I’m like…sort of weirded out when people label me as a PoC or tag a picture of me as “dancers of color”. Yes!! I’m very happy that you are excited that I’m asian. It is a very neat thing about me. However, I’m also half white. And that label sort of erases/ignores that part of me. People on tumblr are very quick to discard/dismiss whiteness as plainness. Let me start by saying that the racial identity of a bi-racial kid is already such a strange and odd place to be. I don’t like that I’m expected to stand on either side of the fence, because both parts are equally important to me. I want to feel that I am allowed to exist as I am, and it makes it very difficult when I’m labeled or categorized by others into groups that I don’t completely fit into. Especially when half of me is erased because “white is boring”. Let me tell you something: nobody is boring. Whatever you are, you are beautiful, and whatever 6 different things or one thing you are, you are allowed to be that. All of it. And not just the parts that are exotic or not exotic. I would like to conclude this by saying that I personally wish not to be categorized by my race. That is my wish. For others, it might be different. But unless I am accepted for all that I am, I would like it to simply be left out of my description.

@ nonbinary people

i am so sorry that tucutes have ruined your label to the point where anti-tucutes think you’re just making it up

you’re valid and really really cool
smooches for everyone

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I really love your dedication to God and your spirituality. I am agnostic (I'm very conflicted when it comes to these labels but that's the best one in my case) however I truly admire your love for God and how you gain strength through Him. I find it inspiring and at times envy it because I don't think I could ever give so much of myself to well anything. Anyway just wanted to say that you're doing pretty awesome and to keep it up! 😁

thank you

and envy is such an ugly emotion because it distorts reality. we all have things that we are passionate about and we often get out of it what we put in. my faith is something i dedicate a lot of my life to and it provides me with guidance and purpose. but there are things that you’re passionate about that you give your all to. there is no need to have envy. we have different lives and different priorities. and there’s nothing wrong with that

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I am very confused about my gender and I don't really know what to label myself as. Is there a way to find out what I am?

Worry about finding a label after you’re less confused about your gender. Most of the time there are multiple, interchanging or similar, terms, and you just pick which one you like. If you’re sure you’re nonbinary, you can use that as a term for yourself without being specific about your gender.

Just try and figure out what you’re feeling, and to do that sometimes you need to ask a lot of questions to yourself. For example, “why am I upset that they used x pronoun? Is it because I would prefer y, or z? Why would I prefer that pronoun? Do I feel this way all of the time, sometimes, or does it fluctuate in intensity?” and so forth. Take the time to examine yourself, your reactions, and emotions to gender. After you can describe to yourself how your gender feels, you can start looking at specific terms. 


one of my closest friends is on her way to screwing a hot boy from turkey and im just sitting here like…hoe why u deleted the caption of my selfie when you reblogged? what does this mean? why must i feel emotionally and physically attracted to people who show me almost no affection? why do i separate myself from those who demonstrate their love for me? why am i ashamed of them? is it because i label the inability to not show feelings as weakness? will i ever be able to have a strong and healthy mental and physical connection with someone?

Today, I learned...

cracking a joke at a plot device that’s nowhere near a realistic representation of a disorder is ableist.

But yet

I’ve seen one post complaining about how the writing ITSELF is what’s actually ableist? It’s like this fandom’s dirty little secret we casually ignore. Some even act like it’s representation for those with the disorder, when in actuality the sole basics of it were all that was used to create mystery (the same as in the Mystery Case Files series–my first exposure to it.)

It is using a disorder’s more “dramatic” aspects and ignoring the rest for plot purposes. And even portraying the disorder itself as enough motivation to kill-that’s pretty gross! Yet most people don’t acknowledge it as problematic and move on, it’s just ignored til someone like me pokes fun at it and suddenly I’m an ablelist person.

No. I don’t accept that label. I am not mocking any person, or disease. I am mocking a BAD PLOT DEVICE.

I recognize that this plot device was pretty shitty (and even a bit irresponsible, although given the tiny percentage of actual sufferers I find it unlikely they’re now seen as potential child murderers), and despite how much I love the rest of the story, I WILL not stop making fun of that writing. It’s my way of calling it out. It was cheap. It worked only because the rest of the writing was so good–not because it was respectful, not because it was realistic representation. It was ridiculous and should not be imitated.

