Labor (Bad Boy!Jimin)

Series: Bad Boy!Jimin as a father

Part: One, Two

Word Count: 1000

A/N: the third part in this series, I will be doing a final one to conclude it all, also I won’t be going too into depth about the labor since I don’t know too much about it

36 Weeks (9 Months)

“I’m not nervous.” he said. “I have nothing to be worried about.”

Anytime someone brought up the birth of your child, he repeated the same thing. People seemed to love to remind him that your due date was rapidly approaching, something he was highly aware of. He watched the days get checked off, the circled date coming closer and closer.

He was excited, beyond ecstatic but he was also dreadfully scared. He’d seen fathers in the park nearby the new house you two had just moved into, he’d seen how easy they made it seem. Make your child laugh, play with them, seemed simple enough. But he also saw how hard it could be. Tantrums, lack of sleep, having to watch the intake of sugar because if their kid had too much, it would be chaos for everyone.

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Don’t get me wrong, I don’t ship this :P but this part was just so cute, Peridot’s reaction was priceless! xD

btw, I just uploaded an Amedot Traditional Speedpaint on Youtube! them I ship xD It’s not the best because I was sick and gahh, let’s just say I’m not that proud of it but here it is anyways : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIlRIxR4yj0

Also Check out the Pink Memory Box video of the first meeting of Rose,Garnet and Pearl : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgZ3yhCWutA

OH BTW, I will be making a speedpaint video of JasPis and Pearlnet this week for Valentines Day, so watch out for that <3 

I've got to see bay window

After what happened with the writers I’m worried that girl meets the bay window will not leak on friday. So I’m putting a request out right now, if anyone gets the episodes early, will you please record bay window and send a link to me. I’m dying to see this episode, and I don’t think I can wait another week.
I promise I will not spoil it or even give the link out. Plus, I always watch the episodes live on TV even if I’ve already seen it. Also I will even give a shout out to whoever sends me a link. ( yeah I’m that desperate)

Why do I even keep watching supernatural? They’re never going to give us Destiel. It’s always going to be “This week on Supernatural; Dean is in a heterosexual relationship, so is Sam. So is everyone! Straight pride! No gay or bi people in this show! Also feminists are idiots.” Fuck that. I deserve better. The fandom deserves better.

Real talk….
The body fat analysis was the worst it’s been in a year. Not surprising since I ate like an A-hole over the holidays, received the triple dose of steroids, and didn’t do a single workout for 4-5 weeks. BUT STILL. I know I’m doing what I need to now nutritionally.

After the test, I went and swam 3200 yards. I went without my swim skin for the first time. Did it make a difference? Yes, I felt the lack of buoyancy boost I get from it. While its minimal, it helps. Over the 3200m it also made about a 5 minute difference. My watch wasn’t charged, so I went off the clock on the wall.

The Little Athlete has not quit anything YET. I know it’s coming. She does need to pick ONE sport. But to quit them all….The investment, the sacrifices, the countless hours. I get weepy just thinking about it. But I don’t want to be THAT mom. I’m not going to make her do anything she doesn’t enjoy. But it was ONE conversation with one coach that has her standing on the ledge. I know she is deep in thought over it. I can tell. She knows it’s disappointing for me, though I haven’t uttered a word other than,“really think about this”. Yet in spite of all this, she finds it in her to compliment me. To make ME feel better. One of the many reasons I love that girl.



Let me just start off by saying how much i loved last night’s episode. Sure there were some pros and cons, but the majority of the episode was great. When the episode ended, I was so in my westallen feelings that i decided to watch the episode again for like a 100 times. After watching the episode multiple times, I got really pissed off at how much crap they do on Earth one (the ACTUAL PLACE where the show is set) and how Team Flash is holding back EVERY. SINGLE. CHARACTER! The Team Flash dynamic may have worked for season one but they should have gotten rid of it for season two just like they should have gotten rid of the metahuman of the week, but that is also added in the show to fit the team flash dynamic which creates non character development for all the characters. But I digress… Let’s start with the characters:

