an autistic child playing with a snowglobe, all manner of theories applying this same concept have cropped up on the internet.

It’s boring, unoriginal and tired. Just stop.

Stop trying to crush our dreams, the creators’ dreams, with some farfetched imposition of “reality”.

None of us signed up for all that bullshit. Some of us need a fucking break.

Diner Waitress.

Educational aspects of our game

I may or may not have talked about this already, but our game is going to be subtle and unintentionally educational. I mention this because we put a lot of research into the items in our game. We’re not doing generic, gems, crops, and even trees. 

Matt and I spent almost an hour researching and writing the different types of trees that grow in the tropical region. For example the average game would just make a generic coconut tree for the environment. However, did you know there are over 12 different types of palm trees? That’s pretty cool. 

That is part of the reason why we’re late on building Spoony Island. We could have dove right in and started making random tropicalesque trees. Instead we are taking our time to populate our world with specific types of bushes, shrubs, flowers etc. to make it feel believable. 

We want players to learn as they play our game. You’ll learn different types of, bugs, gems, trees, plants, flowers. I personally believe that games should aim to leave an impression on its players.  

Pumpkin Online is a farming dating sim mmorpg, currently being developed by a small indie company, Pumpkin Interactive. Feel free to check out our website for more information about our game.

To all the fanfic authors out there, I want to say from the the bottom of my heart that I am so sorry for being incapable of reading “in progress” fics, I really am. 

I know that my kudos or comments could be detrimental to getting your fic the views it may deserve. But the truth is that when I read in progress fic, I usually come out of it feeling sick to my stomach. Bc I am legitimately worried about what happens next, and I don’t want to demand more from you bc I know you’re doing this for nothing except personal and reader satisfaction. But I also want to know how long I’m going to have to wait to alleviate this anxious feeling that occasionally crops up and honestly it’s just so much better for my mental health to just wait until the work is finished. 


fashion find of the day:
these shorts (top) and skirts (bottom) combinations are literally driving me crazy bc i don’t have them yet. the coolest thing about them is that the top comes with it!! personally the bottom is my favorite but how could you pass up the 13$/18$ combo?!

top 13$ (shorts):http://goo.gl/b0Yusf
bottom 18$ (skirt): http://goo.gl/TOk3rX

if you like this look you can find all of my ffotd’s here :-)