The two Jehovah’s Witnesses that always come to my door are alarmingly buff. Like, muscles-straining-through-their-white-dress-shirts buff. I don’t even have a joke to make about this, guys. I just feel like you should know that I am plagued by these righteously jacked proselytizers and that, for whatever reason, I’m constantly running into them at the grocery store and they always ask me how my cat is doing. It’s really somethin’.

Please listen to this as you read: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uZmxZThb084

My dearest Katherine,

We were ambushed by the cucks last night, but Lt. Kekfucker1488 rallied us and we drove them back. I can scarcely remember a time before this war. I am plagued by terrible nightmares of my childhood ruined by women in science fiction movies. Some say Crooked Hillary will soon offer her surrender since it was revealed she operates a labyrinth of child sex dungeons beneath the nation’s pizzerias, but my hopes have failed me before. I no longer wish for medals or glory, only for the joy of posting my evo psych theories to Reddit. How I wish I were home with you, even though you are an anime body pillow and cannot read this. 

Forever yours,


For a split second I relive [it]. My heart begins to race, and a tidal wave of pain comes crashing back. An incredible, inconsolable sadness overcomes me. The sadness is so great it suffocates me. I can barely breathe as a deluge of tears stream down my face. My hands become hot and red and tremble with fear. I try to control the shaking by clenching my fists, but I cannot make it stop.

I am alone. No one can help me. No one understands, and I am plagued by the senselessness of it all. Just for a split second, I am home again.

—  “No One Said Life Was Fair” a poignant and humorous memoir about growing up in an alcoholic family by Mary Kate DeCraene.
Spilling Love || Junhui || Oneshot

Word Count: 1709

Genre: oneshot, fluff

Summary: Junhui has a hard time figuring out why his coworker hates him so much until he hears Jeonghan’s ridiculous suggestion. 

Junhui lives next door to his coworker. And his coworker (you) is pretty cute.

Every morning that he goes to work, he’d see you. You two would make eye contact as you are locking the door and he gives you a friendly smile, which you end up scowling at and walking away from. You would walk ahead to the elevator and then Junhui would get on with you. The two of you would stand in uncomfortable silence until the floor is reached and then you would board the same bus (with him sitting in the front and you in the back or visa versa) and you two would get to work at the same time and go to your respective seats then too.

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shitty things malaria has done

A Comprehensive Study by snarkydarkling: 

