This is the first year that I woke up on New Years Day and losing weight wasn’t the first thing on my mind. I actually kept most of my resolutions from last year, and not just when it came to my weight. I encourage anyone who has made resolutions to stick to them and don’t let them just be resolutions that fade away. Use them to courage you throughout the year. A lot of people are posting gym jokes about the New Years rush of people, but don’t let that discourage you. We all started somewhere and we are all always on a journey. You are never finished working towards improving yourself if you’re doing it right. ❤️

Remember to love yourself wherever you are and in whatever condition your body is in. There is no greater feeling than self acceptance and loving yourself.

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Things I do when I’m frustrated with other pieces. Was just going to file this away in my WIP folder and pretend I was going to finish it some day, but with my track record and there always being a tomorrow to start new WIPs that will never be finished, I decided just to mess around with it a bit.

The quote is from “Never cry Wolf” by Farley Mowat. I also saved a version without the quote, but I’m kind of a sucker for them… 

Solas was referenced from screenshots by @shaken-veil