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for the six characters thing: Bitty, Jack, Dex, Chowder, Farmer, and Lardo

  • give a CapriSun and lay down for a nap : Bitty (let this poor boy rest)
  • enlist to help build a pillow fort : Farmer (I’m pretty sure she’s taller than me so like that will be helpful for building also we can hang out and talk about the boys)
  • slingshot into the deep recesses of space : Lardo (listen she would make some sweet fucking art on her way back)
  • sing bad karaoke and play DDR at 3am with : Chowder (he strikes me as that really enthusiastic but not super great singer - which I am too haha)
  • smack with a rolled up newspaper : Jack (but like… in a nice way. Like a DiNozzo slap when he’s being an idiot. A loving smack. You know)
  • let borrow the aux chord on a road trip : Dex. (We could listen to dad rock together in the car it’s honestly my jam for road trips.)

Send me six characters!

(This took forever and it was so hard)

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i miss jiyong's mullet every day :( it was my favorite

Awww it was? Well that guy is incapable of looking bad in anything so I understand ( Hey I love sushi hair and the rattails so who am I to judge right?). I hated him in the mullet but I can’t deny that he looked good anyway.

So it’s pretty much clear there is not a single hairstyle of Ji that NO ONE likes. That idiot knows what he is doing. See this is why he is THE life ruiner. You know you hate something still you can’t say he looks sucky OTL

Okay, so people wanted me to make more AU’s of Lincoln and Giorgi lmao omg I’m supposed to be online shopping for my trip to Atlanta but here i am writing this. Y’all better love me😂😭 This one probably sucks just like the first one bc I’m trash… (also for my favourite @giggleboxx3000)


I’ll be your Daddy? AU Lincoln/Giorgi

“Now, giorgi for christ sakes if you would just put that goddamn thing away and actually focus on me telling you something for once that would be great.” Sal sighed thinking what his idiot son was doing on that phone as usual 

“Oh shit sorry pops, something came up i really have to go somewhere look can you tell me it when i get home tonight?” Quickly rushing to the door Giorgi waved bye to his father Sal and left to go meet Lincoln who was waiting for him at his house. 

By the time giorgi got to lincoln’s he finally let out a sigh of relief, Knocking on his door smiling he got such a happy feeling inside him knowing he’d be seeing Lincoln.

“And finally you make it, I can’t believe your dad actually let you leave the house to meet me.” Laughing and giving Giorgi the warmest hug he could give him

“….Funny story, I didn’t tell him… well i didn’t tell him i was coming over to meet you i just said something came up.”

“Are you that scared of him Gi..?” Patting the seat next to him Giorgi flopped down looking at Lincoln

“And you would know yourself how bad that would go down, My own father would have me whacked.” 

pulling Giorgi closer Lincoln simply said “Trust me… Your father would have to get past me first and my weird dysfunctional family Gi he wouldn’t last a chance if he tried.” Smiling up at Lincoln giving him a small peck on the cheek he knew himself Lincoln was right, He wouldn’t have a chance because he knows himself he’d loose and that’s what made Giorgi feel happy.

“Ahem, anyway instead of all this sad talk… Vito is hosting a barbecue this weekend and i want you to be with me and of course my loved ones who i call my family… so will that be a yes?”

“Only if Cassandra can learn me a bit of her Voodoo skills then sure of course Linc.” 

Just as Lincoln and Giorgi was talking peacefully and resting in eachothers arms, Sal decided to ring Giorgi.. Of course he had to answer.

“Okay it’s my dad ringing, don’t try anything stupid while i’m on the phone Linc.” Sitting up straight and trying to act serious with Lincoln which only failed because it ended up pulling him back down so Giorgi was laying down on top of him.

“aH..Hey dad… what’s wrong?” 

“Giorgi i wanted you home to discuss things. Where the fuck are you?” Sal on the line sounding angry 

‘Fucking douche’ lincoln muttered under his breath  

“I’m out dad, i’ll be back later…” Smirking lincoln decided to start giving giorgi small pecks from his cheek to his neck basically anywhere it’d set him off.

“No Giorgi, you come home now.” That was it Sal hanged up leaving Giorgi fed up with the way he was treated by his own father. 

“I’m fucking sick of the way he treats me… Ha some dad.” Sighing as he cuddled into Lincoln he turned off his phone aswell.

“…Well i could be your daddy…..” What??? Giorgi was thinking, What did lincoln just say.

“Linc… what?” 

“I’ll be your daddy..” Wide-eyed and confused Giorgi was cought off gaurd with that comment which was made and also now cought off gaurd by Linclon kissing him with out doing anything. 

Giorgi’s mind went to jelly whenever Lincoln would pull this Stunt.

