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Hey! Just wondering, in your opinion, who is the closest to Nanchan's ikemen status in the Aqours seiyuu?

A challenger has appeared!!

Caption: IKEMEN.

… I’m mostly kidding. Even with my objectively horrible bias, I think Shuka is one of the least ikemen members of Aqours, LOL

Though she has done something ikemen before… like once:

And I died. _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):_

I have faith in her ability to change, though!
Become ikemen, Shuka! (੭ ᐕ)੭*⁾⁾

As for an actual answer to your question (… lmao), my previous answer here still holds. Don’t think anyone in Aqours can compete with Nanjou right now  (:D)| ̄|_


#tfw your crush beats up your ex-boyfriend to defend your honor


supercorp screencaps (7 → ∞): “Kara Danvers is to be shown in right away whenever possible.”

she got that ancient, timeless kind of silhouette


I know it’s Christmas and I don’t want to be posting this first thing but…

I couldn’t sleep and I go on Twitter and I see this shit.

And I’m really sad now.

. @thisiseverydayracism @thisiswhiteculture @mixedgirlrants

so I will stand by your side and we will face whatever is coming for you together


These are my babies, Heart the Metallic Doll and Clover the Wooden Doll

They were based on a cute yet eerie dream I had where tiny doll children had to fight to protect themselves. I found the dream really intriguing so I’ve been making a story out of it ever since then!