💕I Want to Hug Nikki too💕

Thank you for the dreamers, the hard workers, the dedicated and the straight up believers. For, without you I would be nothing. Without the power to push through I would not be standing strong. Without you I’d fail to be me so courageously. I know you think I am the lion, a strong defence pushing forward with my dreams, but what is a lion without their pride? You are the reason I still believe, without you, there would be no me.

You are my pride, my friend by Amy Kennedy


I am strong and know no limits. I can defy gravity, shatter the stereotypes. My curves are earned as my weakness is shed. I trade soft for firm and tears for sweat. I turn guilt into satisfaction and tomorrow chore into todays opportunity. My purpose becomes defined as my strength runs wild.

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Tips for Retail Workers with Anxiety

Especially around the holidays- I know how nasty customers can get.

  • Smile. I firmly believe customers are like animals. They can sense fear. Stand up straight and smile big. This will likely scare away at least a few folks who just want to take out their bad day on an innocent employee.
  • Have affirmations to say to yourself when dealing with an unhappy customer. Some of my favorites were, “I’m a good employee, I do my job well. This person’s attitude does not reflect my ability.”
  • Don’t carry it with you. You have to leave the negative comments and attitudes at work. Accept that you did a good job under the pressure you had. If you feel you really did something wrong, accept it and tell yourself you can learn from it. If you are afraid of a specific situation repeating, plan specific affirmations and actions and then stop obsessing.
  • Recognize when a customer has done or said something inappropriate. Retail workers can be treated like shit. After getting treated that way, it’s easy to feel like you are shit. You are not. Even if you don’t say anything directly to the customer, it’s okay and reasonable to think, “Hey, that was really rude.” or “Her attitude made me feel like I was doing my job poorly, and even though I know that’s not true, it hurts.”
  • Talk to your coworkers. Don’t be mortified that a customer yelled at you about the price of eggs or that you didn’t catch an error. It’s super likely that they’ve had a similar experience and will swap stories with you. It really helps.
  • Remember how great you are! Make sure that you’re well fed, rested and hydrated! You can do it. Take deep breaths. It is truly possible to go to work and not dread it. It is possible to go to work and actually enjoy it. xo