Okay just a quick PSA guys

Gravity Falls is a show built on mystery and characters.

The fandom is built on theory, speculation, and a shared sense of excitement and anticipation.

But please remember, unless the canon proves it otherwise, No Theory is More or Less Valid than Any Other.

You don’t have to agree on them, you don’t have to think all of them are true.

But for the love of Bill Cipher, please do not hate on others for their theories, their opinions of other’s theories, or think that “your theory” is better than anyone else’s.

It’s Not. 

Everything from Body Swap theory, “The clones that escaped are actually the Stan Twins”, to Grunkle4Grandpa. They ALL have their merits, they ALL have their back up evidence, they are ALL worth consideration. 

It’s not a contest. It’s not a competition. It’s not a race to see who can think up the most “canon” theory before the new episode comes out.

You all don’t have to agree with each other. You don’t have to accept each other’s theories. But for God’s sake, don’t be tiny children who make fun of each other because “oh ho ho they think THIS theory is valid!” This is an animated kid’s cartoon that you are belittling ideas over and the theories that you’re so strongly defending may or may not even be true!

By all means, have fun, be super positive, and be pumped for the next episode!

But do not patronize others and be an elitist asshole because of what they choose to believe on this show. 

Just don’t.

And please remember…


The signs as Plague Rats


Taurus: My name is inmate F69U and these are my pet rats Sir Furrycheeks and Muffincunt. 

Gemini: hurr durr let’s have tea party but with whisky instead of tea lol I’m such a dark person

Cancer: I feel your Opheliac, Emilie. I’ve been diagnosed with that.

Leo: GURRRRL KISSES! mlmlmlml

Virgo: William Shakespeare is my favourite writer from the Victorian Age!


Scorpio: OMG I’m so fucking British, check out my accent: *coughs and dramatically closes their eyes* HHHHot Dawg. See? 100% British!

Sagittarius: *scoffs* Bitch don’t even think about claiming to be a Plague Rat unless you wear a corset.

Capricorn: *emo kid voice* I used to enjoy her music but I figured out she’s a liar because she said her family died even though that’s none of our business, she’s exploiting us and I don’t believe in love anymore sigh why doesn’t anybody notic- OMG I’m smarter than the others, I’m the chosen one, I’ll PROVE she’s a liar!1!

Acquarius: Wow I love EA let’s have a look at the fand- lolwut *makes trollposts to piss off all the bitches*

Pisces: *crying* thnx Em you saved my life when I was about to commit suicide when they said I was an attention whore for cutting myself because when I was in eighth grade… [and so on]

i think i may have written about this before but perhaps not (i write and delete a lot of things from here before ever posting them but anyways)

i want to talk about gender, specifically my own gender because i am just so confused about it and it is making me very upset.

so to start with, i was assigned female at birth, i have all the primary, secondary, and tertiary sex characteristics of a female. all of my life i have prescribed to (most of) the gender roles associated with my assigned gender. i have felt like…. 80% alright with it but my entire life has been plagued with this weird feeling that something is still not right so i am going to attempt to parse it out

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sketch dump from insomnia. again, if you open it in a new window it should be bigger.

trying out different minako hairstyles. i figure she changes her signature look after a certain age just because she gets bored with it. she has so much hair going all over the place, it makes sense to tie it all back. also braiding your hair for battle can become this kind of calming ritual.

i think jet mentioned a million years ago that she wanted to see mako lifting everyone, so here’s the first of that.

i have so many outers family things i want to draw, showing each of them as parents and how they differ. michiru’s the worrier. haruka’s the Cool Dad (until hotaru’s a certain age, then she’s the Stop Embarrassing Me Dad).

But I don’t want to be a painting
A masterpiece
A statue smiling for your pleasure.
Take me away from this static room
These padded walls aren’t helpful

Give me a paintbrush and a chainsaw
I will cut off my limbs
Reattach with red paint
Hurting onto canvas onto pavement onto woodblocks
I will peel off this smile
Stick it onto some mirror
Call it ART
Watch you twitch with discomfort
As you realize it still moves

I’m still moving through this mirror
Immediately mediated
An aura of movement
Lips curving touching pinching your perception of

Mirrors can’t move
Move out of the way:
Your eyes are blinding
Here, let me burn them,
Douse them in linseed oil
Clear them of static purity
Subject them to my dirty fingers
Cover them in charcoal
And pull them from their sockets

Can’t you see
Beauty is dirty
Bulging with contamination
Imperfectly swimming through perception
You can’t contain me
I am not a masterpiece;
I am plague
Let me infect you.

DIY Plague Cures: The Chicken Cure

This one’s for you last minute folks who suffer an outbreak and don’t have time to sit around for 40 days stewing scorpions! We all know it happens ;)

Prep time: As long as it takes to locate and shave a chicken

A Live Chicken

That’s it! You don’t even need something to shave it with, because a plucked chicken works just as well for those of us who don’t have fancy kitchen tools :)  

Once you have caught your chicken, remove all the feathers from its rump and salt to taste. Then press the shaved chicken to those unsightly buboes and wait while it sucks out the disease.  When the chicken dies (usually after half an hour), replace it with another, and keep going until one stays alive.  When that happens all the plague has been absorbed!  Depending on how plaguey you are, you may have to use 3 or 4 chickens to reach this stage.

Some physicians suggest holding the chicken’s beak shut at regular intervals to increase its efficiency, but it’s really up to you! Like many basic recipes, experimenting is half the fun.


I am sorry I have been MIA. I was at CCEE this past weekend and then and a crazy last week of school while battling con plague :( I am slowly on the mend, and going through photos. 

The new gown I made for Cersei turned out so well! I am really proud of it. I was lucky enough to shoot with a few photographers over the weekend but here is a sneak peek! 

Left: Murasaki Cosplay Photography

Right: Athane Photogrpahy


Pestmester. An assistant in matters of disease with his bag of plagues.

Inspired by a few remarks by mistress-flamecaller, can always find an excuse to mess around with liquid latex. Though it is hardly visible in the photos, the large thing on the forehead is in fact the plague flight symbol.

anonymous asked:

i need some help. i am plagued by an ex who crushed my heart & soul. every bit of self-esteem & trust i had in others was obliterated. this was a long time ago- over a decade & i still have nightmares & sick feelings. i moved across the country because i needed to get away from the pain & negative energy. now i hear that this person might be moving to my city. my heart is ruined. i just want to forget, have peace & never see this person again. is there any magic can i do? thank you.

…That is quite the predicament. You have my condolences.

There are three ways you can go about dealing with this magically:

  1. Banish the thought of them.
  2. Banish the person themself.
  3. Put yourself at ease.

And each of those meet your needs as per following the “i just want” above, and I have spells for all three purposes. Let’s fish those out of the ol’ e-grimoire, shall we? I’ll bold the ones I personally recommend.

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