My thoughts and prayers are with the people of London, the victims, the injured, all their families and friends. I really, really hope my English friends are safe.

I pray for the victims of terrorism, war, violence and intolerance and for their families ALL OVER THE WORLD, TODAY AND EVERY DAY.

The way Kevin & Joaquin looked at each other in Episode 04...

Ahn Min Hyuk’s hair pushed back (´⌣`ʃƪ)

Today we reached 100 followers! It may not seem alot to some, but we’ve got to start somewhere. This is just the beginning. Thank you to all who follow and show support for helping to reach this milestone, it is very much appreciated.
And don’t forget to stay strong and never give up!

some nights i’d feel so alone that the only comforting thing was the sky. so id learn a ton of constellations and go and sit outside and find every single one that i could and i would beg the sky to light me up inside because i was tired of burning out and i was desperately in need of some light and guidance. i painted planets on my walls and wrote down my favorite constellations. and on the very worst nights, when i felt like i was drowning underneath all of the blackness, i’d look at the moon and remember that someone, somewhere else was looking up at the sky, at that very moment, looking for the same thing as me. and at times, this is the most comforting thing.
—  you’re never alone. other people feel this way too.
I wish you a Min Hyuk

The “by the water scene”…the way he just confessed his feelings was almost magical. Open-hearted. He used his whole body to express what he wanted to say. He took a step closer, he looked at her right in the eyes, the tone of his voice was soft and when he walked away he turned around and looked at her one more time (yo bro even thought about the landscape). No forced kiss, no “arm grabbing”, no yelling, no denial, no shame.

I genuinely wish to all of you on this website who knows what I am talking about and who is watching Strong Woman Do Bong Soon to find someone who will be able to express their emotions and what they feel in such a touching and heartfelt way. If such a person do really exist then I hope you’ll meet her/him, If not, then you & me must try to be that/this person.