I have to say a thingy

Ok the reason I am not on as much and don’t do much of digital art is because of one depression. But more importantly, I think I pulled a muscle in my arms. They hurt non stop and this one drains my energy, cause of the constant pain. And two I can’t draw on my desk cause my drawing pad is in a weird position that I like but with the pain I can’t get in my weird position. I didn’t want to sorta worry you about my depression and pain but I feel so bad because so many people drawing amazing stuff for me but I can’t even draw something for them back that I feel would be to there level of amazingness. So like I am not rude I am working on something for everyone and I will try to get back to making the now 75+ follower special, tbh I might change that to just a art raffle. But just wait a bit and the pain will go away and I will be my usual miserable self. But in the mean time go follow people like @saltyirishpotato2002 or @toggy001 or @glowyrm04 or even like @lindow-window2 @lumiere-the-artist @berrysmolfresh @unlikelykingdomsuit @c like atleast they aren’t depressed as balls and not in so much pain in there arms.

Taking a bit of a break.

One of the things that I utterly hate about myself is how sensitive I am to things.
Especially, y'know, getting my heart ripped out emotionally.

Before anyone asks what happened, literally the only thing I’m going to say is Break ups hurt, especially when everything that happened was my fault in the first place.

So… yeah. Anyone who I owe commissions to will get them whenever I stop being utterly heart broken.

You may see me upload from time to time for a little while, in case I feel like drawing, but I seriously can’t work on anything right now.

I’m sorry guys. And I’m really sorry that I can’t suck up everything and just work like a human being should be able to.

I’ll be back to things as soon as possible.


[Finally we meet again…]
“Alicia, have we met before? You look really familiar to me! I feel like we’ve known each other… like… 100 years ago?”
“I don’t know, have we?”
“The zombies must have eaten my brain, sorry…Your name again? Alicia?”
“Alicia…Cl-… Clark”
“You can’t even remember your own name? Tell me you’re not a zombie, hahaha…”
Fix: Zombies -> Walkers, I messed up, too much TWD


i was talking to bethany last night and discussed dean avoiding his responsibilities by taking advantage of his new abilities

i hope you are all ready for an entire summer of stupid demondean comics

(aND TO CLARIFY:#also i don’t know if the antipossession tattoo would keep him trapped in his own body or not #and sam could totally say an exorcism backawards to get him to stay in his vessel #MY COMICS CAN HAVE PLOTHOLES OKAY)


In which little Peggy Carter’s dreams to be a knight rescuing princesses might have become reality. In a way.

(Note: I never imagined Ana Jarvis to be white and I can’t bring myself to start drawing her any different now. So yes, this is Ana.)



i was never supposed to draw this au more than once but turns out i can never stop underestimating how weak i am

drawing commission for Brittany