1) My girl Iris West - I, like all of Iris West Defense Squad, know that Iris is a great character and always has been but now many viewers who were haters of hers or didn’t care about her character know that now as well. I’ve seen many online comments of them realizing, LIKE WE HAVE THIS WHOLE TIME, that it’s the writers fault for continually excluding her out of the main plot for why she’s not developing like she should. I hate that some of these haters don’t get that earth 1 Iris is just as amazing as earth 2 Iris, like journalist Iris West can kick ass and is just as confident; we just never see this side of her because she is CONSTANTLY being “developed” off screen. What these haters aren’t realizing is that the dynamics of team flash is pushing Iris out of the picture and allowing Joe to step into the role that Iris was for Barry in the comics, his partner in crime. This isn’t the only problem the writers are creating for Iris though. Not only is team flash taking away from Barry and Iris’s team dynamic, but it’s also taking away from Iris’s character development. Iris is not getting the journalist storylines that she’s supposed to be receiving. She’s not working on cases or her emotions as a character because team flash has random nonsense with the metahuman of the week happening EVERY DAMN EPISODE! It’s really frustrating because that development will make great relationships and storylines between her and Linda, her and Wally, her and Joe, AND her and Barry. Iris and Barry’s relationship in the beginning of this season has been so weird and WAAAY different than last season. They’ve been so platonic and it just seems like they’ve been growing apart. It doesn’t even feel like they’re actually friends. The writers really need to start allowing them to develop together and not apart so that they can become the team that they are in the comics. I want them to work cases together so badly! Joe and Iris need to develop together as well. It’s season two and he STILL acts like Barry is his son and Iris is the step daughter he never wanted but had to deal with. Their dynamic was short on earth two but I liked it better than earth one because he really acted like an ACTUAL father to her and not like he didn’t know her from Adam, Eve, Ganiene, or Steve lol.

2) Caitlin Snow - I’ve always talked about how much I love and can’t wait to see killer frost because she is more interesting than Caitlin Snow. Team Flash has caused Caitlin to be stuck in this one dimension one liner character. She doesn’t do anything but check Barry’s pupils and say a couple science lines when relevant to the scene. It’s very frustrating and upsetting watching it when I know killer frost is a great character. They need to make earth 1 star labs like earth 2 star labs. Caitlin and Cisco need to rebuild star labs, have real workers there, and get rid of team flash. With real workers there, they can have other storylines that can play into the main plot, develop Caitlin (and Cisco, but i will get to that later on), and soon turn her into the villainous killer frost. I really need Caitlin to separate from team flash because it is not helping her at all. I know some fans don’t like Caitlin and some do, but I have always know the potential of the character because she has a very similar story to previous killer frost versions I like. 

3) Cisco Ramon - Cisco is most likely the character behind Iris that would benefit the most for character development if team flash was no more. I loved evil earth 2 Cisco but imagine that being earth 1 Cisco but good. There wouldn’t be a team flash but that doesn’t mean Cisco and Barry can’t develop technology together. I mean Cisco’s powers can affect the speed force! His and Barry’s powers are almost equal and there are just so many things I can see happening with him and Barry. Cisco can work as a science tech person for star labs and whenever, him and Barry can make products together. Cisco can also develop emotionally with his family and other workers of star labs as their boss without team flash. Cisco can work in star labs developing his powers and becoming as great as reverb which would allow him and Barry to team up to do a lot of things that he’s not doing right now and soon go on to become a member of the Justice League.

4) Joe - Joe and Iris’s relationship is at this point NONEXISTENCE! It doesn’t matter if they have one liners to show that they’re related, it’s just not believable to me because of the dynamic they always show between him and Barry. If there was no team flash, Joe and Iris could develop a lot better of a relationship. Because of team flash, he’s constantly with Barry and it’s really annoying! Without that team flash mess Barry, Iris, and Joe could have a real team up relationship. Joe and Iris could start having father daughter moments, stakeouts, and she could help him with cases with her journalist connections and skills. They can also create the storyline where Iris is actually from the future, and that the West’s baby died during childbirth but Iris’s real parents, THE ONES FROM THE FUTURE, replaced Iris in their child’s place without anyone knowing and that’s how they found out that she’s from the future. They can take this storyline from the comics and really create it into something new for show and for these three characters.

