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do you think mermaids would be like really blown away by butts. Like people always wear pants, how do those legs attach and then it's like WHOA weird flesh lumps? what are those even for? Idk it's like 2 AM and I find the idea of mika finding just the existence of yuu's butt like, total shocking really hilarious

Y'KNOW this is an excellent point??? Yes?? I strongly believe that mermaids would have this odd fascination and confusion with human butts (much less legs and little stubby toes that go with it…)

One day, Yuu’s gets up and pats the dirt off his pants near his butt, and Mika just stares and Yuu’s like?? do you have a problem…?

“Oh, not really? It’s just…your…"butt” is so… round and squishy. What is it used for exactly?“ Mika asks ever-so-innocently as he proceeds to poke Yuu’s butt from behind.

Then Yuu’s gonna go through firsthand embarrassment and explain how the digestive system works…That aside, I still think Mika would be so mesmerized by the qualities of legs and butts (maybe only Yuu’s in particular)

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You are seriously so positive. My life is so dark and ugly so whenever I get sad I always come to your blog and read all the post where you are interacting with people. All of your friends are so kind. I love you so much. Thank you for existing. :)

I’m not, believe me, but thank you. And I do try. I feel like my asshole side has been out in force lately though.

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for the three sentence fic thing: blackquill/fulbright (or the phantom??), detectives investigating a serial killer(searching a crime scene? conversation in the squad car? reveal of culprit? if doing phantom maybe when blackquill finds out bobby is dead?)

“It’s terrible to think that people like this exist,” Fulbright moped, tapping his fingers together.

“Well, I exist, don’t I?” I asked, laughing bitterly– Fulbright always seemed to forget that I was incarcerated for murder.

“I think you’re different somehow, though,” Bobby replied, his eyes full of sincerity– and for some foolish reason, I found myself smiling with him.

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I think of kittens and romance books and the ability to make me like a ship from a show I don't even like or watch, just from the fantastic writing of AUs. And I think of dragons and shifters. And I think of one of my favorite people to talk to.

I was going to give you a hugging gif, then I remembered this one exists, and even though it really has nothing to do with any of the things you listed, I feel like the correct response is to always use this gif.

Also, that is a list of kickass things to be associated with and I accept all them ;)

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