i just wanna talk to people who get it


honestly, i aint going to mess around or joke around like we normally do cause i wanna be honest and say youre honestly one of my best friends. I can’t image life without you cause youre always there for me and even though we aren’t with each other or talking to each other 24/7 youre still one of the few people I’m very close with. I know i can trust you with anything and I’m glad that you exist in my life. You honestly make me die of laughter even at the lamest jokes. You are the fave, the tru homie and my ride or die. I love you so much homie. 

anonymous asked:

do you know why i'm anti-feminist? even though so many of their points and views are right i don't want them to win with that fucking attitude. you guys take everything way too far, saying that reverse racism doesn't exist, when you are the cause of it. you guys are straight up saying things like (quoted) "white people always think that their opinions automatically matter". what the fuck does that mean? everyone's opinions should. also don't call me out as a straight white boy im an asian chick

I totally understand. I actually used to think of feminism the way that the media portrays them and didn’t want anything to do with it. But then, as I got older and became more educated, I learned that my thinking is exactly in line with that. I’m not sure what the rest of the comments are about, and seeing as your anonymous, I have no idea about your gender/ethnicity/etc. but I accept your opinion and I totally get where it’s coming from.