Another long day at work– just lying here– don’t want to go straight to sleep to get that day job hamster wheel spinning all over again (that’s a saying, right?)– so I’m just reading nerds crazy-overreact to Joss Whedon quitting twitter, like hysterically overreacting, which I just really am finding enormously entertaining.

It’s just all the Very Worst people on the internet going “We told you so” to the imaginary “SJWS” that live in their heads, at the top of their lungs, like Joss Whedon’s departure is somehow a sign of some kind of Dipshit Rapture where Shitheads inherit the Earth.  And it’s them combined with the most “what does this all mean– the answer can only lie two miles up my own asshole” end of Twerp Culture, people who are just having some kind of nervous breakdown that their internet 24/7 twerp circlejerk somehow by some miracle went awry (even though that happens like every month– but this time it happened for some famous dude instead of some random vulnerable woman movie critic who’s usually the person taking things in the neck, so it matters this time…?).  “We’re supposed to be the good people” – twerps, constantly, despite just PILES of evidence to the contrary, piles and piles and piles and piles. 

Or just all the douchebag twerps who think having had some tiny modicum of success selling shoddy twerp crap to mentally under-nourished twerps makes them the Lecturer Twerps, like the twerps we all need to look to for guidance– “Finally, an opportunity for me to give a lecture from my Twerp Throne– finally, it is time for James Gunn to teach people about how to live proper lives.  You’ve met James Gunn, film autuer– now meet James Gunn, inspirational lifecoach.”  Imagine being tied up inside of a Wicker Man or on a pile of sticks, a pyre, whatever you call it, and just hearing “meet James Gunn” gently whispered in your ear before someone lights a match. That horrible terror not just that you’ll burn to death but that you might have to watch Slither before the smoke inhalation from your burning flesh knocks you out.  Insult to injury!

My favorite was Joe Carnahan seeing Joss Whedon quitting twitter as an opportunity to remind us what a fucking macho dude he is (”Dear Fuckstick Fanboy & Girl” ooooh so macho muyest macho) because when you think of what kind of qualities a Macho Tough Guy Auteur has, “caring who they gets to tweet at” is definitely at the top of any sane person’s list.  I hope defending tweets from fuckstick fanboys is the premise for Joe Carnahan’s next Jeremy Piven movie about being macho. 

I just really love that THIS is the conversation about online harassment people want to have.  Remember when video game nerds made a lady live in an elevator shaft last summer because she didn’t like Super Marios Bros enough or whatever?  That was a bummer and all, but obviously Joss Whedon not telling people about how his farts smell is the real tragedy here– that’s one step too far.   (Complete tangent: did you see those tweets of Jeffrey Tambor randomly asking airlines to help him with his life?  What an adorable senile old man, and also someday we will all be old and so confused, so so confused, all will be confusion).   

On the other hand, those sinister hooded women standing outside of Patton Oswalt’s home at all hours of the day, slowly raising their woman-fingers to point at him when he peaks his little round dumpling head out from behind his curtains– what’s going on with those ladies?  Why won’t the sinister hooded women leave Patton Oswalt alone??  He just wants to be a guest actor on your C-rated television shows, and minorities The American Taliban just had to go and ruin it.  

And of course, comic people– I never understand those people, but a lot of that’s just me having a bad memory of stuff I never knew a lot about to begin with.  Watching Career Nobodies freak out about the Scourge of Internet Harassment– but I keep thinking, “I thought the rap with so-and-so is he used to stalk people’s Livejournals to pick fights with them, if he didn’t like what you were saying about his comics online…?  Am I thinking of someone else?  Was that the story?”  Like, I can only remember so much and I can’t remember if I got my weirdos straight, or if I’m confusing Dan Slott with someone else, or what the story was where when.  I never really paid attention to that stuff that much to begin with– I was busy having opinions about flour brands when Dan Slott was having his career, deciding on which flour brand I want to use seemed like a mor worthwhile subject to have opinions about– so who knows.  Don’t really trust comic people on this one, though…

I’m enjoying it all very, very much. I hope Joss Whedon doesn’t go and ruin it – his “it wasn’t the feminists– though they sure are awful– by the way, I totally am one” thing is so garbled, that I’m hoping this goes at least another week, at least.  Never sleep again!

anonymous asked:

I totally just found out it's time to let go And let the new generation do their thing. I'm 26 and am totally into deathcore. When I ask my 22 year old friend to show me new bands he showed me Sludgewave and I hated it lol. I was like it's all breakdowns and mosh parts. He showed bands like Black Tongue Villians Goliath A Memoria Brooded Feign. So I realized it's time to let the new generation take this genre in a new direction ever if I don't like it haha.

exactly, man. you don’t have to like it, but it is what it is, you know? let the kids have their fun and don’t hate on them for it because nobody likes that crabby old dude who stands in the back with his arms folded scowling and talking shit on everything.

