Lol yes i am back to bring more parent!phan cause i cannot help myself. I’m really glad people are liking my take on it! thanks so much for all the responses! :’) So to add to my headcanon Winnie would be more of a scaredy cat and he would grow up to love pooh true to his name lolol and Delia is a tomboy gamer idk feel free to send in your headcanons for them! haahah 

phil imo will be such a creative dad he’s gonna edit videos of him defeating monsters just so Winnie can sleep at night lolol and dan’s gonna be sappy af 

I am still not out of my parent!phan hell ugh save me 

I think the most frustrating thing about being obsessed with a ship is that you go on it’s tag like every single day and usually there’s nothing new to be seen there because you entered on that tag literally five seconds ago


Cisco Ramon and Ray Palmer being absolute nerds (.❂‿❂.)

Why we need a Scream Season Three

Okay so I am really scared and sad to think that Scream is likely to be cancelled but we seriously need a third season.  There is so much we need to see!

  1. We need to see Emma and Audrey repair their friendship 
  2. We deserve to see Stavo as a character and a person and not just as red herring
  3. We deserve to see the not creepy side of stavo
  4. We need to see Noah and Stavo becoming friends and bonding over horror 
  5. We need to see if Emma also has romantic feelings for Audrey
  6. We need to see where Brooke will live 
  7. We need to see if Brooke’s mom will finally come back and take care of her in her time of need
  8. We need to see Brooke missing and mourning her father
  9. We need to see Maggie and Emma bond
  10. We need to know who called Kieran
  11. We need to know who left the note on the Duval’s tree and why
  12. We need to know if Brandon James is back
  13. We need to see how Tina will deal with her son’s death
  14. We need to know what will happen to Kieran in prison
  15. We need to see more flashbacks of young Maggie/Miguel/Kevin
  16. We need to know if Kevin will return to Lakewood
  17. We need to see Lange writing her book 
  18. We need to see more of Stavo and Miguel’s relationship 
  19. We need to see Stavo and Brooke’s relationship grow
  20. We need more cute moments between Brooke and Noah
  21. We need more Audrey and Noah scenes and them fixing their friendship
  22. We need more cute scenes of the Lakewood six all bonding and being happy and cute
  23. We need a good happy no cliffhanger ending!
  24. We need to see more Maggie and Miguel scenes
  25. We need to meet the rest of the Lakewood sixs parents 

There is still so much to happen! (ps feel free to add on more things) 

a reminder for those who currently need it.

i feel like this little reminder is really necessary right now. this is a little cheesy and sentimental, but it’s so important. as you know, there have been some horrid things happening throughout our world recently. the killing of christina, the mass shooting of the gay nightclub in orlando, the rape of the unconscious woman, the syrian refugee crisis, and so many other awful things that happen day-to-day such as suicide and terminal illness. all of these things are undeniably awful and i for one have been personally saddened by all of them. when events like this happen, many people become affected. many people become hopeless. many people become lost. if the event is horrible enough, some people even lose their will to stay alive. 

for any of you that are feeling alone, upset or forlorn… i want you to understand that this world is a beautiful place despite what has been happening lately. there is so much wonder and pure beauty in this world, even though it can be hard to see. in times like this, i want everyone to remember that you are loved and that there are so many great things in store for you + the rest of your life. in times like this, keep in touch with what keeps you going, whether it be a band, a role model, your friends and family, anything. in times like this, look after others and hold on to your hope. these times do not last forever.

I am so angry i was talking to a guy on omegle and we were talking for like an hour and we were really getting along like i felt like he was my friend and then my COMPUTER CRASHED AND SO DID OMEGLE AND ALL I KNEW ABOUT HIM WAS THAT HIS NAME WAS BRIAN HE IS ASIAN AND HE LIVES IN NORTH CAROLINA 

pls reblog this i need to find brian from north carolina this means so much to me