Honestly, Team flash is just a waste of time every week and steals time from the actual characters. Metahuman of the week steals from the characters. The best thing about episode 2x13 is that it has shown that a world without team flash is really better for all of them.

anticsofanthony asked:


i got a lot of asks about flesh wow!!! thanks guys! he is flattered..!

1: Origins! How did you come up with the concept for your OC?

I love the Combat Zone from Fo4! I also love the excuse to make a Korean character at any time…! I find watching wrestlers, kick boxers, tae kwon doe matches…. fights are so fun so fascinating! 

2: Were they originally well received by the fandom? Or if they’re fandomless, did the RP community take to them right away or was it hard to get attention?

I don’t know! I just made him a few weeks ago! I hope people like him! They seem to so far and it makes me feel so happy haha..!

3: Has your OC gone through different incarnations during their stay on Tumblr? Were they reimagined or have they stayed the same all this time?

No! Again I just made him…! The only thing that I’m constantly changing is the amount of bandages he has on. They’re always different! I could say it’s because he gets fights a lot and he wraps himself a lot but really I’m just lazy and I do sketches of Flesh in my spare time from my college work. Even if I made an official ref page for him, he’d constantly change bandages discluding his head and chest area haha..

4: How do you get into your OC’s mindset to write for them? How do you find the muse for them?

I don’t really know yet!  Sometimes when I am doing hw I like to watch wrestling videos or Korean comedies on the side and that inspires me to talk more about Flesh. Does that sound weird?I just go for it with them. Sorry if that sounds impulsive and scary!

5: Were you nervous about putting your OC out there? How long did it take before you decided to play your OC here on Tumblr.

I’ll be honest, I was..! I had made Flesh around the start of January but I didn’t show him around to many folks. I have this weird thing to where I’m very intimidated to get into fandoms..! So sorry if I seem so excited right now..! I’ve realized it’s very fun and I’m still trying to sort of…break out of my shyness and talk to others in the fandom and interact with their OC’s but it’s an arduous process for me..! Everyone so far though has been nothing but sweet though so I’ll!!! Get!!! Better!!! At interacting..!

IC Interaction Questions

6: What is your OC’s family situation? Do they get along? Do they fight? Or are they alone?

Flesh left his family in Korea to pursue the American dream! He doesn’t…particularly remember much. All he knows is his mother and father had a different future in mind for him and he wanted no part in it. He is an only child!

7: What does your OC look for in a friend? Do they value friendship a lot?

He values friendship a lot because he has almost little to none! His views on friendship is a little skewed. Marrow and Vomer have been his “friends” for a long time, but Marrow always picks on him and makes him feel like shit. Vomer might be the closest thing that Flesh considers a friend..? At least, he thinks Vomer likes him..? He just wants people to like him for who he is.

8: What does your OC look for in a significant other? Are they looking at all?

JUNO. At least he thinks…Nah he does like him. He is really shocked?? Flesh still assumes this is some sort of mean prank someone set up for him. He’s still in disbelief that someone let alone a handsome human would be nice to him.

9: What is your OC like when at work? Are they diligent? Slacker? Do they get along with their co-workers?

Work? In the Ring? He’s real tOUGH in the ring! Usually he’s a nice guy but this is his only way of making caps and everyone always treats him like shit in the ring so he tries to be as emotionless and serious as possible when he fights. He’s never had a nice opponent! 

10: How do they deal with strangers?

He’ll try and strike up a conversation…! Or just…stay quiet. He’s really fidgety and shy when people actually want to talk to him. He doesn’t like to put on a tough guy act it’s exhausting for him.

Inside the Muse’s Mind Questions

11: Is there a place they go to in order to escape the world, the stresses of life? What’s their favourite place?

He goes on the roof of the Combat Zone. It’s sort of quiet up there? It’s the only place he’s ever really known or called home..!

12: What scent calms them? Reminds them of home or something soothing?

He finds the smell of the ocean to be nice. He was originally from Busan, South Korea which is primarily an ocean city.

13: Do they have any favourite foods? Would they eat it all the time if they had the chance? What do they hate to eat?

