So my surprise of the week was my mom got me this dress. She told me that we are gonna put gems on the strip of see-through material up the middle is, but I am so happy she got it cause I love it so much


Hey! I’m Madison, but I go by Madi or Charlie. I’m gender-fluid, but I’m usually dressed up in ‘femine’ clothing. I’m 15 and I am a freshman in highschool. I’m a major band geek and I play clarinet. I love books and general, and I make lots of puns. I’m currently obsessed with homestuck and is always obsessed with Harry Potter.

I’m looking for friends and/or a relationship!

Absolutely Fabulous Friday!!! I was going to wait until I had showered and got dressed but you know what? I am absolutely fabulous because I am an amazing mom and friend - which does NOT require me to look like I belong in a magazine. It requires patience, comfort, acceptance, compassion, strength, trust, honesty, and lots of love. It does not require mascara or contacts or pretty clothes or jewelry. It does not have a schedule or timeline. It is a 24/7 calling. So here I am at my 8:45 am glory. My kids are fed and clean and dressed and happy. This, makes me absolutely fabulous!

Morrigan: Tis strange that such an attractive young maiden would rather choose the company of boys dressed up as men playing with swords. 
Leliana: Not to her. In her mind I think she’s just one of the boys. 

This lovely creation was made for me by jadenite who is a delight to work with. I absolutely adore this commission. This is my Warden, Olivier Cousland with her Antivan Casanova, Zevran and her oh so silly adopted-because-he-had-no-say-in-the-matter brother, Alistair. These three are too perfect. I am in love <3 :) Thank you for such a lovely piece! 

this week was really dumb, but tonight nick took me out for my favorite tacos and margaritas and micheladas after work and it was the most beautiful, warm and breezy night and we watched louie and he let me pick out any flowers i wanted at the store for our room because i love having fresh flowers around and i am hosting a rad event at madewell next sunday (ps please come if you’re in brooklyn!) with captain blankenship who i met randomly at the store one day and we talked about doing something together and i’m really excited! also it’s gonna be 77 degrees tomorrow and i haven’t worn a dress since december in san diego and i’m getting my bangs trimmed and we have lots of options for how to enjoy the pre summer summer weather on my only day off (;-;) that include day drinking outdoors and parks.


Where There Is Magic (4/8)

A/N: You guuuuuys. We’ve gotten to my favorite chapter!
I really am glad you all are enjoying this story–it’s such a classic tale, and I’m glad you all liked that I put a spin on it.
Anyways, enjoy!

Emma took a deep breath as she stood in front of her mirror, smoothing out the large, blue dress that was designed just for the ball.
It was beautiful (even if she thought the corset might kill her), and it reminded her of her mother–the one she barely got to know. It had small butterflies all along the beautiful tulle, and Emma loved the way it looked.
She felt beautiful.
“Almost ready, Princess?” Graham teased, walking up behind her.
“Yes.” She sighed with a smile.
“Do you think he’ll be here?”
“I don’t know.” Emma replied simply.
“Fate works in interesting ways, Em. You’d be surprised.” Graham smiled, “Besides, he’d be crazy not to think you’re beautiful.”
She smiled to him, nudging his shoulder before following out of her room.
“Do you really think he’s here?” She asked, wringing her fingers together.
“I do.” Graham smiled as they walked down the corridor.
“Did you see him?”
“I have not, but that does not mean that he isn’t here, waiting for you like every other man that has come pouring into the palace in the last ten minutes.” Graham said, “Now, go.”

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So one of my lovely lady friends shook JJ Abrams hand today while wearing one of my dresses. This means I am officially licensed now, right?!


