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Are you even native American

Hello nosey nonnie.

Yes I am Native American, but I don’t look it. And no it’s not one of those my great grandmother was Cherokee. I am 2nd generation off the rez Tuscarora, Iroquois Turtle Clan.

This is me and my mother. Yes she is my birth mother, I just got very fucked over in the genes department. I swear I’m adopted but we have many photos of the birth and have several paternity and maternity tests to prove that I fell out of this woman’s vagina.

Here are some more pictures cause I’m pale and I honestly don’t think you believe me:

(My mom actually made every piece of jewelry I am wearing and hand beaded that vest as well).

And here’s pictures of the woman that I blame for my bad genes: My grandmother.

I get told I look like her all the time AND I HONESTLY DO NOT SEE IT, but because I get told I look like her all the time I BLAME HER.

On the left you see my grandpa (full blood native) in his headdress, on the right you see my cousin (also full blood), the great medicine man Mad Bear, here’s a book about him since you seem to be so nosey.

And in case you doubted me, here are a few pictures of me when my ma and I were on the powwow circuit.

This is me with my ma’s regalia (if you call it a costume I will shank you) because a) she had a bad leg day and couldn’t dance and b) mine was not ready and made and I JUST REALLY WANTED TO DANCE. (This is also the day I got burnt ON MY FUCKING HAIRLINE WHERE MY HAIR WAS PARTED. THAT FUCKING HURTS!)

Here’s me in my fancy dance shawl. There aren’t that many pictures of me because a) I fucking hated them b) it’s normally seen as disrespectful to take pictures of dancers out of the circle without their permission and my ma and I were always dancing at the same times AND I NEVER LET ANYONE TAKE MY PICTURE AT THIS TIME IN MY LIFE.

So yes, my family is a very rainbow family, I just happen to be the one WHITE passing one. No really…

Here’s me (in the middle if you can’t guess), Bebe and Audree. I like to call this the ABC Rainbow of the Printup family (because my first name is Cheyenne…..I swear our parents DID NOT PLAN THIS). 

And this is another pic of me and Audree YEARS later

Am I Native? Yes

Do I look traditionally Native? No

Does that mean I am not going to label myself as native? HELL TO THE FUCK NO.

Please reblog and share so that people can understand that there are white passing people of color. Yes even some that pass as white as me. We do exist and no that does not give you the right to basically white wash us. I am proud of my native roots and I will share everything and anything you want to know. The more educational resources we can get out there the better. DON’T BE AFRAID TO SHOOT ME AN ASK. I LOVE IT, but please do not be a dick like this one and phrase it so accusingly. Much appreciated, thank you!


So, I spent the better half of my Friday (read; all of it) doodling Gijinkas of my Sun and Moon pokemon team.

I hadn’t played the game until very recently so I kind of missed the hype train, but that didn’t stop me from loving the game or my team! And I McFreaking love designing gijinkas so here I am! I didn’t label what pokemon they actually are–Hopefully you can guess that just from their designs! 

((Please ignore what a poor team comp this is. I am a filthy casual and I love my half useless team very much.))

In any case, get ready for a small spam of these guys over the next few days cuz Imma queue up all the doodles I did of them!

Who do you like the best?

I just want an LGBTQ+ ship to be treated with the same respect a hetero ship would be. Is that too much??? Why am I being labeled as “greedy” when I am being grossly misrepresented by the media?? Like there are literally thousands upon thousands of basic Hetero ships that, half the time are underdeveloped, forced, or abusive. I’m just… perturbed.

Troye Sivan, GCF, Snoring during VLIVEs, and Jikook being inseparable... (Analysis)

I’ve been wanting to make this post for quite a while but I never really received any sort of push to make it until I saw @noransaekk‘s take on some of these topics… So please bare with me as I ramble on with my endless thoughts. 

WARNING ahead of time that I will be talking about Jikook/Kookmin possibly being in a romantic relationship so if for some reason that isn’t your cup of tea don’t read any further. Another thing: THIS IS ALL 100% SPECULATION NOTHING THAT I SAY AM I CLAIMING TO BE THE TRUTH. Nothing I say is meant to be offensive or am I in anyway trying to label these boys, this is a simply opening a discussion to different possibilities. 

