Chapter 559

Remember this scene after the “in your eyes” moment?

What did Neji, Kiba and Shino think?

Suspicion? I bet NO. Besides, Hinata earlier dismissed that in the chapter:

Sad? NO. I think that’s out of context. 

Worried for Naruto or Hinata? NO. There’s nothing to be worried for.

Staring for no reason? NO, I bet Kishi would not waste some panels just for no reason. 

So, What was that moment for? Simple: it means the 3 of them already know that there’s something fishy going on between Naruto and Hinata. 

Since the beginning of the series, Neji, Kiba and Shino know Hinata’s feelings for Naruto, but not N–> H

But after that “in your eyes” scene, they begin to noticed/think that Naruto already love Hinata (mutual love). That’s why this scene happened afterwards:

Kiba is no bullshit. Why did he tease Naruto about Hinata? Simple: because he noticed… He know…. 

Concluscion: the “staring” panels in chp. 559 sets up the Kiba tease in chp. 611. Kishi, you are so clever to included these moments. It’s well written, well set up.

idk why

but my kevin/jamie shit is way too angst like
Kevin and jamie hangs out like great bros until jamie developed some feelings for kevin.Kevin too eventually fell for him too.Then kevin’s bros came by and like “ yo,dating with your bf?” and kevin is like “ hell no,he’s just some loser i met.” So like the bros gave him a bet to play with his feelings,kevin hesitated but did it in the end.And when they were alone //notexactlywhenkev’sbroswastherewatchingthem,kevin leans in for a kiss which made jamie flustered and abruptly closed his eyes.and then kevin like hold his fucking chin and said “ you think I’d like you?” and fucking left jamie in shock.Kevin’s gang came by and gave him high fives and bro hugs.
Kevin was laughing until he looked at his back.

seeing a crying jamie
and stopped laughing.


“Hey, Sam,” you grinned at the tall Winchester before dashing into the library and hugging Kevin, taking a seat right next to him. 
Sam glanced up from where he had been helping Dean polish some weapons, frown prominent on his face. Since you had started living with them, you had stuck close to Kevin, even opting to stay with him in the bunker rather than help the Winchesters with hunts. 
Sam had begun to fall in love with you, but you would never notice him, always talking to Kevin and asking for his opinion. Quite rarely did Sam ever get to hear you ask for his view on things.
“Dude, tell her, I bet she likes you,” Dean nudged his younger brother.
“No, man, she loves Kevin,” Sam shook his head.

Gif credit to owners. thedoctors67chevyimpala, hope you like!

Here's my theory

Everyone’s losing their shit over Wesley’s death being pointless and ooc, so here’s my take on why it happened

1) Plot reasons: Throughout the show, they were slowly eliminating everyone in Fisk’s organization to show how all his plans started falling apart. First the Russian brothers, then Nobu, then Wesley, and finally Gao walks out and Leland is killed. Out of those, only Gao survived, and I strongly suspect we’ll be seeing more of her later. Now tell me this: can you really picture Wesley allowing himself to be taken away/leave/taken out of the picture some other way, no matter how bad things got? No, Fisk had to be completely alone at the end, and if Wesley was still alive then you can bet your ass he’d have been right there by his employer’s side.

2) “But why did he leave the loaded gun on the table?!?“ That, my friend, is where Karen comes in. Karen is the sneakiest little badass on the entire show. Picture her from Wesley’s perspective: she’s been nothing but a pain in the ass since the beginning, but she’s more of a pest than a threat. She’s the “nice blond lady,” a naive girl who keeps sticking her foot in other people’s business, not someone capable of shooting a man in the chest. Wesley underestimated her, just like Urich did at first, just like the audience did. He didn’t think to be careful with the gun, because he didn’t think she could ever use it.

3) Now lets look at the context for this scene as well. Wesley wasn’t there because he was ordered to, he was there because Fisk was under so much stress already, and he didn’t want to give him anything else to worry about, so he decided to take on this problem personally. In other words, he was there because he cared about Fisk, and what was it that Leland and Gao kept saying about caring? It’s distracting. It leads to mistakes. (You can debate all you like whether Wesley’s feelings were romantic or platonic, or what have you, but that’s not my point). At that point in the episode, Wesley wasn’t worrying about his own safety; he was worrying about Fisk’s. And so he forgot to wonder what might happen if Karen did the unexpected, and he forgot to keep the gun out of her reach.

