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As a ftm myself I think by dating or seeing someone that is a lesbian and they still decide to use that label it makes me feel invalidated. I am a man not a woman. But I don't know just wanted to share that

I completely understand why you’d feel that way. I do want to say though, sometimes a lesbian will fall for a cis man and still continue to refer to themselves as a lesbian because they see him as an anomaly to their sexuality. 

I think it’s definitely something you both need to have a discussion about so she’s aware that you’re feeling this way, and so that maybe you can get a little of her perspective on this.

Sexuality is fluid, and sometimes we fall for people or are attracted to people outside our usual gender attraction and it doesn’t necessarily change our sexuality at all. She may very well be a lesbian and still feel she most identifies with a lesbian, because you’re the one and only man she’s ever experienced attraction to. 


Song: 숨 (Breath)

Artist: Park Hyo Shin

Release date: 160929

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I've always been a huge LGBT+ supporter and every now and then been like 'am I not totally straight?' but then dismissed that. Now I'm 21 and I'm genuinely questioning if I could be bisexual. I feel like maybe I'd be more accepting and less confused if this actual questioning hadn't happened so late. I know people can find out they're gay or bi etc at any age, and I'm still young, but I feel confused as an adult now when I thought I was becoming more secure in myself and am now questioning.

I think you shouldn’t focus too much on labels. Just live your life and see who you fall in love with. It’s okay to question yourself. But maybe you need to accept the fact that you’re not sure and not focus on it too much?

People like to identify with labels because it makes it easier to find terminology to explain what we’re experiencing, and it opens us up to a world where we’re not the only ones who feel this way. It’s not a way to be special, it’s a way to understand and belong.

achilles is so often called gay by the community and straight by society even though he fell in love with men and women. freddie mercury is known as the most famous gay man even though he self identified as bisexual. channing tatum is constantly called straight even though he’s dated men and women. evan rachel wood and angelina jolie and drew barrymore–all self identified bi women constantly called straight.

sappho wrote love poems for both men and women and yalls response to the idea that she might have been bi is “there was no concept of bi/gay back then!! let’s focus on the fact that she was sapphic!!” to the point where her name has become synonymous with gay and she’s called a lesbian icon and y'all only seem to have issues with “concepts” and labels when the concept/label is BI. why am i not surprised?

i’ve seen a lot of people commenting on how dan talked about cute anime boys and celebrities but hasn’t actually “come out” yet, and while i do agree that it would be cool for him to support the lgbtqa+ community by identifying himself as being a part of it (assuming he is to some degree), i’d like to point out that he’s showing a different sort of support by not saying anything. 

by this point, his youtube channel is fairly mainstream, and he has a lot of people following his videos, actions, and statements, so even for him to imply that he likes boys as well is pretty huge. also, him talking about how he finds guys attractive without actually labeling himself is working towards normalizing those kinds of statements!! 

he shouldn’t have to say “i am bisexual” (or any other label) in order for that to be accepted, and tbh i think more people should just accept what he says as his personal opinions and not pressure him to use any certain labels if he doesn’t feel comfortable, whether he does eventually or if he never chooses to, because people don’t need to “come out” in order for their identities to be valid

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White punks screaming about the same politics, the same fucked-up shit, and even about racial issues and injustices they don’t even particularly face, are wholeheartedly accepted, never questioned, never told to tone down, and never told to relax. No matter how justified I am, or how down for the cause they are, they’re put off by my very valid rage. Why is that? What is it about a Black girl doing the same shit white men do that makes them feel like it’s too much? How am I the only one being labeled too aggressive in a genre that is all about aggression?

Kayla Phillips, vocalist and songwriter for Bleed the Pigs

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  • Neurotypical:get rid of labels!!! Theyre unnecessary and dehumanising! Be yourself :):)
  • Me, a borderline who has no identity and relies on labels:yeah.... So unnecessary...