He likes all kinds of food! He’s learned not to be picky in the wastelands. Fancy Lad Snack Cakes are his favorites though…he loves sweets….he never got to have many as a child.

14: Pet peeves. Tell us what would really tick them off. Do they have a Berserk Button?

He hates it when Marrow pushes Vomer around because Vomer just takes it and he can never understand as to why. Vomer never fights back and that infuriates him to no end because he knows what Vomer is capable of.

He doesn’t like it when innocent people get hurt, people can’t who can’t defend themselves fight, rude folk, etc. He’s an empathetic guy.

15: Does your OC have any awful fears? Do they get paralyzed with fear or can they work through their fears?

He’s scared of rejection and loneliness from people that are extremely close to him. If a stranger did it he could honestly care less. 

16: What are concepts they value? Virtues? What do they look down upon?

The usual! Equality, freedom, fairness, etc.

17: Do they have any guilty pleasures? They embarrassed about them? Do they flaunt them?


18: Do they have a guilty conscience? Why? Did they ever do something they totally regretted?

He regrets leaving home. He’s forgotten what his family looks like and often times without any Koreans around, he’s slowly forgetting his culture and language and that saddens him.

Miscellaneous Questions

19: Have they ever been injured? Sick? How do they deal with it?

He gets injured like all the time. Just……put a bandage over it and Stimpack yourself like crazy!!!! No big deal!!!!……………..Right?

20: What are Tropes you associate with your muse?

Martial Arts/Tough guy who just wants to LIVE and be nice please.

21: Name an embarrassing situation that your muse has been in.

His pants are….often big on him. One time some of his opponents pulled Flesh’s pants to get a better grip on him but instead pulled his pants off.

Flesh does not own any underwear. 

Underwear is expensive. Please go see his fights so he can buy underwear.

22: If given a million dollars, what would your OC do?


23: Any ships for your OC?

Juno : ^ ))))

24: Have you ever gotten anon hate because of your OC?

I have not!

25: What are your plans for your muse in the future?

Idk! I just hope he makes more buds and interacts with a bunch of people! Thanks again everyone!


I did something crazy and got my haircut with some awesome undercuts yesterday (also got some rose-gold pink color in there, too!). I’m still able to cover it up when I’m teaching in classrooms or at work (see today’s earlier post…you can’t even tell!), but when it’s time to workout, Mode: Badass is activated.

I did 30 mins/2.5 miles on the elliptical, even though I was exhausted from what a crazy week this has already been. “Cooled” down in the sauna for about 10 minutes, where I was snapchatting around and realized I need to drop the “next big album” of 2016. Watch out, Rihanna. 

I’m working a shorter day tomorrow, so I’m hoping to get a short jog in when I’m home; same goes for Friday before the other 1/3rd of DDT arrives for an epic birthday weekend! (We haven’t seen each other since we were both in Nicaragua at the end of Peace Corps. I’m so excited!)


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I was tagged by @rhythmoftaylor thank you Taylor!! xx

1. What are you watching on Netflix/TV right now?

i’ve been watching steven universe for the past two weeks now lol

2. Tell me about your favorite pair of shoes.

i only have two shoes but probably my all black high top converses 

3. Who’s your favorite member of your favorite band and why?

Dan because he’s got a voice of an angel and mad talent and he’s also really sweet and humble. i just really love him okay

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4. Favorite yellow food?

macaroni and cheese :)

5. What makes you happy?

people talking to me on here and tagging me in these kinds of things

6. Your favorite song?

Haunt by Bastille ofc!!

7. What song are you listening to right now (or the last song you listened to)?

Stella by All Time Low

8. Coffee or tea?

tea :3

9. If you could hug anyone in the world who would it be?

do i even need to say his name? you know i know everyone knows its daniel

10. List 3 people you love, and 3 people who love you.

  1. my mom
  2. dan smith
  3. my best friend 
  • my mom
  • my best friend
  • idk my grandma 

My Questions:

1. If you had the power to invite 10 bands to play a festival who would they be and who would be the main act?

2. What’s your favorite snack?

3. What would be your ideal date?

4. What do you do to relieve stress?

5. If you could travel on tour with any band who would you pick and why?

6. If you could live in a song what song would it be?

7. Can you play any instruments? if not what would you like to know how to play?

8. If money wasnt an issue where would you like to live?

9. What’s your dream job?

10. Songs recommendations?

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the weather was sooooo lovely today, we took a break from doing nothing and took a walk around Itaewon. I had minimal makeup on so I looked pretty washed out but I still really liked these pictures of us sooooo nothing a black and white filter can’t fix!