  • ignores alina’s existence for ¾ of S&B even tho he’s supposed to be her best friend like ??? ok there friend of year 
  • “omg alina is actually fucking hot now??? hands off! i saw her first!” 
  • shames alina for daring to fit in at the little palace
  • shames alina for ….wearing black?? ha ha ha ha ok who made malaria the fashion police????
  • shames alina for daring to crush on someone who isn’t him even tho he’s probably banged half the first army 
  • shames alina for being well off for once (”And here you are, safe and sound, dancing and flirting like some cosseted little princess.”) yEAH FUCK YOU TOO MALARIA AJSHAKJDHSFK (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻
  • “I love you, Alina, even the part of you that loved him” like whoa talk about a backhanded compliment and if we’re gonna keep holding ex-lovers against each other then alina might as well have responded with “yeahhh i love you too malware, even the part of you that fucked zoya, kissed ruby, and fingered anya” like oh my god mal get a fucking grip
  • he’s literally the happiest son of a bitch in the entire country at the beginning of s&s, completely ignoring the fact that alina is now sickly, weak, and terribly unhealthy because she’s suppressing her powers like he literally could not give two shits about alina’s well-being aS LONG AS HE’S DOING WELL THATS ALL THAT MATTERS (And you know he’s extra gross when even the villain of the fucking series is like ?? da fuq are you holding yourself back for ??? you look miserable??) 
  • when they’re on the darkling’s ship he’s more worried that alina might end up enjoying herself with darkles than like…oh, idk..getting fucking tortured by him???
  • actually ATTACKS nikolai for daring to make a sensible proposal to alina 
  • mal@nikolai: “You don’t have a right to her.” me@mal: HAHAHAHA STFU YOU SELFISH ENTITLED PIECE OF SHIT OH MY GOD THE IRONY
  • doesn’t even let alina answer nikolai’s proposal bc why would his girlfriend need to think for herself??? have her own agency??? 
  • straight up admits he doesn’t even want to help ravka he just wants to get in alina’s pants 
  • whines and complains and generally acts like an oppressed fuckboi the entire time alina is trying to rebuild the second army and save her goddamn country 
  • “since i dont fit in for once in my life, im gonna act like an immature shithead and make your life miserable too wah wah wah” 
  • omg alina dares to flinch when malaria tries to kiss her? should we let her explain herself or should we act like crybaby and go shove our tongues down zoya’s throat? 
  • “psshhh its YOUR fault i kissed zoya!!! if you hadn’t dared to reject my magnificent self then i wouldn’t have had to kiss her obvs!!!11!” 
  • “omg i can’t believe you care about saving your country more than fucking me?? selfish bitch!!!” 
  • “i dont care that ravkas in a civil war and you’re our only hope of winning!! im going thru an identity crisis and i need you to stroke my ego 24/7!!!! im not a soldier, im not a tracker, so who am i alina/?? TELL ME WHO AM I???” a plague is what you are, you diseased prick 
  • i liked you better when you were insecure and powerless. where is that girl??? i want her back!!!!” 
  • “how dare you crush on a prince who actually treats with the respect you deserve??? fucking gold-digger!!!” 
  • abandons alina during his shift because he was too busy getting drunk and nearly lets her fucking die if toyla hadn’t intervened like yOU HAD ONE GODDAMN JOB MALARIA 
  • sabotages alina’s plan to kill the darkling 
  • spends all of r&r resenting having to help alina & nikolai save the goddamn country like can you make it any more obvious you’re only here to try and get into alina’s pants again???? 
  • “i am become a blade” is probably the most unintentionally hilarious and anti-climatic conclusion to mal’s irrelevant identity crisis like yes, good for you malaria, you’ve finally embraced your identity as a tool 
  • “listen i don’t have an army or a crown but if you don’t choose me you’re basically a gold-digging materialistic whore but no pressure lmao” 
  • hades was so repulsed by mal’s gross ass that he sent him back two seconds later 
Cold Hearted-Jon Snow x Reader One Shot

Summary: Requested by annonymus: ‘hey could you write an imagine with Jon Snow where the reader gets like cold and badass after the death of Jon and when he comes back idk you decide. Btw loveeeee your blog ❤ keep up with the good work 💫

Characters: Jon Snow x Reader

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name
(Y/L/N)= Your last name



(A/N: Flashbacks will be within the apostrophes ’)


‘I scrunched up the parchment, my hands starting to shake. This couldn’t be happening, he couldn’t be dead. I thanked the man who brought me the message, who quickly scurried away. As soon as he was gone, I collapsed into my chair by the fireplace, bursting into tears. Looking at the message again, I read it out loud, still trying to process it all.

“Lady (Y/N) (Y/L/N), my deepest apologies. I too am in deep sorrow, our Lord Commander Jon Snow has passed away. My deepest condolences. Ser Davos Seaworth.”

I angrily threw the parchment into the fire, crying out in anger. He had left me here all by myself, venturing off to the Wall and now he was dead. It didn’t matter how he died. For some reason, I was furious with him. Now he was really gone, I would never see him again. All of this time spent waiting and now what? What was I supposed to do with my life?’

I stood beside Lady Sansa, looking down into the courtyard. Sansa had never been the same since arriving here, even before she married Ramsay. Although Brienne used to Sansa’s main bodyguard, I too knew how to weild a weapon, now her new protector as well as a handmaid. After Jon had died out on the Wall, I too turned cold and bitter to those around me. The only way it seemed that anyone would leave me alone was if I learnt how to fight, become intimidating. As soon as everyone else heard word of my dead lover, all I received were sympathetic looks. It drove me mad but now they all left me alone, and that’s how I wanted it to be.

However, I tried to forget about Jon. He was dead, I couldn’t let that bring me down. It was making me soft. But there was a huge problem; wherever I went, I would always see him. I knew they were hallucinations, my mind going mad with grief. At first I thought it was sort of wonderful to see him, though it soon became a curse. No matter how hard I tried, he wouldn’t disappear. There were many endless nights where I would drink myself to sleep to try and make him go away.

“(Y/N).” Sansa grabbed my attention.“I must tell you something of great importance.”

I said nothing, waiting for her to continue.

