Editing some more Kimimaro and Lee gifs… and I realized… my talent (so far as i recognize it) isn’t in making beautiful gifsets where the timing, filters, sharpness, theme and impact are perfect (since i lack the software and skills, etc)…no, my talent (that i wanna get better at), or should I say - passion (when it comes to making gifs) - lies in either single gifs of silly stuff, or smaller gifsets with just a silly or humorous theme. If it happens I stumble upon a good timing/set of frames for each gif, or it ends up being particularly impactful - that’s a bonus.

I am much happier now, in making gifs, now that I haven’t burdened myself with a task no one asked me to do, and one that I don’t particularly feel like doing since I haven’t an eye for it and others on tumblr do it far better than I. What I do feel I have an eye for is the silly stuff. And I do LOVE finding, gif-ing and posting those kinds of things, so I’mma focus on that. :) I’ll leave the beautiful filters, aesthetic styles and everything that goes into making crisp, meaningful gifsets to the masters :) I know when I am out-classed. ;)

Anyways, just a short realization msg I wanted to share - in addition to being a way to segue into saying THANK YOU to everyone who supports my gif-ing. I remember all the kind words of encouragement! :)

tl;dr: realizing what makes me happy is good, even if it’s a small thing - also ty!

Seventeen at Disney World
  • Seungcheol: "Okay so we are going to do the Buddy System. Everyone hold each others hands so we dont get lost. Please. Im not making a repeat of the Zoo."
  • Jeonghan: "Why is everyone asking me what what Disney Princess I am...?"
  • Joshua: "Jeonghan you're squishing my hand!"
  • Jeonghan: "oops."
  • Woozi: "I TOLD you I am tall enough to go on all the rides. Ha."
  • Hoshi: "We better be able to go on every ride at LEAST once or Im calling Bogus." *gets on roller coaster* "who's brilliant Idea was this? Im gonna DIE."
  • Dokyeom: "Its a small world after all..."
  • Wonwoo: "If we miss the Disney Parade you are all going on my hit list."
  • Jun: "C'mon lets go dance with Mickey!!"
  • Mingyu: "Do you understand how much food I can eat at Epcot?? SO MUCH!!"
  • Minghao: "I think Aurora has a crush on me..."
  • Seungkwan: "Snow White. You. Me. Who can hit the highest note. leTS GO."
  • Vernon: *is singing evey disney song on loop*
  • Dino: "Lion King Lion King Lion King Lion King Lion King Lion King Lion King Lion King Lion King."

I’m going to start uploading Vifs (that’s what I’m calling “video gifs.”)

Sometimes I’ll have an HD/HQ video to work with and I go to make gifs of my favourite scenes and I can’t get them in a quality that I am happy with or Tumblr blurs them out a bit when I upload them.

There are moments that really need as close to the 1080p size as I can get (like this gem) so I think I'mma try out doing these now and again. (Probably will do this for the kisses too. :P)

Tumblr automatically repeats the videos anyway, so it’ll be like a gif but better quality, than I would be able to get with the limit factored in and frames removed (at least, that is the hope.)


So about a week ago, after years of emotional abuse I stood up for myself and ended up being kicked out of my childhood home.  I am fortunate enough to have a girlfriend willing to let me stay with her family. However I have to go back to school soon.
My education is extremely important to me because I am studying to be a therapist for LGBT children, teens and young adults. When I came out to my parents, it wasn’t exactly pleasant or by choice and I never felt fully accepted for who I am. My goal after getting my degree is to help people who where in situations such as myself and help them on a road to a better life.
In order to do this, I need to finish my education. If anyone is able, please donate to my go fund me, if you aren’t able to help please reblog this so others can see. In return for donations, I am willing to make show edits, gifs scenes or write a short story for you. Thank you



Once, when his uncles asked him what gift he wanted for his nameday, he begged them for a dragon. “It wouldn’t need to be a big one. It could be little, like I am.” His uncle Gerion thought that was the funniest thing he had ever heard, but his uncle Tygett said, “The last dragon died a century ago, lad.” That had seemed so monstrously unfair that the boy had cried himself to sleep that night.


Credits to this who took these pictures, typed the third one and made the gif.