With that out of the way let me begin… (Maybe grabs some snacks and a warm blanket? This is going to be a long one). 

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i think it needs to be said that there really aren’t as many rules to sexuality as you think or as people on here would have you believe. i get so many messages that are like “am i allowed to use this label if i feel like this” and unless you are 100% sure ur straight and only want relationships with ur opposite gender then generally the answer is yes, you don’t need to make sure everyone else is feeling what u are feeling to pick a label. labels are there for guidance for you but ultimately you are the one who defines them. like we’re all just making it up as we go along anyway and if u have a thought one day like “hm maybe i’m a gay bitch” that’s kinda all you need like u can figure out the rest later and change it if needs be because at the end of the day it’s all just words none of this is real, this shit is supposed to offer comfort and sense of identity and community not stress and isolation. it’s okay ur okay u got this

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Why are you using "q***r" as an umbrella term? What's wrong with LGBT? Will you be covering the history of cishets who try to horn their way into LGBT spaces as well? Because I can't donate to you in that case.

I want to make it clear first that I do not want your donation.

I use the term queer because it is more inclusive than lgbt, outside of lgbt excluding anyone who just isn’t included in that tiny acronym I have found it very white-centric, and to be honest to the point of erasure. In one of our more recent articles we discussed the bate, and transgender people in native american communities. And in that research I found many other cultures that had and used terms that were different than transgender, or gay. And this is not the first time that white people have tried to label other communities and it is never a good thing, so I am not comfortable overriding any label they gave themselves, and queer is very purposefully non-specific, whereas LGBT could be one of four things queer is any sexual or gender identity that strays outside what society considers “normal” and does not attempt to label anyone, just say that their label is outside of what society may have expected. 

And it is my slur to reclaim for myself and my art and it is no ones job to police how I decide to use it.

Also I know what dog whistle terminology you are using here, and yes, I do include asexual and aromantic people in my articles, and I do not care if you do not like that. Asexual and aromantic people have a history as well and they deserve to be able to learn about it.

And now I want to explain why I do not want your donation. 

This is my project, and it is run along with my amazing business partner Grace, but in the end it is mine. I choose in which direction it goes and what I write about, and I am not going to be pressured by money into changing my mind. There is a reason I have made the decisions I have, I am on patreon so I am very firmly my own boss, my patrons are there to support my project, and I love all of them for it, but they do not get to decide where this project goes. I do. And if they don’t like it I understand them withdrawing their support but will not change my art to avoid that. And you clearly feel very entitled to decide where my art is going, and I want to say-as kindly as possible- I don’t want your support. I don’t want support that is an attempt at control, and there is no amount of money you could give me to sell out the asexual/aromantic community.    

So go support some other project, because you can’t control what happens here.

Mixed Black African Girl (Cameroonian/French)

I’m a mixed black african girl who grew up and lived most of her life in Cameroon, in Central Africa. My dad is half-white (french) and half-black (cameroonian), and my mom is 100% cameroonian. There’s little to no black african characters in popular fiction, which has always bothered me, and it would be so nice to read about someone like me for once.

  • Culture and food

Cameroon is a country created during colonization, with borders defined by europeans. Because of that, Cameroon is actually made of 200 ethnic groups, each of them having their own language and culture. So the culture and daily habits vary a lot depending on which region of Cameroon you are in. In the big cities, though, everyone is mingled no matter where they’re from. However, so many different ethnic groups cohabiting together often causes tension. There are also a lot of stereotypes about every ethnic group.

I grew up in the central and coastal areas of the country, and I’m Bassa. The Bassa are one of the main ethnic groups in Cameroon. If your parents are from two different ethnic groups, it is decided that you officially belong to your father’s ethnic group. My mother is Bakoko but my father is Bassa, so I’m the latter. When I meet another Cameroonian, two of the first questions we usually ask each other are : What are you (meaning, what’s your ethnic group) ? and Where is you village ?

Villages are very important in the Cameroonian culture. Your village is where your father’s ancestors were born. Even if you’re not born there, you usually have grandparents or great-uncles or family friends living there, and if you have enough money to do so you must regularly visit your village. And usually, when people earn enough money, they send money to their village so that people living there can have a better life, build more houses and schools etc.

