Stuck || Peter Parker x Reader

The Avengers party were always fun to attend considering how Tony would always go out and beyond preparing for them, considering it a challenge to outdo his previous parties. The parties were never not fun but they were super tiring keeping in mind how late at night they would end. Such as tonight.

“Well I gotta admit, that was probably the best one yet,” you stifled yawn as you patiently waited for Peter to unlock the door leading to the apartment you two were sharing.

“It’s Tony Stark,” he said, unlocking the door and gesturing for you to enter first. “You just can’t underestimate him. And seeing how exhausted you look, I’m guessing you had a blast.”

You smiled at him sleepily. “You know me so well Parker. But nevertheless you are correct so don’t even try and stop me as I go and get ready for bed.”

“Just tell me when you’ve changed into your pjs so that I can come in and change too.” Peter pressed a light kiss to your forehead as he walked to the kitchen.

Sighing, you closed the bedroom door behind you and walked over to floor length mirror. You looked taken aback at your reflection. You reached back to grab hold of the zipper which was holding your dress together. And just as you started to unzip your dress, and also because the universe saw this as a perfect chance to take out its anger on you, the zip got stuck.

You groaned, “Oh come on! Can’t I just take this stupid dress off without it getting stuck so that I can get into my comfy clothes?!?”

You tried to unzip the dress again but to no avail. This called for reinforcement. You pulled open the door, “Peter can you come in here for a second please?”

“What’s up?” Peter asked stepping into the room.

You turned your back to him and showed him the stuck zip. He mouthed a ‘oh’ and stepped closer to explore the dire situation. He tugged at the zip trying to get it free which prompted you to warn him. “Careful Parker, this dress cost a lot and I’d rather not have it ruined.”

“Oh please,” he mumbled. “Just buy another one.”

“My what a superhero. Truly dedicated to the act of saving.”

“This is a dress!”

“Which I am wearing and I love so save the dress and you save me.”

He shook his head at you, a smile tugging at his lips. “Okay uh do you have a safety pin or something?”

“Uh yeah,” you said handing him one.

And so he went to work. “Okay wow this is stuck very strategically. This is showing more strategy than the villains running around that we take down.”

“Strange comparison. But very accurate. You know it’s like they want us to kick their- OW! Peter!”

“I’m sorry I’m sorry!” he apologized, pressing a kiss to your back where he had accidentally poked you with the pin.

“Attack the piece of cloth stuck in the zipper, not me.” You chuckled.

He looked at you sheepishly, “I really didn’t mean to do that. I’m sorry.”

You grinned at him. “It’s okay. Now hurry up so that I can change. And the sooner I change, the sooner I get to cuddle with you.”

“Excellent idea.”


I am ridiculously in love with this dress!  I am typically not one to order clothes online unless it’s something I’ve purchased before because I never trust the fit of things.  But, I saw this dress and just fell in love with the bright cheerful print!  I ordered my typical size. . .and it arrived about ten times larger than I expected–to the point that I was truly shocked and checked the tag about five times.  SOOOO grateful for amazing friends!  My friend Shannon altered it for me and it only took her half an hour to have it fitting perfectly!  She’s a magician and I’m so, so in love with this dress!  I want to wear it every day! 

This week at work has been absolutely full of kids!  So many kids!  It’s been crazy busy, but also (mostly) a blast!  We’ve done so many fun projects, and nothing beats the enthusiasm of great kids after what’s been a bit of a rough patch.  But, of course, there’s always that one kid who just makes me want to scream–mostly at his parents.  You are not doing your child a service by making him feel like he can do no wrong, that the world was designed to cater to his every whim, and that he is in the position of authority over all people including adults.  I didn’t play that crap with my high school students and I’m damn sure not going to play it with an eight year old.  Little E__ and I had to have a bit of a come-to-Jesus meeting today (as one of my former teacher coworkers used to call it).  I think it shocked him a little…and I’m curious if I’ll hear anything about it from his parents tomorrow…but it actually seemed to help a lot.  I’m all for empowering kids–you absolutely should do that–but there’s a difference between teaching kids to speak up for themselves and believe in themselves and creating little entitled monsters.  *sigh*  You just have to expect those kinds of issues to come up when you’re working with kids, though.  And, honestly, I was happy to see I still have the touch! :)  It’s really important to me to set a high standard for the kids I work with while also being able to clearly show them that I care about them and want them to do well.  I’ve always found it really important to follow up one-on-one with the kids I have to discipline and tell them about the times I’ve noticed them making improvements that day and reinforce for them that I’m strict about my standards because I care about them and want them to do well.  I forget how absolutely exhausting it is to be in a classroom for long periods of time.  Working with kids all day just takes all of your heart, soul, and focus–It. Is. Exhausting!  I have been loving this week though!

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Hi Marja☺! I am a huge fan of your work 😍 . Thank you for all your great clothes! I was wondering if you had the chance to give Mdpthatsme, Wrap Dress pregnancy morphs please, as I am in love with the dress. Thanks again for all your beautiful work!

Hello and thanks! Here you go:

Original from @mdpthatsme, here. This is just the mesh file, let it overwrite the old one.