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And don’t forget to stay strong and never give up!

I have always been a target because people never see me as weak. 
They aren’t bad people, they are just people trying to find their way to happiness. 

That way gets easier if you step on people and form a staircase out of them.

Now, of course people aren’t heartless, so they look to step on only those people who they think need rest in their own journey to happiness, who they think wouldn’t suffer much from being stepped on. 

Now, I am a very tall person, with a resting bitch face and an air of defiance. 

I also am usually found helping others who have been pushed down and made a step out of because I believe there is no hurry to reach the destination. I will get there and won’t the destination look more beautiful if I wasn’t alone? 

Most times, the people I have helped stand back up and invited to travel with me, wait for the opportunity to step on me and steal my supplies. 

Some come back, and I am ready to smile and forgive. But they come back only because they realize they have forgotten the map. 

I have lost a lot of blood and it covers my outsides but it isn’t a stain of misery, rather it covers my body like a blanket of hope. 

It’s been so long that I have stayed down, I don’t care to stand up anymore. 
Because all these fools have been climbing up thinking they will find happiness soon, but while I was down, I dug a little and what I found was magical. 

I don’t need to participate anymore, you can take all I have because what I really need has been here within me from the very start. 

I will not stop eating just because he doesn’t love me anymore
I will not stop doing things I like just because he doesn’t love me anymore
I will not stop listening to our favorite songs just because he doesn’t love me anymore
I will not lay in bed all day just because he doesn’t love me anymore
I will not feel worthless just because he doesn’t love me anymore
I will not give up just because he doesn’t love me anymore
I will not stop taking care of myself just because he doesn’t love me anymore
—  repeat after me

I’m a singer.
A writer.
A reader.
A quiet talker.

I’m a cryer.
A worrier.
A overthinker.
A self doubter.

I’m a riser.
A hoper.
A dreamer.
A believer.

And for once, I’m going to remind myself that even if my core is sad, at the first and last I am better than I think. I am stronger than I know. And I am worth so much more than I believed.

—  KS
Story of my Friday

I stopped at my local Walmart on my way to work this morning to grab something for lunch. Standing in front of the freezer with the weight watchers meals, a charming man stepped up and commented that this was the right section for me and proceeded to call me fat and ugly.

I stared at this moron and said:

“Don’t be ridiculous. I define my beauty, not what I eat and certainly not idiots like you. Now leave me alone.”

He proceeded to mumble “bitch” and walked away. As a social commentary, this is beyond sad. He could say whatever the hell he wanted to me as rudely as he wanted but when I stand up for myself, I’m a bitch. Well fine then. I’m a bitch. And a damn beautiful one at that!! You’re welcome, Stupid idiotic man!

I hate that this is a thing in our world. I hate that I’m still thinking about it. And I hate that he made me doubt my own self-worth, even for a second. Stupid man.