Cameroonian food is very diverse, and varies depending on the region. The national dish is Ndolé, a dish made with ndolé leaves, stewed nuts, and meat (fish, beef or shrimps). Other common foods are bobolo and miondo (food made out of fermented manioc), soya (spicy grilled meat on skewers), and plantain. My dad is half-french though, so at home we eat almost as much french food as cameroonian food (crème brûlée, shepherd’s pie, beef bourguignon, A LOT of bread and cheese).

  • Language

There are hundreds of different languages, but the official languages are French and English. Cameroon was colonized by France and England so Northern Cameroon mainly speaks english and central/southern Cameroon mainly speaks french. Most people also speak their ethnic group’s language. I don’t know how to speak Bassa, though, because neither do my parents. When me and my siblings were kids, our dad asked our baby-sitter to teach us, but she could only do so much and I only remember a few words.

  • Beauty Standards

Like most countries, there is a lot of colorism in Cameroon based on European beauty standards. When you’re a woman, the lighter you are, the prettier and more desirable you are considered. Dark skinned women are often mocked and considered not as pretty. A lot of people, mainly women but also men, use dangerous products to lighten their skin. Internalized racism and white beauty standards are very insidious, and a lot of people want to look like white people, including me when I was younger. As a kid I remember wishing i was a pretty blonde-haired blue-eyed white girl like the heroines of the books i was reading. Growing up I stopped wishing that, but I relaxed and straightened my hair a lot, wanting to have long straight hair without realizing that it was still an attempt to look like the ideal version of a white girl. I’m sure that if I had more black female characters to relate to when I was growing up, I wouldn’t have spend so many years hating myself without even realizing I was doing it.

Also, Cameroonians usually consider thick, curvy women to be the ideal beauty standard. But being thin is still an ideal broadcast by the media (especially that american and european media are heavily broadcast and consumed in Cameroon) so most women still diet a lot and go to the gym to lose weight.

  • Clothing

Women wear a lot of skirts and dresses, be it casual or for work. Most cameroonian schools have uniforms and mandatory hairstyles (either cornrows or short shaved hair).

Elderly people often wear more traditional clothes and outfits. The most prominent traditional item of clothing is the Kaba. The Kaba is a long dress made of wax fabric and other materials and is owned by pretty much every woman. The dress looks different depending on the situation : the Kaba you wear when you stay at home is usually very long and very loose, the Kaba you wear during official/formal events is more tight-fitting and stylized, etc.

  • Dating and Relationships

I’ve never dated anyone, but when I was in high school none of my friends ever told their parents they were seeing someone. Having your parents know about and meet the person you’re dating after only a few weeks or months is something that just doesn’t happen (unless someone gets pregnant). It’s when things get serious that you introduce them to your family. Also, a lot of parents would prefer their children to marry someone from the same ethnic group.

Homosexuality is still illegal there, and you can go to jail for being gay.

  • Home/Family life

My parents are still happily married, and I have 3 siblings. My parents are both close to their siblings, and I’m close to mine. Me and my siblings grew up with our cousins, we were always at each other’s houses. I pretty much consider most of my cousins as extra siblings. We have a very big extended family and every day I discover new distant cousins, aunts, great-uncles etc. My dad being half-french, when I was growing up we sometimes went to France during summer to visit his relatives living there.

In Cameroon, most people who have enough money to do so send their children to study abroad once they’ve graduated high school. I’m currently living in France for my studies, and most of my high school friends are also going to college in France, England, Canada, Brussels, South Africa etc.

  • Identity issues

Despite being only ¼ white, I’m very light-skinned. My siblings being much darker skinned, when I was a kid I thought I was adopted (i’m not, it’s just genetics). Cameroon being a black country, when someone is visibly mixed and light-skinned as i am, most people just label them “white”. A lot of people would refer to me as “the white” and it always really hurt me. My family wouldn’t understand why i was so angry and hurt, they’d say “they don’t mean anything by it, it’s just that you’re light” but the fact is it made me feel like i don’t belong. I’m cameroonian, i’ve lived in Cameroon almost my entire life, i’m black, and still some people see me as “other”, they see me as white. And so for a long time, I didn’t dare to call myself black, I’d say “I’m biracial” or “I’m mixed” instead because I somehow felt like a fraud. But I’m black and not white-passing at all, and I still experience racism abroad (but I’m aware I have a lot more privilege than dark skinned people).