This really needs to be talked about so I am making another post on these issues. Got7 works so hard for us, their fans. Jackson is sick and it is so close to their comeback. I hope that he gets better soon. But sadly other things are going on. Haters are posting that they hope that Jackson dies in the hospital(I think that he I so sick that he is in the hospital.) I for one think that if they need, for their mental and physical health, to postpone their comeback that would be completely alright. Their health is first priority.
Another thing that is an issue is that Jackson keeps putting himself down, this is not okay. Jackson, igot7 loves you and you are just right, you don’t need to change the way you are at all.
For the haters, please stop this isn’t right. Someone is sick you shouldn’t get mad at them, it’s not like they wanted to be sick. I know a lot of other fans say not to respond to haters but some of this is going to far. Please stop.

It is almost the end to a really crazy year, and soon we will in a future I never expected. On a happier note, I am getting close to 3.5k followers, so I wanted to do something special for my mutuals for dealing with the mess that is me, and for the wonderful blogs that I follow. I care for all of you, even though I don’t talk to everyone regularly, you all make my life better, and I would love to get to know you more! I hope everyone will have a happy end of year and new year!

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I understand that you think I acted too emotionally. And putting aside the fact that men always say that about women they work with, I’ll get straight to the point. I am emotional. I do bring it into my work. It’s what motivates me. It helps me to get into the headspace of our victims… See what they’ve seen. Even if I don’t want to, even if it horrifies me. And I think it makes me a better agent. If you have a problem with that, sorry. You can fire me.

make me choose

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Trellimar’s reaction to Vixanis’ death in High Rollers Episode 10 - cold, man, very cold XD

This is my first ever attempt at making gifs, I hope I’m doing it “correctly” ;)

I am absolutely in love with the high rollers DnD stream, and the story just keeps getting better and better. Can’t wait to continue catching up! :-)


Reg Barclay in Star Trek: Voyager - “Pathfinder”

“If an obsession helps me to do my job better, it’s a sacrifice I am willing to make. A little instability in exchange for contact with a stranded starship. Isn’t Voyager more important than my psychological condition?”

BTS reaction to you doing/saying something stupid after getting your wisdom teeth pulled

Alrighty, it feels good to be back. I’m sorry it has been a while, I haven’t been up to par at all and have felt horrible. I am better though, so I am excited to get back to work. Anyways, onto the reaction. I think this is something that would make me cringe if I found out I said something stupid. I say stupid things if I’m half asleep, imagine me saying something even more stupid in this situation. I haven’t gotten my wisdom teeth removed, but I have heard some crazy stories about how people act afterward. Sorry if this is over the top or doesn’t seem accurate. Hope you enjoy

-Admin Gray

I do not own any of the following gifs.

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Jin: You had been overall quiet on the way back home, but he had noticed your character was a little off. You seemed so at ease, and he knew it was because of the medicine, but he didn’t think you would do anything crazy. As the red light turned green, and the car slowly began moving, he suddenly heard you mumble, “I’m going to walk home now,” and you threw the door open. Screaming dramatically, he roughly grabbed your arm, causing you to slam the door shut as the car screeched to a stop. He didn’t care that cars were honking behind him, all he cared about was how you almost dove out of a moving car. You looked over at him, your eyes slightly dazed and your mouth sporting a lazy grin. “What, Jin? Why are you looking at me like that?”

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Suga: You were a giggly and wild mess as he accompanied you home, mumbling nonsense and thinking of things that made you a laughing mess. He never experienced anyone reacting to medicine this drastically, but he just brushed it off and ran with it. The moment you guys got home, you roughly shoved him away and stomped away from him, spinning on him with sudden rage. Your words slightly slurring, you pointed a shaky finger at him and said, “Kumamon is a way better boyfriend than you are,” before shrieking with giggles. Raising his eyebrows at your crazy behavior, he wondered what was in that pain medication.

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J-Hope: You had seemed normal after you got your wisdom teeth removed, flashing Hoseok a sweet look as you guys got into the car. Everything was quiet and peaceful- until he started hearing you crying. His head continuously snapped to look at you, his face portraying worry and panic. “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” You stuttered, tears flowing easily down your cheeks as you cried, “T-Taehyung h-hates me,” before weeping all over again. Hoseok’s eyes trained out the window, silently thinking, This medicine has her really messed up, before saying firmly, “Y/N, Taehyung loves you. Time and time again, he says you guys are best friend soulmates!” You looked over at him, before whining, “He didn’t hug me the last time he said goodbye! My own best friend hates me!” He looked at you with disbelief, silently begging for this medicine to wear off soon, because he was not expecting this at all.

