And we laughed, oh and we cried and thought “Oh, what a life”

And now, 500 posts later, this is where I’ve ended up. Looking back at my first art post to now, SO much has changed (really, I dare you, go back and look at it). To celebrate this “milestone” I drew and colored this lovely piece and subsequently killed my hand after using only a mouse to do this. Never have I attempted something so daring, but all in all, I haven’t had more fun. 

end-area submitted:

I was wondering if you’ve seen this??? :’) I’m crying

(it’s so untrue smh @ Emmett) 

omfg Emmett stop putting yourself down have you ever even SEEN the photos of the Gay Times shoots???? like D A M N and THE EARLIER WHERE YOU’RE NOT WEARING CLOTHES

I was not insulting Harry or Draco with that post. I know that Harry cares about Hermione and just reacted differently and Draco couldn’t have done anything in that situation even if he wanted to - his hands were tied. The reason why I included them was because the people that I’ve seen saying this kind of stuff about Ron - or that Hermione deserved better than Ron and they’d have an abusive relationship are the ones who usually ship them with either of these characters. Not always - but most of the time I’ve found this. 

But the post is more of a point of how much Ron cares about Hermione than a “look how shitty Harry and Draco are” kind of thing.

yo I don’t watch gam3 of thr0nes at all but watched it tonight with some people who do and like
wtf I still don’t understand why this series was chosen over other fantasy novels like drizzt do'urden series this shits fucked up??