  • some guy idk:I’ve seen exactly part of one episode of supernatural. it was the one where the angel dude died.
  • Me:Which time?
  • Friend:Ander is such a dweeb. I bet he can tell you the episode, season, and title of that episode.
  • Me:I can. Did angel dude explode?
  • some guy:Yeah.
  • Me:That’s the finale of season 5. Episode 22. Swan Song.
  • Friend:.........
  • Friend:I didn’t think you actually could.
Reign: Lola and Narcisse 2x20

There is a lot of dispute and upset about what happened in this episode, and here I am again, annoyingly trying to shed some positive light on the situation, but bare with me…

Firstly, what Narcisse did in betting the sketch in the first place was horrible, I felt so sorry for Lola because, obviously, to expose yourself in such a way, you have to trust that person to a certain degree and he broke that trust by allowing other nobles to know what she did and basically what she looks like naked. I am not saying what Lola did was wrong or she should be ashamed by what she did, in fact I admire it, it took a lot of guts to do that so good on Lola. 

But, again, this isn’t entirely bad and this is why… 
By Catherine asking Narcisse to try and use Lola for information, Narcisse clearly clocked on that a) she knows about them, and b) that she is insanely jealous. Now, Narcisse knows Catherine, and her ruthless behaviour when it comes to her enemies, so he knew if she ever found out about any serious feelings between the two of them  Catherine would target Lola as an enemy and therefore may even try to hurt Lola. Of course he doesn’t want this because as he TRUTHFULLY AND HONESTLY said in 2x19 he cares about Lola for “some reason”- I can’t imagine why?! So this forces him to lie and brush off Lola as just a game and a ‘flirtation’- which we know is certainly NOT true because a) he was as serious as a vicar at a funeral in 2x19 when he was talking about Lola’s reputation, warning her and how he cared about her, and b) because right at the beginning of their relationship he has always been clear to Lola that he had no ulterior motive and that he seeks something beyond game (2x06 and 2x07).

So he lies to throw Catherine off of the scent, but she isn’t quite convinced, therefore Narcisse needs to go one step further…

Narcisse made himself vulnerable in 2x19 when speaking to Lola; for the first time he has shown that he actually cares about someone other than himself or France (and I am not even going to discuss the fact he said he cared about Catherine because we all know that is complete bullshit). Also, he knows that Lola is starting to show that she feels for him too because she let him touch her, and she would NOT have done that if she did not WANT him to- we all know this from 2x08. Due to all of this, he realizes he needs to do something drastic for Lola to stop these progressive feelings she is starting to build for him and to do that he has to hurt her- BADLY. Up until now he has NEVER sought to hurt Lola directly, not once, because he has never wanted to and nor does he now.

Narcisse has put the nails in his own coffin by getting sexually involved with Catherine, we all know it and now he does too because he is realising that he can’t have both power and influence by being manipulative (by sleeping with Catherine) and have Lola at the same time because those two things are just incompatible due to the honest, integral nature of Lola’s character. So, in order to save Lola, he needs to push her away but in a way that he KNOWS will hurt her: by retracting his words in 2x19- diminishing their meaning and significance-, by doing something that he knows she would absolutely hate herself and him for and by showing her that he cannot be trusted.

In my experience, if someone is telling you they can’t be trusted it doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t to the person they are talking to; if he genuinely didn’t care about Lola he had countless of opportunities to take advantage of her and sleep with her if he wanted- 2x15 being a prime example. From what Narcisse did, it showed that he didn’t care about Lola or her reputation and that he saw her as nothing more than a sex object he could ‘use and discard’ which he knows has been her worry all of this time. So by confirming Lola’s doubts about him by doing what he did, he knows she will step back and move on from him which is what he wants in order for Catherine to NOT HURT LOLA.

As for Lola’s reputation, it isn’t boding well for her I will admit but Narcisse had to ruin it slightly to further retract his words in 2x19 and his advice to her that he DID NOT HAVE TO GIVE

I am not naive in saying that what he did was solely for Lola because if it was he would have broken things off or not even started anything with Catherine. We know Narcisse’s character in that he is hungry for power and wants to rule the roost essentially, so he did do what he did in order for Catherine to trust him and have complete confidence in his loyalty. But equally, if he didn’t care about Lola in any way and it was all just a game, why would he try and push her away? Why would he care enough to do something he knows will have the effect of Catherine not hurting or seeking to hurt Lola? 

