But I Can’t Let Go | Jihoon Angst | Oneshot

The Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals. It can be cured without side effects only when the feelings are returned.

Word Count: 3,299

Genre: Angst, Death

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gif creds to @grown-man-woozi

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“If you’re going to do something wrong, do it right!” - Zoe Morgan

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  • ~~
  • *the lab*
  • Sherlock: *working at the microscope*
  • Sherlock: *casually* Molly and I are friends with benefits.
  • John: ...
  • John: *frowns* I- sorry?
  • Sherlock: *looks up* Friends. With benefits. Ever since she moved in. For her own protection, obviously.
  • John: *nods; a bit thrown* Yeah...obviously *shakes his head; stern* you better not have taken advantage-
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* Of course not. She offered.
  • John: *clears his throat* Right, well...err, good for you.
  • Sherlock: Mmm, take away and a fresh liver tonight. Separately.
  • John: ...
  • John: What?
  • Sherlock: *smiles* The benefits of having a pathologist for a flatmate, John.
  • John: ...
  • John: *walking away* I hate you.
  • Sherlock: *confused*
  • Molly: *enters the lab; shaking her head* People have been giving me really weird looks all day.
  • Sherlock: *glances at her*
  • Molly: *worried* Do you think I've upset anyone?
  • Sherlock: No idea. Ready?
  • Molly: *sighs* Yes. Here's your sodding liver *hands him a sealed bag*
  • Sherlock: Thank you. Chinese?
  • Molly: *gathers her bag* Yeah *rolls her shoulders* honestly, I'm just looking forward to getting to bed.
  • Lab Tech: *walking past; side-eyes her*
  • Molly: *gestures; hissing* You see? What is that?
  • Sherlock: *on his phone; dismissive* It's probably nothing, Molly. Taxi's waiting *walks off*
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes; hlaf-jogs to keep up*
Dracula: Dead & Loving It Starters
  • Children of the night... what a mess they make!
  • Oh, it's night-time. I was having... a daymare.
  • I must move the coffin
  • ____, you asshole!
  • I'm drinking wine, and I'm eating chicken!
  • ___. you idiot!
  • My God! What are you doing to the furniture?
  • Yesss... MASSSTER!
  • No, this is wrong. This is wrong!
  • This is wrong, you hear me?
  • Wrong me! Wrong me! Wrong my brains out!
  • I didn't see anything! I didn't see anything
  • I saw everything!
  • Take him back to his cell and give him a you-know-what!
  • No! No! Not another enema!
  • Would an enema help?
  • She's doing quite well without him, isn't she?
  • The Opera is astonishing. The music is fraught with love, hate, sensuality, and unbridled passion... all the things in my life that I've managed to suppress.
  • Would you care for some wine?
  • I never drink... wine... oh, what the hell. Let me try it.
  • Allow me to introduce ___. He's a doctor of rare diseases as well as a man of theology and philosophy.
  • Van Helsing... a name that is famous even in Translyvania.
  • Dracula... are you by any chance descended from Vlad Tepeş, the first Dracula?
  • He used to inflict unspeakable tortures on the peasants; cutting off their hands and feet, gouging out their eyes, and then impaling them on iron spikes.
  • They had it coming!
  • What we are dealing with here is... a VAMPIRE!
  • Modern sciences don't admit to such a fanciful creature!
  • Oh, God... she's dead now.
  • Yes, I'm schh-eduled to meet Count Dracula.
  • ___, you were having a nightmare.
  • A nightmare? But it was so real, so vivid. Two voluptuous women, heaving and grinding. How to describe it? Have you ever been to Paris?
  • I saw you, you put it in your mouth. I think it was an insect.
  • You just put a bug in your mouth. I think it was a spider!
  • I tell you I saw you snatch a spider right out of the air and eat it!
  • What are you doing down there? This is most unseemly!
  • My God, man! You're eating insects right from the ground!