“I am to leave this place soon. However, I must go alone. I need you to stay here, ensure that no one else will be harmed by Ramsay.”

“M'lady, you cannot be serious. What if you can’t get away?”

“I will.” she sighed.“I know that it has been very hard for you recently, but I must do this to get my home back.”

“I do not want you getting hurt. Please, let me come with you, I can protect you!”

She grabbed my shoulders, looking at me head on.“ I need you here. Promise me you’ll look after our people.”

Hesitantly, I agreed.“I promise.”

“The North remembers.”


It had been so long since Sansa had left. Theon Greyjoy had helped her escape, causing Ramsay to go even more mad, if that was possible. As soon as he found out that she was gone, I had been brought in for questioning. Of course he had tortured me. He as a mad man, there was no limit to what he could do. Long cuts and bruises covered my body now, for some reason he had not killed me, not even close. It wouldn’t have mattered to me, but I made a promise to Sansa.

It was obvious that Ramsay was keeping a close eye on me. After getting nothing out of me, he needed to make sure I wasn’t sneaking behind his back. There wasn’t anything to hide, no one has contacted me in so long.

It had been quiet for quite some time in Winterfell. The people living there were scared for their lives. I acted upon my duty, looking after those who needed help. There were families who would go without money or food, I would try to help them without getting on the wrong side of the Boltons. I would go out hunting late at night or during dawn, providing for those in need. That soon had to stop when Ramsay was organising an army, for what I didn’t know. Who was attacking us?

That wasn’t important. The one thing I needed to do was make sure everyone within the walls was ok. Soldiers were everywhere, either trying to recruit more men or escape the battle themselves. Distant cried of the fighting could be heard within in the walls. Everyone was frightened.

“M'lady! M'lady!” I heard a woman scream.

With weapons in hand, I had been sneaking through the houses of the people living here, checking that no one was harmed.

I rushed to her. She was stood by her front door, frantically waving to grab my attention.“It’s ok, it’s ok. Try to calm down, what’s wrong?”

She took a deep breath.“My daughter is a scullery maid in the castle. She was supposed to be home this morning but has not yet returned. I am worried for her, I do not know what to do!” She was crying.

“I’ll go look for her. I am a handmaiden, they know I work there so they won’t question it. Just stay in your home and I’ll bring her back to you.”

I quickened my pace towards the entrance for all the servants, now hiding my weapons beneath my cloak. The servants had to be hiding, it was silent throughout the castle. Trying to remain as silent as possible, I looked in all rooms which servants had access to, seeing if any were hiding. As I went to open one, it was locked and I knew they were in there. Knocking quietly, I called out to them.

“It’s just me, it’s (Y/N)!”

They knew who I was, I could hear the locks being undone and the door opened. There were many people crammed in here, it was only a small room for some of the cleaning supplies. They dragged me in, bolting the door shut again.

“How long have you all been here?” I asked.

The girl who I was looking for stepped forward.“Ever since dawn broke, when they left for the battle.”

“Your mother is worried for you. I told her I would come looking for you.” she looked guilty though it was not her fault.“And what battle? Who are we fighting?”

A man spoke from the back.“The North.”

The North? The North was finally fighting back! Sansa…she must have had something to do with this. A small smile appeared on my face. What if we won? Would we finally be able to live in peace? Could we really defeat the Boltons?

We ended up staying there for hours. I was going to go out and see what was happening until we heard huge roars that didn’t seem human. Everyone crammed in there was either praying, crying, or holding onto one another. I stood in front of the door, ready for whatever was coming our way.

I groaned.“I’ve had enough of this. I’m going out there to see what is happening.”

The others retaliated, not wanting me to risk their hiding spot. I unsheathed my sword, making them stand back; it was an idle threat, I would never harm them. Walking out into the corridor, I checked my surroundings, everything was clear. Sneaking around the corner, I could hear yells of joy but didn’t know which side had won.

“(Y/N)?” I heard my name be said by a very familiar voice.

I sighed. Why was he here? Why were my hallucinations coming back now? I carried on walking, not wanting to be distracted by my mind tricks.

“(Y/N)! Wait!” His voice was so real.

Stopping in my tracks, I turned around to see him. There he was again, my Jon Snow. However, he didn’t look like he usually did in my dreams. Instead of the fresh faced boy who left Winterfell, he looked more like a man, covered in mud and blood from battle.

