Y'all. I went to my friend’s new apt to smoke and catch up last night, right? Well I met his new roommate, and my gay ass got bitch slapped by that “oh no she’s hot” moment, but I didn’t really let myself think about it because I thought she was straight. I then find out later in the night that she’s possibly queer, which I still didn’t let get my hopes up (I will never fall for a straight girl again this bitch has suffered too much in that department). But then. This bitch. One second she was talking about her Halloween costume and “do you want to see” and the next she walked out in A FUCKING HAMBURGER COSTUME looking like the biggest dork I’ve ever seen in my life and I nearly fell for her right fucking there so @ Aphrodite bitch if u make me catch feelings for that ridiculous nerd I swear…


Daniel Craig with puppies.