it was the messiest relationship I’ve ever been in, but I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. he was my everything, and I’d just gotten over it so I asked him if we could talk as friends. That’s all I wanted: I couldn’t bear him not being in my life. But he didn’t feel the same. We have the same friends, same interests, same passions, so we’ll see each other often enough. He won’t even look at me though. He was the one who ruined our relationship, he cheated and lied and emotionally blackmailed me, yet however awful we were to each other, I can’t handle never talking to him again. I love him, and I always will, but just not in the way I hoped it would be. At least he finally apologised.

way back before i basically stopped talking about Bl**ch and when my art was still shit Kubo was #artgoals

and now years later when I’m not as shit it’s really nice to not only be able to point out some stylistic choices that can be seen as weaknesses (most everyone 2skinny, same face syndrome, etc) but to be better able to notice the strengths

like I have a much better appreciation for the how these panels are laid out much like refined storyboards. they may not have as much movement as say, Murata’s panels, but they’re still composed like stills. especially the integration of the chapter title into the actual panels which is a great way to fit in more content with limited pages.

            H A N G I N G   F O O L    –   naoki + hamuko 

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anonymous asked:

How do you feel about Gunvolt?

Eh, to be fair, I guess I can’t say I ever gave it a fair shot completely. And I probably should. Got it when it first came out, with Mighty Gunvolt. Beat 3 of the stages, and honestly, I’ve never touched it again.

There are things I did like about the art direction and style. Some of the characters looked cool, but I was never enamored with any of them. I thought the dialogue boxes and font was snazzy/different with that angled, over-embellished comic feel. As a Zero-series spiritual successor, yes it did feel both like a Zero and an Inti game. But the gameplay just annoyed me enough, probably in the same way many feel about Mighty No. 9′s, that I just quit and moved on right away.

The whole shoot-to-lock-on, then hold down R to activate your lightning power, which takes time to recharge, unless you want to hit a button that will just recharge it fully anyhow, feels so awkward to me. It’s worse when you are trying to dash, then shoot, then jump, then electrocute groups of enemies together. It’s like the coordination to hold the direction/dodge+L+Y+B+R…(+ABSELECTSTART!)…just feels so…I dunno, clunky, especially just to fight normal enemies and activate stage switches and whatnot. You just feel too vulnerable to dumb damage, whether it’s during the stage or the boss fight.

I’m just gonna stand here defenseless and Pikachu you to death…

BAM! Then you get shot all over by enemies. And it’s not like I ran out of life that quickly or died a ton, but it just felt dumb.

The few boss fights I played were frustratingly flashy and challenging at times, don’t get me wrong I have no problem with that, but the gameplay just rubbed me wrong, right away. Can’t really comment much on the story or music, because to be honest, I don’t really remember a ton of it. Protect the Vocaloid butterfly chick, I think that was the gist of it…

Don’t know if I’ll try again before the sequel comes out. Obviously, it did well enough to get a sequel, and I know there are still some passionate Megaman fans who loved it. But as a whole, I’d much rather just replay Zero-series titles than play Gunvolt.