so last night I was sad and wanted to try to make some vent art?? I never do that because I can’t really draw when I don’t feel good

I have to say crying helped a lot more than drawing that hsit but anyway, its ugly but still something so here’s a rory and a younger around 10 norrie


anonymous asked:

Hey, I was wondering if the demon boyfriend thing is still going on?

I’m wondering too… I don’t feel like drawing this now, but I can’t with 100% assurance say I won’t feel like drawing them someday in future. Sorry about this


Hey! I’m opening up commissions for the first time!!

Recently I’ve been trying to raise money for food and possibly a new tablet..

I will draw:

  • ocs
  • show/game/comic characters
  • pretty much anythin i feel like i can draw

I won’t draw:

  • anything i personally feel uncomfortable with
  • nsfw
  • drug/alcohol use or references
  • heavy gore (some/minor is ok)
  • offensive things

If its difficult reading my handwriting, I’ll make a seperate post goin over prices and why they’re set to that much!

(on the callieroxy image in the lower right the price would actually be $5 not 6 whoops)

Also! I have a redbubble now!! Here’s the link

*looks at my own art after drawing it* “I have a refined enough style. I can always improve, and there are things I neglect to practice, but if I push myself, I could probably actually get noticed if I put my art out there. People with shakier skills have gotten there before, so I can too.”

*me while drawing* “i feel like i’m trying to build the taj mahal out of string.”

SFSJDKFJSGD LONG TIME NO KLANCE or actually art in general ahah well…

I wanted to practice bgs and i wanted to draw klance so i tried to hit two birds in one stone since my time for drawing is super fucking limited akjsdfas. Hope you guys like it! <3<3

I haven’t animated in so long??

Poor Yurio can’t catch a break, even over long distance video calls (Viktor you act oblivious but we all know otherwise)


never thought i’d make an Angst ™ comic starring tome, yet here i am. 

damn u ONE…..ur good