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Consider: At their wedding, Jack actually cries a little more than Bitty? Like Bitty's a mess during vows and such, but Jack cries a little throughout the whole day, starting at the moment he walks out with Bitty in his arm, and realizes that HOLY SHIT he's married, he's actually married and Bitty looks so wonderful and Jack just can't believe it, and from that point he's just a tad misty eyed the whole damn day (I might totally write fic one day, so if it pops up again, you'll know I guess?)

OH NO THIS TOTALLY HAPPENS (Also yo I will be watching for this fic. I see you consider!anon)

Jack stays misty-eyed and then when his parents speak, he cries and Bob cries and Alicia wears away a tear but mostly just drags her husband up to give Jack a proper hug. 

And when everyone is out dancing and they have finally gotten the chance to sit, Bitty looks over and sees Jack crying and smiling and laughing a bit and Bitty gets all flustered and a little worried. But Jack just waves him off and explains, “I’ve dreamt of this day so many times. I never dreamt it to be this perfect.”

kratom is the best thing in the fucking world.

i woke up around 7 and had a cup of coffee. i made my to-do list and took a shower. by the time i got out of the shower, i’d lost my oomph. but i had to clean the house. so i took 2 and a half teaspoons of my Maeng Da and, reluctantly started cleaning up. once it kicked in, i was having SO MUCH FUN cleaning the house. i turned on music and i got so much done and i genuinely really enjoyed doing it.

this is seriously a miracle drug. i got all the work i wanted to get done - and more - done in half the time it would usually take me. and i don’t even mind the taste anymore, i just toss n wash using orange juice and you can’t taste it at all.

this is an absolute life-changer. if i was religious i would call it a godsend.


Sam Smith - Nirvana (VEVO LIFT Live): Brought To You By McDonald’s


If you ever ask yourself “should I tag her in this? What if someone else already did? What if she has seen it already?”

Let me tell you the answer: tag me. Do it. Coming online to multiple tags on the same piece from different people makes me happy because THEY PAY ATTENTION AND WHEN THEY SEE THE THING THEY THINK OF ME AND I AM LOOOOOOOVED! 💖

So. Yeah. Do it.

To be fair I’m pretty sure I am mildly allergic to cucumbers. I looooooove pickles (especially garlic dill ones, especially sliced the hamburger way) but I just learned maybe a few months ago that cucumbers do not, in fact, make everyone cough and tickle everyone’s throat.

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Yes, that finale was everything...one of my favourite parts was Kutner yelling at Wilson xDDDD. Milt and Russ have ruined me and now there's no going back. And yes, I do indeed ship Shassie! I think my main ship is Shawn/Gus (because I am trash) but I looooooove Shassie. <3

!!!!!! the finale!!!! it left me in literal emotional distress i think russton in battle creek has helped kick my writer’s block’s ass. it’s so disappointing that there’s little/no content (that i can find) on tumblr about battle creek at all

and all the house actors! kal penn and i think the taub actor guest starred in an ep and wilson ;-;

plus, yess, fellow shassie shipper :3 (though i am always down for some shus as well)

hey, if you’ve got time, you should come hang out with the shassie squad! we do a psych rewatch every sat. @ 6:30 edt, and follow it up with an ep from another show (we’re working our way through forever rn, and it was galavant before that, and i really hope we can do battle creek after we finish forever) on a livestream. the chat is ship inclusive too- i think a couple of the regulars are shus shippers as well as shassie :D