“Eternity” and “The Vigil in the Shadows” together (ON SALE separately)

I am in love with the technique I’ve used in these two. I think I like painting on canvas panel more than on watercolor paper. So I want to let you know that portraits on canvas panels are now available! Send me an e-mail to lullabyequineart@hotmail.com and I will tell you prices and sizes if you want a beautiful portrait in your pretty house/office/etc! <3

Oh and I made a Twitter account right now! https://twitter.com/luequineart Don’t forget to follow me->  @luequineart :D

Back in 2010 I mainly did tech support for a bunch of private customers and small businesses, including a family-run clinic that ran tests and certified health for insurances here in Italy.

I booked a vacation in October 2010 for Tokyo, Japan, and managed to double- and triple-warn all my customers that I wouldn’t be available for the 2-week period.

My vacation arrives, and I’m in Tokyo. It’s 3 am and my private (non-work related) phone rings.

Client: (from the clinic) Where the f**k have you been? I’ve been trying to reach you for two days.

Me: (trying to forcibly open my eyes) Who is it?

Client: We need you in the clinic, right away, the server is stuck again!

Me: (still confused) Can’t it wait, it’s pretty late…

Client: We need it now! The whole customer database is unavailable and we need the printouts for tomorrow morning.

Me: Ok, what did you do to the poor server?

I’m treated with an excessively long and carefully crafted story in which he blames the poor server about the virus he tried to install after downloading some porn archive via emule.)

While he’s telling this story, I put the phone on handsfree, and managed to put on a japanese robe, wash my face, head down the elevator with my laptop bag, and grab a cup of complimentary coffee from the lobby. I sat on the sofa with a nice view of the street and the still-open restaurants and started the procedure to ssh to my home server and tunnel to their ip.

Then, I had a sudden realization while I was waiting for the connection, or maybe the coffee kicked in really quickly, as I stared at the deserted road in front of me.

Me: Why did you call me while I’m on vacation?

Client: Yeah, sure, you on vacation?

Me: You do realize I’m actually on vacation, as I warned you (looking through the mail I sent him) multiple times on June 28th, August 1st and September 10th?

Client: You didn’t!

Me: You replied to all three emails, wishing me a happy vacation and in your last reply, you asked if I could bring you an ancient katana.

Client: So, can you be here before closing time?

Me: Again, let me clarify: you do realize I’m in Tokyo, right?

Client: Ok, I guess I could stay a little late…

Me: Apologies, again: I’m in Tokyo, Japan, a mere 14 hours flight from you, and you dialed an international number which you’ve been connected to for (checking my mobile screen) 45 minutes 30 seconds now.

Client: So, what happened to my server?

I hung up, remotely rebooted the server and run the integrity checks, and emailed the usual bill to the owner-accountant(his father) with an added 50 euro as “tax for mental deficit of the customer” and another 50 for “very long range consultation fee.”

When I told him what happened, he paid without complaining.

4 years later, I’m still trying to figure out what city in Italy sounds like “Tokyo” to make him believe I could reach him in less than an hour.

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Acer Adults and Saplings are Back in Stock!!!

Buy your own now!

This is my most popular variant of the Deciduous collection.  Grab one now before they are gone.  I have a few Acer seedlings in stock right now too if you want the whole family set.

Betula restock is coming up next followed by Sakura saplings.  After this restock, I am going to be taking a break from these guys as I have been working on them non-stop since the beginning of the year.  Make sure to snag the ones you want while they are available.



Black Friday: True Laundry Detergent

Happy Friday! I am super excited about this month’s Black Friday installment.

In this video I will be unboxing Black-owned laundry soap, True Detergent. Created by Georgia-based company True Products, LLC, the low-suds, concentrated detergent is one of only TWO Black-owned laundry detergents available on the market right now (the other being ‘So Fresh and So Clean Soaps,’ also based in Georgia).

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Two versions of my piece for “The Disney version of…” week at The Line It Is Drawn, since I couldn’t decide which one I liked better.  The second was created with some guidance from this tutorial.  I chose to draw a frame from an imaginary Disney-style Puella Magi Madoka Magica movie, with Kyubey attempting to entice Madoka into a magical girl contract through song.

Most of my Line pieces are available in my Storenvy shop!  (As well as a messload of minicomics and other goodies, which are also available via Paypal, Etsy or Gumroad.)  You can also contact me directly at rachel_ordway@yahoo.com, or visit me at Table AA-46 at HeroesCon, which is where I am right now!

I have been marinating this post for like, two days now, and I am no closer to being able to articulate it well. Someone else could, I’m sure. Someone who doesn’t just turn into a flaily bundle of gestures when trying to talk about emotional ideas.

But here’s a thing: I keep seeing people complaining about the same-sex marriage decision that the Supreme Court made because they think marriage rights aren’t going to solve any problems. And quite aside from the 1200+ tangible benefits available to married couples in the United States, let me tell you what else this did:

This set a precedent.

A solid, legal precedent.

That is invaluable when it comes to the rest of the problems we are facing as a community.

Because see, the thing is, discrimination against us is categorically based on things like the gender of people we are attracted to. It is, in a very large part, based on our romantic relationships.

The Supreme Court of the United States just ruled that our relationships are constitutionally protected.

That means that other discriminations we face based on our orientation – being fired from our jobs, for example, or being denied equal housing – can now be taken to court with the legal precedent that the Supreme Court says that we are constitutionally protected. It means we have a much higher chance of winning those cases.

