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My husband wants children, and his side of the family is mostly encouraging us to, but I am deathly terrified of child birth and pregnancy. I hate kids, and have no idea how to handle them beyond feeding them. I'm also paranoid, get stressed easily and have the occasional mental breakdown... My husband also doesn't seem to understand how truly big it is to be a parent. I fear that I wouldn't be able to handle the responsibility, or be too selfish to give up my childless freedom. Any advice?


You need to wait until you feel ready (if ever!) to have a child. Childbirth and pregnancy are hard to go through, and if you do not feel ready it can be difficult. 

Talk to your husband, tell him your concerns and how drastically it will change your lives. 

Please feel free to message me on my personal blog (auntiekarla), its a conversation i have had to do before and am happy to help in anyway i can.

Good luck, 

Adlais x

My neighbors. 

When they first moved in they had a dog that was constantly barking. 
After some time they began having extremely loud (and apparently violent?) sex that soon resulted in a baby called “Noel” or “NOOOOOO-ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄHL”, as they like to call him.
While Noel was growing up to become the loudest child I ever met, his grandfather filled a complete room next to mine with small birds. 
I can hear them when I’m in my room and they seem uncomfortable with their situation. 
Now, every day from 1pm until 4 pm, you must know, they play music. 
Well, personally I wouldn’t call it music. It’s rather a dull repetitive sound that makes our walls vibrate. 
The only possible situation in which I’d be able to sit through this extremely loud music for 2 hours would probably be when I’m totally drugged but I don’t mean to say they do drugs (they do.).
Now, Noel watched the Lion King over and over again for the past 2 years, to the point where hearing hakuna matata for the 6th time in a week makes me extremely uneasy. 
But at least he is not an infant anymore and won’t cry.
A few months ago though, the loud sex started again and last week I heard the cry of a newborn that has not stopped since then. 
Right now, the baby is crying while the music is on. 

So Levi lost Isabel and Farlan, then Petra (I AM AMONG THOSE WHO BELIEVED THAT LEVI HAD A THING FOR PETRA OKAY FIGHT ME ON THIS) and his squad, then we finally learned about his fucking tragic past

The one who’s going through all of that is Levi and the one who’s having a mental breakdown is me

So I finally get off my shift to find my phone blown up with texts and phone calls from my folks.
Turns out my sister has locked herself in her bathroom crying since around noon.
And why? Because she finally got a tumblr after I had been asking her to do it to join up with the MtG community. Because I thought it would help her get into the game if she knew there were other women who played.
And the first thing she saw? A fucking Down with Cis “joke” post. She’s been crying for the past three hours because she feels -guilty- for being cis. I swear to fucking God, if she re-picks up her self harming habits because of this, I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself.
Now I have to go back to my parent’s place and explain to them exactly why my sister had a mental breakdown because of what /I/ did.
I am so done with tumblr’s bullshit, I honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to come back after this.

Unpopular Opinion?

Am I the only one that doesn’t expect Hook to have an emotional breakdown or go on a bender after Emma disappears?

Based on what happened when Liam and Milah died I don’t see him wasting time thinking of what might have been. When Liam and Milah died he focused on the task at hand - making the king and Rumple pay for what they did.

Killian is not Regina wasting time on self-pity because his happy ending is gone. His tag line is a man that doesn’t fight for what he wants deserves what he gets. He knows Merlin can help save Emma & I think that’s what he’ll focus on - saving Emma.

why do people want to start things with me whenever i am in a horrible place. now im just feeling physically sick and my anxiety is acting up bcs apparently i did and said something wrong for simply blogging about my thoughts and experience?

like go away. im mentally ill and it took me years to get over my self-denial bcs i couldnt stop invalidating my feelings whenever i realised that there were ppl who had it worst than me. it did nothing to help me feel better, nor did it help improve other people’s condition. all it did was harm.

why do ppl do this. what do you have to prove.