It will be interesting to see what the writers are going to do in the next episode because following this they cannot NOT have a scene together. I want to see if Narcisse will try and make it up to Lola or what I think would be more exciting is if she works out what he did and what his real intentions were behind his (really bad) actions. I think that would be the way to go with this couple because Lola isn’t a push over, so I don’t want her to have to forgive him for something so big so easily, and she is far too cunning to not realize what is going on SURELY!

So hang in there guys, I genuinely don’t think it it is the end of this couple because as I keep on saying, what is the point in their scenes otherwise? It adds nothing to other main plots on the show; it is  an additional storyline all on its own. 

So stay hopeful and persist (painfully I know), until the next episode…

Wait so Wizard World was in Las Vegas?

Does that mean that Roman stayed with Dean over the weekend of the con? Does it mean they had a sleepover? Does it? Did they shack up together in Dean’s apartment and eat pizza with ridiculous protein smoothies and a bottle of Jack? Did they? Did Roman drive out into the desert with Dean to do some training and maybe, just maybe, take some time out to stargaze with his boy? Did he?

I’ll bet anything that they did. ;)

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have you ever thought about lamb!cas getting so excited he couldn't help jumping around or running to get rid of the energy? what if he did that when he was younger? but when he got older he was able to control it better so he stopped. i know some fawns do it and lambs do it too. i thought about it early and tried not to squeal due to the cuteness.

Awww! So cute! I’m sure that on the pasture under Gabriel’s watch he was free to run and jump around until he exhausted himself. I can imagine Gabriel making the rounds of the pasture and picking Cas up from wherever he had fallen asleep (usually in a haystack I bet *lol*)

Not to be naughty but now that he’s older and has a mate, there are probably other ways than running and jumping around to get rid of pent-up energy ;D (Okay, a bit naughty. Tiny apologies.)

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I thanked the man at the front desk after he gave me directions to where I'd be meeting my trainer for the first time. I shuffled awkwardly passed the other members and soon found myself at the room. I open the door to see my trainer in front of me smiling. I blinked, trying to keep my jaw from dropping. "Hi, I'm Kris," he said extending his hand out to shake mine. I mumbled my name as I shook his hand. "So let's get started," he grinned. What did I just get myself into?

Let me show you some of the things he’ll have in store for you. He’ll start off with the basics like this:

Then maybe some stretching to start things off because what’s a better way to warm up right?

Now that the master is warmed up, you can start on some more hardcore things like….. I can’t think of any, I bet Kris will end up falling asleep while you try to work out lol


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Imagine Hiccup making Valka-esque dragon-like crouching movements when approaching new dragons (e.g. new Night Furies).

I totally would not be surprised if he did something like that! Hiccup has his own methods for approaching dragons which seem to be quite successful (using the sword Inferno as a means of relating with the dragons, for instance), but I bet Valka’s approach technique is an improvement compared to what Hiccup has before done. Learning from his mother and implementing some of her actions will allow Hiccup to work with dragons even more closely. He will never turn into a dragon with all the draconic body language Valka now-naturally exhibits, but I would love to see him crouch up to a new dragon like a Night Fury and show he has learned even more about dragons through Mommy. He’ll remain quite more human in his approach to dragons in comparison with Valka… but nothing says he can’t do this!

I bet Boingo became confident as he grew older and sort of thought he owed the crusaders at least some consideration for his personality change. 

I like to think he used Thoth (now super far-predicting) to see how everything worked out at the end of Stone Ocean and contacted Jotaro at the SPW foundation just to let him know it was all ok and nothing he did was in vain. 

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After reading what you wrote, I'm now very interested in Jinki's pov on all of this. He's hurt and angry and distancing himself and acting cold but I bet he feels millions of emotions inside despite what he showed. I'd like to know how he felt when minho started sobbing and he didn't go to comfort him like he probably should've and how did minho feel about Jinki's change. Does Minho see it but just isnt showing it or is he in so much hurt he doesn't realize?

There will be some Jinki pov in this chapter I think. There’s not just Jinki’s lack of comfort but his differences from what is expected of alphas. Omega are below them, even while mated, so like being unsure of how to deal with their own child, they don’t know how to always deal with ‘emotional’ omega.

eta: Minho sees it and has different reactions to it, one being internalized victim blaming. 

