I once knew someone like you. Always smiling, always laughing. Always the one to stand up to help somebody in need. Always the one to say ‘I’ll do it’ with a charming grin, even though the task is meant to be done by 3.
   I always thought the people like you were amazing. You live life from a very different view that no one can truly understand. You live life carefree yet still cautious of the things around you.
   You never cry, too. I swear I have never seen the both of you cry in public. I, however, have seen people crying on both of your shoulders, leaning to your chest when they couldn’t stand, and you hugging them like it’s the only thing keeping them together – because maybe, it is.
   I once knew someone like you. Yes, you two were very much alike.
   I once knew someone like you, and that someone was me.
—  P.T. // The non-existent book #40 // People change, and sometimes we’re unable to know if it’s for the better or not

By the way, I dont wanna sound like I hate white people because I just dont. I even consume white culture. Im on Tumblr, remember? It’s like when you say a feminist “hates men” just for saying how some males treat females.
It makes me mad how things become relevant only if white people get affected by it. It’s just so typical white culture thing and I know some people are aware of this, but I cant believe some other people dont. And if you really care about people I thought you would like to know this. Things are not relevant only when white people get involved. It should always be something to care about or at least know that things happen even though it’s not on american TV.

If you wanna do something for poor countries, please know this. We exist.