I was tagged by the lovely semiskilledsailor! :)

Name: Nadiah
Nickname: Some school friends called me Nad or Naddy
Birthday: July 19, 1994
Starsign: Cancer
Gender: Yes
Height: 5′2″
Sexual orientation: Asexual
Romantic orientation: Yes
Favourite colour: Cobalt blue
Time and date at the current moment: 4:22pm, 17/04/2015
Average hours of sleep: 7 hours
Lucky number: 23
Last thing I Googled: Baju Melayu (a Malaysian traditional dress)
First word that comes to mind: Kill? (I have Psycho stuck in my head)
One place that makes me happy: Chicago
How many blankets do I sleep under: One duvet
Favourite fictional character: The Doctor
Favourite famous person: John Green
Celebrity crush: Does Link Neal count?
Favourite books: Harry Potter, The Fault in Our Stars, The Time Traveler’s Wife, 1Q84, and more
Favourite anime: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Fairy Tail, Attack on Titan, Sailor Moon Crystal, Danganronpa: The Animation, Free!, and more 
Favourite TV shows: Doctor Who, Sherlock, The Amazing Race, Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings
Favourite musicians/bands: Muse, Coldplay, Radiohead, Fall Out Boy, Incubus, Angels & Airwaves, Peter Hollens, Lindsey Stirling, 2Cellos, Mumford & Sons, Melodores, Rhett & Link, Hank Green and the Perfect Strangers, … I LISTEN TO TOO MUCH MUSIC IT’S RIDICULOUS
Favourite games: Pokémon, The Sims, Crossy Road, Tap Tap Revenge 4 (while it was still working) 
Last movie: Pacific Rim!!
Dream job: Science communicator (basically I want to be the next Neil deGrasse Tyson or Bill Nye)
Wearing right now: This.
Last book read: My nanochem textbook. The last fiction thing I read was a collection of short stories in Japanese and English.

I would like to tag punsterdumpster, geekypinky, lushling, captainswanxphanxsnowing, prettyphonyandtrashy, bimurdock, irl-clownshark,  amythicalbeast, fuckingphillester, and bxlre


My taylorswift themed 22nd birthday high tea featuring #TaylorSwift cupcakes and #OliviaBenson and #MeredithGrey cat cookies!! I am the biggest taylorswift fan so if anyone can pass this onto taylorswift that would be amazing!! taylorswift i love you so much I have been to all your concerts in New Zealand dressed up as the marching band girl for #SpeakNow and in full Red costume for the #Red tour and am travelling to Australia to see the #1989 tour in December!!! Your music means so much to me and all your fans, you literally write the soundtrack to our lives!!! You are such an incredible person so generous and kind, you have the biggest heart and it is so sweet everything you do for your fans!! Sending you lots of love and well wishes!!! Love you forever!! I really hope taylorswift sees this!! #Swifties forever!  I don’t know about you but i’m feeling 22!  #TaylorSwift #Taylurking #1989 #Red #SpeakNow #Fearless #TaylorSwift

Style Sessions : The Magic in MallyMal

Where y’all at? Where y’all at? Where y’all at? *Riri Voice

Its Friday, style guys and girls and of course we’re here with another Style Session With the Influence. This weeks guest is Jamal Hinton aka Magic Mally Mal. 

(Jamal Hinton, our SBTI:SS Guest)

I didn’t know much about Jamal until this interview. I knew we had mutual friends in Baltimore,he was very well dressed and we equally shared a love for Pharrell Williams (Look at his super colors lol). This interview gives everyone an insight to the mind of Mally Mal. 

Hello, my name is Jamal Hinton, and some may refer to me by my Instagram name (MagicMallyMal).

Hmm, what do I do? Good question, But to actually some it up, I am an artist. Let me break that down, I’m an artist in the field of visual arts, poetry, and other like things.

I knew this is what I wanted to do my whole entire life. I started when I was like 3 years old. Of course it was stick figures, I was no Leonardo Da Vinci, but it was just a release for me. It put me in a zone in which no one could distract me. I literally did it every single day, no matter the time. It could literally be 5am and I would just sit up and draw.

I came upon poetry in middle school. This hit me hard because I did not know what poetry was, but I knew once I learned it, it was another escape for me. Growing up poor, it was tough, so I just wrote and expressed myself on the paper.