Here is one of an early onho scene from the next chapter. c:

Jinki stands far off, away from camp in the night. Minho wakes to his mate night beside him again. It happens some nights since they left the village, Jinki just up and gone when Minho wakes. Minho gets up this time, finding Jinki just standing, watching the forest with a light breeze whistling through the treetops.

Minho’s presence is know before he’s actually beside Jinki, alpha sense picking his moments up, but he doesn’t turn back, he doesn’t even look at Minho.

He’s been wondering it a while now, so Minho tries to find the strength to say it. “When we reach your village, do you want to leave?”

Jinki looks to Minho finally, head tilted, expression neutral. “Leave?”

Minho isn’t sure what the laws say for what has happened, other than when a mated omega willfully lays with an alpha not his mate, and it isn’t a pleasant one. Rules were broken that night though.

“Will you leave me,” his hand brushes his neck, where a claim still lays and will always lay until a proper challenge is made and one dies. It weakens Jinki’s mated claim already upon Minho. “I won’t be your mate if you don’t want me to be, I’ll-,” Minho looks away, because he would be lying if the thought of being unmated to Jinki didn’t scare him to death, what a village would do with what’s left of him, or how he wouldn’t have the privilege see Yoojin. “I’ll go into elders’ care.”

Minho is suddenly pulled into a tight embrace, feeling the alpha’s face bury in his shoulder. He blinks wide eyes.

“I won’t leave you, Minho.”

His head is touched, fingers through hair, before Jinki pulls back with a faint smile. “Go back to bed.”

Minho nods, returning to camp, climbing beneath covers, not sure why Jinki has been acting the way he has if he has no intention of leaving. His fingers rub the rough patch of skin over his neck, lips bitten. Why is reassance fleeting.

The next night, an arm his wrapped around Minho as he settles for sleep. That night he stays warm next to his mate.

So Marie and Sam talking about… him and Cas -Destiel- got Dean curious as to what other couples his life has inspired people to write about. Jo and Dean - would that be Jean? Him and Bella? Yeah, there’s gotta be something about him and Bella. What would that make them? Della? Bean? And Cas, he’s gotta be getting it from somebody other than him, right? If these crazy kids can write about Dean and his brother they can surely write about some angel-on-angel action.

And then it happens.  Written on the screen just for him: Sastiel. Considering the books discontinued around the almost-was Apocalypse and the hostile relationship his brother and Cas had up until then, those two being partners in cuddling seemed far-fetched, but so did all of these “pairings.”

But Sammy was right: Sastiel did actually exist.  He finally had ammunition to his taunts of “Deeeeeeestiel” and “I bet he did grip you tight.” And Dean grinned.

Dean was prepared when the time came. That toothy smirk Sam let linger too long after he mention Cas to him was met back with “Nice try Sam, but I’m not the only one.” Sam’s expression turned quizzical. “Seems you’re hot for the angel too. That Sastiel thing you laughed it up over a couple months back is a real fictional thing.”

His brother was finally speechless. Felt good to be smug for a change. “I… um…

“I know.”

“You know?”

“Yeah. For a couple years.” Years? “The, the whole Sam/Dean thing got my curious about what else the fans of the Edlund books interpreted from us – the characters, so I checked it out. Well, who they had me paired up with anyway; the Destiel thing was news to me. Not to me, I’ve always known Cas liked you a little more than he thinks he does, but I didn’t know if the books would pick up on that.”

No no, this is about you and Cas and not me and Cas. Please get back on topic.

“So by chance I found out about Cas and myself… But that’s it.  I couldn’t look any further. I was too embarrassed.” And he certainly showed it. Sam couldn’t meet Dean’s eyes and his cheeks flushed redder than any flower. If Sam truly was embarrassed his normal reaction would be “Shut up” or a nonchalant laugh. This was a “You’re treading into personal territory” reaction.  Dean would be too bashful to click on any of those Destiel links, he had to agree with Sam on that.

“You weirded out about people writing about you like that?”

“Kinda. I don’t know. It’s Cas and, um…”

If Sam turned another shade of red he was going to melt.

It hit him in the face as hard and fast as a punch. He tried to pick his jaw off the floor before Sam noticed, which was far too late. That’s a “boy with a crush, stop talking about the person I have a crush on with me, please” expression.