I am short. Today we made guacamole for brunch, then ate noodles, gelato and a crepe during our excursion in a itaewon, then I cooked beans and lime/cilantro chicken for dinner. It was all so yummy. We also watched Black Sails and Galaxy Quest. It was a great last day of relaxation before I start the hardest two weeks of the year and Sun goes back to applying and interviewing.

Vacation is over butttt I get paid tomorrow and the weekend is in two days so nothing to be blue about^^


scenes from my weekend: girl’s night out eating STEAKS at beoufhaus (we also got this tasty crudite and short rib beignets I KNOW!), relaxing day of spin and doing projects around the house like my gallery wall, watching lots of FNL, a solo brunch at cellar door provisions (their bread is so damn good), donut snacks from stan’s and super bowl hangs with my friends where we ate garlic bread and wings from nando’s and drank wine and it was relaxing and fabulous. 

questions by @r0sewaters (sorry i’m so late to the party, but thanks for including me! I totally forgot about this in my drafts, forgive me)

What would your dream day/evening be like? So, if you had unlimited money, what would you most like to do for a day/night?

ziplining in the rainforest? backpacking through France? swimming in the Dead Sea?

how many hours are in a day again?

What do you like to do in your spare time/what hobby makes you most happy? (whether it be just laying in bed all day watching a show or playing an instrument etc.)

weightlifting tbh. I injured my shoulder recently and had to take a break from dead lifting and I went crazy for like a week. but also cooking and eating great food.

If you drink alcohol, what’s your favourite type of alcoholic drink? If you don’t, what’s your favourite beverage?

the first drink I fell in love with was a cocktail called the Midori Ninja, which my boyfriend has taken to recreating at home with midori, lemon juice, and (organic) grenadine. from that drink was born Electric Lemonade, my signature after-dinner candy cocktail made with blue curacao and citrus vodka (which is probably my favorite drink to serve, since all my friends are spring chickens like me who like fruity sugary shit)

What is your favourite aesthetic/type of style?

post-gender punk wasteland farmer/fighter “au practicale” (with a sickle? because farming. and communism)

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would your dream destination be?

This is a tough question. Probably Dublin for the scenery and culture, but Berlin seems to be on the very cutting-edge of progressive punk art. So let’s say Dublin if I can go see a Conor McGregor fight and the weather is right for climbing every hill and grassy knoll, and otherwise Berlin for its art scene? Ugh but then Thai food…and eating in Ireland would probably be impossible?

What is your favourite type of mammal?

Also very tough, as I really like all animals and think they’re all worthy of protection/love. I’m particularly fascinated by apes, specifically bonobos (being the most peaceful apes), having studied primatology and human evolution. Other higher animals like elephants and dolphins also fascinate me, but if we’re choosing purely based on symbolism or aesthetic, I’d probably have to settle on white-tailed deer or red foxes (bc they’re basically woodland fairies)

Would you rather go out and discover new things or stay in and discover new ideas? Or a little bit of both?

both! I hope that’s not a cop-out of an answer…I like learning, and I never really understood the introvert/extrovert dichotomy, as I can get bored staying in for too long but I also get sick of being around other people sometimes

What kind of weather do you like the most?

sun! I’m a cliche. I like swimming and hiking under bright blue skies when it’s warm, but not too warm to do something active

Do you believe in any religion(s)/are you interested in spirituality or follow an idea of after life? If not, what makes you feel most peaceful?

I hugely disagree with religion, although there are aspects of Buddhism which appeal to me. I’m not really that spiritual, mostly I smoke spliffs and learn about quantum physics, which is kind of like the Religion of Science.