In 5 - 10 years I honestly do not know where I will be, just as long as I’m happy it doesn’t even matter. Of course I have goals to strive for, but happiness would be number 1 on the list. As far as something tangible, I will have graduated law school, and planning to open up my own firm and also working to own multiple art galleries. Of course some of my work will be in there.

This year me and a good friend of mine plan to throw an art show. I know people are wondering where my work is, etc. Especially after reading this interview, but that’s the concept. I have soooo much work that I do not want people to see until the show. I want people to wonder and open up their minds, and give me a chance. If people hate it, that is okay, at least they gave me a chance. I just want to grace the city that I grew up in with something to remember. Regardless if it is big or small, I just want people to see. Money is not the main goal.

5.) The most influential people in fashion in my opinion would be Pharrell and Kanye. I’m going to be a little bias towards Pharrell because I admire his style more than Kanye’s. I’m not taking anything from Kanye because he is an icon in itself. I think that Kanye’s vision is amazing. He is a genius in music and in fashion. He’s joined Adidas and he is able to make what he actually wants, of course with some restraints but still. But Pharrell to me is more influential. There is no right or wrong answer, but I think what he is doing as far as recycled denim, working with Takashi, Nigo for so long, Karl from Chanel, etc. I just think his style is so unique but more so just him.

Ahhh, who is my favorite designer? Hmm that is a hard question to answer but if I have to say, I am going to go with Mr. Wang. (Alexander Wang). I don’t know man; I just love all of his work. It is so simple but it stands out to me. Especially his recent collaboration with H&M. People were complaining or whatever but the attention to detail with everything, how the black and grey collide but play with one another. I just think he is an amazing designer. I also like Rick Owen.

A trend that has caught my eye this year would be the simplistic nature of outfits. I have seen a lot of people, youthful people and also older people have been wearing very simple fits. Layering in the winter of course, but the simplistic nature and aesthetic of outfits have really caught my eye. I like it a lot. Not downing anyone who wears a lot of “loud” clothing because they’re being themselves.

Style to me is just an expression of whatever you want it to be. If you feel comfortable with what you are wearing and have confidence with it that is your style. I cannot and should not dictate or laugh at someone else’s style because it may look crazy. That’s them, and they’re doing them so you just have to respect it. That is pretty much how I can sum it up. 

 My influence? I think my influence is my character. I really do. I’m just a lax dude man. I just do what the fuck I want to do. I just want to inspire and give everyone hope. No story should not be heard. I love to share my story and I love to hear others story. I love to listen to people. I love to talk man, I really do. Just staying humble to everyone out here that’s trying to achieve their goals. I give nothing but love and respect, and that’s what makes me. I believe people can just connect with me and vibe with me, so that’s my influence.

I have no idea what people take away from me. I honestly don’t, but no one is talking shit about me so I’m assuming it is something good. Like I said before, I just want to inspire, so I give no one a reason to hate me. If they do, I still love them and I will still respect them. SO when you ask “what people take from me” I think they take warmth, respect, love from me. That is what I honestly believe. If I’m wrong, than I’m wrong but no one is perfect so you know how that goes. But yeah, that is what I think people take away from me, at least I hope so.”

It was a great experience, since Jamal is the first visual artist to be featured on Style Sessions. It was a pleasure to have you, thanks again. And the influence will make it a necessity to be at your art show. 

Keep up with Jamal and all his art has to offer !!

Contact Information –

Instagram: Magic_MallyMal1

Facebook: Jamal Hinton

Tumblr: isstyledope.tumblr.com

anonymous asked:

um... can u please tell me the exactly differences between "tomboy" and "genderfluid"? idk, im 17 years old, my body is female but i love to dress like a boy but sometimes i also like to be really feminin and sometimes i dont even think about it and just wear a hoodie and normal jeans, u know. and i don't know, i think i am genderfluid? but im not sure, because does "tomboy" not better fit in? please help... im frustrated.

The term tomboy only refers to gender expression. Being a tomboy means expressing your gender, dressing and behaving in a way that is viewed as typically masculine. However being a tomboy doesn’t have anything to do with your gender. -Alloy