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Rap Monster: Your mouth was numb and you were in pain, so you weren’t talking. Namjoon thought that was the end of it, so he let you be as you roamed the house. A little while later, he received a text from you telling him to come meet you in the bedroom. Eyebrows raised, he met your request only to have you launch yourself at him the moment he walked in. “Um, okay, what-” You shushed him, your finger pressing into his lips uncomfortably. “Namjoon,” he could barely understand you with the gauze in your mouth, but he decided to humor you. “I meed you to kith me righth now,” “I’m sorry babe, what did you just say?” “Kith me, kith.” You tried puckering your lips, but you just looked like you were pouting as a look of concentration took over your face. Putting distance between you, he flashed you a dimpled smile before saying, “No thanks. At least, not right now when your mouth is filling with blood as we speak,” he smirked to himself before saying, “Wow, I’m irresistible even when you’re in pain.”

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Jimin: Snickering to himself, he secretly watched you as you continued making weird faces in the mirror. “I look weird,” you sighed to yourself, silently patting your jaw as you grimaced in pain. He watched as your face scrunched in annoyance before saying, “Where is that little munchkin? I want my soup,” his smile fell as he realized you were referring to him, causing him to get a little upset. He was not a munchkin, no. In fact, you were probably saying it because of the medicine. That’s what he told himself as he appeared, handing you the soup as you gave him a blank look. He continued to watch you, hoping you would say something that would make him laugh. Instead, he became a little bit more upset at your next words. “I never knew I would date a munchkin. I’m lucky my munchkin is so cute. What magical forest did you come from, Jimunchkin?

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V: At first, he was shocked at how hyper you suddenly had gotten, wiggling your arms over your head as you rocked out to whatever song you were mumbling. He continued driving home, a smile spread across his lips as you enthusiastically jammed out. He thought you would stop upon getting home, but it got worse as you blasted BTS songs throughout the entire house, but only to listen to Tae’s part. “HELLO, HELLO,” you tried shouting, but your mouth hurt too much so he listened to you change the song. Finally curious about why you seemed to change the song so much, he crept into the living room while you were in the midst of dancing to his part in Fun Boys. Chuckling to himself, he began recording you, excited about seeing your reaction to it later when you calmed down.

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Jungkook: “Pick up, pick up, pick up,” Jungkook uttered underneath his breath as he held his phone to his ear, glancing out the closet to see if you were coming. Finally, his oldest friend answered the phone. “Hello-” “Jin, Y/N is trying to kill me,” Jungkook’s eyes frantically scanned the hallway as he listened for any signs of you. “What did you do this time?” He could hear Jin’s tone of amusement instantly. “I didn’t do anything,” Jungkook hissed before he hesitated on his next words, “I just told her that the medicine she was on made her… a maniac, is all.” “Jungkook! What is wrong with you?” He stuttered, “I didn’t think she would chase me around the house. I receive no love, even when she’s not herself! I’m hiding right now because she has this really crazy look in her eyes and I’d rather not be murdered tonight-” The closet door slammed open, causing Jungkook to shriek like a little girl as you pulled him out. “Have fun,” Jin sang before hanging up. “You’re dead, Jung- whatever your name is,” you slurred before jumping on him and letting him carry you to the bed. Slightly laughing, though his heart was beating fast from the sudden scare, he muttered, “You can kill me later. After you sleep.”


so I was feeling lousy and decided to take some of the best advice I can give to anyone feeling lousy- which is to draw your fav character being sad get out there and freakin make something! man, I am suuuuper out of practice with animating though golly (how do you even use photoshop for this?!?!??)

anyway I have a horrible feeling season 2 is going to feature Sylvia getting hurt bad and Wander thinking/realizing it was all his fault


Chris Evans and Mjölnir on the set of Captain America: Civil War


the 100 » jasper & monty
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let's be alone together, we could stay young forever,
scream it from the top of your lungs, lungs, lungs.