And on a social level, this takes HUGE steps toward normalizing same-sex attraction in day to day society. There are babies that were born today who will grow up in a world where it was always possible for them to marry their same-sex partner. They will grow up in a world where the phrase “same-sex marriage” is no longer relevant because the word “marriage” includes same-sex relationships on an equal status. They’ll grow up seeing married couples who are of the same gender. It will cease to be something remarkable because it will just be normal.

And while that doesn’t mean that hate is going to go away completely (just because something is illegal doesn’t mean people stop doing it!) it does mean that attitudes will begin to change. That’s huge. Same-sex attraction losing a large part of its stigma means that maybe fewer parents will reject their gay, lesbian, and bisexual children on the basis of their attraction in the future, which may reduce LGBT teen homelessness, which is a large problem we’re facing! The tangible benefits available through marriage will help reduce some LGBT poverty issues, especially in the elderly LGBT community who have not been able to afford medical care under their partners’ medical insurance up until now! Who have been evicted from the homes they’ve shared with their partners for years and years because their names weren’t on the lease and inheritance taxes are steep if you’re not legally married! The reduction of public stigma of our orientations and relationships will probably go a long way toward reducing LGBT teen suicides!

What this decision does, more than anything, is provide a basis and a workable foundation for all the work we still have left to do. It gives us a huge boost. It gives us hope.

And the fact that some people are shitting on this because it doesn’t immediately solve all the other problems facing the community today just shows how little we understand about the long, multifaceted struggle, and how much winning one big battle can turn the tide in a long, exhausting war for equality.

This decision is huge, and awe-inspiring, and it’s worth our time and energy to celebrate it and be happy about it and allow ourselves to feel hope.

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So, as many of you know, i’ve been on hard times with $ and am looking to move again. [Hooray for a family that doesn’t like my life choices. -_- ] 

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Hey Ya’ll !! A few asked about this and i promised i would post when SHINees new Perfumed Hand Cream was avail for purchase in the USA and i am so excited to say it finally is!!! i dont even need hand cream but i may need these lol…Right now i have found it avail on ebay and The Saem official website..i also was in contact with kpopmart staff and they told me they will carry it soon :) Happy Shopping!!! xoxo


Sal Mod: Introducing Ember’s brother (left) and cousin (right)! They are now available for questions.

Also to note, I am currently not on my laptop. I am using my brother’s and he doesn’t have Paint Tool SAI. I’m now forced to use GIMP. So the art that’s going to be used for now will be what’s shown in the first panel. The second panel was made on my laptop, but was luckily saved. Hope you won’t mind the change.

Commission Price List





Future Options - Not Publicly Available*

- Headshots [No Sample/Price Available yet]

- Busts [No Sample/Price Available yet]

- Knee-Up [No Sample/Price Available yet]

- Pinups [No Sample/Price Available yet]



What I am Willing to Draw

- Fanart [not all series but I am willing to discuss with commissioner]

I can certainly draw for RWBY, NARUTO [maybe], STEVEN UNIVERSE

- OC’s [I enjoy drawing ocs (within reason, some ocs I may refuse to draw), so this is preferred]

- NSFW* [Limited option]

What I am NOT Willing to Draw

- Nothing I can really think of right now, I’ll tell the client if I don’t feel comfortable drawing something.



I only accept EURO - sorry

NOTICE - I retain the right to refuse a commission if I see fit.


For Commission Inquiry

- ask is open

- notes through my Deviantart - hanerz

- email - h.reginafarrell@gmail.com

anonymous asked:


Okay going to answer this quick one because I have received SEVERAL asks about the English dub.  

YES I have seen it! Not that preview thing because it’s not available in my country (stupidyoutube), but I have seen the WHOLE FIRST EPISODE OF ES.

No I don’t think it isn’t even that bad… I am literally writing something right now about it. Just wanted to answer this because I keep getting messages. 

Tumblr you flipping the shit because the dub isn’t what you expected it to be. It’s not like the Japanese original you watched and it’s not like 50% OFF, jesus calm the heck down.  

brb while I write my whole rant/thoughts on the english dub

Gangsta Ch. 36

It’s been a wild ride, but it’s time for me to say goodbye. Another group has contacted me and decided to pick up the project in my stead. They’ll be starting from Ch. 37 (which they are requesting for scans right now), and hopefully continue it as a long-term project. Give it up to manicpotato!! They are wonderful people and will surely satisfy your needs, please support them when they scanlate their chapters. Furthermore, I’ll stop posting translations of Gangsta. even when the scans for ch. 35-36 becomes available. Any further questions can be brought to manicpotato and their group. I am now officially done with the translation of Gangsta. I know I wasn’t the best one out there, but now you have a better group dedicated to their project. It was a fun experience, and I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did.

Once again, the link to the Chinese scans  http://www.dm5.com/m181371/ for when you’re reading the translations :)

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Following the Cristia…no Family and Paulklee…Guild……
Mr. Daniel…Monroe’s mansion was…..attacked by someone…

……the reason is unknown…
Taking this chance…Anti-Twilight…groups’ uprisings are reported at various sites……

The tensions from both sides…just keeps rising——

It seems like the Four Big Leaders are announcing an emergency…state——…

——Is  Ergastulum done for it..?

Rumors has it that the Extermination Team formed again

Will it become a war?

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