hold your horses because i’m about to pop off on some hatin’ ass bitches

so today @missemmedi was kind enough to post some screenshots from kelly piquet’s instagram story showing her in the toro rosso garage today. it’s a well known fact that dany is obsessed with liking her pictures, and they hung out a bit this summer, so it was just an interesting development with zero context at all. and what do i log in to see?

oh, of course. “fans” attacking kelly based on her looks, her attitude, whatever. 

you know I woke up in the morning and thought we were beyond attacking women for zero reason at all but really i shouldn’t have been so optimistic

first of all, anyone who knows me knows i love daniil kvyat to the moon and back. probably the most out of anyone on here. i’ve dragged people to deletion for saying one bad word about dany and i’m not even ashamed. and even ME, a teenage fangirl, am squealing with joy that dany at least has a friend, and potentially more, supporting him. i am overjoyed. he has gone through hell this season and if kelly makes him happy? well frankly you don’t give two bird craps about him if you’re going to hate on her. just let him be happy

second of all why you gotta hate on a woman you don’t know? kelly seems like a smart, beautiful and positive woman, and even if she isn’t you don’t even know her! theres no reason to hate! i am sick of people going after women for absolutely zero reason and judging them based on literally nothing! y’all would never be hating on a man for this! had pyry EVER gotten this kind of hatred?

third, we have no idea why she’s there! she could be there because her and dany are friends and she wants to support him! she could be there because she’s good friends with JEV and he was just showing her around! and yes, they might be dating! y’all know nothing yet!!!!!!!

basically, leave kelly the fuck alone for just living her life. she didn’t do anything to you and dany isn’t yours

I swear, I swear I don’t ship it ugh

Okay so story time.  tous-les-coups and I started lining up for our Jensen & Misha photo op super early, so we were close to the front of the line.  That meant that we were let in to the photo op area before they were ready to start taking pictures, and they were still resetting after the J2 pictures.  So Misha came in and started talking with Jensen and Chris (the photographer) and okay, this is the part that is so not fucking cool, because Misha looked kinda tired or down about something, and it seemed like Jensen and Chris were sort of giving him a pep talk- except that apparently in order to do that, it was necessary for Jensen to hold Misha’s shoulder, gaze deeply into his eyes, and hold his hand over his heart like he was giving a really heartfelt speech.  I fucking kid you not.  AND THEN Jensen continued to hold this position for a good long while, and even when he moved his hand from Misha’s shoulder it sort of grazed his arm???  I don’t even know guys, I swear I don’t fucking ship it but these assholes make it really hard not to do that, ughhhhhhhhhhh

Anyway, then we got to do our photo op, and we told them that Lainey was Hannah and I was Crowley and we were going to get in the middle of Dean and Cas’ “friendship” (we didn’t use the airquotes, but it’s possible they were implied) and then this happened.  Not exactly what we pictured, but Lainey got to wrap herself around Misha and I got to PUT MY HANDS ON JENSEN’S PECS so it worked out perfectly.

And yes, they’re actually MORE ridiculously good looking in real life.  What a bunch of rude assholes.

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  • James:[about Sirius] I know he’s having a miserable time. We have telepathy. It’s like my brain is receiving phone calls from him.
  • Lily:Well, you have a bad connection. Hang up.
  • James:Nuh-uh. I can sense these things. Remember when he broke his leg and I sensed it?
  • Lily:That’s because you fell on him and broke it.

It’s criminal that there isn’t more fanart from this Snowbaz fic out there (and I am totally incapable of making some myself), so I commissioned this angry makeout scene from the amazing @sadfishkid for @deservingporcupine‘s birthday. 

Happy birthday, Sam! May it be filled with antagonistic wizard love 🎂🎂🎂  

  • 707:Let's play the firetruck game.
  • MC:How do you play?
  • 707:I run my fingers up your legs and you say red light when you want me to stop. ;)
  • MC:Okay
  • *Seven moves his fingers up MC's thighs*
  • MC:Red light
  • MC:Red light! Saeyoung, I said red light!
  • 707:Hahah! Firetrucks don't stop for red lights! ;)
  • Bonus:
  • 707:Oh your face is red~ Are you burning up? Do you want me to put that fire out with my "hose"~?
In honor of the Dark/Sweet Seventeen Stages
  • Looks sweet but is dark:Th8, Woozi
  • Looks dark but is sweet:Wonwoo, S.coups
  • Looks sweet is sweet:Dino, Hoshi, DK
  • Looks dark is dark:Jun, Jeonghan
  • Looks spicy is spicy:Seungkwan
  • Can be a little bit of everything:Mingyu
  • Tries to be a little bit of everything but meme gets in the way:Vernon, Joshua