“Leave me alone. I am tired of you plaguing my mind. You died a long time ago. I can no longer live like this!” I yelled at him, hoping that would make him disappear.

Jon walked closer to me.“I don’t know what you’re talking about. (Y/N), I’m back. I’ve defeated the Boltons.”

Why did he look so different? How could I possibly imagine what he would look like? I stared at him for a little longer before it clicked.

“Jon? Is it actually you?” I whispered, reaching out to touch his face.

He grabbed my hand, smiling.“It is. I’ve come back for you.”

For the first time in a while I laughed, crying with happiness as I threw my arms around him. He spun us around, placing kisses on my neck before setting me down and kissing my lips.

As we pulled apart, I whispered out.“Don’t you ever leave me again.”

  • What he says: Where is Bickslow?
  • What he means: Why is my Bickslow bae not at the forefront of battle kicking ass? You can't keep piling up enemies that are nonhuman or wear glasses forever, Mashima. His combination of powers is virtually insurmountable; you have try to fight blindly if he takes his visor off and if you do that you get your ass kicked very quickly. Even if you don't think his battle abilities are important, what about his surveillance ones? The man can see souls, so he immediately knows if something isn't human. Do souls have specific signatures or visual clues? Could he immediately tell if there was an impostor around? Why is Bickslow so unexplored? You can't just hand a guy scary powers and a facial tattoo and a weird tongue and call it a day.
How to Lucid Dream for Magickal Purposes

Lucid dreaming can be used for divination, astral projection, and communicating with the spirit world. I am a Lucid dreamer, and after learning about the link between lucid dreaming and hag syndrome (a terrible thing I am plagued by) I did a lot of research about it. I found some scientifically backed ways to learn to lucid dream.

1.) Every morning, take a few minutes to reflect on what you dreampt. Most people remember dreams immediately after waking up, and then forget them shortly after. If you don’t normally remember dreams, taking a few minutes just after waking up to think about them can help you develop the ability to remember your dreams! Write down details, do your best to remember everything you can. The more often you take time in the morning to try and remember dreams, the more naturally it will come to you. This is also useful for dream interpretation!
2.) As you fall asleep each night, try to focus on what you would like to dream about. Don’t start out trying to do anything magical with your dreams, just tell yourself a story you’d like to act out. Imagine yourself flying, on an adventure, on a date. Completely immerse yourself in the fantasy as you fall asleep. Think of the details, focus on your senses. What do you hear? How does the grass feel under your feet? What do you see? This is also helpful for people who suffer from anxiety and toss and turn all night thinking about past or future stresses. Instead of pouring over the conversation you had 3 years ago, you can imagine you’re flying on the back of a dragon. This is another thing that gets easier the more you do it. The first few times you may find your mind wandering to other things, or just feel awkward. Keep trying!
3.) After a while of trying steps one and two, you will find yourself dreaming closer to what you imagine at night and remembering it more vividly in the morning. The next step is the one that is the hardest to start, and usually ends up being like switch flipping: taking control from within the dream. While dreaming, try to alter small details. This will take time, don’t be discouraged! You can get there. Eventually, you will be lucid dreaming with the best of them, and can utilize this skill for different types of magic.

Lucid dreaming is scientifically linked to sleep paralysis, or hag syndrome. It has to do with REM sleep. If you don’t know what it is, it is when you lay awake, eyes open, completely paralyzed with the sense that there is something horrible in your peripheral vision (yes, you hallucinate) attempting to harm you. They used to believe that hag syndrome was when a demon or an evil spirit attacks or possesses you. If you believe lucid dreaming helps you navigate the spirit world, i suppose that makes sense. I experience it a lot, and it is terrible. It would feel immoral to post about lucid dreaming without including a warning about the increased likelihood of hag syndrom.

little enneagram things

1w9: my morals are better than your morals and im going to nap instead of listen to your criticism. goodbye

1w2: i am a self righteous moral crusader

2w1: I am a slightly more sensitive moral crusader and also i exist literally to serve things and causes and not lead them

2w3: i am a pathetic slave to other’s opinions

3w2: i need to climb the social ladder by alternating between doormat and hyper competitive asswipe, in short i bring two faced to a whole other level

