Inktober 25: The Black Order

I drew (some of) my (MANY) faves!! I was going to make them all Cool and Detailed, maybe color them too, but some people told me to keep these the way they are? I’m not convinced but here you go…

I think I am self-destructing from an overdose of Napoleon and Illya. My poor heart can’t take it, they are just too sweet! x__x
(I’ve barely been in this fandom very long yet, I haven’t even finished season 1, and I have already died, this is clearly a good start) 👌👌👌(and yet I feel so alive)
I’m so glad that MFU has such an active fandom, because I got really into Combat! a few months ago and that fandom was dead. I was so sad.

Man I had a great time hanging with Shakey tonight, I mean I always do. But we made so many goofy/funny posts today and were just laughing/giggling at them and other stuff lmao. Feelsgoodman

God I love her so much, she is just so chill, fun to be around and joke around with. I think I heard her laugh the hardest in awhile tonight too, it was cute and funny. Lmaooo, we both made each other laugh pretty hard today.

I dunno I’m just making this post because it feels good to be able to be that close to someone, even if we have been dating for quite a bit now and all. uwu I don’t think I’ve been as close to anyone as I am with her in awhileeee, so it’s just nice.


i can’t believe my team leader is a meme: the new series on mtv


They have my favorite interactions from the brawl. I can’t handle them. They’ve got the whole friendly rivalry thing…the sass…the fuggin sad Hanzo….JUST….FUGGIN-



You’re only able to maintain the visage of being a person when no one’s looking, is that it?  Or are you the only one who’s blind to what you really are?

(an a-hole)

(Just because you’re dead (ish) doesn’t mean you can’t have nice hair; one-upping Jack from beyond the grave (kind of).  Also this whole thing begins because someone walked on his lawn.  You’re not the only one with a lawn, JACK.  His lawn has goth lawn flamingos is better than yours.)