After coming upon a small island with three competing clans of lizard-folk, our party managed to start a riot between the three groups, effectively getting them to kill each other off while we snuck around and released the prisoners they had there.

My bard, the arrogant Evandur the Great, fabulously failed on the stealth roll and was quickly discovered by the head lizard-man who was suppose to be the boss fight for this adventure. The conversation went something like this:

Lizard man: You come here to free other two leggers?

Evandur: No! I am a traveling musician! I came here simply to play for you and your followers!

Lizard man: *seems to ponder over it* you play music? Play for me!

After much breath holding, I rolled a natural 20 for my performance roll

Lizard man: You good. You come back in two moons and play again!

And that ladies and gentlemen is how my bard managed to perform his way out of a boss fight, and get a gig out of it!