Oh. Well then.

His little brother was just full of surprises.

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I bet Ross will post a bunch of pictures either today or tomorrow. I have such high hopes after the outing they did in December, the pictures were sooooo amazing. I'm also sorta crossing my fingers he posts some of each individual cast member with a heartfelt caption :))) like why he loves Raini and why he's gonna stay friends with Calum forever and why he thinks Laura is adorkable, that sorta thing

ME TOO!!!!!  I was LITERALLY thinking about this :’}

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Hi Abby. I work in a bookstore, and something has been on my mind for a while. I was doing a walk through last summer when I came upon a young boy in a wheelchair who was reading a Braille book. I asked what he was reading, but his mother appeared and said he was deaf as well. I wanted to say hello, but I wasn't sure how to do so without startling him. Should I have tried signing into his hand? Should I have just left him alone, like I did? What should I do next time? (tag bookseller please)

Hi hi! Ooh books are awesome!

Honestly, from approaching the DeafBlind person… I wouldn’t really know. Because some DeafBlind use braille to communicate, or tactile signing… my best bet would be to ask the mom because you don’t know the persons preferred mode of communication.  Some can see but need to have smaller signing space, tactile signing, close low-vision signing… it really depends. But my best bet is to ask mom the persons mode of communication is. Not that the DeafBlind person couoldn’t answer but you don’t know their way of communicating right? I’d voice and sign at the same time, explaining that you know ASL and can talk too, depending on the persons communication. Tactile signing is similar but involves a lot of physical and mental movement. 

Here is a link that talks about Communicating or Interpreting with DeafBlind.

For me since I have some vision and I’m deaf… I ask people to come onto my good side of sight (totally blind in right eye) and sign smaller or at least more in my vision view. I can see signs from a distance though so I don’t need close up signing. If they don’t know Sign Language, they just write what they want to say to me on paper/pen or phone. I only have problem seeing text.

Not sure if that entirely helped? 

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Head canon accepted. "Roscoe, stop that." "No." "Why are you even doing that?" "I'm my own evil twin!" "Oh for" "You should see what Jesse's doing with his." " D8 " "What? He stole it to use in a heist!" " oh thank god"

When they’re not destroying the place, I bet the Rogues have faaaar too much fun with their doubles.  They probably rob the Museum for their statues when they’re not stealing their weapons/the Cosmic Treadmill/anything else stupidly left out in the open.  Some replica maker is making a fortune off that place.

I’m still laughing over the RP we did about getting Roscoe’s corpse taxidermied and put in the Flash Museum.  I want that to be real.

I was in Manhattan for a day trip out of camp and  saw this guy talking to some hispanic girl and the guy was so obviously a fuckboy and he was flirting with the girl. And hes just like “Did you know i speak spanish” and the he said something in spanish and hes like “yeah. that means i have 200 dollars in my pocket right now and ill spend it all on you” and the girl just goes “That means you have 200 turtles in your pants. I bet thats cold” and she just walked away. That girl is my idol.

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you're a sign to me that there are some really good christians out there. like, I know there are, but i grew up in a really bad church so all i was ever around is people who thought euthanizing gays was good and how women are subservant and etc. my dad says if he knew what was going on in my youthgroup/sundayschool we would've left the church years ago, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. they dont even talk about stuff like nepal/ferguson but tbh if they did i bet it'd be racist somehow

WOW that’s literally the worst omg you’re invited to my church any day!!

and anything good you see in me is only by the grace of God but thank you ily <3

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omg i love your immortal au pls its so sad but also amazing and?? also how did they all meet/discover that they were immortal (by that i mean, how did bruce discover that adam was immortal, did he tell him when they first met or did he see him die?)

thank u so much!!!

my guess is that it was really just a matter of adam going around and looking through odd experiences?

once the crew had a few people, the others joined because hey, people like them running something successful?? count them in!

my best bet is adam found bruce first, through some freak accident that involved cops, explosives, and a car. needless to say, he found bruce after the report came in that only 10 bodies were found, and not the driver of the vehicle.

james and lawrence were probably something similar, stupid accidents on the news that adam happened to look into and found them

and then joel, peake, and spoole found out about them because they’ve heard rumors around town about this group of guys being “invincible”. :~)