reasons why i am like seven
  • bisexual as fuck
  • hides real emotions with memes
  • spams group chats with 77382894 messages at once
  • loves cats
  • wants to own infinite cats
  • wants to turn all those cats into memes
  • knows how to use grammar properly but refuses
  • unless it’s time 2 b srs
  • likes dressing up
  • flirts with all same-sex friends
  • has probably kissed all same-sex friends
  • doesn’t have many friends tho
  • never leaves the house
  • procrastinates until the last possible second
  • uses ‘u’ and ‘you’ in the same sentence
  • loves space and wants a fuckin rocketship
  • never sleeps
  • only ever eats junk food
  • probably never brushes hair
  • pushes people away bc scared of commitment
  • has mental breakdowns and then acts like they never happened
  • jokes make no sense but they’re fucking funny anyway
  • laughs at own jokes when no one else will
  • laughs at own jokes no matter what tbh

you know what i really love thinking about? what kind of pokemon games and just pokemon stuff in general a character would like 

hau would learn more towards the side games but loves all pokemon games. he probably needs at least 2 tissue boxes when playing pmd. takes 3+ hours deciding on his team because there’s too many good pokemon. spends too much time in amie/refresh, also gets sidetracked doing extra things. probably has 50 extra hours clocked in because of that.  i bet he loves making poffins. just wants to have a fun time in general

gladion would enjoy games that are more battle orientated; i can see him liking pokemon rumble a lot!! would probably try to get into (serious) competitive battling and quit in one day. is a sore loser whenever he loses though. honestly….i wouldn’t be surprised if he nicknamed his pokemon…. like hau, would also spend too much time in amie/refresh. probably secretly likes art academy, and is pretty good at it.

lillie would def be a side game person. I could also see her enjoying pokemon pinball and the ranger games. Once hau & sm protag would do enough convincing she would eventually hop onto the main games, but she prefers the ones that are story driven (so bw & sm, dppt). tries to complete the pokedex because she enjoys reading the entries. loves pokemon lore

  • Jefferson: Burr, I know that you hate Halloween, but stick with me, and I promise you, you will love it.
  • Burr: Can you magically make everyone kind, sober, and fully dressed?
  • Angelica: "Kind, sober and fully dressed." Good news, everyone. We found the name of Burr's sex tape!

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to tell you that I am also genderfluid and I am glad that you are able to opening say that, I am still not able to due to family issue. But thank you! I love you art, especially kennen and Temmo! Kennen totally would wear a dress!!<3

Bless you, sweet anon. I send you all the good vibes to you, you lovely being.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo

I started this show after everyone on Dramabeans said it was so cute. I like it so far, although I definitely see the problems with the portrayal of weight. I’m withholding my judgment on that score.

I have a soft spot for Nam Joo-hyuk so I am liking him here. I also give Lee Sung-kyung some serious credit, because I hated her character in CITT and thought it would affect how I felt about her in other roles. Here, though, I actually didn’t even realize that it was the same person, and I love her character in this show.

The crush, though, gives me all the feels. I have been that girl, pretending to need to stop by the library to see a crush and dressing up for that one class he’s in or whatever. (Ah, memories.) I’m not weirded out by it, because I think that a 19 year old girl having a crush on a handsome doctor rings pretty true. As long as they handle it right, I’m not judging.

anonymous asked:

hey! im back!! 1. Christmas or New Years Eve sex 2. Valentines or Birthday sex 3. Makeup or Breakup sex. Choose one and describe a little. ps: i am already thinking of new ones, love you! :)

Oh, my goodness, these are back! I absolutely love doing this. They’re my favourite little things to do, haha. :)) Please, please keep sending more in! They’re my favourites.

1. Christmas or New Years Eve sex?: I’m going to have to go for Christmas sex, my lovely; just imagining Harry dressed up in a red set with a Santa hat in his head as he waits for me to enter the bedroom has my head doing crazy things. And he’s got that cheeky smirk on his face and he’s tapping his thighs from where he’s sat on the bed patiently, his eyes brightening up when he sees you enter the room.

2. Valentines or Birthday sex?: Valentines sex; because I imagine Harry to go all romantic and loving and he’d decorate the bedroom with rose petals and sweet smelling candles and it looks so sweet and cosy and the bed is coated with silk sheets and ready for a night of intense pleasure and intimacy. And he’d spritzed on some gorgeous cologne and he’s got his good boxers on that show off every curve of his cock and they sit on his hips very snugly and sexily.

3. Make-up or Break-up sex?: Make-up sex; because it’ll be filled with angst and he’s still got the dark green look behind his eyes and his thrusts are rough and sloppy and he’s just eager to show that he didn’t mean what he said before in the heat of the moment. xx

“Um, excuse me, @boyneriver, but I sent you a vintage tartan wedding dress LAST WEEK. Where’s the love?”

Dear ol’ pal Costume & Wardrobe Wumman 🎭 AKA @supertam87​,

I planned to argue profusely with you about said vintage tartan wedding dress, because you’re an awesome sparring partner AND you love wee cheeties, but I’ve changed my mind.

After an exhaustive search of comments, reblogs, and DMs, I realize I confused many People of Earth yesterday when I endorsed @myaccueill’s wedding outfits idea, and posted a photo of the Fraser tartan dress I wear while vacuuming.

I will be addressing this confusion in a subsequent post. However, gathering wedding outfits data and taking pictures of snow superseded breakfast, and I am fading away to a shadow as we speak. I shall post after I choke down some Cheerios™. (I’m not really going to eat Cheerios™ right now; I just really saying choke down some Cheerios™ because it once made a handsome man laugh.)

Rest assured all People of Earth recognize your expertise in clothing design, and no slight on your esteemed position in the fashion world was intended. Truly.

Love, your hungry ol’ pal,



Gaten Matazzaro. That smile could get him away with murder.

Caleb McLaughlan, dresses better than 99% of grown-ass men that I know. HOW DO YOU HAVE SUCH STYLE AND SWAG AT SUCH A YOUNG AGE?!

Millie Bobby Brown: I’ll be fucked if she isn’t rolling in nominations next year. and I am so THRILLED to see more of her on the red carpet


@comas-in-cashmere wearing Ivy Sorbet Garden dress by @chotronette
Photos by Taypac Photography