This card came up 3 times last night when I was doin’ readings with Clinton, and dang.  Tarot is just the bomb.

And often during times like this, there are choices and decisions to be made, which you feel too uncertain to tackle. Yet the fact that you are unable to make your decisions perhaps prolongs a difficult or unsatisfactory situation, adding to your anxiety and worry.

… Let things develop on their own for a while. Rest and allow yourself time to build up your energies. Then you will stop feeling quite so inadequate, and will be able to make the choices which will shape the next phase of your life.

soul-eater-geek asked:

Ok like I really love your art style and your feanger art, I wish I can draw as good as you, your one of my art inspirations because I want to become as good of an artist like you, keep doing what you do best and have a good day :3


AWAHA <33 thank you so much omggg;;; I AM TOUCHED!! you just gotta keep on drawing, doodling, scribbling little things everyday and look up to inspirations !! to which u/// called me one of them and gaahh <33 it means so much to me!! ;v; THANK YOU AGAIN! never stop drawing! we can both learn together!