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i am so happy you called people out on that bored teenage girls thing, especially with the novel lolita. i've seen it a couple of times and tried to say something but been basically shut down immediately. hopefully ppl will listen to you!

Yeah, it’s something that’s never sat right with me & I tried not to include anything Lolita-esque in my tag, even when I was at the height of it. I think people generally agree with the idea; this is where it crosses the line into victim blaming.


I don’t know if you are interested but I am really bored and I made this sample of a S.H.I.E.L.D. badge, I mean it almost exactly the same from the one you can get here but I didn’t really like the yellow thing so I made one with a black edge and as I said I am really bored so I am willing to make you guys one if you want, all you have to do is reblog/ comment? / or send me an ask with the following info:

  • Name
  • Last Name
  • Job Title
  • Sex
  • Hair color
  • Height
  • Birthday -Month/Day/Year (this is just for the card ser no. so is not that important if you guys aren’t confortable with giving that info away)
  • A picture (maybe you want to link me to a selfie, or submit one or tell me to check you tag/me or if you don’t want me to mess with you selfies I can just leave that pic sample :) )

You can choose whatever you want to be your name or last name or job title or anything I am just really bored :(

Questions Meme

My 9 questions.  I was tagged by ivyblossom​  

(I’m worried I might be boring, so I am including a whack of gifs)

Your fannish name: why did you choose it?  Barachiki: I’ve mentioned before that it comes from a song, “Chili Con Carne,” by The Real Group.  I honestly just had that song in my head when I was making a tumblr account, and didn’t think I was going to actually do anything worth mentioning here.  

(The only reason I made a tumblr account? To make a post for finalproblem’s first annual Reichencrack theory day, I had a good one about a second shooter and the other Moriarty brother. )

What’s your favourite fanfiction trope?  I am not a real fan-fiction follower, but from what I do like, is domestic things and having other skills, which is why I make everyone knit and play the guitar and whatever.  I would love if someone had a secret skill that doesn’t ever come up, like being able to juggle or roller-skate.

What is your favourite fictional place?  I was going to say the North Pole, but that isn’t fictional (obviously).  I love Christmas shows, and love basically any depiction of the North Pole.  Snowflakes everywhere.

Fantasy dinner party: which six fictional characters would you invite?  Tricky.  Ok, I want to start with Ford Prefect.  He was always my favourite because he was so chill and so willing to let everything happen.  Spider-man from the late 90s comic books.  Doctor Horrible because I love musicals. The Fourth Doctor, gatecrashing with his companion Romana II and K9.  Oh, and if there is room, Dirk Gently from the books AND the short lived TV series. (I’d say a character from Star Trek ToS, but you’d need more than one for it to be good.)  So, more than six, but should be fun.  

Fantasy dinner party #2: which six real people (alive or otherwise) would you invite?  I am so crap at this so I think I will just pick my favourite British Panel Show people and make sure it was a fun evening.  Stephen Fry, hands down, number one.  Phill Jupitus (he mentioned my name on his radio show once).  Eddie Izzard (who I actually met once).  And to round it off… Bill Bailey, David Mitchell and Sue Perkins. I think they are all lovely human beings and it should be fun.

What is your favourite fan platform (Livejournal, tumblr, twitter, goodreads, pinterest, wattpad, etc.) other than the amazing AO3?  I like tumblr, but I am also on it for all kinds of other things than fandom stuff.  I also like twitter, because I get to hear fantastic things every once in a while from people I admire (Stephen Fry, I’m looking at you).

What do you think about fandoms getting more and more attention by the wider world? Good thing? Bad thing? Neither?  I grew up with the X Files as my fandom.  When I found out I could spend all my babysitting money on collectables and memorabilia, I was thrilled.  I had a little email group that talked together about things and we made little jokes that were our little thing.

Fandom today is way different.  I stepped in cautiously looking for that intimate circle of a few peeps, accidentally gained a following and was forced to see the fandom in a different way.  There’s a gazillion people in it, and they all have way more power than my little email group did.  It isn’t necessarily bad, but it isn’t always as well behaved as it should be.

What’s your favourite smell?  Clean laundry. Hands down.  

If you could tell the creators of your favourite media property one thing, what would it be?  Thank you for your patience.  We’re just trying to have fun.