The few times Deacon actually does sleep, he usually ends up crashing wherever it’s warmest.

Most of the time that happens to be Nick.

The absolutely lovely @haalpine finished my commission and I’ve been screaming about it for the past few hours, guys look at how cute it is

They were absolutely wonderful to work with and y’all should definitely check out their commission page, and now I will continue screaming because !!!!!!!


Last Minute Trips episode 3 just came out and I watched it and I am so very happy! I love those two idiots so much! 

Okay to reblog~

[White agender autistic adult with blue hair in a ponytail with brown hair undercut. Black thick framed glasses and smiling really big. Wearing a black tank top with a blue hearthstone logo. Three different colored bracelets and two necklaces. Background of various Pokemon posters.]

Gif one: Happy bouncing with close, closehanded ridged flapping

Gif two: Big arm flaps/ stretching with continued bouncing

Gif three: Big ridge flaps and happy bouncing 

Gif four: Happy wiggles! 

My favorite Klance things

Keith sitting on Lances lap. He’s just curls up there and it’s,,,, just,,,, so freaking cute. I can’t


Keith pulling Lance in for kisses. Like please, my heart can only handle so much.

Lance calling keith babe. Like babe please.

Either of them laying their heads in each others laps and playing with their hair;;

Keith coming up from behind lance and hugging him. Like real domestic, they’re in the kitchen,,,, lance is cooking and, Keith, oh keith just comes up and gives lance a soft tender hug from behind. And lance just smiles and says good morning babe~….shit I gave myself the feels..

Lance grabbing Keith’s hand at any moment and keith lacing their fingers

Cuddling. Either keith is curled up into lances chest or lance is the little spoon.

And lance just sleeps like a rock most nights, and so keith just gets to watch him sleep and he’s like goddamn I am so in love with this idiot. (Some times hell catch lance snoring or drooling and he just falls harder)

then on the rare nights that lance wakes up before keith, and he just lies there with a dopey grin on his face while keith has his mouth wide open, hair splayed everywhere, and in general just a hot mess. In other words, it’s hella cute and lance can’t handle it.

Idk man, just klance. Klance ok.

In celebration of 100 posts in the Crenny-RP I write with Hun

♥ Thank you for the wonderful RolePlay ♥

I play as Kenny and Hun plays as Craig.


The drawing shows the current scene of the roleplay when Kenny, Craig and the rest of their class go on a school trip in the mountains for some skiing, hot springs and more. All of them are riding the bus and due to certain circumstances Kenny and Craig end up sitting next to each other, watching movies on McCormicks i-p………pad.

While Kenny has a secret crush on his fellow student, Craig isn’t too fond of his presence, even though the blonde earned some of his trust during the latest happenings when they teamed up as against Trent Boyett to protect their sisters - Calling themselves “Team motherfucking Crenny” in the process.

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He Denies Your Children P.3 (Liam and Niall)

Liam: (Taylor P.o.v.) My mom was trying to tell me to understand my father but I can’t. Is he embarrassed from us. My mom was crying until I calmed her down a bit. We’ve been in this room for like hours my decided to sleep when we were watching Thor. I was hungry and decided to go downstairs thinking my dad left. I Got some food and when I was heading back my dad blocked the exit.”We have to talk””No We don’t now get out the way””I AM YOUR FATHER AND YOU DON’T SPEAK TO ME THAT WAY””A FATHER WOULDN’T BE EMBARRESSED OF THEIR FAMILY” he gasped “You think I’m embarrassed of you guys” “what else would be the reason you hide us” “I thought I was protecting you guys””We can protect our self what you are doing is not protecting us but hurting us Mom was crying upstairs until she fell asleep How do you think she feels when she can tell who MY father? How do you think I feel when people ask me about my father but I can’t tell them who he is? When My own father can’t show up at my games? I need a father!” I cried out to him how I felt. He came up to me and hugged me “I am so sorry I didn’t know this is how you feel I can’t believe I put you through this I promise I will fix this & I will be at your next game but I need to go talk to your mom okay?” I nodded “That’s all I ask” He told me to wait down here while he went to get mom.(His P.o.v.) I walked into my room seeing my girlfriend laying in the bed with tears stains . I wished she told me how she felt? I would have solved this if I knew. I shouldn’t even have done this! I walked over and hovered her kissing every visible part of her face “Baby I am so sorry” I said In between kisses. She woke up when I kissed her lips “I am so sorry! Why didn’t you tell me how you felt?””I didn’t want to worry you””But I don’t want you to be in pain” I nuzzled my head in her neck, she went through my hair “I’m sorry” she spoke “You don’t have nothing to be sorry about I messed up big time” I kissed under her jaw “But I love you You know that right?” I told her as I sucked on her neck “I love you” she whispered as she hold back a moan “Where is Taylor?” “Down” Kiss “Stairs” I said between kiss “Let’s go to him” she said “But I want to be with you””Later”

Niall:(His P.o.v.) I’ve been going crazy this 2 weeks I don’t know where Y/n is. She won’t answer any of my calls or messages. I ask so many people where she was no one will tell me.”I’m Losing it” I told Liam “We can tell man””I’ve looked everywhere””Who can she be with?” Zayn said as we all thought. “SARAH” We all yelled at the same time “Why haven’t I thought of it?” I rushed to my car and drove to Sarah’s place. Once I arrived I ran to the door and Sarah opened with wide eyes “Please let me see her””I don’t know what your talking about””I know she is here stop hiding her I need to see her””She is not here””Yes she is please I messed up big time with her And I need to fix it Please” she shook her head “Niall just go” she tried to close the door but I slammed it open and barged in “Y/N WHERE ARE YOU” I ran all over the place until I saw her come out of a room.”Niall please go” she whispered “No I am not leaving here I messed up BIG and I need to fix it. Of course I’m happy I’m having a baby with you the pressure got to me and I let it out on you. I Love you and our baby” I hugged her waist “Please Come back home I love you and your the best thing that ever happen to me and I can’t lose you and our baby””Niall get up””Not until You tell me your coming home” “I will come home but please get up” I shot up and embarrassed her in my arms “I am so sorry I love you I’m such an Idiot” “I love you too and your my Idiot” she said in between tears.