  • Daily struggles

So I’m currently living in France. On one hand, sometimes white people are racist toward me, or just totally obnoxious and ignorant, trying to touch my natural hair and thinking that people in Cameroon don’t have computers or whatever. On the other hand, when I randomly meet other cameroonians and we start talking, they always assume that because i’m mixed i’ve lived my entire life in France and i don’t know anything about Cameroon. And there’s nothing wrong with being a child of immigrants and not knowing the country your parents or grandparents came from, but i know that if i wasn’t visibly mixed they wouldn’t question the fact that i know Cameroon and lived there my entire life.

  • Misconceptions

Because of how the media depict African countries, a lot of people think that everyone in Africa is extremely poor and starving, that we don’t have electricity and internet and that everyone lives in huts. Which is so false. We have rich people and poor people, we have huge modern cities and regular cities and small villages with huts, almost everyone has access to a tv and internet, etc.

  • Things I’d like to see less of

Cameroon and other african countries being depicted as poor unfortunate countries where everyone is starving and illiterate and waiting for the generous white people to save us. What we need is for people to see us as the humans we are, and to allow us to grow in peace.

  • Things I’d like to see more of

Black african characters being written as the complex human beings we are. Shy black african characters. Nerdy and hella smart black african characters. Mixed black african characters who struggle with their identity. LGBTQ black african characters.

  • Tropes/Stereotypes I’m tired of seeing.

The “savage”, “uncivilized” african. African characters who are aggressive, dumb and shout all the time. The poor africans in need of saving by white people.

Read more POC Profiles here or submit your own.

Why G.C.F in Tokyo is the Jikook Holy Grail (Analysis)

Before reading this go ahead and re-watch G.C.F in Tokyo one more time, here’s the link so you don’t have any troubles: G.C.F in Tokyo (정국&지민)

Here is my first post on the matter that I recommend you read if you haven’t yet: Troye Sivan, GCF, Snoring during VLIVEs, and Jikook being inseparable…

I will need to add the usual disclaimer before I start so here it is:

WARNING ahead of time that I will be talking about Jikook/Kookmin possibly being in a romantic relationship so if for some reason that isn’t your cup of tea don’t read any further. Another thing: THIS IS ALL 100% SPECULATION NOTHING THAT I SAY AM I CLAIMING TO BE THE TRUTH. Nothing I say is meant to be offensive or am I in anyway trying to label these boys, this is a simply opening a discussion to different possibilities.

Now without further adieu… let’s begin. 

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I recently came out as having no gender preference when it comes to partners, but I don't feel comfortable with labelling my sexuality. I was really looking forward to my first pride month this year, but I kinda feel like I'm not really part of the LGBT "group" (even though I know I am) because I don't have a label on my self. Any advice? xoxo

The queer community is so flexible & fluid that if you feel like you belong within it, that’s enough for me! Plus, it’s not like someone is at the entrance of Pride asking for your membership card, so don’t worry too much about. Just come with love & good intentions & a celebratory attitude of yourself & those around you - that’s the best way to feel like you belong at Pride.

During “Chosen Family: Stories of Queer Resilience” I had an incredible conversation with some friends about ‘not feeling queer enough’ when it comes to the LGBTQ+ community - a conversation I hope resonates with you.

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

“What if it’s just a phase?” 

I’m sure many of you have been asked this question before, maybe even by yourself. It’s probably one of the most common worries and I want to talk about it a little bit: 

1. I identified with labels I do not identify with today. Maybe I had “phases”. Maybe I just learned more about who I am and which labels I feel comfortable with, and let go of all those wrong ideas of what I’m not “allowed” to label myself (and, very simply, learned more labels and their definitions - nobody is born knowing all of them!).