If you are the type to mistake me mocking a plot device as the same as disrespecting a real person or illness, and tag me as ableist, please don’t just unfollow, block/ignore me so I don’t mistake us for pals <3 I know it’s popular here to be the first to call something out as “problematic” but if you’d rather do that than ask or even think about where I’m coming from, then you don’t respect me & I don’t need that.

Louis is not even 24 and he is part of the biggest boyband on the planet since he was 18, he writes basically 80% of the songs of their albums, he owns a record label now and I am sure he’ll own a football team by the time he’ll be 26.
He has fought for his dreams, his passion and his love since day 1, he has been told he was the worst of the worst, that he coudln’t amount anything and he even believed these people before starting to believe in himself, grow up and fucking MAKE IT. If Louis William Tomlinson is not an inspiration for you, then you have the wrong role models. Oh, and he also has a beautiful husband and they’ll be an example for the ENTIRE WORLD with their pure and true love, dedication and BRAVERY.


I’m in a bitchy mood and I’m angry. People who know me know that I don’t get angry easy, so this means I’ve been pushed FAR over and edge.
People on this website make me embarrassed and ashamed of being transgender. 
More than once people have found out that I am and labeled me as some kind of social justice freak right away because of the stigma that is splattered. 
I get that it’s hard. I get that people are angry, trust me, I feel anger too and frustration at my situation ll the time. 
But the fucking blood hounds need to stop. Not everybody knows about this shit. ignorant shit is said everyday even by celebrities but it’s usually because THEY DON’T KNOW BETTER. So instead of tearing them apart, how about informing. 
The best way to get people to hate your community is to attack them with it. Patience and understanding works. I know that from personal experience. That’s how I transitioned so easily in my school, when I explained it calmly, a lot of kids who were against it before suddenly got it. 
Yeah, there are assholes that will never come around and they can go shove it. 
Before you attack someone: Take a breathe, think about where they are coming from, try to explain if you know them personally, don’t send nasty messages, and if they don’t get it and are going to be assholes. Walk away. They aren’t even worth your time. 


Asanas of Friday, May 1st 2015.

Give love always.
Be kind.
Listen to yourself.

I am separating myself from so much. Labels. Names.
You can give them to me, but I am only what I am. Everything or nothing. Everything and nothing.


Wax-Cast VHS Cassettes

In Artifacts, I am visually communicating the idea of generation loss to the viewer through a series of VHS tapes to be read (from left to right) as deteriorating between each generation. The process of making wax casts speaks to the process of recording and re-recording information onto video tapes, as both accumulate visible artifacts with each copy. Additionally, I am labeling these cassettes as artifacts - something ancient that was once coveted by entire generations of people, and then lost and forgotten to the next.

I don’t want to be an author.
I don’t want to be a professional songwriter.

I don’t want to be a prose writer, a columnist, a poet. I don’t want to be a twitter phenomenon, an eternal wanderer, a runner, an actress. I am not a singer and I am not a publisher. 
I am the sum of all these things, expanded and built upon, creating something unique that I –and only I– can carry, and I am not a label. I am not a brand. 
I am not something you can touch or dress up, replicate or produce 
and I am nothing special. In the literal sense, for this speaks for all of us – or rather we who dare to throw off the labels, get off the paved road to a finished title and instead create our own undefinable titles. 
I am the sum of everything I do and learn and read and hear
and all these things become my paint. My melodies. My pencils. The decorations I will use to build my very own self. To look and feel and talk like I want to, and it might sound grand and naive, but I need to practice my belief.
My belief that the things that no one can touch but only feel, hear and remember, are bigger than any label or name anyone can ever give me. I must believe that what I create is bigger than myself. That I – Charlotte Eriksson – can go under the surface and not be remembered by name, not recognized by face, but what I manage to create and build, learn and acknowledge will. Forever. Eternally. Internally, be of impact, for someone.

I am a worried person with a stressed out soul, living a simple life with no capital. I am gathering knowledge in every corner I can with the abilities I have. I’m reading philosophy, politics, history and fiction. Greek tragedies and the arctic waste. I’m studying psychology, economics, plant based nutrition and I’m writing essays and manifestos, chasing bigger names with bigger frames, to ask a question or two, and I am learning to lead. 
I am reading to take the lead. 
Lead who? My self. My own life. My own future. I’m not chasing you, or them, or anyone else; I am chasing me.
For I have nothing to lean on, nowhere to call my home and there is nowhere I will go for Christmas to rest my head and touch familiar walls. I have no degree to show on paper or employment to take care of my health or the reassurance that I can pay my rent. And I have no right to complain because this is the road I choose and I built it myself, not really knowing where I wanted it to lead, but I have hope in all things ahead and behind and I am learning to let myself go. Forget my own ego and believe that what I am doing is grander than my very own self.