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I fell in love with a boy ive known for quite some time and recently we've been talking a lot and he told me that he wanted to be in a relationship with me but then he said he didnt want to and then he said he did and today he said he didnt really know and he is just really playing with my heart and feelings and I don't know what to do, he is literally a kind soul but he is hurting me so bad i cant take it anymore but i really do love him im an idiot

:( Awh I am so sorry! The best advice I can give is to 1. NEVER call yourself an idiot. Because you and I know you’re not an idiot. Self depreciation will only make the situation worse. And 2. Live your life normally and go on doing what you’ve been doing. It’s going to be hard because obviously you have feelings for this person. Keep busy and focus on things you love. If it ends up working out, that’s great. If not, you’ll have so many opportunities in the future. I’ve been through heartbreak where I thought there was no end and I’d love that person forever. But after a while, time went on and I moved on and things worked themselves out. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. While you’re here on earth enjoy yourself and love deeply. But this also means you may hurt deeply, and that’s okay. But it won’t last forever. Good luck, honestly. And if you need to talk more I’m always here. :)

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Thank heavens for fanfic writers like you who seem to write Captain Swan better than the writers and creators of OUAT themselves. I've been hanging on by a thread to this show because I haven't liked the writing since season 4. But I've been hanging on because I love Emma and CS, but even the whole lying trope drama is making me want to quit the show completely. So this is a thank you to fanfic writers like you. I'm enjoying CS in fanfic more than I am in canon these days.

I do still MOSTLY enjoy CS in canon, even when I’m frustrated. Clearly I still care because I was upset to the point of tears last night whenever I thought about “Promise.” Even when I rage about idiotic tropes, I still care. I’m still invested. But yeah, I definitely love being able to retreat into my fic worlds where tropes I hate very, very rarely make an appearance. ;)

I want to wake up and be more thankful I’m not where i used to be. Instead I wake up being disappointed I’m not where I want to be or should be. As the girl on the left I told myself so many times I would be happy to be the girl on the right. Yet, here I am still saying not good enough! Wanting to push further is not a bad thing but not even being content with how far ive come is idiotic. Fuck that noise! I want to strive to be more body positive! No one is going to love me the way I can love myself so what am i waiting for. I need my mind to be as healthy as my body or this is for nothing. They should go hand in hand. Here’s to being proud and not ashamed. #exerciseforthemind #progressnotperfection #beforeandafter #weightloss #naturalweightloss #tonyfromgoahead #mindovermatter #morphingmonday #stopcomparing

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Right now, almost an hour after the concert, all I can think of is Seungcheol. Not S.coups but Choi Seungcheol. Seungcheol who entered Pledis when he was barely 12-13 years old and was promised a debut as an original pedis boy under a 5-membered group called Tempest. Seungcheol practicing days after days and awaiting his debut. Seungcheol realising that tempest won’t debut but instead they will debut as Seventeen with more members than he’d ever imagine. Seungcheol still welcoming them all and taking them under his own wing, and taking up the role as their leader being the eldest and most experienced. Seungcheol finally becoming S.coups. Seungcheol finally debuting as the leader of the new group Seventeen with 13 members after training for 7 long years. Seventeen where there’s a lot of members and much lesser opportunities to be recognised yet Seungcheol looking after every single one of them as his own child or younger sibling, providing them mental and physical comfort as best as possible to him.
And finally today, Seungcheol finally standing on stage at the start of their first ever concert, all his dreams finally coming true. All the sweat and late night practices being worth it!

I don’t know about you all, but I have such immense respect for this boy right here. I’m so happy he waited and practiced hard for 7 years without giving up, because had he done that, seventeen probably wouldn’t have had such great a leader. And I really appreciate this boy so much, for undertaking so much and undergoing so much pain just so that he’ll be able to do what he was able to do today.

look at my arm right there. see that? i got that when i was eighteen years old, and i’ll tell you something i regret it ‘cause this tattoo don’t come off. i have a tattoo of a cows head because i loved that cheese then. so i get the cow, and i go in there, and i’m a little drunk and i said gimme that cow head from that cheese i love that cheese. now i have a cow, a cheese cow, on my arm brendon. don’t get a tattoo. that’s what i’m telling you. play soccer. brendon take a look at my chest. no i’m serious look at that. you know what that is right there? thats the woman from the chiquita banana. i got that tattooed on my chest. i am an idiot. i got trademark products all over my body, it’s like going to a market, because i was drunk one night. don’t live like me, alright? now you go out there and play great

so i didn’t know that Neil casually/accidentally wearing a crop top was a kink of mine??