3w4: i need to stand out by achieving things and i am the definition of stomping on people’s faces to get what i want

4w3: i  dont know what i want [sits in a corner rocking back and forth] 

4w5: i want to stand out by not standing out. also i am a tool

5w4: look at how smart and passionate i am while standing out but please don’t actually pay attention to me because if you look too hard i will shatter wait why are you looking at me stop please

5w6: i am paranoid about being paranoid

6w5: if my social group isnt equal and homogenous i will pick it apart, send a letter of resignation and leave

6w7: if people look at me enough maybe it will alleviate my paranoia and anxiety about everything as long as i dont act TOO out there. wait. wait guys where are you g

7w6: i want to be fun and also be liked and my own self generated conflict threatens me

7w8: i am a plague upon humanity, i burned the crops and poisoned the water supply what are you going to do about it i’m curious

8w7: i am a plague upon humanity, i burned the crops and poisoned the water supply, and you can’t do anything about it

8w9: What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across theUSA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

9w8: [takes a nap while maintaining my air of aloof morality]



Pair: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Prompt: Soulmate AU Follows the courtship of the reader and Tom. As the reader tries to navigate the Soulmate theory. 

Word Count: 1287

Warnings: nothing as of now

As always gif is NOT mine. As well as pictures in the collage.

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Here I was back in the countryside within the kingdoms constraints. Watching as the river, gently passed by and then making a steep descent down the waterfall. Blankly staring at the water, my mind goes to the dream I had last night.

Here I was standing behind large white doors, with metallic gold cascaded all over the door, as well as around it. I was accompanied by my father, his arm wrapped around mine, as I look up to him, I see the reassuring smile he gave me. Then the doors open, trumpets sound, and I am astounded by the glimpse of what seems like hundreds of people. My father pats my hand, and we begin down the aisle, it too was white but the sides had trails of flower petals with gold specks on them, and they were accompanied by dimly lit candles.

Before I knew it, I was up there with him, with the officiator standing at the side of us both. I pass the bouquet that was in my left hand to whoever was behind me. Finally taking both his hands in each of mine. I knew this was him…my soulmate. In this moment, his gaze is fixed on me and mine on him, it was more of a trance then gaze, everything around us feeling so trivial and small. Though I could not see his face, as it was surrounded by light, I saw his eyes and they were enough to make me feel safe.

It was now the time, the time in my life, in which I am plagued with the thoughts of my soulmate, until the day comes that I finally meet him and we are betrothed. I would be lying to myself if I did not admit that I was excited, but I was also the most nervous I had ever been in life. This may be because when it happens, my whole world as I know it will change…and I was not ready for change at least not yet.

I was taken from my thoughts when I hear the sound of hooves coming towards me. Turning around I am met with the face and figure of my father.

“Father.” I say turning back around to watch the water once again.

“What plagues your mind, little one?” He asks, as he is now sat beside me on the blanket, I had previously laid out.

“Why do you reckon that I am plagued with thoughts?” I ask, not taking my eyes off the steady flow of the river.

“You are sat here at the river bank, staring at it as if the flow of water may reverse.” He says, chuckling at the notion. “So, tell me my dear, what plagues your mind?”

“The theory of a soulmate.” I say, looking towards him, as if his body language may give me the answer I so desperately need.

“It is finally coming to be.” He says, a conflicted sigh releasing from his lips.

“I know that I cannot run nor hide from this, but I feel as if…I may not be worthy enough or simply ready.” I say, bringing my knees to my torso and burying face in them.

“No one is ever truly ready, it happens suddenly and then all at once you find yourself married with kids, but you are worthy of love.” He says, smiling and kissing the top of my head.

“What if his love is not true?” I ask, lifting my head.

“The love of a soulmate is like worlds colliding the very first time you see them, it is truly something out of fairytales.” He says, smiling into the distance.

“What?” I ask, considering the same distance he was, but finding nothing.

“The numerous nights before I met your mother, I was plagued with the many dreams of our meeting, each time becoming more and more intense. Yet, nothing could have prepared me for the actual meeting itself. She was way more beautiful than I could have ever fathomed.” He says, his smile growing bigger.

“How long did it take before you met mom, after the dreams had started?” I ask, curious to when I would meet my beloved.