Today has been rough.

I cried in my work appraisal.

I have been bottling things up for way too long and I had a bit of a breakdown over wall balls at Crossfit. Luckily they are good people and gave me hugs and helped me to finish the session. Then I cried some more chatting to my friend Tach on the way to the DLR.

I’m mentally exhausted. 

OB text me after seeing my Facebook post. She told me to be gentle with myself. What am I going to do when she leaves?

in response to people who are hating on natasha in aou

“strong” women should be allowed to have feelings / be emotional / be vulnerable. it’s not an oxymoron - i have been told my entire life that i’m strong and i support & inspire other people to keep going and my strength is so evident, etc. and i am a strong woman but i’m also a tired woman and i’m also human. i cry, i have breakdowns, i’m petty about certain things. and i’m a strong woman at the same time. 

black widow will always be a feminist character for me. nat having emotion / showing “girly feels” is not weakening her or her character or her character development. “strong” women are just as raw as anyone else, we just show it differently, or not at all. don’t try to invalidate her feminist aspects just because she wants to take a risk and make herself vulnerable. don’t turn your back on natasha just because she developed as a person and finally felt safe enough to break down her walls.  


Dear Mark,

Today, not an hour ago, I found out I am most likely going to fail one of my classes in college, and I was having the breakdown of a century because I thought I was going to lose my chance to follow my passion. Then I saw your video posted in the tag. I can’t even fully express how much I needed a push, and you gave it. Without even knowing me personally, you gave me the encouragement I needed. Words fail me. All I can say is thank you. I’ll keep pushing forward as long as you do.

Your fan, Lindsey

the signs as scenes/quotes from rupaul's drag race

taurus: tyra sanchez sleeping in the work room
gemini: “I have a masters degree in fierce, I should be a professor!”
cancer: *roxxxy andrews’ breakdown on the runway*
leo: raven’s farewell message to tyra
virgo: *bianca every time laganja speaks*
libra: adore’s performance in snatch game
scorpio: “I was pretty impressed but, not that impressed”
sagittarius: WORK THAT PUSS
capricorn: “I’ve had it.”
aquarius: “I think it’s so great that the help can sit there and compete alongside me!”
pisces: *the heathers/boogers feud during the reunion*

My neighbors. 

When they first moved in they had a dog that was constantly barking. 
After some time they began having extremely loud (and apparently violent?) sex that soon resulted in a baby called “Noel” or “NOOOOOO-ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄHL”, as they like to call him.
While Noel was growing up to become the loudest child I ever met, his grandfather filled a complete room next to mine with small birds. 
I can hear them when I’m in my room and they seem uncomfortable with their situation. 
Now, every day from 1pm until 4 pm, you must know, they play music. 
Well, personally I wouldn’t call it music. It’s rather a dull repetitive sound that makes our walls vibrate. 
The only possible situation in which I’d be able to sit through this extremely loud music for 2 hours would probably be when I’m totally drugged but I don’t mean to say they do drugs (they do.).
Now, Noel watched the Lion King over and over again for the past 2 years, to the point where hearing hakuna matata for the 6th time in a week makes me extremely uneasy. 
But at least he is not an infant anymore and won’t cry.
A few months ago though, the loud sex started again and last week I heard the cry of a newborn that has not stopped since then. 
Right now, the baby is crying while the music is on. 

My heart...

Goes out to goddesscru she’s going through something I cannot even fathom. As someone who I have conversed with on here, I am deeply saddened by her loss because I feel like she’s become apart of my life. Cru I know you might be M.I.A for awhile. Just know that you are in my thoughts and you are loved. I won’t tell you to be strong. It’s ok breakdown. But please take care of yourself at this time as well. Peace love and as you always say purple rain. 💌

I say I’m scared that season 2 is going to have a Toby Curtis breakdown but let’s be honest I am so ready. Gimme Toby explaining that narcissists actually hate themselves and how he couldn’t save his mom and that he needs to self medicate to stay sane and then just full on sobbing once he thinks everyone’s out of the room but Happy walks up and let’s him cry on her and I JUST

Why do I insist on hurting like this I DONT KNOW