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“I am so sorry” the guy who had hit you said for the 100th time. “I swear it was an accident”

“Yeah, people tend to have accidents when they text and drive, you know? Ouch!” You flinched when the paramedic started stitching the wound above your left eyebrow. He had hit the passenger door of your car, the impact sending you to the side, causing you to hit your face against the window.

“I know, I was reckless, I was totally irresponsible”

After a few seconds of silence, he spoke again “How about I buy you dinner to make it up to you?”

You tried lifting your eyebrow but the paramedic told you to keep it still “Are you serious? How about you pay for my door repariment?”

“So dinner’s on you, then?”

As much as you wanted to stay angry, you couldn’t help but let out a little laught. The guy was unbelievable.

“I’m Harry, by the way”

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what if he turns gay?

“Well, I’m pretty sure someone can’t ‘turn’ gay, and not that it would change anything. I am a guy. I was born a male, and identify as a male, I just cross-dress because I find feminine clothing fits my form better and looks better on me. I’m feminine, and well… I enjoy cross-dressing. Thats all, really. Luciano is bisexual, and has been for years from what I was able to dig up. Hell, he even has a sexual history with men and women. This, of course, was before I realized it was the Luciano from my childhood.”

“Poor thing is probably sexually frustrated… Oh well~”

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I never hated him bc I never thought that the actually is evil wtf But now I just.. i think that's "disgusting" how he is like ohh I am the nice guy but boom he is in reality a fucking asshole .. and yes the guard of eel did make bad decisions but they just wanted to protect their people .. that's kinda (just kinda) comprehensible (idk if that's the right word) but LEIFTAN is just an asshole (sorry to all Leiftan fans and evil side people but you know ... yeah.. )

hmmm you know as much as i love how this ep finally gave me a rightful reason to hate leif (other than that gut feeling telling me he’s shady)… that revelation of him being a daemon is very fascinating and i actually want to know more about him now (when before i… didn’t care about him at all lol i just wanted him to leave me alone)

i mean i do think he’s an asshole too… but if you’re able to say that the Guard’s actions are comprehensible then maybe (MAYBE) you’ll be able to say that Leif’s actions are too once we know what he’s up to


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I am in tears!!! You guys have made this blog so fun and I could not be more thankful for feeling so welcomed! You are the reason I am here and push myself to do so much better. I cannot express just how happy I am in this very moment. I just have to say from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU TARONERS! You are the real MVP’s. 

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How do you think a guardian, especially a warlock guardian, would react to Cayde's romance book in his stash?

Warlock eh? This would be fun…

  • “What the actual heck?” Was their reaction when they stumble upon the book. Of course, they can’t resist to open it up and read the entire content. 
  • Their Ghost would silently read with them because, why not? It would kill some time for some reading time. 
  • Imagine the face the Warlock would make underneath their helmet. Oh, the reaction would be priceless. If they are doing a Public event, that could help but Patrol? They won’t do it because of the damn book. 
  • Guardians would see that particular Warlock, their face are stuffed with the book and they haven’t see the Warlock, putting the book down for a break. 
  • Definitely would keep it and give a review about said book. If they decided to make it as bedtime story, its like The Princess Bride all over. Again. 
  • “Do you think he would remember the book?” Warlock asked his Ghost as they reached the new Tower. “I doubt he would.” reply their Ghost. 
  • 10/10 would recommend to read. For those romance genre fans of the book world out there. Or any fans of books. 

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Glad everyone was cool with me just jumping in there today! Thanks for the warm welcome. You guys made me feel like part of the fandom right away and I am so glad you guys do these little things to build a bit of community. Coming from another fandom, I forgot how nice that was. Looking forward to making some new friends here.

We are so glad you joined in!  That’s what we want to see when we do The Blacklist Countdown, for people to just jump right in.  We know fandoms can be a crazy scary place and they all have their highs and lows but they should also be a place where we can all come together and have fun and get to know each other.  The mods behind this blog would probably never would have met if it hadn’t been for some random thread about “are you ready for tonight” that snowballed in to awesome Betty White gifs that then became TBL Countdown.  So, we wanted this blog to unite people across this fandom and ships (Keenler, Lizzingtons, Keen2, Saram, whatever you ship).  So, we are so glad you felt welcome.  Join us next week!

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I think I'm more into girls then I am into guys... I feel really bad about it. Do you have any advice? No one knows this about me..

Don’t feel bad about it ! Figure out for yourself if you are really into girls and if you are able to be in love with a girl. If you got it all figured out for yourself you can start telling the people around you. Don’t feel ashamed or anything.. You’re not the only one! Try to accept yourself !  ♥️