“2 months, 8 weeks, 61 days, 1,464 hours, 87,840 minutes, and 5,270,400 seconds.” He says, impressed with himself.

I was quite impressed too, he literally remembers the meeting down to the second. This should make me feel more at ease, but at this point I was just petrified. Maybe it was the uneasiness of not knowing when or maybe just plain paranoia, but it truly bewildered me.

“Do not be scared, everyone meets their soulmate at different times.” He says laughing loudly at the uneasy expression on my face.

“Come on little one, we are expecting guests from the 2nd kingdom.” He says getting up from his seated position and helping me from mine.

After grabbing the blanket and pillow that was laid out beneath me, I get on the back of my father’s horse. Then, in no time, we are back at the palace, and my father is helping me off the horse, and we were headed inside, to be greeted by mother, who looked as frantic as ever.

“Go get cleaned up, the guests will be here any minute.” She says, hurrying me towards the stairs.

It had been approximately thirty minutes since my mother had ushered me to my room, and I was just now finished getting ready. A knock at the door startles me from touching up my outfit.

“Come in.” I say, still making sure I didn’t look like a disaster.

“Your highness, the king is here and your mother requests you in the dining hall.” My new hand-maiden says from the doorway.

“Tabitha, I told you to call me by name.” I say chuckling at her apprehensiveness.

“Sorry Y/N.” She says coming over once she sees I’m having difficulties with my chain.

“The king of 2nd kingdom is definitely your type.” She says clasping the chain together.

“So, he is not an old grump.” I say, causing Tabitha to chuckle.

“No, but we must really be going.” She says, practically dragging me out the room and down the stairs.

“Tabitha, we’ve got time.” I say as we make it the first floor.

“Not in your mother’s eyes.” She says, before checking my dress over about a thousand times.

My mother was a perfectionist and she’s always hated that I am never on time or at least her time. As she always says, “A princess should always be prepared and punctual.”, therefore leave it to her to think that, I was a lousy excuse for a princess but she knows I will never change and accepts the truth.

Once Tabitha finally, ushers the guards to open the doors, I ready myself and walk in. That is when I felt it, the collision of worlds, and swelling of my heart. I was stuck . I shyly smiled as he tried to fix himself.

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“Y/N.” My mother whispers, breaking me from daze, I was subjected to.

As soon as I gather myself, I make my way to my mother. I feel myself growing weaker and tinier, due to the gaze that was currently burning through me. Yet, I could not bring myself to meet his eyes.

“Tom, this is my daughter Y/N.” My father says, gesturing my way.

As I finally look up, I am met with the man himself, standing right in front of me. When I go to distance myself a little, he grabs my hand, and kisses the back of it.

“Hello.” He says, a shy smile slowly forming against his lips.

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One word. One stinking word was all it took, and I was putty in his hands. I was speechless, at fear of the words that would escape my quivering lips.

“Y/N, he said hello.” My mother says, giving me a warning look.

“H…Hi” I stutter.

|So this is a new story I am thinking about starting, let me know if you guys would actually read because i so many ideas, as to where i want to take this story. So, you know yeah.|

Fic recs vol. 14

I am plagued with guilt that I haven’t done a fic rec post in a long time! My only excuse is that I’ve been working like mad because I’m transitioning from being employed to self-employed, so I’ve been doing both for a while. I’ve also been a hot mess of anxiety because it is such a huge leap of faith to do this. Many thanks to my wonderful friends @tdgal1 and @hope-for-olicity for all the encouragement and hand holding in the past few weeks. 

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Anyway, enough about me…let’s talk about fics! Here’s some of what I’ve been reading. I hopefully will be able to do this more frequently so I can get many of your awesome fics on the list!

Why are so many people hostile to reformed theology? Because reformed theology has a fundamental banner over everything that we say: "God is sovereign, I am not.” What has plagued humanity since the very beginning is this—we think we’re sovereign. It was the lie that got Satan cast out of God’s presence, it was the lie that got humanity cast out of the garden, it’s the lie that we embrace all the time—that we’re the sovereign and we will determine. Here’s the truth: you’ll never be the sovereign in God’s universe, He is; and nothing will ever change that. I believe with all of my heart that one of the main reasons people resist reformed theology and the doctrines of grace is because fundamentally we don’t like the idea of “God being sovereign over me.
—  Jeff Durbin