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I am not even mad you’re leaving…*dreamy*

( did not buy necklace + put him as my fav <3 )

Dear LeafyIsHere fangirls:  

I am sorry to inform you, but Youtube celebrity Calvin Lee Vail is no longer single. Yesterday at 4:20PM I attended his wedding, where I captured this photo of him and his partner Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg completing the sacred wedding ritual. These two are deeply in love, and they plan to be together forever. I hope that you can understand that Calvin will no longer have any interest in anyone other than his partner. He wishes to stay faithful to Felix, and the two Youtube stars are planning a collaboration series together. I know that this may hurt you in ways that I can’t imagine, but you have to accept the fact that Calvin is now truly happy, and as a fan you should be overjoyed at this. Please do not take this personally, Calvin’s live decisions are not up for discussion, and he is free to marry anyone he fancies. Have a nice day! -Sam


(vía https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnKJA3zY444)




Me watching random movies.
  • <p><b>A man walks in:</b> That could be Marcus<p/><b>A woman walks in:</b> That could be Abby<p/><b>A couple is in love:</b> That's so Kabby<p/><b>A couple is fighting:</b> That's so Kabby<p/><b>Mother and Daughter are walking together:</b> Abby and Clarke. They are definitely them.<p/><b>Two women are friends since ever:</b> Abby and Callie are here to kick your ass.<p/><b>A men is protecting a woman :</b> SO KABBY<p/><b>A woman is taking care of a man:</b> SO KABBY<p/><b>The woman is a doctor:</b> ABBY GRIFFIN IS HERE<p/><b>The man is a guard:</b> LOOK, HERE WE HAVE MARCUS KANE<p/><b>A woman is stubborn AF:</b> Abby?<p/><b>A man is cold but at the same time is a puppy:</b> Hi Marcus.<p/><b>People are doing stuff:</b> THAT'S ALL SO KABBY.<p/><b>Movies to me:</b> Girl...you have a problem.<p/></p>
Tonight on Jimmy Kimmel.
  • Jimmy Kimmel talking too much.
  • Some random cartoon.
  • Jimmy Kimmel talking again and not being Sasha so I’m not listening.
  • Some guy that’s not Sasha talking about something I don’t know about.
  • Stupid commercials that cut into my Sasha time.
  • Sasha walking out in that dress and being adorable.
  • Sasha talking about Rizzoli and Isles and our blogging and oh crap she knows.
  • Sasha saying that people are gayer these days and we’re sometimes gay with our best friend and OH MY GOD RIZZLES SHE SHIPS IT I KNOW IT.
  • Sasha being adorable and talking about her adorable daughter and her hilarious mother-in law.
  • I don’t know what happened after that, I was only here for Sasha.

Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, Queen of Terrasen and Dorian Havilliard, King of Adarlan is best buds, members of their own little books club, allies and pen pals. 

Dorian all alone in Adarlan. Having to deal with Perrington, his brother, (his mother?), The Thirteen and un-doing his father’s awful doings, while suffering from PTSD and trying to get used to and learn this very raw, very powerful magic of his. 

In one of those letters to his friend he tells her he is afraid because he can’t control the power, it is too strong, too raw and too wild. Aelin senses his terror through his writing and she does the one thing she knows can help him tame it. She send him her Carranam, her friend, her blood sworn warrior and the first memeber of her court to train her friend, the king of Adarlan. Because Rowan is cunning, wicked and brilliant and he managed to train her. He can train Dorian, he can train a king with raw magic.

They both swore to not be seperated again. But for her friend and for the good of Adarlan, Terrasen and the impending war she will order Rowan to go to Adarlan. To train Dorian. 

Guys, can you imagine Rowan and Dorian training together? GIVE IT TO MEEE. This could also be a way for Rowaelin to be seperated, except for Rowan spying on Morath/Lorcan. 

And it makes sense, Rowan was the one saying that he would need training.