I’m not exactly sure where all this will lead me, but as long as I live every day to my fullest capacity, I know these things will slowly but beautifully sculpt and shape themselves, shape me, into something unique and of importance,
and though it’s months of cold and Berlin’s getting dark before it’s getting late
I must believe that there will be a day when the sun wakes up before I do, again. When the grass grows green and the soil will feed the marrow once more
and just like this, or that, I must believe that what I am building right now, here, with this, will one day bloom like the most wonderful of flowers, growing stronger underneath that soil.
I must believe in my own growth, for without it I have nothing.

As long as I am moving I am right on the path I made.

Charlotte Eriksson, Another Vagabond Lost To Love


Alright okay so I feel very weird about posting for #noshameday but I feel like if I don’t then it’s just another stage of denial. So just excuse me while I talk about this. I have had Type 1 diabetes since I was 1 year old. I don’t feel disabled, and in comparison to others I don’t think I am that much but maybe that’s because I’m so used to it. I don’t feel like it is part of my identity, I shut it out, and because of that my control of it is pretty bad.

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I’m usually just an observer in fandoms, I like and reblog, I’ll send someone a message if I think I can help, I hardly ever make posts of my own. But I feel like I have to now because the hate I’ve seen in these past few days is ridiculous. I might ramble a bit because I have trouble putting my thoughts in order at the moment…

I’m 32 years old, I’m a woman, I’m a teacher and if I had to stick a label on myself I’d say I am bi- or pansexual. I’ve been extremely lucky with the environment in which I grew up. I have 4 amazing parents who never asked their children about their sexualities. They never assumed anything. When they were talking about us falling in love they would never assume that me and my sisters would fall in love with boys or that my brother would fall in love with a girl. They would always say they’d hope we would find someone, boy or girl, that would make us happy. As a result I’ve never felt the need to sit my parents down and come out, I’ve always known they’re alright with who I am. I’m well aware that I’m extremely privileged and I’m not writing this to flaunt or to shove my luck in anyone’s face. I just want to make clear that I have always had a safe space where I felt accepted and didn’t have to hide my sexuality. I wish everyone could grow up like I did when it comes to this. 

Sadly not everyone can, I’ve read many stories these past few days of people who have had to hide their sexuality out of fear for the reactions of others. And then I read comments about RD, hateful, terrible, nasty comments. And I get so angry, how dare people talk with so much hate about an initiative that tries to provide LGBTQ+ people with safe spaces in the fandom? Whether it is online, at a concert or at a bloody football match. People don’t recognise their own privilege, it’s easy to stand at the sidelines and say Louis’ football match wasn’t the time or place for rainbows when you’re not the one who has to hide part of who you are, when you’re not the one who feels you’ll get judged over who you happen to fall in love with. Wanting a place to be safe from the judgement of others doesn’t depend on a time or place. It’s a constant need. And RD is trying to give that space to the people who need it. Is trying to show people that they are accepted in this fandom. How can  anyone in their right mind hate on something like that?

I’ve never consciously worn any rainbow attire, I do my bit by educating my pupils about the harmful language that gets used in secondary schools and how their words affect others, but tomorrow I’m going to get some rainbow pins and stickers and put them on my bags, clothes and car. Just because I can. And if I piss of some idiot who thinks rainbows have a time and/or place that’s a real nice bonus. 

Pyro's words of wisdom

I walked into an interesting conversation today between two random people.  It went something like this:

Man 1: “I’m telling you, man! The Pyro is a woman! She’s got a purse in the locker room!”
Man 2: “So? I keep all my cleaning equipment for my SCUBA gear in a small bag, too! Does that make me a girl?”

Man 1: “It has a flower on it! That’s a girl thing!”

Man 2: “Having a flower on a bag that happens to be near his equipment doesn’t make him any more of a female than a sombrero making him Mexican! The Pyro is The Pyro, and that is all there is to it!”

It was at this point I slowly backed away. Into the shadows before they dragged me into it. I will admit; I cried.

 Thank you, Man 2! Thank you! You are my hero!

For those of you out there who are labeled by your peers; ignore them! Be you! Be the best darn you that you can be! That is all that matters!