Just recently I’ve been told some really nasty things and I’m realizing that my whole life every time someone bullied me, I cried about it, and now, I shake it off. Haters are gonna hate because all they are is mean. And if taylorswift can get through those bricks of hate that are thrown at her, then that means I can build a castle for myself too. Thank you Taylor, for giving me the courage to shake things off. I love you to the moon and back. <3 :) 

"You're really going to dig Beth's journey this season."

What, you mean the ‘journey’ where she gets kidnapped against her will, gets locked in a strange abusive hospital miles away from her family where she is beaten and almost raped, helps a relative stranger escape who then ultimately ends up dying anyway, needs to have the group come ‘rescue’ her, has no real reunion with anyone, and then makes an out of character decision that ends up getting her killed and leaving the group devastated?

Or her real journey of showing the group and the viewer how strong she really is by surviving and persevering when she was literally left for dead and has no one but herself to rely on yet somehow makes it, head wound and all, through walker infested Atlanta and unknown woodland terrain with nothing but some happened upon weapon, Daryl’s training, and her own bravery and determination, and then not only makes her way to safety but finds her way back to her family, stronger than ever with her hope and faith and optimism and compassion still in tact.