- neil stumbling out of the bedroom in the morning with bed hair and wearing an old dryer-shrunken exy shirt
- that’s tight around his broad shoulders and wayyyy too short neilhowdidyounotnotice
- and andrew’s eyes go directly to his toned, tan stomach
- and Neil smiles really affectionately and sleepily at him and keeps walking to the kitchen
- so andrew gets a perfect view as he walks away of his tapered waist and the dimples on his lower back
- andrew had stopped talking to Nicky mid-sentence (not that Nicky noticed, he’s too busy staring at that fine piece of- neil too), and now he looks back at Nicky and growls “get out”
- and then he’s throwing himself over the back of the couch and heading towards neil
- who is now leaning against the counter and watching andrew’s approach
- I can’t decide if he has a shitty face because he knows exactly what he’s doing by wearing that ‘shirt’ or if he has whydoesandrewlooklikehesgoingtokillme face because he actually has no idea what he’s doing
- Andrew takes the coffee mug out of Neil’s hands and puts it on the counter next to them, gets in real close and asks, deep and gravely, “yes or no”
- Neil’s eyes widen and he says “yes” (soft and mumbly ‘cause he’s still waking up)((friends sleepy neil kills me))
- andrew puts his hands on Neil’s waist, lets his fingers trail up under the hem of the shirt, feeling both the silky smooth (and warm, so warm) skin and the striations of Neil’s scars
- Neil doesn’t say anything, he just watches Andrew’s enraptured face
- There’s a minute or two of Andrew just touching Neil and running his hands (and maybe mouth once or twice) over Neil’s bared skin
- and then Andrew’s hands move back up Neil’s sides again but take the fabric with them and neil gets the hint
- then they do it in the kitchen
- Neil keeps the shirt and maybe ‘accidentally’ shrinks a few more

idk just forever give me Neil not knowing how stupidly attractive he is and Andrew having problems keeping his hands off because of it

“Good. Now stop crying… idiot”

No but imagine Sirius has finally finished fixing up the bike

And he’s so excited about it and the first person he can find is Remus because James is out with Lily and Peter is in detention

And Sirius is like COME ON IT WITH ME

And Remus is like ‘are you fucking kidding me there is no way I am getting on that death trap’

But Sirius manages to persuade him with chocolate (and Remus also realises that he’ll get to be incredibly close to Sirius without it seeming weird)


But Sirius (the little shit) just laughs and says “are you a Gryffindor or aren’t you?” and Remus is about to hit him but he’s too scared to move at all so he just resorts to glaring at him behind his back and holding onto him as tightly as he fucking can

And then Sirius miraculously gets used to the bike and Remus begins to actually quite enjoy it, the wrapping his arms around Sirius’ waist, and being so close to him and oh Merlin he smells amazing

And Sirius is oh so smug because “MOONY I DID IT! WE’RE FLYING!” and Remus is like “YOU CAN FLY A BROOM YOU FUCKWIT” but secretly he’s smiling and enjoying every minute of it and ugh he could be this close to him forever


And Sirius does one loopdeloop too many because they’re PLUMMETING TO THE GROUND and Remus closes his eyes because THIS IS THE END but at least he dies wrapped around Sirius because really there are worse ways to go - meanwhile Sirius is pressing EVERY BUTTON to try and get them to stop

And he manages it just as they are about a foot from the ground and they are both thrown from the bike due to the impact and Sirius lands on Remus with an oomph

And Remus can see his freckles and the blue flecks in his eyes but he can’t concentrate on them because he’s so happy to be ALIVE and he starts hitting Sirius like “YOU COULD HAVE KILLED US YOU TWAT” and Sirius’ only response is “BUT I DIDN’T DID I”

But Remus just keeps rambling on and on about how the bike is a death trap and how it should be banned from the grounds and he’s never going near it again and it doesn’t matter how hot you look on it because I will–

But he’s cut off by Sirius’ lips on his and his heart is beating fast again but for a whole different reason

And when Sirius pulls away he has this adorable goofy smile on his face and he goes “I can’t believe it worked”

And it takes Remus a second but then he realises that “YOU THOUGHT A NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE WAS A GOOD WAY TO SEDUCE ME?!” “Well it worked, didn’t it?”

And Remus is rambling again about how he’s a fucking nutter and it’s a wonder he’s ever dated anyone

But then Sirius cuts him off again by kissing him and wrapping his arms around his waist and Remus finds that he doesn’t quite mind anymore

But there is no doubt in his head: Sirius Black will be the death of him

clexa au
A Soccer Love Story by @onebigroughdraft

Meet Lexa Woods: star of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, trying to lead her team to another Olympic gold medal. Meet Clarke Griffin: new team doctor, and the only one capable of turning the world-class athlete into a stuttering, clumsy fool. It’s a soccer love story, ya’ll.