What is your favourite genre of film/favourite film?

my favorite film was The Prestige for the longest time, and then I saw Memento. those kinds of well-written psychological thrillers really grab me. I also liked Inception (judge me)

Finally, what is your happiest memory you can think of off the top of your head?

maybe my first game of Pathfinder, because no one will allow psionics anymore? I didn’t appreciate what I had back then. or maybe playing that show with Danny over the summer. I’m really going to miss him.

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What inspired your URL?

What did you eat for dinner last night?

What is your zodiac sign? Do you identify with it at all?

Is your favorite color still the same as when you were a kid? (what is/was it?)

What is your dream job?

What’s something you’ve been meaning to get off your chest? (alternatively, you can just rant about anything that’s on your mind)

How would you describe your current aesthetic?

What are your favorite video games, and what genres/styles do you prefer?


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Shanice and I are lucky enough to live in an area replete with wildlife. Every morning, when we’re sitting at the porch table having coffee or simply looking out our kitchen window, deer, foxes, squirrels, groundhogs, chipmunks, or other local fauna appear in our large backyard. Having property near a national park has its perks.

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I often hear complaints that young people are disinterested, or self-obsessed, that they prattle on incessantly on social media but that’s it all mere narcissism and naval-gazing. But that hasn’t been my experience with young people (or social media). When I made a video about understanding sovereign budget deficits and debt to GDP ratio, more than 700,000 people watched it—almost all of them millennials. Whether the subject is American health care costs, early Islamic history, or the Higgs Boson, online video in the educational space has grown into a huge business simply by treating young people as the intelligent and critical thinkers we know them to be.

I also find myself with precious little patience for arguments that millennials care only for themselves. Every year, my brother and I host a YouTube-based charity event called the Project for Awesome, which this year raised more than $1,500,000 in a week for organizations including Save the Children and the UN’s Refugee Agency. Most of the people who donated were young — the average donation was $35—and thousands more young people have made Project for Awesome videos in support of their favorite charities.

When I was a kid — in the early 1990s — I often hung out in online discussion forums debating the literary merits of various science fiction novels. Some of the stuff I said was silly; too often I found myself staying up late arguing over arcana; and I often ignored my homework in favor of online chatting. But looking back, those conversations were tremendously important to me, because no one knew I was a teen. Online (and only online), I was treated as a full and equal citizen of the world, whose thoughts and feelings were valued.

After Papyrus, felt like drawing some Gasters in fun outfits. In the mood for some void dad.  

I’m still figuring out how I want to interpret him. Like I like him classy and composed, but I also want at least a little sense of humor in there. I picture him MST3K-ing by himself over all the timelines as he watches from beyond the code. Like, 60% cryptic and terrifying, 35% science puns, and 5% the kind of person who would make a lot of vines, if he were corporeal. Haha, I know it’s dumb, but I like silly “hey son watch me do a sick backflip into the Core” Gasters a lot more than I ought to. :V

But what would be his fashion style…? If only there existed a real person, or two, that were super cool and distinguished but also giant nerdy dorks.

It makes so much sense now why Lydia’s face in this gif is full of surprise and shock. After watching last week’s episode where Lydia told Stiles to leave, it shows how surprised Lydia is to see his face again, even after telling him to leave he didn’t listen and you can tell that as much as her face shows shock and surprise it also shows a hint of relief, relief that Stiles didn’t leave her, relief that he came back for her. And if that doesn’t show Lydia just how much she means to Stiles, and just how much his willing to sacrifice and do for her than I don’t know what will. I hope after this Lydia realizes that the guy that will love her endlessly is Stiles.


“Whose house in Hell has the better view: yours or John Constantine’s?”
                                                    “Mine. Constantine’s a slob.

Lucifer so tol and John so smol. FOX’s Lucifer should adopt John.

started to watch lucifer last week and i just had to :’P

(i said i dont like or do crossovers but here i am. blame it entirely on that tweet and welsh as vertigo leads cast  wtf)


I hope you don’t mind that I put down in words
How wonderful life is now you’re in the world

Last week, I decided to watch all first 5 movies of Pokemon for da heck of it. Guess which film was my top fav? 。:゚(;´∩`;)゚:。 

Also learn dat yesterday was Mewtwo bday lol happy birthday u self philosopher/scientists obliterator u   ヽ(;▽;)ノ