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Destiel AUs I need:

(but am too lazy to write)

  • The Last Unicorn AU: Castiel realizes he is the last angel left, so he teams up with a pair of hunters and goes on a quest to find his captured brethren, but then a spell to protect him goes awry and turns him into a human and suddenly he feels so many emotions and it’s overwhelming and frightening and also he finds himself falling in love with the green-eyed hunter
  • Dean is a stripper or an escort or a pornstar or etc. and Castiel is the reserved one with minimal sexual experience, but instead of Cas “saving” Dean, he ends up working with him and Dean teaches him the ropes and Cas is a natural and enjoys the fuck outta it and never knew he could be so sexually liberated (and they go on awesome vacations together and pay for Sam’s college and donate a ton of money to charity because let’s be honest, they make fucking bank)
  • Sam is attending KU in Lawrence and joins the Quidditch team and Dean comes to his games to be supportive even though he gives Sam shit about playing Quidditch, and then one day he notices the guy playing the Snitch who’s wearing these absurdly short, bright-yellow running shorts, and has the thickest thighs ever, and jesus christ this guy must run marathons or something
Sanha• "When can I see you again?"



Highschool AU!

Originally posted by asterocky

your converse squeaked along the polished floor of the school halls, bag strapped on one shoulder and your undivided attention solely on your best friend.

“you should just tell him to go fuck himself” you mumbled with a sly smile on your face, your eyes crinkled at the edges.

“I did, he still wouldn’t leave it” she sighed, you had known about her and her boyfriend of 6 months and now she was in the middle of a massive fight with him.

“I hope you don’t take this wrong but you should just leave him if he keeps this up” you sighed, walking through the mass of students. She looked at you, understanding what you were coming from.

“I guess, but, I shouldn’t really be thinking that right now. he’s starting to calm down” she excused him, with a shake if your head you grumbled.

“whatever you say”

just listen to me for once, you are goi-

“Omp!-” you breathed out after a hard shoulder had rammed into your chest sending you into the wall.

you puffed out, watching the ruthless boy who had bumped into you stand up. you sighed walking away, completely forgetting your books.

“Hey! wait up!” he shouted for you, you turned around. already annoyed may you add. “what” you asked, he handed you your folders and smiled before running back to his friends.

you looked down noticing the small piece of paper.

“when can I see you again?”

Originally posted by asterocky

An update!?

Ok,nothing to report AT. ALL literally hundreds of thousands of piles of nothing! From dream. Unnamed or as you probably know her as @ace-of-hearts-corner, she is a DREAM to work with she has taken so much on, and I have done zilch, none, nuna. I have a basic outline for Sans, Papyrus, Gaster, dream and some enemy’s, those will be posted when I digitalise it! Whelp, I can say I now play pokemon training card Game online and in real life competitively, so there is that. Oh my new blog! It is kinda not alive yet, I must say though listing to Mus_house1 is VERY relaxing when you are reading a book, you might know it as to torel’s home in thee ruins. I’m slowly leaning how to code so in the far far future I might make a underobliteration game, that’s all! Normal blog posts to return when, wait what IS my normal blog posts, I don’t know, just expect blog update more offten!