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help me i’m going to cry i’m bombarded by puppy love every day TAT 💕💕💕

Car Thief ch 30

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Stan and Fiddleford worry about Ford, Ford lashes out, Tate goes home, the quartet prepares to get TURNT.

Okay, y’all, get your party poppers because with this chapter, we’ve hit 30 CHAPTERS and 300 PAGES and almost 90 000 WORDS!!! RICK-DICULOUS! 

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The signs as Lauren Zuke tweets

Aries: *cat curls up by me in the most specific way possible as so her little kitty back will be against me* *me scream*

Taurus: it’s come down to lapis vs marceline which is like would you rather water vs air

Gemini: my cat is so kind and beautiful and takes gigantic shits

Cancer: if I grew up in the 80s id literally never be horny

Leo: you can’t spell pearlmethyst without METH

Virgo: *lapis voice* mama needs a salt bath and a nap

Libra: lapasta ravioli

Scorpio: I just want the fanfic I’m reading to update

Sagittarius: just like walks into house cat is missing and couch is hanging from the ceiling

Capricorn: if theres anything i love its HOT WEREWOLVES

Aquarius: Only God can judge me amber

Pisces: i wonder if theres a cartoon character with a crush on me