Portion Sizes

For the first time in my life, I am eating about what the label says is a portion size. If anything, I am eating less than that. 

It’s odd - I open a can of refried beans and it lasts for 3 or 4 meals and I struggle to finish a single bottle of G2 over the span of 2 hours.

This is even more noticeable when eating out. The few times I have eaten out I try to order just the protein or I get a side I can give to the girls.   Even with that, what little food I get lasts 3 or 4 meals. 

The bad news is this means I am often stuck eating the same food for several days as I try to finish it before it goes bad. 

The good news it probably costs me less than $50 a week to eat down from 3 times that when you add in eating out. 

People like to identify with labels because it makes it easier to find terminology to explain what we’re experiencing, and it opens us up to a world where we’re not the only ones who feel this way. It’s not a way to be special, it’s a way to understand and belong.

i’ve seen a lot of people commenting on how dan talked about cute anime boys and celebrities but hasn’t actually “come out” yet, and while i do agree that it would be cool for him to support the lgbtqa+ community by identifying himself as being a part of it (assuming he is to some degree), i’d like to point out that he’s showing a different sort of support by not saying anything. 

by this point, his youtube channel is fairly mainstream, and he has a lot of people following his videos, actions, and statements, so even for him to imply that he likes boys as well is pretty huge. also, him talking about how he finds guys attractive without actually labeling himself is working towards normalizing those kinds of statements!! 

he shouldn’t have to say “i am bisexual” (or any other label) in order for that to be accepted, and tbh i think more people should just accept what he says as his personal opinions and not pressure him to use any certain labels if he doesn’t feel comfortable, whether he does eventually or if he never chooses to, because people don’t need to “come out” in order for their identities to be valid

Carmilla Crackvid v.1 otherwise known as ’why I shouldn’t be allowed near editing software' 

Carmilla Crackvid v.2 otherwise known as ’i sincerely apologize for this' 

Carmilla Crackvid v.3 otherwise known as ’you asked for it’

Carmilla Crackvid v.4 otherwise known as ’#savecarmilla‘ 

Carmilla Crackvid v.5 otherwise known as ’all crackvids come to an end’

Button Eyes


“Blind” your subject, so they no longer wish to spy upon you. This spell is a tad bit aggressive, so I am going to label it as a curse. It is based upon the Coraline book/movie.

What You’ll Need~

  • 2 buttons (Black is traditional)
  • A Needle
  • Thread (Red or Black)
  • Cloth/Paper


  1. Write victim’s name on the paper/cloth. Better yet, draw them, or just their face.
  2. Say (or think with intent) “Twitchy witchy little brat, with buttons on each eye, stick a needle through each hole and no longer shall they spy.”
  3. Sew on the buttons. If you drew the person/their face, preferably sew it over their eyes.
  4. Done!!!
  • Neurotypical: get rid of labels!!! Theyre unnecessary and dehumanising! Be yourself :):)
  • Me, a borderline who has no identity and relies on labels: yeah.... So unnecessary...

anonymous asked:

hey. This might be stupid, but is it okay for me to not put a label on my sexuality? I just can't seem to find one that feels right for me... Should I keep searching for one or can I just leave it here bc I've come to terms with who I am (sort of) but I feel like trying to find the right label is pulling me away from the task of accepting who I am. Sorry this was all rambling, but you seemed like the right person to ask, and I really just don't know. Thanks for being so wonderful and amazing!

Of course that’s ok! Sexuality is fluid, and for some people, labels don’t work for them! They like who they like, and that’s as simple as it can be! For some people, labels help them feel a part of a community, and that’s awesome, too! But if you don’t wanna label, that’s perfectly alright!

Some quick answers to common questions:

Can I bind/pack/stuff/tuck?

Even if I’m cis or have any other gender feelings?

Can I dress this way even though my gender is this?

If my gender is this, do I have to have long/short hair?

If my gender is this, can I wear makeup?

If my gender is this, do I have to wear makeup?

Do I have to use these pronouns if this is my gender?

Can I use any pronoun/more than one pronoun?

Is it weird if my gender feels like this but I enjoy these things?

Can I change my name?

Do I have to change my name?

Can I go by more than one name?

If I’m attracted to these people but my gender is this, what am I?
-human. Your labels matter significantly less than how you feel.

If I act like this and dress like this, what’s my gender?
-I wouldn’t know. Preferences and behavior don’t equal gender. If you think they do, that’s stereotyping.

Is there any way I can make myself feel more masculine/feminine?
-follow your own intuition. Do what makes you happy, and realize that stereotypes hurt more than they help.

What if my preferences line up with a stereotype?
-that’s a coincidence and there’s nothing wrong with it.

Am I valid?
-you exist, therefore you are.

How do I make myself feel more valid?
-realize that you are the only one who can tell you how you feel.

How do I come out?
-any way you like. Text, talk, a letter, etc.

Do I have to come out at all?

Do I have to come out to everyone, if I do?
-no. You can pick certain people.

Do I have to transition if my gender is this?
-not unless you want to

Do what feels natural and don’t let the world get you down.