  • ...What makes you say that?
  • I won't hurt you! All I want is your life!
  • That's it! Put him in a straight jacket and give him an enema! Wait! Wait, wait... Give him the enema FIRST. THEN put him in a straight jacket.
  • I know you've always wanted me, and I've always wanted you. Finally we can be together.
  • But ___, I'm engaged to ___... and you're dead.
  • I'm not dead. I'm undead.
  • Well, we could cut off her head, stuff her mouth with garlic, and tear off her ears.
  • It must be done by one who loved her in life.
  • Oh... my... GOD! There's so much blood!
  • She just ate!
  • How much blood can she have left?
  • She's almost dead!
  • I have been to many, many stakings. You have to know where to stand.
  • Arrogant mortal! You are in my world now, and you will never leave this attic alive! I will destroy you, and then I will possess she whom you love the most. And there is not a single thing in the world you can do to stop me!
  • Give him an enema.
  • You will be my bride throughout eternity, we'll share the endless passion of immortal love!
  • You'll stay here 'til you rot!
  • You're not under anyone's control!
  • You're in charge of your own life, now!
  • I can't take it. Can you take it? The lights, the crazy faces staring at me. I'm telling you the walls are closing in on me! I've got to get out of here!
Rumbelle trying to fix their relationship
  • <p> <b>Rumple:</b> Belle... please...<p/><b>Belle:</b> *stares at him with big blue eyes* I'm listen<p/><b>Rumple:</b> *sighs* I can't change... *lock eyes with hers approaching* I already have... for me, for you.<p/><b>Belle:</b> I know, I just wish you just stop taking the wrong paths *get closer to him, resting a hand on his chest*<p/><b>Rumple:</b> *lovely takes her face in his hands, caressing her soft lips with his thumb* I'll let you guide me *whispers softly*<p/><b>Belle:</b> *smiles shyly* *Rumple stares at the door for a while* Aren't you going to kiss me?<p/><b>Rumple:</b> Wait... *nothing happen, sighs and with a mischievous smile, close the space between their lips*<p/><b></b> DOOR SLAMS OPEN<p/><b>Emma:</b> GOLD!<p/><b>Regina:</b> We need your help.<p/><b></b> *whole Storybrooke gets in*<p/><b>Belle:</b> *throw her hands in the air* Oh! C'mon!<p/></p>
angel up above
  • Virgo, punches a wall: What the hell do you mean?!
  • Libra, jumps a little: It's exactly what I said, Virgo... what else do you want me to say? That I don't love you?
  • Virgo, runs a hand through their hair: Just.. I...why are you in love with me? Aren't you worried... about what people will say?
  • Libra, sighs: Why should I care about someone's opinion that will have no affect on my life? I don't care what other people think of me, I'm who I am and only time and experience can change me.
  • Libra, gets up & walks over to Virgo: So what if people judge the fact that I am in love with a guy. Why does it matter? It's my life, and no one else's
  • Virgo, looks Libra in the eye: I don't know... I don't know how I feel about you Libra
  • Libra, smiles & gathers things: I'll ask you about another day then. Just promise me you'll let me know, okay?
  • ---
  • Gemini, walking back home from work w/ Libra, laughing: No, it didn't happen like that. I meant to tell him that I don't think he's that bad, but what came out was 'go to hell.'
  • Libra, chuckles, stops when he sees a group of men come up to them:
  • Gemini, stays quiet as the come closer:
  • Man 1: Hey, what are you doing hanging around this square? I think you need a man to take care of you, I bet you like it rough, huh
  • Gemini, pulls a face, & grabs Libra's wrist, walks around them: No thank you
  • Man 3, grabs Gemini by the waist, holding a knife to her neck: Oh come on, don't tell me this punk actually gets to hit that fine ass
  • Man 2, scoffs: He doesn't even look like he in interested in her, better yet, girls
  • Libra, raises an eyebrow: Whom I'm interested in doesn't concern you, and never will. The lady said she doesn't want to, so please, respect her wishes