Either way, I feel happy and comfortable with the labels I use today - and that’s all that matters. Could they change again? Never say never. I don’t feel like they will but if my labels stop feeling comfortable one day, I am free to change them. 

Because that’s what labels are: Words to help us understand and express ourselves right in that moment - they are not meant to predict the future. 

So what if it’s just a phase? Then you are free to change the words you use. 

2. A straight teen can’t predict they will still identify as straight as an adult either - but somehow they don’t need to prove they’re not just “going through a hetero phase”. This reveals the actual question that’s often hidden behind “What if it’s a phase?”: 

“What if you turn out to be normal?”

We call this heteronormativity and cisnormativity. The idea that it’s normal to be straight and identify as the gender you were assigned at birth (and that being lgbt+ is therefore abnormal). In that mindset, it would of course go way deeper than just changing the words you use: If you were really one of the normal ones, it’d be a big shame and regret that you once thought of yourself as abnormal. 

I can’t put in words how terribly harmful and wrong that mindset is. There’s no such thing as a “normal” identity, there are just different identities. Who you are and who you love is not abnormal. 

3. With all that being said: Many people start to identify as something - and are happy and comfortable with that label forever. The idea that most teens who identify as lgbt+ later realize it was a phase is a ridiculous myth. And even if you (like me!) change labels a few times, it doesn’t mean you’ll realize you are straight and cis in the end. I changed my specific labels but I have always been lgbt+ and will always be. 

4. You may have read number 1 and thought “Sure but what about more permanent changes - such as surgery? Can’t just change that.” First of all, some changes, especially those available to teens (who are most often accused of going through a phase), are reversible. Example: puberty blockers. If you stop taking them, you will still go through puberty, just a bit later. But even more importantly: The road to surgery is a long one, and one that eats up money and effort. If you being trans was a phase, you’d most likely realize that long before anything like surgery really happens. It’s not like a tattoo, something that could just happen in one silly drunk moment without really thinking through the consequences - you’ll be confronted with the consequences over and over again. If after that, you still want it, then believe me: it’s not a phase. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom  

Demigods and Paladins 2
  • Shiro: I'm the serious and leaderly one who doesn't have a sense of humor.
  • Jason: No, that's me…
  • Lance: I'm the ladies' man who feels stronger in the water.
  • Percy: I thought that was me…?
  • Lance: But I'm also the seventh wheel.
  • Leo: Me too, buddy. I'm the mechanic.
  • Hunk: Hello, that's me, dude!
  • Leo: And I'm the jokester.
  • Lance: Well whaddaya know, so am I!
  • Leo: And I'm the short one.
  • Pidge: No comment. I'm the smart one.
  • Annabeth: Same.
  • Hunk: I'm the pudgy one.
  • Frank: Hey—
  • Allura: I'm the pretty one with multicolored eyes
  • Piper: I am NOT a label. But if I were, that'd be quite accurate.
  • Nico: I'm the angsty emo one who feels excluded because I come from scary and almost evil ancestry
  • Keith: Okay, this is starting to creep me out a little.
for nb people(and maybe some binary) who want some words

hey!!! here are some very specific words/orientations (romantic/sexual ones) that can be used by/or include nb people who were looking. there is NO OBLIGATION to use these but i think some people would really like to know in case they’re sticklers like me. it’s also useful imo to help if you’re trying to understand alignment and attraction systems. 

i HIGHLY RECOMMEND you check out the galactian alignment system which includes fluid identities and the words for specific attractions out now.  i’ll include some of those words in case you want those instead.

note that some binary people may be able to use some of these terms to describe their nonstraight attraction to nb people. my main purpose is for diamoric people to find words but since there are binary people who are in diamoric relationships with nb people, i’m including them as a side note.
diamoric is any attraction/relationship a nb person experiences. 

 here we go.

multi-spec orientations and words, that i know of:

bisexual/romantic: attraction to two or more genders. this can be any combination. men + women, men + nb people, nb people + agender people +men, etc. what it means for you is only up to you. usually refers to attraction to two genders, but is by no means restricted to that.

m-spec people that are attracted to multiple genders sometimes choose whichever word suits them best. m-spec people attracted to only two genders aren’t ply but m-specs attracted to more than two can be either bi or ply, it’s up to them alone to decide which word they prefer.

