Alright y’all, I think I cracked what happened in #EmailGate2017. 

Usually, a TV show’s PR and writers team are two very different entities. They rarely if ever communicate because they have very different jobs. I know this from my PLL experience where a lot of times the trailers, hashtags and general stuff released really mess with or contradict what the show is trying to do. I am sure this is how it works at Emmerdale as well. The press team probably has a very basic idea of what the show is doing in the coming weeks based on the spoilers/episodes they’ve seen to create their content. What I am sure of is they don’t know the actual full direction of a storyline and that is why they constantly say ‘we are telling complex stories, keep watching.’ At most, they know a few weeks in advance, for example, that is why they made that comment about Diane helping Robert with his issues because they had seen the scene just before the reveal. 

So, what I am thinking happened with this letter is that it got passed to the general ITV complaints desk. It was handed off to Leon (intern/staffer) who doesn’t watch the show. I bet he did some basic research on what was happening and found IM’s general quotes from the big press day and watched the scenes that were specifically mentioned in the letter. He watched these scenes in a vacuum and with what IM said playing in the back of his mind ‘she’s a victim of Robert’s’ and I am sure that is how he got that weird interpretation of the scenes. It would also explain why he said Robert called her that night when we know he texted her because she said ‘you called me.’ I am guessing he took what he saw from The Incident and applied that Robert logic to The Reveal and the ‘I must have passed out’ line to make it work with his view that Robert is a liar. This would explain why none of what he said actually matches up with the show and/or the characters we know.

Now onto the pregnancy/abortion bit, I would gander the medical professional stuff is the standard language from ITV that is used when they have medical inaccuracies and people complain. We consulted with experts, blah, blah, when they really don’t or something was left weird for a reason. Going back to the day of the pregnancy reveal Vic said to Robert when he asked how far along she was ‘4 to 5 weeks’ which means the show did know she was close enough to almost 6 weeks she would not have been told to wait a month. It would have been similar to the Kerry situation where she was booked in the next week for her scan and the actual abortion a day later. What probably happened is this dude knows nothing about pregnancy and counted back 3 weeks from The Incident and said oh hey it’s only 3 weeks later so it’s totally reasonable she would have been told to wait for a month cause when she came back she would be close to 7 weeks but in reality she would be almost 10 weeks. The fact he doesn’t acknowledge the show has handled abortion in the past better and with care proves he doesn’t know the show.

The final stuff about wanting to tell a story about Rebecca being a mom and testing Robron probably came from the EH/IM interviews that were released around The Reveal. They closed it out with the standard we hope you enjoy what is coming up and future stories lines that probably go at the end of every correspondence. Someone above Leon approved the letter based on stuff they could find and again probably not watching the show and really without another thought as it appeared to match up with what they found. But, I would put money that no one from the Emmerdale Press and/or Writing teams ever saw it. Anybody who is working on that team would have never sent that out as they’ve seen the general fan reaction and would’ve know it would set off bombs. 

Emmerdale and ITV are really in a PR nightmare right now and are still trying to figure out how to manage all this and need to figure it out fast. I just stand by that we shouldn’t worry about the email because it almost certainly didn’t come from anyone on the Emmerdale Team.