  • Man 1, stops staring at Gemini w/ hooded eyes & walks over to Libra: Did you just say something faggot?
  • Libra, winks his left eye twice at Gemini, stares blankly at the older male: I said, the lady doesn't want to do whatever disgusting things you wanted to do with her nor be involved with you. I'm sorry, not sorry, if my honesty is causing you to feel threaten, since your a "man" who can't even bother to respect a woman's wishes since your just a horny sack of wasted life
  • Man 1, scoffs & punches Libra in face, starts kicking him in the stomach:
  • Gemini, kicks the man next to her in his privates, nods at Libra, runs a few blocks before going into a store:
  • Gemini, hurries to the counter, startling the buy behind the glass: Help! My friend is getting jumped by three guys, three blocks up the street!
  • Guy, nods and quickly dials 911: Hello? 911? We have an emergency going on downtown, near the south-west bus transit
  • --
  • Man in a black suit, standing outside near a grave: We are gathered here today, to celebrate the life and bravery of a young man. This young man sacrificed himself, for another, not because of the close relationship they shared, simply due to being the right thing to do. We all pray that he will make is safely to heaven, carried there by a chariot of fire, guided by angels whom-
  • Virgo, sitting next to Gemini, in a black suit, with a purple flower near his collar:
  • Gemini, in a purple & black dress, trying her best to hold back her tears as she stands up and takes a violet flower and places it on the casket: Thank you
  • Virgo, stands up, goes to take a flower, and walks over to Libra's casket: Hey Libra... It sucks that the last time I saw you alive, I couldn't even give you an answer. But you already knew the answer, huh? I can't return your feelings that way, but I hope you know I do love you. I love you like a little brother whom annoyed the hell out of me, but I still tucked in at night because I wanted to make sure you knew you were safe. Thank you for protecting Gemini, for keeping her safe. I want you to know I'm going to make sure I find out who those scumbags are who did this to you, even if it takes a lifetime to. Rest in peace, Libra.
  • Virgo, places the flower on the casket:
  • --
  • Libra, looking at Virgo w/ a smile on his face:
  • Libra, mouths a 'thank you', fades away:
'X-Men Apocalypse' Group Therapy Session Starters
  • ❝being an x-men sucks.❞
  • ❝yeah, i mean, i hear you man.❞
  • ❝he's literally like getting inside my head.❞
  • ❝all the sudden there's a clown with his face, just ticklin' me.❞
  • ❝he's not actually in your room doing that.❞
  • ❝yes, he's not a good parental figure.❞
  • ❝my dad is a total fucking asshole.❞
  • ❝i mean he's clearly compensating for something.❞
  • ❝you can't rip on my dad.❞
  • ❝that's good progress.❞
  • ❝it's not fine.❞
  • ❝okay, maybe stop staring at her.❞
  • ❝you guys good?❞
  • ❝stop looking at me.❞
  • ❝why is mystique naked all the time?❞
  • ❝put on some clothes!❞
  • ❝i can see your vagina.❞
  • ❝so, you're gross, just to point that out there.❞
  • ❝why can't it be x-people?❞
  • ❝it just sounds better.❞
  • ❝you guys wanna talk about hair for a second?❞
  • ❝what about my hair?❞
  • ❝i mean did you see what he did to the shower drain?❞
  • ❝honestly, i'm more bothered by you and your girlfriend though.❞
  • ❝oh my god, you guys are making everyone sick.❞
  • ❝the floating 69 you guys were doing.❞
  • ❝you know that we were using protection.❞
  • ❝okay give it a rest, anderson cooper.❞
  • ❝oh, that's cute. the hair, i get it, yeah.❞
  • ❝you know just 'cause you're wearing shades doesn't make you cool.❞
  • ❝just because your name's quicksilver doesn't make you an avenger.❞
  • ❝legally i'm not able to respond to that!❞
  • ❝i think emotion is good in this situation.❞
  • ❝everybody feel good?❞
  • ❝that's awesome man, congrats.❞
  • ❝oh my glasses! ---❞
EXO Reaction: when someone from a far can't take their eyes off his girlfriend.