polysexual/romantic:(shorted to ply) attraction to some but not all genders. this can be any combination and can sometimes overlap with bi people who are attracted to more than two genders. example: agender men + agender women + nonaligned agender, men + women + nb people, etc. whichever one someone is, is their business alone. 


now for the nitty gritty

ceteroromantic/ceterosexual: nb people attracted to other nb people only

  • binary-aligned nbs + non-aligned nbs + agender people + any other nb identity
  • there can be preference for specific nb alignments 
  • since nb genders are so vast and differing this is an m-spec identity. 
  • enboric
  • terraric
  • nblnb
  • enbian (nblnb)

nomasexual/nomaromantic: attraction to anyone but men and masc-aligned people.  (A cute word for it is nobrosexual) 

  • women + nb people + feminine enbys + nonaligned enbies + agender people 
  • literally anyone but male/masc-aligned people. the alignment can depend on the person because aligned enbies are still enbies, but 85% of the time this identity means no masculinity in general.
  • femaric and enboric attraction
  • femme-aligned nbs who are this might identify as sapphic.
  • nblw + nblnb
  • nb people who are this are enbian (nblnb) and trixic (nblw) 
  • can be used by binary people who are attracted to binary women, feminine aligned nb people, unaligned nb people, agender, etc identities. anything but men/masc-aligned nb people. binary people can have this orientation and be in a diamoric relationship with a nb person, but they are not themselves diamoric.
  • neptunic means attraction to everyone but men and male aligned people

nowomaromantic/nowomasexual: attraction to anyone but women and feminine-aligned people.

  • men + masculine enbys + nb people + nonaligned enbies + agender people
  • literally anyone but women/femme-aligned people. the alignment can depend on the person because aligned enbies are still enbies, but 85% of the time this means no femininity in general.
  • mascic and enboric attraction
  • masc-aligned nbs who are this might identify as achillean. 
  • nblm + nblnb
  • nb people who are this are enbian (nblnb) and toric (nblm)
  • can be used by binary people who are attracted to binary men, masc aligned nb people, unaligned nb people, agender, etc identities. anything but men/masc aligned people. binary people can have this orientation and be in a diamoric relationship with a nb person, but they are not themselves diamoric. 
  • uranic means attraction to everyone but women and women aligned people

both of these are similar to these words:

  • venusic: a nonbinary person attracted to women and feminine nb people only.  
  • marsic: a nonbinary person attracted to men and masculine nb people only.

the last two words are (USUALLY) monosexual orientations. they are similar opposites of noma/nowoma.

maromantic/masexual: (androromantic/sexual is not well-liked for the andro root) means nb attraction to men/masculinity 

  • viramoric
  • nblm
  • mascic
  • toric (nblm)
  • masc-aligned non-binaries that are this may identify as achillean or gay men
  • can include attraction to masculine non-binary people

womaromantic/sexual (finromo/finsexual):(you can see why gynesexual isn’t preferred) nb attraction to women/femininity

  • feminamoric
  • nblw
  • femaric
  • trixic (nblw)
  • femme-aligned non-binaries that are this may identify as sapphic or nb lesbians
  • can include attraction to feminine nonbinary people

remember, very specific identities aren’t for everyone, and you may feel more comfortable identifying as bi or ply or gay or pan instead, which is perfectly fine! its up to you. these words are just for your preference.

now KEEP IN MIND. a ply/bi person can be attracted to men + masc nbs + unaligned nbs + agender people and just call themselves polysexual/bisexual. you are 100% able to do that, especially if it’s what you prefer. these identities are just for people who want some specific words for those m-spec identities because, well, i’m polyromantic and really like using specific words to describe where i am in the ply label rather than always just say i’m polyromantic because labels give me comfort. i figure other people might feel the same. and nonbinary people might what to know what new terminology fits them. i’m also neptunic btw! i love that label!

Korea Superstitious Belief: First Snowfall, and The Paw Emoji Curse... (Jikook Analysis)

This has been widely discussed between Jikookers but I wanted to make my post on the matter despite being so. 

