I Like To Read Between The Lines

So, Miranda, here goes: I think that Miranda showed us Miranda Hart going on a personal journey, and showing us life through a character. The last episodes have been about finalising that transition, so the slutty moth can fly free at last. Miranda Hart has grown as a person because of this, she’s gone on to to fabulous things (including Miranda), and now she’s ready to face the world without the alter ego as a woman with the confidence she thoroughly deserves. She’s realised that though women don’t need men to define them, if you truly love someone, don’t let them go. And I think that’s what the finale was about. The flashbacks showing how she’s grown as a person with the support of the cast, giving Tilly the tickets to show us that friends free each other from difficult situations by providing what they can. Then, at the end, she says farewell to the audience, her friends. This links with what she did to Tilly, because this is Miranda telling the audience that as her friends, the sitcom is our ticket to Wick. She’s showed us that you don’t block people out, you live by your terms and get along with them. She’s showed us that expectations do not have to be lived up to all the time. She’s showed us we are all fabulous, and can gallop into the sunset, treasuring the gift she has shared with us. So, though the ending is tinged with sadness, let’s look on, and thank Miranda for all she’s done for us. We’ve needed you.

Do you ever just- get overwhelmed by your idols?

Like, you think about how far they have come and you see how beautiful they are and how happy they are and then they go release a documentary after torturing us with the ’s’ word. And then you hear snippets of the album that they’re writing and you already know its gonna be hella awesome.
And you think that the documentary is going to kill you with feelings, but out of all the things that could possibly get you it is seeing a picture of Mitch directly afterwards and its the angle of fleek of his eyebrow that makes you breakdown… (Actually, thats probably just me, nvm)


David Tennant explaining an audition he had for Instant Coffee-Well, if he was going to help sell instant coffee in that way….I mean I might actually start drinking coffee, well I do, but I have to drink it cold. I am a freak when it comes to warm caffeine it puts me to sleep. lol

Do you guys know that feeling when you haven’t cried in a long time,and than comes that time when you are watching a show or a movie,and you cry a bit because it is sad,and than you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach that you just need a good cry,but there is just no reason for you to cry,there is so much to cry about,but nothing that would really trigger it,and than that feeling is just eating you from the inside?Or is it just me lol