Baekhyun: “Can he be anymore obvious?" 

Chanyeol: "Yah! You! Are you looking at my girl?!”

Chen: *locks eyes with the guy*

DO: *look all you want. She is coming home with me tonight*

Kai: *towards girlfriend* “Hey I’ll be right back. No it’s fine. I just need to take care of something.”

Kris: “Yup she is mine not yours. I have the best looking girl!”

Lay: “I don’t see what he is trying to look at. There is nothing wrong with your face or your outfit. Why is he staring?”

Luhan: *can’t stop glaring back at him*

Sehun: *thinks the guy is staring at him*

Suho: *doesn’t want to ruin your day but is getting angry with the man staring you down*

Tao: *points him out to security to get him kicked out*

Xiumin: *tries to get the guy feeling uncomfortable*

-Admin M3

You know what I love? That look people get when a really meaningful song comes on. Like, when it’s 2am and you’re sitting quietly in the back seat of a car with a playlist on shuffle and that one slow song comes on and you look over and see your friend stare out the window, the lamplight passing over their face, their eyes staring out the window without really looking, their lips quietly moving to the words, and you can just feel the words reverberate from within them. The lyrics might not mean much to you but you can just feel how important it is to them.

loszantos-deactivated20151221  asked:

Jayln, I'm so- why did you point out Zayn's hand in that Zilo gif? Now I can't stop staring ;-;

rere let’s sob together.

not only does zayn seem to have his fingers at liam’s bum crack but he’s moving, um caressing… uh. and the look liam’s face? like he’s confused yet pleased? and i’m sorry but zayn knows exactly what he’s doing look at the tongue and eyebrow action there.

the real magic breaks down in the 5th slide of the gif:

i outlined liam’s bum to back-of-thigh line to demonstrate… yes zayn is indeed getting wild on camera. good bye cruel world.

anonymous asked:

Stephen and his beautiful, Starbucks-drinking face makes me so angry. Like I haven't gotten any work done today, because I can't stop staring at all the wonderful gifs. what the hell, Stephen? lol

you are so not alone, anon

just looking at this gif upsets me

look away from the camera, amell, look away from the fucking camera (just kidding, never look away), and excuse you wrapping your stupid lips around that cup. 

stop it

(He knows exactly what he’s doing - it’s ridiculous.)

anonymous asked:

I like big Boris and I cannot lie. You other homie's can't deny. That when a teddy bear walks in with Boris and Oleg on his waist, and a Hermes Vahz in your face, you get sprung. Wanna pull up tough, cuz you notice that Boris was stuffed. Deep in the body sparkle au naturel he's wearing, I'm hooked and I can't stop staring… # thiscouldgoonfurther,andi’mnotevensorry

You 👏🏼 are 👏🏼 my 👏🏼 hero 👏🏼

signs ✾ jackson {2/7}

based off of this textpost!

Sign 2: He’s Being a Creeper

UGH!” Your head drops dejectedly onto your keyboard as another string of incoherent mumbles escapes your lips. “Why can’t I get this right?”

Willing yourself not to give up, you sit upright and hold down the backspace key after your forehead inadvertently typed a line of “fakdjlsgjdskggggggggggggggggggggggggg” on your English essay (which sadly seems to makes more sense than what you have so far).

You slide your glasses higher up the bridge of your nose and brush a few fly-aways that splay over your forehead. With a sudden new-found determination sparking within you, you begin typing away anything that comes to mind to compensate for the droll hours you’ve procrastinated over this paper.

A chuckle sounds from behind you. You turn your head and see Jackson’s eyes trained on you, a smile tweaking his lips.

Eyes widening, you completely forgot that your boyfriend’s in the same room as you. You’re clad in a huge sweatshirt with basketball shorts and your hair’s thrown up into what possibly can be the world’s messiest bun — not to mention your thick-rimmed glasses that’s covering your bare face. And although he’s seen you in this state several times, you still feel embarrassed.

“Stop staring,” you mumble, using your hand to cover your face.

The smile vanishes from his face and he clears his throat, avoiding your gaze entirely. “I wasn’t staring. What are you talking about?”

“Ah, whatever,” you revert back to your essay, “creep…”