WARNING ahead of time that I will be talking about Jikook/Kookmin possibly being in a romantic relationship so if for some reason that isn’t your cup of tea don’t read any further. Another thing: THIS IS ALL 100% SPECULATION NOTHING THAT I SAY AM I CLAIMING TO BE THE TRUTH. Nothing I say is meant to be offensive or am I in anyway trying to label these boys, this is a simply opening a discussion to different possibilities.

It’s been a while since my last analysis so enjoy the rambles..

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Context: While I (despite being female) am usually labelled as the “Dad Friend”, during one campaign, our DM’s ACTUAL dad played with us. As such, hilarity ensued.

DM: You are attacked by a sand monster. They are closest to Fabian (paladin) and Ekmetiel (wizard). Dad, it’s your move.

Cleric(OOC): (Her aforementioned dad) What’s the closest object to me?

DM: Uh… one of the old benches.

Cleric(OOC): I sit on the bench.


Cleric: Hey, Maeven (namely, me), want to join me?

Me: Heck yeah

DM: Okay… the cleric and the rogue are now sitting on the bench and being useless. Not to mention that Maeven made Ekemetiel summon Fabian’s horse on the other side of the room as a joke. Fabian and Ekmetiel get the feeling that they are screwed.

glaad not giving pansexual its own category in their analysis of 2017 queer tv rep, opting to use “bisexual+” instead, is exactly why I do not like or trust most major queer organizations. (or feel comfortable with or accepted by people/organizations that only use “LGBT(+)” for that matter)

people will see “x% of characters on tv are bisexual+” and just think or repeat back that the entire percentage is bi. the plus sign, which is meant to “include” pansexual, will be dropped, and no one will stop and wonder, “are any of these ‘bi+’ characters pan?”

even though that’s literally what the shitty “bi+” umbrella claims to be; “inclusive of all multisexualities”, but honestly, how many people actually think of anything other than bi when they see it?

but the fact of the matter is that some of those “bisexual+” characters are not bi and cannot be interpreted as bi and should not be labeled as bi. because they’re pan. and they should be labeled and celebrated and counted as such. end of story.

pan characters, and people, should not be lumped under bi because it’s easier. if that were the case, then there would be no bi-specific anything, because it’s easier to just lump bi under a gay umbrella. but here we are. bi deserves direct/separate acknowledgment, but pan doesn’t. noted.

and the fact that glaad included a “sexuality undetermined” category, but couldn’t be fucking bothered to do the BARE MINIMUM for pan people is fucking ridiculous. characters that writers don’t care enough to label are more worthy of direct acknowledgment than characters writers explicitly create for pan people. also noted.

start giving pansexual/panromantic people the OUTRIGHT, BLATANT visibility and acknowledgment that we fucking deserve. because, I don’t know about you, but, I am tired.

and there’s only so many labels you can shove pan people under, THAT WE DON’T WANT OR IDENTIFY WITH, before you have to just fucking cut the shit and admit that you just don’t want to fucking acknowledge us.

so like, honestly, just….absolutely fuck glaad and their “bi+” bullshit and every other organization created to give visibility and acceptance to queer people that uses it as well. because, paint it however you want, but it’s just another way to avoid acknowledging pansexuality, on its own, and at all, in general.

Aro Guide: A FAQ to end all FAQs

I have been running an aro ask blog for several years now, and often I get repeat questions from many different people. The following is my opinion, as given by someone on the internet who happens to be aro and has talked to hundreds if not thousands of aromantic people. Here’s what you need to know if you think you might be aro. 

Under the cut because this is quite long.

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Button Eyes


“Blind” your subject, so they no longer wish to spy upon you. This spell is a tad bit aggressive, so I am going to label it as a curse. It is based upon the Coraline book/movie.

What You’ll Need~

  • 2 buttons (Black is traditional)
  • A Needle
  • Thread (Red or Black)
  • Cloth/Paper


  1. Write victim’s name on the paper/cloth. Better yet, draw them, or just their face.
  2. Say (or think with intent) “Twitchy witchy little brat, with buttons on each eye, stick a needle through each hole and no longer shall they spy.”
  3. Sew on the buttons. If you drew the person/their face, preferably sew it over their eyes.
  4. Done!!!